Hello and welcome to my #NGCareerSeries! In today’s post we’re drawing on my past experience with important meetings. Sometimes they flopped and sometimes they were absolutely amazing. It’s up to us to ‘smash’ those meetings, so let’s have a look at my 5 Top Tips on Preparing for Important Meetings You Need to Know Now. Do you have what it takes?

Know your facts

Oh, dear! Can’t stress enough the importance of knowing your facts before going into a meeting. Spend 15-20 minutes to read through your materials if you’re presenting. If you’re going to a presentation to listen to someone else, come up with some questions you might like to ask or come up with ideas on how you plan to collaborate on that specific project / how you can further support.

Dig a little deeper for insights

People love things they can’t see at first sight. If you ‘shock’ them with insight you’ve come up on a certain topic, you’ll definitely impress. Obviously, make sure that your insights do make sense and they’re tied into the discussion at the right time. No one loves a rumbler during meetings and saying even good things at the wrong time will make you look like one.


Prepare your questions ahead

If you’re presenting, come up with possible questions and answer them before others will ask you. This trick saved me so many times from uncomfortable situations.

Be prepared to take things offline too

Not all details should be discussed in one meeting, so to save everyone’s time propose to take them offline. There might be some people who don’t need to spend their time listening to a certain discussion, so it’s in everyone’s interest to take things offline when you can.


Take time to listen to your colleagues

It’s not about expressing your ideas all the time. Listen to your colleagues as well and provide appropriate answers if you feel you’ll add value to the conversation. Remember, the one who speaks less is most of the times, the wiser.

Arrive 5 minutes earlier

If you’re the presenter, arrive a bit early to ensure the set-up will work out. Avoid handling all cables and screens in front of everyone. You’ll look more prepared and have more chances to have a smooth start of the meeting.

Hope my top 5 tips on preparing for meetings will inspire your preparation for your next one. I’m sure you’ll make the most out of it and that you’ll be making a great impression.

Until next time,

Andrada (NotAGirlyGal)


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