I’ve prepared 10 career tips for women in order to advance in their awesome careers. Continue reading to uncover some secrets I’ve used to achieve job success.

First of all, since the beginning of working times it’s been a bumpy ride for women to achieve success as fast as men. History wasn’t indulgent at all with the ones who wanted to become strong from an intellectual point of view. Therefore, women all over the world have to follow some strategies in order to advance faster in their career. I believe that even if we, females, work hard for our positions we might still have to make our voice heard in the office on purpose. It is in our nature to seem pure and innocent, but leaving the looks behind, I have realised that women are so strong and motivated, we would do anything in the world to achieve what we thrive for. We have proven numerous times that our aspect has nothing to do with our character, that we can work hard and provide amazing results.

However, I believe we should not regard this type of discrimination with hate. We should never give up and moreover, we should see everything as a challenge. I personally haven’t felt a discrimination at work, however I know that this gap exists and some of you might be dealing with it at the moment.

You can prove you are just as strong as a men, follow my career tips for women and advance in your job.

1. Develop a personal brand

Your personal brand should be a reflection of who you really are, of what your goals are and how you wish to inspire the world. You should be original with it, taking into consideration how unique everyone is. Find your niche and create a strong image of your brand.

A strong brand and image will provide career opportunities that will become visible once you start presenting yourself to the world.

Moreover, if your image is clear and on point, the interviewer will get the chance to understand more things about you and your way of working.

Try becoming more visible, because being known in your field comes along with many advantages. Telling your story truthfully will inspire the people around you and provide you popularity in your niche.

2. A well organized CV

Your CV is also a powerful reflection of yourself and of your work, therefore you should treat it with a lot of attention and respect. Always keep it updated and don’t forget to write down every important thing you have achieved during your career.

One of my career tips for women is to always take good care of your CV. First of all, you will need it every time you will be searching for a job. Moreover, as well structured and organised it is, you will gain visibility points and will get higher chances of being hired.

3. Exploit your skills

Everyone is good at something, therefore you should find out what you are best at and improve it. It’s important to always thrive for a better version of yourself and to work for it. Having multiple skills will help you achieve success faster and also to advance in a personal plan.

Exploiting your skills will help you in your life at work considering how important it is to find dedicated and well prepared people. You should become one of the specialists and let everyone realise how hard working and professionally trained you are. These skills you are upgrading will also probably help you for the rest of your life, because once you master them they are not going anywhere.

4. Focus on the results

Once you start completing a task your only worry should be the great results. You have to maintain a floating line and provide great results of your work. It’s much more important to know you have done something at your best rather than finishing it as fast as possible just to prove you are working rapidly. Actually, your good results should not only help you in advancing your career but also in developing it.

Moreover, it is scientifically proven that good results also improve your confidence at work and your level of productivity. Focus on making your work the best that you can.

5. Time and attention

The fifth point I want to cover in my career tips for women is how important is to dedicate a part of your time and attention to your career. After all, you can not build an empire without dedication. Find your time and attention and dedicate them to this important part of your professional life. Of course, you will have to set some boundaries from your private life.

Remember that you will not be able to give the best of yourself if you are exhausted.

6. Build your connections

Your network is an important part of your career. Building connections and making people remember your name is crucial in order to advance in your career. As benefit, you will be more often taken into considered to work in exciting and innovative projects. Let people know about your work and make them remember how dedicated you are. Getting to know the right people will help you on the path to success.

7. Feedback is always constructive

Positive or negative, feedback is always constructive. Learn how to accept your flaws and how your work is seen by other people. Even if you are your own boss, it is important to know what your connections think of your work. In the end, it’s said the the only way to improve in your career is to know what you have to improve. No one is perfect, therefore even if the feedback is negative you shouldn’t let it affect you, you should see it as a great way to start working on getting even better.

Also, positive feedback improves your confidence and your will to work better. Take advantage of your productivity and do something memorable with your career.

8. Career planning

Planning your career will help you know your next step. There is no bad thing in always being prepared for what comes next. Twists and turns often happen during your professional life, therefore if you have everything planned you will know what to do.

Don’t let anything bring you down and also try keeping the path you have chosen. Being determined will for sure help you in achieving success.

9. Be that someone people want to work with

The ninth advice in my career tips for women list is to become that someone that people want to work with. First of all, I believe in the force of attraction – if you are kind you will attract kind people. Therefore, I believe being an amazing colleague will help you in not only working in a better environment but also in achieving great things.

The change comes with you, so if you decide you want to have a great connection with the people around you, start working on your social skills.

Moreover, being this type of person will help you advancing and getting taken into consideration for great projects.

10. Take on new challanges

Sometimes you have got to risk a little. Take on new challenges and explore your horizon. Following the same routine everyday can become exhausting over the time, therefore trying something new from time to time will improve your wellbeing and your creativity.

Those were my 10 career tips for women in order to advance fast into their professional lives. What would you suggest to be the eleventh step?


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