Job interviews can be nerve wracking as emotions can easily takeover and make you forget your thoughts. Today, I’m sharing with you my 10 tips on showing confidence in job interviews that will make YOU bag the job you’re dreaming of.

Be on TIME

Remember the basics. Be at least 10 minutes early for your interview. Think about what happens behind the scenes. Your interviewer will receive a call or email from reception saying that you’ve arrived. This will give them piece of mind that you’re on time and they can follow their day agenda even after they finished meeting with you. Be on time and you’ll score bonus points.


Change your perspective

Job interviews are dialogues, an opportunity for the company to get support and your opportunity to help out. It’s not just one way. They basically need you more than you need them because there are so many companies who are recruiting, but only one you. Bear this in mind next time you’re sitting in an interview.

Look the part to play the part

Look professional. You need to look like you’ve already bagged the job. You want your interviewer to believe that you fit in perfectly. The look really depends on your industry, so make sure you do your research before your interview day. For most industries, wear a blazer and a skirt if you’re a lady or a blazer and pants if you’re a man.

10 Tips on Showing Confidence in Job Interviews | Bag the Job

Show your expertise

Everything you say needs to link back to your work experience. There are studies which show that people trust experts more. Make sure you talk like one and expect your interviewer to really trust what you’re saying.

Speak with confidence

Make sure you speak with confidence. Your interviewer, most likely future manager needs to trust you to get on with the job. Be confident and make eye contact. Sometimes, nerves can make us speak fast, so make sure you’re controlling your speech by speaking slowly but with confidence.

Make sure you give them insights 

Presenting your interviewer with blank information about your past experiences won’t do. Make sure you include insights, data and numbers when it comes to your performance. Even though you’re not a numbers person, make sure you know your facts and figures before going for your interview. You can use percentages to make the conversation flow nicer and don’t forget to present them with averages in your industry and give examples of situations when you surpassed them. By doing this, you ensure that your interviewer clearly understands how you performed in your previous roles.

Don’t forget about the basics

Get plenty of food and enough water before your interview. You don’t want to feel low on energy during your meeting. 

Ask yourself the tricky questions BEFORE they ask you first

We all have questions we don’t like to answer because they might be tricky. Think about what it could come up and write down your answers. Prepare yourself answering these questions and make sure you nail them. 



Drop in sentences from the job description 

Got a job spec? You probably do, so please include terms and expressions from this. You’d probably have said the same things, but use other words, so take a look at the job description when doing your preparation. You’ll speak their language and bag extra points. You’ll surely win them over. 

Invited to the second round? 

Great! I know it’s extra work but if you really want to bag that job, make a presentation with what you can bring to the table in the next 30,60,90 days after joining them. This presentation is not about your orientation around the office, it’s about what YOU can do to solve the problem they brought you on board to solve. Go into enough detail to make them understand your future plan, but don’t go into unnecessary details. It’s your opportunity to pitch yourself.

10 Tips on Showing Confidence in Job Interviews | Bag the Job

That was it! I’m sure that these 10 Tips on Showing Confidence in Job Interviews will help you bagging the job you’re dreaming about. I have done tons of research before and did apply every single tip from this article. They worked like a charm every time for me and I’m sure they will for you too

Best of luck,




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