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Let’s talk about Summer perfumes. Each and every one of us have that one scent that make us feel absolutely beautiful and powerful. Today, I’m sharing with you the story behind mine. Keep on reading.

As you guys know I’m very much into woody and earthy scents in the winter and sometimes in the Summer too. However, from time to time I like to change things a little bit just to keep it interesting. 

I recently came across this gorgeous feminine scent ‘Queen of Seduction’ by Antonio Banderas. It goes perfectly with the mystery and magic lights of Dubai. Also, it makes me feel powerful and like I can conquer the world. I feel like I will always associate this scent with my Dubai trip and it will be forever close to my heart.

Queen of seduction notes – Summer perfumes

This gorgeous perfume was created with the following special notes. 

Top notes: Grapefruit and Raspberry

These top notes offer a fresh touch to your powerful scent. I don’t think I own any other perfume to present these, but I surely like the combination between them and the base notes. However, it’s a winner for me! 

Middle notes: Peony, Jasmine, Iris, Pink Pepper

Jasmine and Iris based fragrances are usually very seductive. I couldn’t say less about our hero perfume today. There’s something sexy about it that I really love. 

Base notes: Suede, Cedar and Amber 

Of course, there wouldn’t be a perfume that I like without amber and suede! I mean, you know how much I appreciate an oud or an Earthy scent. 

Who is this Summer perfume for? 

This perfume is for women who want to feel strong and feminine at the same time. Power and strength are not only masculine traits from my point of view. The more confident you are in yourself, the closer you will be to your goals. It’s pretty simple. Moreover, I strongly believe that more women should feel more empowered that they can actually achieve everything they put their mind to. Besides having the right mindset, there are some other things that you can do such as wearing the right perfume. 

Where can you find the Queen of Seduction? 

This empowering scent can be found on Notino UK at a very affordable price. Get yours and start exploring your powerful side. 

Now tell me, which are your favourite Summer perfumes?

Lots of love,

Miss Andrada (NotAGirlyGal)

Let’s talk about Summer dresses 2021 baby! As the Spring season has arrived, so did the new trends. It’s now time to complete our wardrobes with the trendiest dresses, the most delightful colours & prints and the most feminine cuts. I’ve put together a selection of 7 dresses that you need to be wearing this Summer at the beach, while sipping cocktails on a terrace and while dancing the night away. Let’s have a look ⚡️

1. Pink ruffles

This one’s an Instagram eye catcher. As a debut attire, we have this cute ruffle dress. I really like this one because its puffy sleeves give it such a distinguished look! You won’t feel too much like a doll because it’s quite short – the perfect combination between sexy and sweet. Plus, your legs will look incredibly long.

You can literally wear this dress on so many occasions during summer, from brunch to a walk in the park; this dress fits perfect for everything.

The trend firstly appeared long time ago. And guess what?! It obviously came back. Ruffles are a big part of the whole boho chic aesthetic. Therefore, if you loved the boho chic period somewhere in 2012, now it’s the perfect time to get one of these dresses. TikTok also had a great influence over the ruffle dresses. The cottage core aesthetic, which gained popularity and attention due to many TikTok users, is also perfect for ruffles!

2. The polka dot dress

Moving to the another one, this beautiful polka dots dress has won a well deserved place in my list.

The wide structure makes it easier to wear – your dress won’t be blown by the wind for sure. The dress can adjust its aesthetic value and enable you to wear it both on day and night time, obviously wearing the right shoes and accessories.

Considering how much prints are in trend right now, polka dot dresses are also a must try for 2021. Moreover, you can feel vintage and trendy at the same time!

3. Yellow pastels

This pastel yellow dress is such a jewel. The base of the dress is a yellow veil material in light tones which show off any pair of shoes you will choose.

My recommendation would be to wear it with a pair of colourful sandals, in order to spice up your fit. Don’t forget to wear it with confidence, cause I’m 100% sure you’ll rock it!

This type of tulle dresses are just perfect for any type of garden party or for more formal occasions during the day.

You can for sure see pastel yellow and green on every celebrity’s instagram at the moment. Pastel yellow bags, tops, vests and now dresses. Amazing, am I right?

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4. Pin-up inspo?

This green piece is definitely inspired by pin-up fashion, but it’s made relevant to our new age. Everything about this dress goes perfectly with the idea of a sunny day!

Energize yourself with some vitamin D and choose this dress for a girly, refined look. Perfect for a brunch, this type of dress will help radiate with positivity and happiness!

Also inspired from the cottage core aesthetic, these type of dresses are mostly worn by the teen influencers! You can check out Addison’s Rae instagram for more similar looks.

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5. Milky way

How could I forget the silky white dress? Silk dresses are for sure a trend this Summer and let me tell you, a silk white dress goes perfectly in the night scenery. The colour will accentuate your beautiful tan.

Moreover, its simplicity brings out so much elegance and refinement. You can accessorise it with pearls and gold jewellery. Your aesthetic will certainly glow while wearing this amazing summer fit.

These beautiful satin dress is for sure one thing Kendall Jenner would wear! Minimal and sexy, the white satin dresses became a trend immediately.

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6. Tiered midi dress

Imagine yourself visiting your favourite city. This dress is for sure one of the best fits in order to look fashionable, but still be comfortable! Its shape makes the dress so refreshing and perfect for summer.

Moreover, you can style it with mostly all types of sandals. Straw accessories, such as bags or hats, go perfectly with the beige colour of the dress. This type of accessories will also bring the look a summerish sparkle.

If you’ve ever followed influencers that love exploring and travelling a lot, you’ve probably seen these type of dresses a lot. They are such a trend now if you are up for some adventures!

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7. The desert dress

When it comes to summer dresses 2021, my last but not least recommendation is THE desert dress. I like to name it this way due to the many editorials that presented this type of dress in a desert scenario. The great part about this type of piece its that the dress itself is spectacular, therefore you won’t even have to accessorize it if you don’t feel like it.

Moreover, you can literally wear it everywhere and you’ll look just like a desert princess! Try it out and let me know how you’ve styled it.

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All things considered, this Summer will be for sure great from a fashion point of view. I literally can’t wait to see what trends are going to emerge! Slide into my Instagram DMs and let me know which dress was your favourite one!

Until next time,

Miss Andrada


Creating and developing a self-care routine is crucial in maintaining a strong relationship with yourself. Actually, being able to take care of your body and to treat it as your temple is quite therapeutic.

A good self-care routine can also help you become more self-confident. You will feel better in your own skin and more empowered to action your day.

How to create your own self-care routine when you’re busy?

If there’s one thing that I completely understand nowadays, it’s how challenging can be to balance your career with your life & well-being. However, it’s SO important to take some time out just for yourself. If not, you’ll soon feel like you’re running a marathon. It’s actually OK to have leisure time and to use it however you like.

Your self-care routine shouldn’t take too much of your time actually – if time is a constraint for you. For example, you can start by paying attention to you when you wake up. Your skin will need hydration, you might want to take a shower, do anything that feels refreshing. With a great morning routine, your day will flow with positivity and your productivity level will increase significantly.

You should also dedicate a bit of time for your self-care routine before you go to bed . Therefore, even if you’re busy you can save one or two hours per day only for your self-care 🙂

My updated skin-care routine

I’m into more organic and more natural products lately. I was able to find some very exciting organic brands on the Notino website, so I had to try them for myself and share my experience with using them today.

First of all, I run a warm bath and apply a sheet mask. Actually, running a warm bath does wonders from time to time. It will relax you and set the a calm mood for the night. You blood will flow easier and you will be able to breathe much better. Moreover, it can also improve your immunity system, because the higher temperature is killing bacteria.

Then, I add this bath foam from Natura Siberica to the running water for it to lather. It smells divine and leaves my skin so soft. I highly need the hydration right now as I’m currently on my Roaccutane treatment. If you have dry skin, you have to try this.

Up next, I wash my body. This body wash – Fiora Siberica from Natura Siberica is very different from all the products I have used before. At first, it smells very strongly as straweberries, then it fades away. And that’s a GREAT aspect – it means it’s truly organic. As the label states – its ingredients are 99% organic.

When I have more time, I apply a body scrub too. This one smells so nice as honey & cinnamon – it reminds me of a sweet shop. Also, scrubbing your body is very beneficial – it will improve your circulation and it will also help in removing dead skin cells from the body’s surface.

After I dry my skin with a fluffy towel, I apply a hydrating body butter which is highly needed for me these days. I love the Rich Siberian White Body Butter by Natura Siberica as it’s VERY heavy. The benefits of using body butter are many but my favourite one is how well moisturised your skin is after you’ve applied the product.

In the end, I love the smell of the Dolce & Gabbana The One perfume. Therefore, I spray it on my wrist before I go to bed.

All things considered, having a self-care routine is really therapeutic. I love spending time with myself and I believe everyone should focus more on themselves, at least from time to time. What is your skin-care routine and what tips do you have for mine?

Until next time,

Miss Andrada 🙂


Disclaimer: Blog post sponsored by Notino. As always words and opinions are my own.

Today I’ve prepared some of my favourite at home beauty tips for you.

Taking care of your face and your skin is so important these days due to all the pollution that surrounds cities and UV rays. Therefore, I’ve come up with 5 face masks you can make at home. I must admit I’ve tried most of them and for me, they made wonders.

I’ve always enjoyed sheet face masks and the miracles they do, but from time to time it’s good for our skin to receive something more natural. All the recipes contain natural ingredients, therefore even if you try the mask and it doesn’t work that well for you, there is no harm!

Get your ingredients ready and let’s do an amazing facial treatment at home 😉

1. Cucumber and Aloe Vera Hydrating Face Mask


– Cucumber

– Aloe Vera gel/serum


1. Cut half of your cucumber into small slices

2. Mix them in a blender until their consistency becomes watery

3. Add two tablespoons of the aloe vera gel and blend again

How to apply?

Once you finished the mask itself, apply it evenly on your face and keep it on for about fifteen minutes to half an hour. Then, rise it off with water until your face is completely clean. Dry your face with a smooth towel and you’re hydrated!

The recipe is great considering that the cucumber has cooling properties and that the aloe vera works incredibly well in healing your skin and in the anti-ageing process.

2. Strawberry and Yogurt Hydrating Face Mask


– 3 Strawberries

– Greek Yogurt

– Honey


1. Blend the three strawberries with a mixer until their consistency is smooth enough

2. Add two tablespoons of greek yogurt and mix

3. Add one tablespoon of honey and mix

How to apply?

After you’ve finished preparing the mask, apply it evenly to your face. The amount of time you leave it on for depends on how dry your skin actually is. Leave it on for ten minutes if your skin is dry and fifteen if your skin is oily.

This mask is has strawberries which contain vitamins and antioxidants and yogurt which is great because it exfoliates the dry skin.

3. Honey and Avocado Hydrating Face Mask


– 1/4 of an avocado

– 2 tablespoons of honey

– A half of a tablespoon of cider vinegar


1. Add all of the three elements in a bowl and mix them until the consistency of the masks becomes smooth.

How to apply?

One of my at home beauty tips is to apply a thin layer of this mask to your clean skin. Let it on for about 10 minutes and the rinse it off with warm water. For the mask to provide visible effects you should try at least two times a month.

This masks composition is thorough considering that the avocado is great for hydration, the honey is a cleanser and the cider vinegar is a toner.

4. Pumpkin Hydrating Face Mask


– 2 and a half tablespoons of pumpkin purée

– 1 tablespoon of honey

– 1 and a half tablespoons of lemon juice


1. Add the pumpkin purée in a bowl

2. Add one tablespoon of honey and mix them together

3. Add one and a half tablespoons of lemon juice and mix until all the ingredients are blended together

How to apply?

Your face should be clean and dried when you apply the mask on. You can use your fingers or a special brush, but make sure to apply it evenly. Let it sit on your face for about ten minutes then you can rinse it off with some warm water.

The pumpkin contains lots of fruit enzymes and will help in removing the dry cells off your skin. The honey is a healing ‘tool’ and the lemon juice contains antibacterial agents and Vitamin C.

5. Avocado and Banana Hydrating Face Mask


– 1/4 of an avocado

– 1/3 of a banana

– Honey


1. Add the avocado and blend it until it becomes smooth

2. Add the banana and blend until the consistency of the mask is creamy

3. Add the honey and mix the ingredients one last time

How to apply?

Another one of my at home beauty tips is to apply this mask also as a thin layer due to its creamy consistency. Leave it on for about ten to fifteen minutes the rinse it off with warm water.

This face masks is one of my favourites due to its nourishing and hydrating properties. The avocado is an amazing healer and great as an anti-wrinkle product. The banana helps with moisturising the skin and the honey reduces inflammation and it’s high in antioxidants.

All things considered, enjoy a glass of wine and some time for yourself while keeping all these great DYI face masks on. Once you wash them off I bet you will probably have a much more hydrated skin and a better mood.

Which is YOUR favourite home made face mask?

With love,

Andrada x

Today I will share with you the best Spring 2021 make-up looks. From a simple and plain look to a vibrant and colourful one, this Spring, everything is possible ✨

Make-up in 2021 is so much more than just a touch of beauty. You can express yourself through make up whilst completing your look for the day. Embrace it and once you step in a room, you’ll be more radiant than ever – that is the power of good make-up.

Because this Spring the beauty industry has so many new trends you can try, I have put together the ultimate list with the best Spring 2021 make up looks.

Your Face Makeup

Before I start my list, we must take into consideration how different the times we live in are at the moment and how the trends changed over the years. In 2016 you used all your foundation bottles, lots of white concealer, bold contour and defined brows. Well, in 2021 the game has changed a lot.

Therefore, everyone goes for a more natural and glossier look these days. In the list below I will present you 5 different types of Spring make up. However, this paragraph is especially reserved for the face makeup due to its massive change and how natural it is now. You will also find the new trends for eyeshadow and lipstick below.

First of all, before you start your makeup don’t forget to apply some SPF 50 to your face – a must for anti-wrinkles and pigmentation! You can continue with a primer of your choice but I can suggest you try a shimmering one.

After these two important steps, you will start applying foundation in a small quantity and complete the look with a bit of concealer. Even if some time ago no one liked using blush, in 2021 I feel that you have to. Apply the blush and the contour considering your face shape and what points out your beautiful features. When it comes to your brows, you can try the soap brows trend or just draw them in a natural way. Complete your look with mascara or some foxy fake eyelashes.

1. Monochromatic

Be confident and risk it all with a monochromatic look. You can start with a radiant pink eyeshadow and use the exact same colour on your lips. This look is taken out of a fashion editorial , therefore you will look different and electric once you’ve finished your make up.

2. Bold Blush

Try blending some blush on your cheeks, temples and underneath your brow bones. This trend will make you look just like a spring fairy and will totally enlighten all of your face and features out in a natural and charming way. The best Spring 2021 make-up looks continues!

3. Gold Glitter Lids

After applying some brown toned eyeshadow, cut crease your lids and apply some powerful gold glitter pigment. Your whole face will brighten up and you will still look like a fashion icon this spring.

4. Add a bit of sparkle

This glitter trend created actually one of the best Spring 2021 make up looks. After you put on a base of nude eyeshadow, you should apply some glitter primer and then apply those wonderful little rhinestones that will level up your look for the day.

5. The nude lips are back

The nude lips are back and better than ever. The only thing you’ll have to do in order to complete this look is to line your lips with a nude lip pencil and then apply some gloss over. This look is not only easy to recreate but it is also such a trend and an inspiration for casual Spring days.

All things considered, these were the best Spring 2021 make up looks that I recommend you to try. Have you tried these trends and which one is your favourite?

Until next time,

Andrada xx

What are the best high street fashion buys for Spring 2021 and how to easily improve your own style?

I remember the time when I used to see how key the S/S season was in every fashion magazine I bought. The shoes, dresses and accessories I used to thrive for and how nice was to develop my very own style whilst inspired by them. I grew up watching fashion influencers become icons.

I believe style plays such an important role in contouring a personality and in expressing yourself. Therefore, I have prepared this article for every fashionista at heart. I made lots of research and put together some of the most wanted high end fashion street buys S/S 2021. Continue reading to discover the best items to buy this Spring.

THE silk dress

You can never go wrong with THE silk dress. The first wave of the silk dresses trend was actually back in the 90s and it could be found on every red carpet. Celebrities like Rihanna wore it and completely brought life to it.

Nowadays, we wear silk dresses pretty differently and fashion icons adapted it for the times we live in. For example, if you are going for a classy and elegant look you can wear a red velvet silk dress with some refined pearls as accessories. You will look powerful and trendy at the same time.

However, if you are going for a quite casual look, wearing a green-toned silk dress with a cozy cardigan is the right look for you. The cardigan will keep you warm and casual and the dress will complete the look with a touch of elegance and femininity.

A pop of yellow

Another one of the best high street fashion buys S/S 2021 I recommend trying is wearing a yellow piece.

Firstly, yellow is the colour of happiness and you can’t argue with me that this colour doesn’t go perfectly with the S/S fashion.

A colour as bright and radiant will complete your look and will totally define your whole outfit.

For example, wearing a yellow suit accompanied by a same colour bag will make your outfit pop and glow. You are totally taking a risk with this fit. It can either go wonderfully or horribly, there’s now way in between. But isn’t this how fashion works?

Although, if you are looking for something safer you can never go wrong with yellow and brown tones. Even if yellow and brown seem to remind people of Autumn, wearing the right pieces and choosing the right textures will do you good. You can pick a yellow skirt so you make a statement and a brown toned blazer to cool things down.


2020-2021 is the time when women all over the world chose to be natural. The Instagram brows became as natural as possible, the dark and toned contouring also cooled and people now tend to choose just a touch of contour to define their features. Also, wearing blush is much more trendier than it used to be.

All of these changes made femininity and purity quite a trend in 2021. Women chose to embrace their more natural selves and to exploit their angelic features.

Therefore, white and sandy colours are now more fashionable than ever. Choosing to wear a ruffle white dress will make you look feminine and classy at the same time. Also, because of how pure the colour is, the whole outfit should make you look heavenly.

You will never do wrong with this type of fit because it makes you stand out throughout its simplicity.

Pastel looks

Pastel looks are completely one of the best high street fashion buys S/S 2021.

Pastels have been in the game for quite a long time. But one things is for sure, third time we use this expression, let’s change a pastel look, especially in 2021.

A baby blue pastel suit provides you many different ways of styling it.

You can either go for an elegant look and style the suit with a dazzling pair of sandals. Or, you can style it with some beautifully and more coloured pair of sneakers. It’s up to you!

Pretty in pink

The Chanel 2021 spring fashion show thought us how to perfectly put in place an amazing and up to date pink outfit.

Go for pink trousers and style them with a top in the same colour. You can always add accessories and details in different tones of the colour that you’ve chosen to complete your look.

Also, associating a colour as gentle as pink with some chains totally makes a statement. Try it yourself and enjoy how powerful you’ll feel.

All things considered, those were my 5 best high street fashion buys S/S 2021. What a controversial season I must say. What is your opinion on it and what would you add to my list?


Miss Andrada