Wood scents and heavy bottles, lids that click when you close the container and a scent that persists throughout the day and makes me feel in control of everything. These are a few of my favourite things! Can you relate? As you already know, I have a true passion for perfumes, especially for the heavy, winter ones. You know it, today we’ll look into finding the right perfume for you to empower and support you in achieving your goals!not a girly gal x notino find your signature scent 2019 tom ford.jpg

Kenzo L’Elephant

We have to start by addressing the elephant in the room. Quite literally. This perfume won’t let you go away unnoticed. It’s very strong and spicy, being the best at leaving a scent trace.

not a girly gal x kenzo lelefant find your siganture perfume for 2019

It’s such a poetic scent and one of my favourites since two years now. You can actually notice how much I’ve used out of the 100ml bottle, not really pretty for the picture, but you can genuinely see how much I love L’Elephant. Be really careful when you apply it though – for this, a small dose really goes a long way. It’s one of the strongest and most empowering scents I came across so far (trust me, I have owned a lot of different scents and perfumes are quite a hot topic in my family). If you love spicy and empowering scents, then L’Elephant is made for you. I feel it’s also underrated and not too many people own it, but that’s good news, right? I was pleasantly surprised to see it on Notino at such a great price – the airport price I got used to is definitely higher.

 Top Notes

Orange, Cloves, Cumin

Base Notes

Amber, Patchouli, Vanilla

My Ranking 10 / 10

Tom Ford Black Orchid

This was waiting on my wish list since one year now and that’s a lot to wait for a perfume as unique as this. Its woody and spicy scent make me think of a strong woman thriving in her career. A woman entrepreneur who is leading her team and own path. It makes me think of independence and freedom, like you can achieve everything you put your mind to while wearing this perfume. This will be my signature for 2019, one of the many reasons why I should feel confident in my powers and head to success with no fear. Black Orchid persists for good eight to ten hours by only applying 4 puffs. I like to apply it on the back of my neck as well for a beautiful trace. My winter collection wouldn’t be the complete without Black Orchid and I heavily rely on it to make me feel as empowered as ever. Remember, it’s a New Year, we all can have a refresh – why not explore a new scent?

tom ford black orchid not a girly gal find your signature scentnot a girly gal x notino find you signature for 2019 perfume tom ford black orchid

Top Notes

Jasmine, Bergamot, Gardenia, Ylang – Ylang

Base Notes

Vetiver, Sandalwood, Amber, Patchouli, Vanilla, Chocolate

My Ranking 10 / 10

Dolce & Gabbana The One

This perfume has a rose scent to it, but it’s not sweet. It takes me back to my Sicilian birthday break in the summer – wind, salt and freedom. That’s how I would describe this beauty. This scent is clearly empowering and fit for an elegant lady. You can certainly wear this in winter, especially when you’re attending different festive events. It’s pleasant for people around you to feel – they’ll feel great around you and you’ll shine! I love to have it my collection as I love to alternate strong scents with a more ‘fragile’ scent. It’s one of my must haves! Give this beautiful Italian scent a try. It’s The One!

d&g the one not a girly gal notino find your signature for 2019 perfume

Top Notes

Lychee, Mandarin Orange, Peach, Bergamot

Base Notes

Amber, Musk, Vanilla

My Ranking 9/ 10

My Top 3 Perfumes

not a girly gal find your signature perfume for 2019 for powerful women

Hope you’ll have a lovely time during Christmas and all the holidays! I always think a perfume is a good idea for anyone, especially if they smell so amazing. Explore all offers for gifts on Notino and grab them while they’re hot!

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Notino. As always, all words and opinions are my own.

Lots of love,


Hello ladies,

Welcome back to another beauty post, it’s not so often when I write about beauty twice a month, but this is a great occasion. I’ve been running a giveaway with PureRooted and one lucky winner received two pairs of tickets to attend the Stylist Live Beauty Festival at Olympia London. The event covers everything from beauty brands showcasing their goodies to inspiring talks held by successful women. It’s a great experience for women – it’s a celebration for us.

not a girly gal stylist live why attend the event.jpg

What can you see there?

It’s a place where all women get together to discuss topics that matter to them. From health care routines to how they’re running their businesses; beauty just comes with it. I would say it’s a great opportunity for you to network and broaden your relations. You never know how you can support others in reaching their goals and how they can get your back when you need that the most. I’ve met people who started their own accessories or skincare brands and that really inspired me because I love to see progress in any shape of form.

Stylist Live - Why should you attend Not A Girly Gal .jpg

 Why would you attend the event?

Attend the event if you want to network or have a great day out with your girls. It’s like a heaven of different beauty products that you can try out and take home with you. Debating about different products and natural ingredients is something I feel strongly about. It’s a nice opportunity to even ask the brand representatives about the perks of using their products; well, you need to have a conversation and not let yourself convinced by a sales pitch. You need to ask the questions you want to know answers of and everyone will be happy to discuss with you.

notagirlygal stylist live why attend the event.jpg

I had an amazing conversation with PureRooted at the event as they were kind enough to offer me a sample of their natural Moringa oil to try out as a thank you for running the giveaway with them. Their products are ethically sourced – they work with farms in Ghana where they make sure the workers are paid a fair wage & there’s no wastage in the production of their oil. The seeds of the tree that don’t get used up in the products can be used by local people to filter water. I have tried the oil as a cleanser on a cotton pad and I have to say I’m impressed with it so far. I can’t wait to test it for a full week and let you know about how it worked.

Stylist Live - Why should you attend PureRooted NotAGirlyGal

The talks presented by The Stylist were inspiring and chosen to encourage conversations between women taking part.

What is the most important takeaway from the day? 

 I would say that the thing that stayed with me the most is that women are truly wonderful! We can achieve everything we put our mind to and I’m so proud of us all.

From learning it the hard way series…If you’re attending an event at Olympia, don’t wear a turtle neck or a jumper as the temperature was high opposed to my initial expectations. It’s actually an amazing opportunity to wear that nice event dress you have in your wardrobe.

Since we’re on the beauty topic – what is your favourite skincare product?

Until next time,


Hello my beautiful people,

It’s another beautiful Beauty Sunday! Today we’re looking at one of my favourite Autumn Make-up looks starring a fabulous colour: burgundy. This would be my first make-up look that I’m sharing with you, so I’m super excited to see your reactions. On this Singles Day, even though you’re in a relationship or not, it’s time to give yourself some self-love and treat yourself. After all, we have to love ourselves first to be able to love others. Grab your chai latte and get into the world of make-up.

 Autumn Burgundy Make-up Look

 I finally got my hands on the Makeup Revolution palette! I’ve seen this on Instagram on a couple of bloggers, but also on the shelves of drugstores and I was eager to try it. Let me just say, I love how chunky the colour blocks are. I mean, it’s a lot of product going in each shade which makes me happy as I can use my hands and don’t feel like I’m going to ruin it. I got mine on Notino – they have quite a few Makeup Revolution products, so it’s great to get them all from one place.

I mainly used the brown & nude shades and that beautiful burgundy to come up with an Autumn look I was proud of. I have applied a combination between the three brown shades on the inner corner of my eye, blending in the dark burgundy on the outer corner. I was impressed how well the colours blended for a drugstore makeup brand! Not only that, but after 5 hours my lids looked just as perfect and I promise you – for my oily skin that’s an accomplishment!

Matt Makeup Autumn Burgundy MakeUp MissAndrada NotAGirlyGal Notino

As you can see, the eyes and lips are the main focus of this look, so I have gone easy on the contouring or blush. Highlighters are no longer trending in the beauty industry, it’s all about the matt look now. I excluded any highlighter, not just because they’re not trending, but I wasn’t a big fan of them for too long when they first launched. So, it’s goodbye highlight, but welcome matte looks! To be fair, I think I prefer it: so French and a lot simpler.

Matt Make Up Trends Autumn Burgundy Makeup MissAndrada NotAGirlyGal


Products used

House of Rawan Matte Lipstick in Charlie’s Purple

Makeup Revolution Re-loaded Palette in Shade Visionary

Clinique Mascara for volume

EyeLure Individual lashes

Estee Lauder Double Wear

Benefit Hoola Bronzer.

Single’s Day Haul

On top of the make-up palette, I have selected some products that you can try out this Single’s day and give yourself some self-love. They’re products that can make you feel happier or show you a new side of you.

Clinique Anti-blemish Solutions Foundation

We all need to try out different foundations and this one was classed among the best for oily skin 

Screen Shot 2018-11-09 at 13.21.33.png

Get yours here.

Clinique Waterproof Mascara

This is amazing if you have sensitive eyes 


Screen Shot 2018-11-09 at 13.23.16.png

Get yours now.

Clinique Prep-Start Eye Cream

 You need to get this! It’ll work on those puffy eyes

Screen Shot 2018-11-09 at 13.22.52

Available here.

Whitening Kit – Blanx White Shock

I’m still testing these, but I will review them on my Instagram Stories!

Screen Shot 2018-11-09 at 13.25.19.png

Just £10 here – retail price is £15-£16

Dermacol Invisible Fixing Powder

I ordered this because I heard so many good things about this brand; after all they invented the foundation with the highest coverage in the world. The powder is not caky and keeps my sebum in place. It’s definitely worth having in your kit. Get the light shade!

Screen Shot 2018-11-09 at 13.27.18.png

Hope you have enjoyed this make-up look and that you’ll treat yourself to some Notino goodies because we all need that beauty ritual for ourselves. Browse your choice of products on their website. You’ll love all the amazing offers!

Lots of love,


Hello my lovelies,

We’re slowing getting into the cold weather and now is crucial for your hair to get all the hydration it needs. I’ve been asked quite frequently how I do my wavy hair and what products do I use for making it shiny and make sure it stays in place. All my secrets will be revealed in today’s post, so if you want to get shiny wavy hair that lasts you more than two days, then keep on reading!

I’m currently writing this post as I am travelling, so I can see all green nature starting to fade into a yellow shade. It’s quite sad that summer will be over, but I’m ready for ice skating in the Winter Wonderland – I don’t miss the frozen toes though. Let’s get your beautiful hair ready for Autumn, shall we?

I’m doing all my beauty shopping on Notino now. Regardless if I post it here or not, all my beauty products are currently purchased from Notino because they are cheaper and they arrive really quick. They have an amazing gift-wrapping option as well – for £5 you can get any product wrapped up. I actually ordered six products last time that came in two cute boxes, but I’ve only paid the £5. You should definitely check out their website – they have so much brand variety, it actually shook me to the core. Imagine making a gift to your special one and making her / him wake up to this! Just have a look at this option of gift wrapping! 

Notino Gift Wrapping Miss Andrada

Follow them on Instagram for up to date offers.

How to make your hair wavy… and make it last

 Step 1: Wash your hair with professional products

 Since I’ve visited my hairdresser in London, I’ve learned that drugstore shampoos contain a high amount of silicon which only gives you the impression that your hair is hydrated and soft. In reality, it’s the opposite: these shampoos and conditioners do nothing to your hair. Our hair needs moisture and vitamins to boost its health, so I started to use professional products such as Moroccan Oil or John Frieda. If you have fine hair, try the Moroccan Oil Volume Shampoo and Conditioner. They are doing wonders to my hair: after two washes I can feel a different texture in my hair and more added volume. Now it’s the time to change your routine and try these amazing hair products. Winter will show no mercy to your hair, so you need all the good stuff on it!


Step 2: Prepare your hair

 Your hair will ‘suffer’ from a high degree of heat, so do make sure you protect your hair from it. I’m using a heat resistant spray from Tres Semme that I bought a while ago and it still lasts me!

TRESSemme Miss Andrada

Step 3: Part your hair

You now want to part your hair. I have fine hair, so I don’t get as much thickness as I would like to. When I part it, I only need to break it into two layers. Go ahead and part your hair according to its thickness.

Miss Andrada Wavy Hair

Step 4: Start curling your hair from the back

Start curling your hair now, but start from the back. I learnt this the hard way, trust me. Lost are the days when I’d start curling from the front towards the end of my hair and their horror stories of leaving straight parts. Take it from me: always curl your hair from back to front.

Miss Andrada Wavy Hair Tu


Step 5 Doing your waves in the right way

 Curl your hair by wrapping a strand of hair on the wand. Do not use the its clipper. The clipper makes an anaesthetic mark at the end of the strand, so if your curling wand has it, just stay away from it. It’s easier anyway!

Miss Andrada Wavy Hair Tutorial

Step 6: Moisturize and lock your hair in place

 After you’ve styled your hair and you’re ready to go, don’t forget to moisturize it and apply holding spray. I’m using the L’Oreal Oil for adding moisture and the GHD Holding Spray for locking it in place. They both smell amazing!

Miss Andrada Wavy Hair

I hope my hair routine was super helpful to you! That’s the result after one day of wear!

Miss Andrada Wavy Hair


I would love to see your take on this tutorial! Which hair products do you love the most?

Check out my IGTV to watch the video tutorial 🙂

Thank you for reading,




Hello there,

I have a super cool surprise for you today!

I might not be super girly in my fashion choices, but when it comes to beauty, hands down, I’m the girliest. I love a good pampering routine, and it’s the perfect time to share mine with you. I teamed with Notino and Korika and we have a super cool giveaway for you – 5 Korean Masks one being a 24k Gold infused one! Just fill in your details and you’re entered!

Korika Face Mask Giveaway ENTER NOW

0m 0s

Enter now to win 5 Face Masks by the Korean Brand Korika.

Each of the two lucky winners will receive:

  •                   1 Real Gold 24k Star Beauty - Brightening Face Sheet Mask
  • 1 NaturBeauty Calming Face Sheet Mask
  • 1 SciBeauty Regenerating Mask for Hands and Nails
  • 1 SciBeauty Hyrdrogel Lip Mask
  • 1 NaturBeauty Mositurising Face Sheet Mask

This contest is no longer accepting entries.

I call my pamper routine my ritual. I’m able to relax and take 20 minutes of my day for myself and my body. Here are the few things I do to enter my relaxing space.

 Light up my candle

Before anything, l’ll light up a candle that smells fresh or oriental. I love the Fresh Linen one by Yankee Candle for this.

 Cleanse my face

I start off by using a scrub on my face – I make my own scrub with polenta or sugar and the cleansing gel by Ivampur.

Mask time

I’m loving these Korean masks right now by The Korean brand KORIKA. The brand brings together cutting edge Asian technology with effective active ingredients, making them a specialist in this area of cosmetics. My favourite are the SciBeauty and StarBeauty collections. The masks have three a thick sheet and I absolutely love them because my skins feels super hydrated after use. They feel special on my face and the time for beauty routine becomes even more important, as these are not the usual masks we get in drugstores. That’s why, I partnered with Notino to offer you 5 masks from my favourite collections.

More about the Korika Collections

StarBeauty is a premium collection that will be appreciated especially by women who wish to sample rare ingredients, revitalize, and brighten their skin.

NaturBeauty line includes various types of masks whose key benefits are natural extracts and iceberg water.

SciBeauty masks reflect the most recent trends in Asian cosmetics and offer masks not only for the face, but also the hands, legs, and lips to provide complex care.

The winner will be announced on the 29th August 2018 on email. Thank you very much for taking part in this!

The masks were kindly sent to me by Notino. Check out their website as they do amazing deals! And follow them on Instagram too – @notino_co_uk – their feed is perfect!

Best of luck everybody 🙂


Glamorous, sexy and bold, red lips are a statement. But how to wear red lipstick that it doesn’t make your overall appearance too heavy or even tacky?

I stand for a red lip and trust me I have tried a lot of the high street brands, from Rimmel London to Revlon and none of them looked as glamorous as a luxury lipstick.

So, first step you guessed it: invest in a high end lipstick. I opted for the Allure Velvet Chanel Lipstick in shade 57. The way the lipstick shapes the lips and the perfection with which the formula stays on for a long time is what makes the difference for me. Why invest in 5 different lipsticks that will crease all the time and cost the same money in the end?      

        Creating a Classy Cat Eye

Getting to the eye make-up now that we have picked the right lipstick. I don’t recommend a smokey eye when wearing a red lip; not even a natural eyeshadow. Instead, create a classy cat eye in intense black. If the cat eye is not really your thing, add some subtle falsies to complement the lips.

miss andrada how to wear red lipstick chanel allure velvet 57 notino.jpg

      The best hairstyles to wear with red lips

Just to set the context when I talk about hairstyle. I’m not the best at doing hair, the best things I can do are just basic: straight, curly with a wand and curly overnight with hair grips. Luckily, in this video my hair was naturally curled after washing as I was spending everyday at the sea side. When you’re wearing red lips any of these simple hairstyles work wonders; don’t need to braid it or put it up in a ponytail. You can even leave it natural, it will add that sexy hint to your look.

miss andrada how to wear red lipstisckmiss andrada how to wear red lipstick.jpg

             What to wear with red lips?

Your outfit really much depends on the context, so I am not going to recommend any outfits, but instead I will recommend a colour palette that perfectly complements that red. These are my personal favourites, but of course there are many others that you can wear. It’s important that you feel comfortable with your choice and ready to slay the day.

Would you like a tutorial for a classy cat eye, like shown here?  I have a super easy technique that can be useful to many of you just starting out with liquid eyeliner.

Get your perfect shade here:

Screen Shot 2018-07-17 at 22.29.51.png

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Notino. As always, all words and opinions are my own.

Lots of love,


Hello my favourite girls,

Are you ready for dipping into a heavenly scented article? Tell me about it! I’ve always treasured strong liqueurs bottled in beautifully shaped containers. Perfumes are my thing: I recognise particular ones by their scent and feel different types of fragrance notes. Me and my dear friend Bee, call ourselves: the noses.

Today’s star? The seductive and warm Dolce & Gabbana The One! It makes me feel powerful and glam – I believe this is all about when you’re wearing a scent. You want it to have a meaning to you and maybe become your next signature. I perfectly captured how it makes me feel in the below video: unapologetically me.

Dolce & Gabbana The One Notes

The main notes of this fragrance are vanilla, peach, bergamot, mandarine orange and lily. You might suppose it’s a rather sweet scent as it’s quite floral, but it’s not syrup sweet. It’s rather elegant and mysterious and I believe it belongs to the Chypre fragrance family as it has citrus as top notes and a mossy base. This exquisite and strong scent makes me think of a successful woman who succeeds in life and nothing can stop her. Just try it out and you will feel you have to add it to your collection. 

Tip: Order yours on Notino – they usually run lots of promotions and I find their prices better than buying in store! The delivery is super fast as well. They’re my latest discovery for beauty products 🙂

A scent is something we all perceive differently, but for me, The One is simply the scent of a girl boss.  What are your favourite fragrances? I would absolutely love to find out in the comment section below 💋

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Notino. As always, all words and opinions are my own.

Until next time,


Hello girls,

How have you been? Lately, I am feeling so positive about life and about all the cool things blogging brings in my life: from meeting the blogging community around London at events such as the Festival Pop Up x Grab the Hanger and starting new collaborations.

I have a great announcement to make today. I am introducing a new category on MissAndrada.com: Beauty. I remember having make-overs at my place when I was about 14 where I was straightening my friend’s hair, giving tips on make-up, applying masks for hair and face, tweezing the eyebrows, using rich body moisturisers..you name it and 100% I did it. Growing up, I kept learning about beauty and everyone around me asked me loads of questions about products and how they can achieve their desired look. I was used to offering tips to people on beauty and it didn’t really surprise me when I was randomly getting asked, but actually it meant I was able to give them value. And this is what I want to achieve with my beauty section, to give you valuable tips and tricks that I have learnt in the last 9 years. Yes, that’s right! I am giving it all out: all my beauty tricks will be revealed.


Welcome to Screen Shot 2018-05-12 at 15.35.24

I’m launching the series with a Spring / Summer Make-up Look. As seen on runways for London and Paris Fashion Week, the focus for this season is on glowy skin. Glowing highlights, glossy eyes and hints of baby pink are super trending right now. Watch the video below for a better view of the make-up:



Screen Shot 2018-05-12 at 15.35.47

First thing you need for pulling off this look is high-quality foundation. From all the foundations I have tried, the Estée Lauder Double Wear is worth the hype. I have started using it a couple of weeks ago and I have to say, I am hooked on it! The foundation is resistant to heat, streaks and humidity and protects your skin from sunlight – perfect for this season!

Start by applying it on your hand and then with a foundation brush, start buffing it on your face and neck. You will notice that the foundation tends to mattify quickly on your skin, so don’t apply too much. I like to apply a bit more after if I feel like it. Instead of going through so many drug store foundations until you find the right one, get yourself a good one that will leave you with this healthy skin feeling. Although it’s medium to high coverage, it doesn’t feel heavy and the highlight looks AMAZING on top of it.

Screen Shot 2018-05-12 at 15.36.09

For my eyes, I mainly used the DirtySweet shade in my Naked Smoky Palette. You can use any golden shade as the focus is on the skin here. On the corner of the eyes until the middle of my lid, I have applied the Rodial Stemcell Super-Food Glam Lip Balm. The eyes can get a bit sticky and if you plan to wear this for a long time, get ready to re-touch the make-up once in a while.

Screen Shot 2018-05-12 at 15.36.03

Keep the skin glowing and add something hydrating on your lips. Here, I am using the Rodial Stemcell Super-Food Glam Lip Balm that leaves my lips feeling super full and hydrated. The balm has a subtle fragrance particular for luxury brands.

Shop the foundation and lip-balm on Notino. The website stocks an amazing range of brands: from luxury make-up to more affordable brands that are not available in other UK stores.

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Notino. As always, all words and opinions are my own.

Have you tried the Double Wear yet? How do you find it? Let me know in the comments below 🙂

Have a beautiful Sunday,