5 tips to make you your most AMBITIOUS self: We’re seeing a difficult time and as much as I might not want to admit it, the situation is currently affecting me on different levels, but I’m trying to remain positive and resilient to the upcoming changes.

If you are like me, I’m sure you’re planning out your near future and adjust your plans to adjust to the situation. Ambition is one human quality that makes us move forward and not stay stuck in a rut. Here are my 5 tips to make you your most ambitious self!


I feel like ambition is like a muscle – it’s always there in our bodies, but it does take some exercise to bring it to life. It’s not like a good habit that you need to maintain, it’s somewhat different.

How is your ambition affected?

Ambition can be affected by external situations: getting comfortable with your life, reaching a lack of interest point, situations like the one the world is facing right now. You need to become even more resilient than you were before in order to become your most ambitious self. 

5 tips to make you your most AMBITIOUS self

Imagine yourself in one year from now

I’m not saying the classic five years as it can get quite daunting. Just imagine where you want to be next year; because it’s a closer period of time, it’s more actionable. Am I right in assuming that you would plan to go above and beyond? And that you see yourself in a completely new spot? That’s a great sign of ambition. Keep that up!

5 tips to make you your most AMBITIOUS self

Obviously, you would need a plan of action for the next year in order to achieve your greatest ambitions. If you haven’t downloaded my FREE template for achieving your 2020 goals, you can always get started here. 

Always ask yourself ‘What can I do better’?

We all have our strengths, as well as our weaknesses. When you think about what you can do better, don’t focus on your weaknesses. Focus on the things you’re already good at. How can you become even better? In this day and age, you need to constantly push yourself; there are new adaptations in the market, lots of things to keep up with; if you don’t, then you’ll become second best, not the best. Constantly ask yourself ‘What can I do better?’.

In your review, include your skills of course as a main priority, but remember to include relationships, work and your side hustle. I’m not even going to assume you don’t have a side hustle. You totally should for numerous reasons I’m not going to get into right now.

5 tips to make you your most AMBITIOUS self

Do this and you’re going to become your most ambitious self this year 😉

Asses your options for improvement

How can you do the things you do even better? 

Now that you’ve made a list of things you should be working on, come up with a plan of action. Assess different avenues – think outside the box! For example, if you want to work on your leadership skills for example, consider online courses as a source – yes, they might cost something, but you might gain even more from them than browsing articles online, in a shorter period of time. Think smart and become your most ambitious self.

Learn something new every month 

So cliche, it makes me a bit sick (it doesn’t). 

Point is, learn something new every month to challenge yourself. There are loads of new things you could be doing such as learning a new recipe, to play the guitar, to read faster, to create a website, to develop a social media strategy, to launch a PPC campaign and SO many others. 

You will 100% enjoy learning and experiencing new things.

After all, life is such a wonderful adventure. 

5 tips to make you your most AMBITIOUS self

Say it to yourself – ‘I’m the most ambitious person I know’

You might not be the most ambitious person you know, but you might as well become. 

Say to yourself ‘I’m the most ambitious person I now’. It installs a certain level of confidence in yourself. As weird as it might sound, do it in the mirror. You’re on your way to make you your most ambitious self!

These were my top five tips to make you your most ambitious self this upcoming year. 

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How do you challenge yourself everyday? Let me know in the comment sections below.

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