My Backstory

Based in London, I created this blog as I aim to empower you to embrace your personality and your unique features rather than complying with the standard. I have never been a girly girl: not in my style and not in my personality. I felt that this has stand in my way of achieving success and a healthy life, or even relationships. I’ve always felt the need to look and behave just like everybody else to succeed: wearing lovely dresses, cute curls and pink blushed cheeks. But it just wasn’t me. I was always attracting a lot of attention and I was not loving it all the time. It was almost like consequences of everything I said were bigger than for someone else. And why? Because I have a strong personality and I am outgoing.  Luckily, I have learnt to dress just how I feel and enjoy the attention and I will teach you how to do that!

Who am I?

I’m Andrada – I moved from Romania to England to study Marketing, Advertising & PR. I am not perfect: I am blunt and I speak my mind way too often. Can you relate? Sometimes, I am suborn and may not give enough credit to those who deserve it.  But, I am also super outgoing and I make people laugh. Somehow, I manage to let everybody know me because I connect and learn more about the people around me all the time. I manage quite often to be so silly and make everyone laugh at me, but I’ve learnt that if I can make a person feel better for some seconds, I feel happier. Don’t take yourself too seriously. 

Following trends says too little when it comes to fashion & style. I’ve never been too keen on wearing or getting what was trending at different moments in my life. Maybe you happen to feel the same, but you are not sure where to start from. Don’t be afraid to dress how you feel you are most empowering even though that sets you apart. The attention that will follow can be turned in a positive.

Set yourself apart from everyone else, stop comparing yourself to others and embrace who you are now. Together, we will see how NOT a girly girl is dressing for different occasions and how to achieve your personal style.

Thank you and it’s very nice to welcome you in my NON GIRLY WORLD.