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I’m still talking about 2020 as we’re still in January, but that’s because it still is the beginning of the year. We still have so much time on our hands to make things happen and smash our goals, right? Drawing from my experience in 2019 when I was involved in perhaps too many projects at once and I did manage to finish the work in time, I’m now sharing 10 ways to be more successful in 2020.


Success is a very subjective word, but perhaps our definition of success can be somewhat similar for all of us. We feel success when we meet a deadline, when a project goes well, when a blog post goes viral, when we feel motivated at work, when we feel we’re adding value. For any success to happen, you need to be organised, put in the work and don’t forget what got you started in the first place. However, what are the exact traits that bring success about? Let’s see how to be more successful in 2020.

10 Ways to Be More Successful in 2020 #NGSmashingItSeries

Get into the habit of avoiding distractions

Oh, distractions are so evil. I really think so. But they’re only evil if we allow them space in our lives. When you interrupt a productive activity or book too many drinks with people a week, it counts as a distraction from your initial plan. The more you get done in a day, the more chances of you completing your goals sooner and perhaps more efficiently as you put more thought into them as you need to compromise for your leisure activities. After all, you want to be very successful in 2020.

At the beginning, it will feel like a compromise, then it becomes a lifestyle. You’ll feel that you need to put your hustle first. Why? Simply because you’ll start seeing results. More trials mean more mistakes. More mistakes mean more learning curves. This is one of the ways you find inspiration in life and keep moving.

Learn how to better manage your time to increase productivity

I haven’t always been the most productive version of myself. At the end of January 2020, I had completed reading 4 books already and had one currently in reading. This is because I’m learning to better manage my time and productivity. In my new e-book, ‘Create a Life You Love’, I’m giving away how I got to fit in from 20 to 60 minutes of productive time or more while commuting or flying. Phone goes on aeroplane mode or if I want to listen to music I make sure that my notifications are turned off on my phone – they usually are because the phones are such a major distraction when I want to be productive. If you own a blog, you might enjoy reading about having a blog while working full time.

10 Ways to Be More Successful in 2020 #NGSmashingItSeries

It’s so simple if you think about it: do something productive with your ‘dead’ time. Some people love working during the night since there are less distractions, but I like to make my own rules and adjust by for example turning my notifications off, even my phone if necessary.

To increase your productivity, I also recommend spending 10 minutes every morning or 20 minutes on Sundays to come up with your plan for the day / week. Ask yourself:

  • What do I need to achieve today? Add any details to your actions (include email responses you need to send out, editing a presentation, make a phone call, go to the bank, grocery shopping, anything)
  • When am I going to achieve it? The day has 24h for everyone, it’s up to you how you plan to use these. Add the actual time when you plan to do these things and you’ll notice that sequence is important too. It will help you prioritise. I actually noticed this myself and Tai Lopez did point this out too during a business conference I attended in November.

If you do this every Sunday, you’ll feel so successful at the end of your week or days when you get the chance to tick complete on your tasks!

Don’t get stuck in details

They say the devil’s in the details. It’s all fine to check details of your work. By don’t get stuck in the details, I mean, if something unfavourable to your plan will happen, don’t spend time on the details of why it had occurred in the first place. Notice the bad, but move on fast and find a solution. It’s more important to find the solution and progress than constantly thinking about what went wrong. It’s a massive time waste. You are a goal setter, so don’t forget that.

10 Ways to Be More Successful in 2020 #NGSmashingItSeries

Get your points across fast

There’s nothing more annoying than waisting people’s time with unnecessary details. Assuming you have a side business or a full time business and you’ll encounter people you’ll be working with, it’s best to get your points across straightaway. Think about long presentations which make you fall asleep after 20 minutes. Avoid being that person at all costs.

You can apply this thinking in everyday life scenarios as well such as complaining to your airline (I’m such a pro at this), a bank visit where you need some help with your transactions, a call with your mobile provider customer service and so on. Knowing how to get your points across fast will massively help you reduce time spent on these things and obviously make you more productive and successful.

Forget about complaining and moaning for insignificant reasons

I’ve learnt to take things as they are. I used to go crazy when things wouldn’t go according to my plan, but some things are just meant to happen in a different way. Not sure if it’s destiny or not, but things always work out somehow. Forget about complaining and moaning for insignificant reasons and focus on your end goals.

Take dedicated time for your self & your wellbeing (health)

When you work long hours, sometimes 12-14 hours a day, your body actually needs some dedicated time to unwind. I wasn’t aware of this need before, but I tested it on myself. Back in December, I was so stretched with work such as writing articles, collaborations and content shootings that all my time was organised to a T. I was productive  yes, but it was too much. I went to an extreme.  I’ve faced the consequences: constant tiredness in my body.

I did not give my time for taking a breather. Never again!

In 2020, I have changed things. I’ve come to realise that by allowing myself breaks for reading, eating breakfast, drinking a coffee, browsing magazines, I become more focused. Rather than cramming everything trying to get to an end ASAP, it’s actually better to allow yourself some breaks when you feel you need them. I’m only talking about wellbeing breaks (baths, massages, indulging food, meditation, gym sessions), not about entertainment. You’ll definitely be more successful in 2020. If you’re looking for maintaining your New Year  resolutions, you’ll surely enjoy this article.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions / for help

Feeling like ‘Miss Know It ALL’? There’s always someone who knows more about a topic than you do and does it better than you do it, same as you know better than others when it comes to other topics. It’s not a direct competition, so don’t be afraid to ask questions. A big ego is dangerous, especially in business, so leave it aside and seek for help if you need it.

Obviously, I’m not talking about turning to others for help when you can google the answers you need. Try it yourself first and then have an honest conversation with people who know more. You’ll be surprised that they might be happy to support!

Also, you never know, the outcomes might be wonderful – most partnerships start this way, so enjoy doing some networking.

Take full responsibility for your actions

DELETE sayings such as:

-‘Had I known X at that time, I would have done Y…’

-‘If only I didn’t choose to do X…’

-‘What would have happened if I haven’t done X…?’

These are the questions that annoy me the most. Take responsibility for your actions and don’t look back with regret.

Reward yourself

Yasss, probably my favourite part (just kidding, or do I?). Reward yourself when you’re hitting your milestones. Anything can be a reward: a yummy latte, a spa visit, a blow dry, anything that makes you smile. Your success deserves recognition! 

 Judge yourself on the micro, not on the macro

This one’s from Gary V. Judging yourself on the mirco, not on the macro is key. Focus on your monthly, quarterly achievements rather than always worrying about the bigger picture. You’ll taste success more often and it will make you feel wonderful about your achievements.

10 Ways to Be More Successful in 2020 #NGSmashingItSeries

These were my 10 ways to be more successful in 2020. Take these away and enjoy smashing it this year. Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram at @notagirlygal – I do post motivational content on a daily basis ✌🏻

As always, let’s discuss more in the comment section below. What’s your one way of getting things done more efficiently?

Until next time,

Andrada (NotAGirlyGal)


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