Confidence is indeed a state of mind. Basically, what you think, you become. Why? Well, didn’t you notice that succesful people are confident? They choose optimism and positive thinking, and they have this certain mindset set in stone. They truly believe they can accomplish everything they set their mind to and they have the confidence to do so and they’re confident enough that they’ll succeed.

It’s not who you are that holds you back, it’s who you think you’re not.

Denis Waitley

Most people struggle to have confidence, and in the workplace is even harder. In the workplace, main seeked characteristic in employees is confidence. Having a healthy level of confidence allows you to tackle your to-do list more easily, making you thrive in your career.

If you struggle with confidence in the workplace and feel like you need to step up your game, I’ll tell you 10 amazing tips to boost your confidence. Follow and implement these in your every day life. As soon as you do, you’ll notice that people will treat you differently.

Positivity and believing in yourself | Confidence


Firstly, this is the most important tip on the list. You need to belive in yourself, and in your amazing powers to change the reality you live in. Think of your role in the workplace, believe that your company sees the skills that you have and they entrust you to do your job. If you weren’t a good fit, you wouldn’t be hired in the first place. Having a positive outlook will make you more approachable.

Get rid of negative talk

Stop saying you can’t do X or Y. Or if something didn’t go as planned, don’t think that you are a failure. Try to think of ways you can improve that and make a plan to reduce the chances of it happening again.

Don’t be afraid of mistakes

In fact, make mistakes and own up to them. When you make a mistake, you learn. Having a constant fear of messing up is what hinders your development. Everyone is making mistakes, and we need to always be open to make one and learn from it. Do you think that the CEO of Netflix didn’t make mistakes?

Ask questions

Asking questions in meetings and project plans shows that you are pro-active towards learning. It shows initiative to other people who might not have the courage to speak-up.

Develop your skills

Develop the skills you rely on to do an excellent job. When you develop your skills further, you improve the way you perform in your role and positively impact your confidence to tackle more complex tasks in the company. Consider attending webinars, masterclasses in your market. You can try reading more about how to advance in your career. Or start a 30-Day Challenge to boost your confidence!

Find a mentor

Learning from someone who might have had similar experiences is extremely valuable. They can offer you practical pieces of advice in certain situations, and guide you throughout your own journey. You can ask someone from your workplace, or a senior in your niche market.

Build on your strenghts

Focus on your talent. It’s important to recognize what you are good at and build on it. Beacause, if the opportunity arrise within a project where your talent and skills match, you should take it. This shows that you add value to your company and it shows that you are enthusiastic. And it will help you choose projects that you are passionate about.

Comfort zone is your enemy

What will give you immense confidence is leaving your comfort zone. If you always avoided speaking at presentations or take the lead on a project, this is a good chance to develop your confidence. Take the lead on a project, volunteer to hold the next presentation or co-host with a colleague.

Dress for success

Play around with your wardrobe. Add pieces you wouldn’t normally wear. Incorporate suits, and pieces that make you feel important.

Set goals

Set short-term and long-term goals for your career. This helps you percieve your strenghts and your success. Measure your success with small objectives that help you reach your end result. Celebrating every small win can boost your confidence by enforcing the fact that you are capable of what you set your mind to.

Start your journey with these tips along with a FREE 30-Day Challenge, create a more confident persona at work.



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