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A mindset focused on growth is understanding that your abilities are ever evolving. Some people are naturally born to be better at certain things. And others choose to better themselves, and surpass those people with natural talent. Today, we’re going to explore how to successfully develop your own growth mindset, so that you’re always working towards becoming the best version of yourself.

Developing a growth mindset will ensure your lifelong success. The desire and motivation to structure and guide your behaviour towards accomplishment will create a fulfilling life for yourself.

Thoughts have an amazing way of improving your skills & abilities and the world around you. How you view yourself can determine your success.

A growth mindset allows people to thrive during some of the most challenging times of their lives. It creates resilience that is essential for great accomplishments. Having a positive mindset sets the tone for growing your mindset. This means not giving up if you’re not comfortable doing something. It’s the difference between “There’s no point in trying, we have no guaranteed success!” to “Let’s do it! We’ll figure it out somehow”.

Firstly, a growth mindset is not just about thinking positively. A growth focused mindset is about accepting feedback, criticism and learning from past experiences. It’s about coming up with strategies to improve your abilities. Having this type of mindset has a big impact on how you approach challenges in life.

If it was linear, anybody would do it.

Therefore, developing a growth mindset starts within. Here are my 5 easy steps to start developing this type of mindset and make all your dreams a reality. Download my FREE planner and get started!

View challenges as opportunities

When the opportunity presents itself, you might start to think about failure. You might think about what will happen after that. As a result you’ll start to consider refusing to step out of your comfort zone, to keep a sense of security. People who focus on self development, see each challenge as an opportunity to grow. They focus on the positive outcomes of challenges. This is how you nurture a growth.

Accept criticism and learn from it

Criticism is not an attack. Accept any idea that is different from yours. Learn from each idea and opinion. Accept that criticism is not coming from a bad place. It’s an opportunity to grow. This is how you sustain a growth mindset. Accepting and learning from past experiences and criticism.

Embrace imperfections

Imperfections are what makes us different and unique. There is no such thing as a perfect individual. Those that seem perfect are in tune with their strenghts and weaknesses. They know what they are capable of and don’t let imperfections rule their life.

Replace failure with learning

When we make a mistake or fall short of a goal, we haven’t failed; we’ve learned.

Start reflecting

Acknowledge, reflect and embrace failures. Become aware of areas that need improvement. Think deeply of past experience and pick up valuable insights as to what to do different.

Finally, once you develop a growth mindset, own it. Always seek learning, self development, self-actualization and create the life you always dreamt of.

Follow my easy 5 steps on developing a growth mindset and see how everything in your life changes. Remember, changes outside come from the inside.

A negative mindset can impact your life in various ways. I’m sure you might know this, but sometimes it all starts with an “what if” and then you fall into deep & negative thoughts. You might start questioning yourself and everything you do. In the end this mindset is doing nothing but bringing unnecessary pain to you. If you’re looking to change your mindset RIGHT NOW and invest in your self development, keep on reading.

However, a positive mindset can improve your daily routine in so many ways. Being positive and receptive about life events has such an important role to play into building a calmer mind and a more joyful life.

If you ask yourself ‘How can I achieve this mindset change?’, there are a few exercises I have tried and that work very well for me. I would like to share my spiritual awakening with you and help anyone looking to change their mindset.

Meditation and yoga practice

First of all, have you ever tried meditating and practicing yoga? If not, you should try these exercises right now. Yoga mostly helps you focus on your breath and the exact movement of your body. After everything, it brings you back to the moment that matters the most, the present. There are lots of free practices on YouTube that I totally recommend when you’re starting out. Yoga and meditation help you look forward into your life and help you calm yourself when you feel shaken by a negative mindset.

Surrounding yourself with positive people 

Secondly, I believe that surrounding yourself with positive people can help with your mindset change. After all, knowing that someone loves and appreciates you is one of the best feelings in the entire world. Make sure that those people are also positive and that they have your back!

Take responsibility – Stop playing the victim

Also, stop playing the victim and take responsibility. You and only you can create a good life. Don’t forget these words and start raising. There is always a way out of the negative aspects of your life. Embrace this fact and CHOOSE more for yourself. Choose the life you want to have and make it happen. It all stands in your power. You can achieve that mindset change that you dream of, but you have to believe it and work for it.

Practice mindful awareness 

Moreover, in order to achieve a mindset change from negative to positive you can practice mindful awareness. Embrace the present moment. The past is gone and we never know what future can unfold us. You should enjoy every moment and stop over thinking your steps. With the help of mindfulness we can recognise what is actually going on in our mind and start to let it go.

Practice gratitude 

Practicing gratitude is also an important step in order to achieve a mindset change. Actually, you can think of all the kind moments you have experienced in your life so that you can get into that special state of mind. Try showing gratitude at least once a day because even a little sign of appreciation can change one’s day. Once you realise that, you shall feel so much more positive about yourself and your mindset shall switch from dark to light.

Keeping a gratitude journal 

Also, keeping a gratitude journal can improve your optimism. It is proven that if you write down all the things you are grateful for you will have so much more comfort on a hard day only by reading your little journal. After all, why not remember how many things bring joy and peace to you on a daily basis?

Start your day with a positive affirmation 

My last tip for you to achieve mindset change will be to start everyday by telling yourself a positive affirmation. For example, you can always wake up and say: “Today will be a great and productive day for me”, “Today is my time to shine and to prove myself how great I am”, “I am going to surf through this day with a positive mindset “.

This positive affirmation will give you a confidence boost and will help you set your goal for the day. Always remember that nothing is impossible and that you have a purpose in this world. Motivation is one of the main traits that help you go on and do better, therefore you shall never stop going for a mindset change.

All things considered, you CAN change your life by making a mindset change. Switch from negative to positive and let the world see the kind and happy you. Boost your confidence and don’t stop believing in your goals. By the end of the day, if you try at least one of these exercises, I promise you it will be the start of your journey to positivity.

Last but not least, how do you practice positive thinking?

High Achievers always challenge themselves; they are in constant progress. The road to success is difficult, but the right mindset can empower you to achieve your life goals. Having the ability to do something, when you would rather do something else is the fine line that separates an achiever from a weak woman or man. When you would rather watch a movie than go to the gym, think about your motivators and what got you started in the first place. Maxwell observed that the new generation is soft and they quit in the moment they are told off. That made me think. I might know more people who show weak traits than strong ones. What can you do to get to your goal?

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Achieving your goals

So, what is it that high achievers think about when fighting for their goals? The answer is simple: discipline and consistency; they do things even when they don’t feel like it. They never stop, they are never quitting and they are always progressing. Now think about you, when was the last time you stayed up late to finish your projects or woke up early in the morning to complete a daily goal? It’s so easy to get lazy and just assume you’re going to achieve those things at a latter stage; but chances are that people who run from things are never going to grow. I am not going to lie and say that I am 100% productive everyday when I know that all the time, there’s room for improvement. Reading more entrepreneurial books was a small goal of mine that I was able to accomplish in just two weeks. I was only reading while commuting in the mornings and evenings, as weekends were dedicated to blog research and photoshoots. I trained my brain to read faster between stops and I read two books in two weeks. Look, all I am saying is that if you truly want something, you have a power in you that will make you succeed! Also, surround yourself by people who believe in you and love to see you being successful.

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 Style Habits To Have

Clothing that makes me feel powerful is of high interest to me. That is why I want to focus on getting my wardrobe to a point that I love my everyday outfits just as much as I love my weekend ones.  Style wise, were you always on the hunt for amazing clothes, but actually you couldn’t be bothered to style the outfit, try on and iron all the clothes on an everyday basis? I absolutely feel you. It’s just hard when you don’t have that habit. I think it’s just about that, getting into the HABIT of actually doing it. I’ve found a thing that works for me: whenever I have a bit of time during the weekend or in the afternoons, I quickly scan my wardrobe for clothes that I want to wear and get them on a side to be ironed. Then, the next day I’m ironing for half an hour and my wardrobe will shine for the whole week. Try that and let me know how you got on! It’s a wardrobe changer! 💁🏻

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To have the ability to adapt to changes faster, to build your confidence, and to have a sustainable growth in your self-improvement journey, you need to invest in yourself.

The energy you put into the process of investing in yourself will determine the quality of your life and your future. It’s the surest way to achieve your dreams, be successful, and improve your productivity. And overall become more satisfied with your life. 

An important thing to make note of is that before starting to invest in yourself, you need to be aware of the things you wish to accomplish. Sit back, reflect on the things you have now, your attitude towards things. And then see what you have to work on in order to have the things you’ve wished for. And here are a few ways you can start to invest in yourself: 

Develop your skills | Invest in Yourself

Start working on the skills YOU need in order to make your dreams and goals a reality. Before doing so, you have to be aware of the things you need to improve. If your goal is to be given a promotion at work, you would have to reflect on your strengths and weaknesses. If the new role would be needing a persona that is proficient in Excel, and you think you might be lacking the skills, it means you would have to work a little harder on mastering it. Or if your goal in life is to be happier, you would have to see what things bring you joy and the things that don’t. Then you would have to analyse the state of your mindset. You have to see where the setbacks are and then slowly but surely work on them for improvement. To have a sense of development you must always be learning and be aware. Aware of the things that you are lacking and learning how to adapt to better approaches and circumstances. 

Nurture your mind and body | Invest in Yourself

For you to achieve what you’ve planned you need to be in the right place and mindset. This means to always check in with yourself. See how you are feeling, what are you eating, how are you moving. Seek the things that bring you joy to have the desire to move with grace in life. Move your body in a way that gives you energy and makes you want to travel the world and back. Nurture your body with the right foods, but also seek a balance. You’ve noticed when you feel good inside and out, you have a new found power that makes you feel like you can conquer everything and everyone. 

Take care of yourself

Take time to properly tend to yourself. Make sure you have a somewhat balance between work and your personal life. Sometimes that line grows thinner and we don’t see how it can affect us over time. Create a self care day for yourself. Where you reflect on the things you’ve done so far. Where you check in with yourself and see what you need to have a more fulfilling life. 

Fuel your hobbies

Sometimes we’re so swept up in our responsibilities that we forget the things that give us pleasure. We forget the hobbies we have. This is a great way to invest in yourself. By doing the things that give you pleasure, your life can be a little easier. Also, it gives you the push to further work on what you want to achieve. Like mixing work with pleasure 😉

You need to set smart goals

This makes your life much easier and it gives you the ability to truly invest in things and in yourself. Seeing exactly what you want to achieve, gives you that drive to work. Your goals need to be attainable, specific, measurable, relevant and time bound. If you decide to work on achieving a promotion, you need to make an action plan. See if the goal is relevant to your values, if it’s specific and align with your wishes. See if it’s attainable, if not see on what you need to work on to make it so. And take note of the time frame, this can help you decide if it’s worth pursuing it or not. Even so, this makes the process of investing and working on yourself, much linear and wholesome. 

Investing in yourself is truly the first step into shaping your future the way you want it. The energy you spend on bettering yourself will bring you closer to your dreams and goals. Making small, continuous improvements enables you to do more and grow more. This brings more positive opportunities and positive long-term changes. To have the motivation and inspiration to keep on this journey browse my blog. I’m sure you’ll find something that resonates with whatever stage you are in your journey. 

Progress means development towards an improved or a more advanced condition. It’s easy to feel stuck and not acknowledge all the great things you’ve accomplished so far. 

Even if you don’t notice your improvements on a daily basis, just know that you’re making progress in life. You are not where you were yesterday and definitely won’t be in the same place tomorrow. On times when you are feeling stuck and not sure if the path you are on is right, it’s best to sit back, take a deep breath and reflect. Reflect on the amazing things you’ve managed to achieve so far. 

Remember everyone moves at different paces. Where you are now might not be the same place a dear friend is at. Or vice versa. We are all different, from our interests, passions, values, and goals that we set in life. It’s time for you to start affirming your progress in life. I’ve put together my best proven to work 25 affirmations that keep me going and I’m sure they will too. Download them for FREE to get started 😉

But, when you sit back and reflect on the amazing things you’ve achieved, what should you focus on? Here are 5 signs you’re making progress in life:

You start to accept failure

You’re no longer scared to fail – actually, you’re eager to see what failure can teach you. This is one of the main indicators that development is happening. Embrace the chance of failure when you try something new. Welcome learning with open arms. 

You have a new sense of confidence | Progress

You’re no longer afraid to try new things and approaches. Apart from not seeing failure as your number one enemy, you now have the confidence to tackle new challenges. Even if you don’t have all the resources when approaching new things you are confident in your strengths and you are sure that somehow things will work out for the better. And you embrace change wholeheartedly.

The future makes more sense | Progress

Your future doesn’t seem so foggy now. You are in charge of your goals and dreams. And you are starting to work on them. You don’t have that feeling of an uncertain future. You made your action plan and you are slowly working towards achieving your dreams. Even if you are moving at a slower pace sometimes, that’s also an improvement. And it shows that you are consistent and certain about what you want in life. 

You are more positive and healthy

Another important indicator of making progress in life is your mood and your health. You are making healthier choices, and you are moving your body more. And you are not criticizing yourself. Actually you are viewing yourself on a positive note. Your mindset is on a positive note. You surround yourself with positive people and experiences, and you take pleasure in life. 

You are willing to sit back and reflect

If you’ve made it so far, it means you are truly making progress. You are on the right path of self-development. Even when you are feeling stuck you have the power to sit back and reassess the path you are on. And reflect on what actions you took and what led you to feeling stuck. This means you acknowledge your thoughts and feelings and situations and you seek to learn from them. Because every thought, feeling and situation is telling you something and you are willing to actually sit back and listen. 

Little steps, daily actions, the willingness to never stop and a focused mindset are what keeps you working towards your dreams. Celebrate even the smallest moments and achievements. This will make you more happy with the path you are on, and will give you that extra push to move forward. 

An important thing to always remember is that no matter where you are in your journey, you have to move forward. Stop looking at what other people are doing and just focus on what you want in life and your happiness. No one will give you these things, YOU have to search for them and work on them. No one can show you the right way to self-development, but you can take inspiration from other people and assess what aligns with your mission and values. 

If you can’t relate to all of the signs, it’s time for you to start affirming your progress in life. I’ve put together my best proven to work 25 affirmations that keep me going and I’m sure they will too. Download them for FREE to get started 😉

Different leaders have different qualities, strengths, skills and challenges. And the true challenge of being a leader is to be strong but still be thoughtful of others. 

The transition to becoming a ringleader, a lead, is rough, nobody tells you how you should act or what you should do. You are starting to feel more responsibility as before and you start to hold yourself accountable. So, becoming one is a constant journey of learning and self-development. 

But there is still a side to being the lead nobody tells you about, and there are things nobody wants to talk about. I’m here to tell you the real side of being a leader and what it really means. 

Patience is important to become a leader

Being a leader is ever so challenging, and patience is often an overlooked leadership skill. Whilst success and respect is not gained overnight, a true leader must be patient. As being only result-oriented is not enough. 

A true ringleader, works hard, understands when they are falling short. Apart from this, a lead has empathy, a purpose in life and a high tolerance when things go wrong. Having enough patience can help you be more efficient in how you work and go about your dreams. 

Your journey is a rollercoaster 

Being a leader is not a straight road. There are ups and downs, there will be sleepless nights. But the satisfaction when everything goes according to your plan is amazing. And it’s a reason not everyone is suited to be a leader, as the struggles of always being confident that it will work out is not for everyone. 

You need to have a clear purpose

You need to be clear about what you want in life. Set your intentions clear, make an action plan towards your dreams. Having a clear purpose is what will keep you going and you’d start to have the stability in what you want. 

Being a leader is a mindset

As a leader, it’s important to have self-awareness. You need to train your mind to be aligned with your values and your purpose. Being a leader is not a position at a job. By being a leader you will have the opportunity to influence other people. To be a great leader you always need to have that need of learning and growing. 

Confidence is key

Also, you need to have confidence. It’s a fine line between actually feeling confident in yourself and being arrogant. A leader always has the confidence to tackle new challenges. And has the confidence that no matter what, they will succeed. Join my 7-day confidence challenge to reveal the most confident you: https://app.open.ifuiwill.com/share/1949786398

Ultimately, a great leader is a great mentor. They understand that if they want to achieve greatness they need to find it in themselves. And they set themselves as examples for others. Now you have the behinds of being a great leader. All you have to do is implement them in your life and succeed. 

Want to become your most confident self in just 7 days? Join me in this amazing challenge and become your most confident self after just 7 days. Expect going out of your comfort zone and test your limits. Join here: https://app.open.ifuiwill.com/share/1949786398

Words of affirmation are any spoken or written words that uplift, and support you. There are days, when you need a little positive reinforcement. And negative thoughts should not have to hold you down or affect your mood.

Sometimes, when you change a negative thought into a positive one, it helps you increase your confidence and boost your mood. Even if repeating positive statements seems challenging (because you might not believe them), you’ll notice that sooner or later you start to accept them as the truth. At the end of the day, you deserve to feel good, you deserve to create the life you’ve dreamt of.

A positive affirmation doesn’t only speaks to your conscious mind, but to your unconscious mind as well. Positive words of affirmation can be used to change your mindset, if you use them on a regular basis.

Here are 5 powerful words of affirmation you can use daily, especially on the days you don’t feel like yourself.

‘I love myself as I am’ | Words of affirmation

This is one of the most powerful and positive words of affirmation you can say on a daily basis. You need to accept your strengths and flaws. No one is perfect, and accepting that will make your life a lot easier. Embrace all that you are, because you are unique. Stop comparing yourself with other people. Stop forcing yourself to be a certain way just to fit in with certain people and in certain social gatherings. You start being happier when you embrace who you truly are. And that’s when wonderful things start to happen.

‘I’m in control of my life’

It’s important to remind yourself every time you wake up, that you are the driver of your own life. You are the main character, you are in the driver’s seat. You control your emotions, your thoughts, your career, your home, you control your life.

‘Happiness is my choice’ | Words of affirmation

Happiness is your choice. It doesn’t depend on getting a promotion, going to a concert or being in a relationship. Once you get your promotion at work, your joy will not stay. You’ll always find things and people to cling onto, to give you happiness. Happiness should be your choice, and it should come from within. It should not come from material things, or from other people.

‘I can handle all that comes my way’

You need to understand that in the real world, sometimes things don’t go your way, and that’s fine. Your plan can take a detour and that’s completely fine. You need to understand that in those moments, you can handle everything life throws at you. You are powerful, and your strengths will get you through any challenge.

‘Mistakes help me grow’

Mistakes are a natural part of life, it’s OK to make them. You are not perfect. Actually, making mistakes is how you learn and grow. They encourage us to think creatively and develop other solutions and aproaches.

Whether you are having a bad work week, or you got the Monday Blues, you can always say some positive words of affirmation to put you in the right mindset. Write them down in your planner, keep them on a list in your phone, or around the house to remind you to focus on the positive. And to give you the drive to keep going, to have confidence and to create the life you’ve always wanted.

Self development is a lifelong process. One of continuous learning, in which you drive for improvement and maximise your potential.

Self development is the conscious journey to growth. Sometimes, that journey doesn’t follow a straight line. Sometimes, there is no motivation and to help with that, I’ll share my go-to self-development books. These are a welcomed push when you are feeling a little reassurance in your self-development journey.

The magic of thinking big, David J. Schwartz

David J. Schwartz emphasises on the fact that thinking has an immense power on shifting the reality you live in. You have the power to create the life that you want and thoughts have a major role. Understanding that thinking and behaving in a way that will get you there, will eventually get you there.

The author also states the fact that you can get the most out of everything in life. Giving you examples and explaining that you do not have to be an intellectual to actually have success in your life. You just have to learn and understand how the habit of thinking positive has an outstanding effect in your life.

Think and grow rich, Napoleon Hill

The author explains very well that every great thing ever accomplished started as an idea. And that all the actions and thoughts that followed are the result of that idea. Napoleon Hill gives simple principles throughout the book on how autosuggestion, organised planning, and harmony between mind and actions are truly the masterminds behind achievements.

Feel the fear and do it anyway, Susan Jeffers

Susan Jeffers teaches how to stop forming negative patterns and how to reeducate your mind to think more positively. She presents a systemic approach to overcoming feelings of self-doubt, anger, frustration and helplesness. This is book is amazing for conquering fear and making the most of it.

Tiny Habits, BJ Fogg

BJ Fogg breaks down habit formation, and it shows how you can create habits for a fuller, happier life. BJ Fogg explains how slight behaviour changes are the fundamental factor in building strong, sustainable habits. From his point of view you need to make them easy, fit your life and make the entire process rewarding, so that you can keep going. I used his technique and I’m not at my 5th book read this year!

Think like a monk, Jay Shetty

Jay Shetty explains how individuals can adapt the mindset of a monk to their lives. In the book he shows how to clear roadblocks that come in the way of you achieving your potential. He explains how to get rid of negative thoughts, access stillness, and how to create real purpose in your life.

Think of these books when you feel like you are in need of an extra push to achieve what you are destined to. Have a slow reading session and take in all the lesson each book has to give and adapt those lessons in your life and see an improved sense of self-actualisation and development.

What’s your favourite self-development book? Let me know below 🙂


Andrada – NotAGirlyGal

Confidence is indeed a state of mind. Basically, what you think, you become. Why? Well, didn’t you notice that succesful people are confident? They choose optimism and positive thinking, and they have this certain mindset set in stone. They truly believe they can accomplish everything they set their mind to and they have the confidence to do so and they’re confident enough that they’ll succeed.

It’s not who you are that holds you back, it’s who you think you’re not.

Denis Waitley

Most people struggle to have confidence, and in the workplace is even harder. In the workplace, main seeked characteristic in employees is confidence. Having a healthy level of confidence allows you to tackle your to-do list more easily, making you thrive in your career.

If you struggle with confidence in the workplace and feel like you need to step up your game, I’ll tell you 10 amazing tips to boost your confidence. Follow and implement these in your every day life. As soon as you do, you’ll notice that people will treat you differently.

Positivity and believing in yourself | Confidence


Firstly, this is the most important tip on the list. You need to belive in yourself, and in your amazing powers to change the reality you live in. Think of your role in the workplace, believe that your company sees the skills that you have and they entrust you to do your job. If you weren’t a good fit, you wouldn’t be hired in the first place. Having a positive outlook will make you more approachable.

Get rid of negative talk

Stop saying you can’t do X or Y. Or if something didn’t go as planned, don’t think that you are a failure. Try to think of ways you can improve that and make a plan to reduce the chances of it happening again.

Don’t be afraid of mistakes

In fact, make mistakes and own up to them. When you make a mistake, you learn. Having a constant fear of messing up is what hinders your development. Everyone is making mistakes, and we need to always be open to make one and learn from it. Do you think that the CEO of Netflix didn’t make mistakes?

Ask questions

Asking questions in meetings and project plans shows that you are pro-active towards learning. It shows initiative to other people who might not have the courage to speak-up.

Develop your skills

Develop the skills you rely on to do an excellent job. When you develop your skills further, you improve the way you perform in your role and positively impact your confidence to tackle more complex tasks in the company. Consider attending webinars, masterclasses in your market. You can try reading more about how to advance in your career. Or start a 30-Day Challenge to boost your confidence!

Find a mentor

Learning from someone who might have had similar experiences is extremely valuable. They can offer you practical pieces of advice in certain situations, and guide you throughout your own journey. You can ask someone from your workplace, or a senior in your niche market.

Build on your strenghts

Focus on your talent. It’s important to recognize what you are good at and build on it. Beacause, if the opportunity arrise within a project where your talent and skills match, you should take it. This shows that you add value to your company and it shows that you are enthusiastic. And it will help you choose projects that you are passionate about.

Comfort zone is your enemy

What will give you immense confidence is leaving your comfort zone. If you always avoided speaking at presentations or take the lead on a project, this is a good chance to develop your confidence. Take the lead on a project, volunteer to hold the next presentation or co-host with a colleague.

Dress for success

Play around with your wardrobe. Add pieces you wouldn’t normally wear. Incorporate suits, and pieces that make you feel important.

Set goals

Set short-term and long-term goals for your career. This helps you percieve your strenghts and your success. Measure your success with small objectives that help you reach your end result. Celebrating every small win can boost your confidence by enforcing the fact that you are capable of what you set your mind to.

Start your journey with these tips along with a FREE 30-Day Challenge, create a more confident persona at work.


Motivation is important because it gives us the drive to take action. Achieving a goal is a process. All the components of that process lead you to definite success.

The drive to go after what you desire comes from various reason. You want to start a business. You want to grow your mindset. Upskill a passion you have. These are reasons that come from within. The desire to self-development. It can come from material wishes as well. Or it can come from people. Having the motivation to be good at your job comes with a reward of a promotion, or increase in salary.

Motivation is a key factor of self-actualization

Firstly, from a psychological point of view, motivation can be found in the pyramid of human needs. By default, we have a need for reaching our full potential. We grow and find the highest meaning in life by attending to things beyond the self.

Secondly, the interesting part is that sometimes we lack motivation. The lack of drive can come from thinking that we will never get there. Or even believing the timing is not right. Or to put it simply, we just think we can’t accomplish our goals. However, we might not set goals that are aligned with what we want to achieve.

Thirdly, motivation is behind every action taken. People with drive and desire have changed the life around them. In fact, they created mobile phones, so we can keep up with family easily. They created means of transportation to get us to certain destinations and meet beautiful people.

Basically, motivation has solved so many problems and created comfort in our lives.

Furthermore, motivation is important in claryfying a goal. It makes you learn perseverence, inspires others and increases self-confidence.

Motivation is the main factor that turns a thought into action. Here are a few of my favourite ways to get my motivation back on track, along with a FREE Cheatsheet.

You find your energy

Redesign your way of working and pushing through. Find things that give you pleasure, and boost your energy. Even if those things are listening to music, you can turn the volume up when listening to your favorite playlist. You need mood bosters to help you get your mojo and push through it.

Practice gratitude | Motivation

Next is having gratitude every day. To look at things in perspective. Saying thank you for all the things you accomplished until now. Reflect on the positive outcomes in your life after motivation took over. Think of the things you are happy about and thankful.

Have a support system

However, having a support system is crucial when you want to turn your life around. For example,when having the drive to go after your dreams it’s nice to have that external push. The people around you are important and can help you through challenges and that care for your well-being.

Make it fun

Find a fun way to keep motivated. Make a mood board of things that inspire you, and motivate you to keep chasing your goals. Add funny photos of people, things, memes and funny quotes.

Additionaly to all of this, be nice to yourself. Don’t beat yourself up if one day you don’t have the drive force you had yesterday. It’s just a day. It will not stop you from achieving your goals. Stay focused and believe you will get there. You have to accept the days you don’t feel as motivated, and trust that tommorrow will be better.

Finally, you also need to give yourself a pat on the back once in a while. Acknowledge the power you have and that you can make everything you set your mind to a reality. Keep pushing through and sorround yourself with supporting people and believe in yourself.

I prepared something for you, to help you when you want to recharge yourself and set yourself up for great things! Download it👇