During my two year employee journey in London, I think I have seen it all: from people getting fired and walking home with their plant, to others not delivering their work or to me deciding to quit a job after two weeks because it was awful. That’s why today, I feel comfortable to start sharing some of my career tips with you. Continue reading to discover 5 ways to deal with an annoying boss.

You will work with so many types of people during your career and will have to face different types of personalities. It is also true that sometimes you will find yourself led by someone who doesn’t connect with you at a great level. This situation can easily become overwhelming and might make your days at work quite hard.

I believe that people get to deal with an annoying boss at least once in their lives, but how do they work everything out?

If you’re finding yourself in this scenario, you must maintain a level of professionalism and learn how to deal with the problem in a positive way.

Here are 5 ways to deal with an annoying boss:

1. Evaluate the situation

First of all, the first step you should follow is to evaluate the situation you are currently facing. Try seeing the problem from another perspective and calculate your boss’s actions. In order to complete this step you must awaken your inner critic.

Own your actions. Decide either or not you are contributing to the negativeness yourself.

One way of figuring this out is to assess his /her relationship with your other colleagues. If you are the only one your boss is having a problem with, I believe is the time to start asking yourself some questions.

It happens many times that people blame others for all the negativity, without looking inside. However, if you were both implicated in the argument, you should admit and take responsibility for your very own actions.

2. Practice empathy

We live in a cruel world these days and empathy can be very much welcomed. Maybe your boss is actually going through something pressing at the moment and he / she is taking it our on you without giving it much thought.

By starting to practice empathy, you are somehow putting yourself in your boss’ shoes. It might be a difficult task, but at the end of the day, it will be worth it. Maybe she / he is dealing with an annoying boss as well, who knows?

Be patient and approach your boss when you feel that it’s the right time. Sometimes you just have to clear things out to maintain a healthy relationship at work.

This conversation can do wonders, maybe you’ll be able to help him / her deal with his problem. In the end, helping someone out is be much more relieving than just ignoring the situation.

3. Understand how success looks like for them

The third tip of my career tips is to understand how success looks like for your boss. Every person has a different perception on what an accomplishment is and how to achieve it. Do some research and find their opinion about how success looks like in your role. You might end up surprised that sometimes, bosses only have the time to care for the results you are showing to them, not the way you are actually building the project.

Once you’ve figured out what matters to them the most, you will be able to see how to please them and what to put emphasis on while presenting something to them.

Your relationship with your boss might become stronger and your days at work will be enjoyable again.

4. Set healthy boundaries

One of the career tips I find quite crucial is to set some healthy boundaries with your boss.

Actually, if there is actually something that you find time consuming for nothing, there’s no shame in admitting you have just the right amount on your plate. Learn the gentle way of saying no and apply it when necessary.

Moreover, if there is something that your boss does and you feel like it’s pushing your boundaries, there is no shame in having a conversation with him.

5. Don’t burn bridges

Many employers might want to get in touch with your last boss before hiring you. A decline or worse, some negative words about yourself can harm your professional life and the development of your career. Therefore, even if it can be really hard not to burn bridges with a person who constantly underestimates and bothers you, it is the best if you maintain a professional relationship.

Remember, this job is not going to define you. You can ALWAYS find a better one. If working with your current boss is becoming a true nightmare, you might start considering changing your current workplace. Life’s too short for someone to make your days at work impossible. Nevertheless, make sure you try to sort things before you go, it’s always best to know you tried everything to make it work.

Altogether, I hope my career tips will be as helpful for you as they were for me.

Let’s chat. Were you ever managed by an annoying boss?


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