Winter 2020. It’s the season when lots of fashion fanatics show their new outfit matching skills and latest acquisitions on social media. It actually feels like everyone is ready to steal the spotlight on Instagram right now. How can you keep up with them? Continue reading to discover 5 winter trends you need to try this year.

1. Natural Tones

My absolute favourites. I’ve seen more and more bloggers dressed in natural tones from head to toe. If you want to recreate the look, for instance, you can try wearing a sandy-coloured turtle neck, with a beige leather skirt and a cozy neutral trench coat.

You will look like a fashion guru without even trying too hard. There’s a variety of tones waiting for you to try on: from camel browns, dark greens to pearly white. Every single one will probably make you look so stylish and needless to say, Instagramable.

2. Layering

We’re continuing our “5 winter trends” with layering. It takes confidence to try this trend, considering that you will need some fashion skills to succeed creating the perfect look. But, I’ve got you covered, girl!

My top tip: start with thinner materials and then work your way out. After all, layering looks amazing during winter and can also keep you warm.

Go ahead and shoot your shot! Maybe you will surprise yourself with your fashion skills.

3. Yellow Maxi Coats

Brighten up your day by wearing a Yellow Maxi Coat this winter. First of all, a colour as bright as yellow shall boost your confidence immediately.

Second of all, this is a piece you can easily work with. Therefore, you should try it and rock your way to the top.

4. Chain necklaces and hoop earrings

These jewelries combined make the perfect look for this winter.

This season, a chain necklace and a pair of hoop earrings will make your outfit pop. Who said more isn’t chic?

Boost your confidence and embrace your new style. Show everyone how important accessorising is and how well you can handle it.

5. Nude Slouch Boots

The fifth trend on our “5 winter trends” list is THE Nude Slouch Boots. Everyone needs to style a pair at least once this winter. They can make your fit look so stylish and complex. For instance, you can wear them with a white & beige outfit.

If you want to make them stand out, you can wear them with a black dress and even style a winter jacket on top.

All things considered, the trends this winter are specially made to boost your confidence and to make you stand out from the crowd. Therefore, I am glad to announce that I have prepared a giveaway for you over on my Instagram @notagirlygal.

I’m giving you the chance to win a Zara Voucher worth £50 so that you can treat yourself to some gorgeous pieces. 

Yours sincerely,

Miss Andrada xoxo

It’s almost Black Friday and Nordgreen have prepared an exciting offer for all the designer watch lovers out there. Get your Own Danish Design Watch for Less with my code: MISS35.

Ever since I’ve received my watch in September, I’ve found myself wearing it non-stop and that rarely happens. If you haven’t seen my article introducing Nordgreen, you have to check it out because their sustainability story is very impressive. Also, as I’m coming from a marketing background, I’ve been taught to look out for sustainability practices and to support brands that respect our environment.

Why purchase a Danish Design Watch?

First of all: its quality. Besides the quality materials used for crafting the watch, I can’t help but notice the incredible amount of attention to details. The markers are so delicate and their colours complement each other very well (golden and black). The hands are my favourite: they’re golden and have a very nice detail at the end. Knowing that this Danish design watch is of great quality, you can expect to own it for a long time and why not pass it to other generations. After all, they’re a 2020 Red Dot Design Winner.

Moreover, the bezel and the crystal together create a very delicate watch that you can wear any time. I suggest that for the evening wear that you choose a gold mesh and for the everyday wear, you can go for a genuine leather strap.

Furthermore, with every purchase, they provide 1 month of clean water to a family in Africa or 2 months of free education to children in India or they support the fund for preserving 200 sq ft of rain forest in Latin America.

Black Friday with Nordgreen

You know how much I value my beautiful Infinity Nordgreen watch, so it is with great pleasure that I announce their offer this month for Black Friday Watches. You can now enjoy an exclusive 35% discount by using my code: MISS35. The campaign starts on the 21st of November and lasts until the 1st of December. 

There are so many beautiful designs that you can choose from, for instance I really like the Philosopher – Pink Leather watch or of course you can go for the Infinity watch that I own.

Moreover, with the gifting season approaching why not save money on your purchases? It’s always nice to do your shopping in a timely manner to avoid any gift rush. I personally try to avoid it as much as possible, so I’m encouraging you to do the same.

Remember, to order your discounted Nordgreen watch from world-famous Bang & Olufsen and HAY designer Jakob Wagner, use my code: MISS35.

How would you purchase this time piece for? Yourself or someone you love?

Lots of love,

This Autumn, I’m really trying to make an effort with the way I accessorise my outfits. After all, they can take any outfit to the next level, right? Give me a beautiful Danish design watch and a simple turtle neck shirt and we have an elegant vibe going on. I’ve recently came across this sustainable Danish brand which crafts delicate time pieces that go really well with the colour palette of this season and layered outfits. Let’s have a look at their story & giving back program and how I’ve styled one of their beautiful watches. 

Nordgreen’s story – Danish Design Watch

To me, the story behind the brand is equally important and interesting. In my view, a brand is sustainable not only because it uses friendly materials, but also because it treats employees fairly. Also, when it comes to Nordgreen, the well-being of their employees is at their core as they make efforts to ensure everyone involved in the brand works in a fair environment. 

Sustainable materials

What I really like about Nordgreen is that they choose sustainable and environmentally friendly materials that last. For instance, the packaging is made out of FSC-certified cardboard and up-cycled felt. Also, all straps are produced with environmentally friendly methods to reduce chemical pollutions. 

Gold watch

My golden mesh is very high quality and goes perfectly with my nude outfit. It really stands out and I feel that I don’t even need to be wearing different accessories to make my outfit stand out. If you love the look of this, I have a 15% off discount code for you that you can use on the entire website: MISS.

Giving back programme 

Besides, their sustainable practices, Nordgreen are engaged in an impressive giving back programme. Furthermore, they support three great causes with each watch purchased by customers. You can choose one of the three causes: Health, Education and Rainforest Preservation and Nordgreen make sure the fund is used for tangible projects through their partnered NGOs. How interesting is that? Thus, you’re not only wearing a stylish time piece, but you are also supporting a cause. They have all my respect for that. 

Styling the Infinity time-piece – Danish Design Watch

I went for the Infinity time piece – sized 32 mm. Also, it’s the first watch I ever buy that doesn’t need adjustment – not that I bothered in the past to be fair. Moreover, I was pleasantly surprised to see that this Danish Design Watch fits me so well. It’s my favourite to wear at the moment and I’m sure it will stay that way. You can now enjoy 15% off the entire website by using my code: MISS.

Let’s have a look at my quick tips on styling it, shall we?

Styling the time piece is very easy actually. Think about wearing a mono-chrome outfit – it will make the whole look so elegant. For instance, I chose to wear a nude outfit – a simple turtle neck paired with a pair of bold shorts. In regards to the shoes, I chose a pair of nude over the knee boots to make the look more interesting. 

Growing up, I realised that it’s so important to adhere to a minimalist style because everything looks just so much better. I’m very glad to have found a brand like Nordgreen that understands that and design minimalist pieces for women just like myself.

I hope you’ve enjoyed their story and that you’re going to love my discount code: MISS to enjoy 15% off the entire website.

This post is kindly sponsored by Nordgreen – as always views and opinions are my own.

Lots of love,


Fringe boots are such a trend since ages now; I remember browsing through Vogue, Elle, Marie Claire in my teenage years and wanted a pair of them so bad. Nevertheless, they can elevate an outfit and make you feel super stylish – like you’ve just walked out of a fashion magazine. Let’s have a look at the tips you need right now to ensure you’re wearing them in the best possible way. Also, remember to let your style shine through while wearing them.

Keep your outfit to a minimum 

Fringe boots are honestly a walking show. Therefore, you don’t want to be wearing a heavy outfit because the final results won’t be stylish at all. Instead, consider wearing a white dress – like the one I’m wearing below or a mono-chrome outfit (think about shorts & a shirt or a skirt & a simple top). 

Furthermore, depending on the colour of your boots, you can think of a colour palette that will suit. For brown and white boots, I suggest either white or nude; for black boots, I think a black outfit will suit you the best. 

Consider minimalistic accessories

When styling fringe boots, a plain belt can do the job! Also, if you’re wearing a dress, accessorising with a belt will make your silhouette more visible. 

Moreover, the trick when wearing fringe boots is to create a nice effect on the upper side of your body. As we’ve seen, you don’t want to over do it with the accessories. Thus, go for a plain belt and an accentuated waist. 

Choosing the right bag

I love to break the style and add something different to it with an unique bag. Nevertheless, the bag that I’m talking about is a transparent ‘crocodile’ skin clutch which is held by a beautiful silver chain. 

I don’t know about you, but… I love to stand out, with my style and my personality. So, it makes sense for me to be wearing weird accessories and sometimes a bit crazy outfits. I encourage you to do the same. If you feel like it, show off your personality.

The attitude you need to wear

You need to be wearing these boots with confidence. Confidence in yourself and in the fact that you look gorgeous. Some people might like to pick on you because let’s face it, they’re quite unusual. I surely had people asking me about my choices, but at the end of the day, all I care about is feeling 100% in what I wear. If I do, the rest don’t really matter. 

Places to wear fringe boots

Since they’re not suitable to any occasion, you might be wondering where about I’m currently wearing my fringe boots. I tend to wear them when I walk around parks, whilst I’m shopping, on rooftops and when I’m meeting friends for lunch. 

These are more daily activities because I feel they look much better when worn in an outfit designed to be worn during daylight. 

Hope you enjoyed my tips on styling fringe boots and that you’ll look forward to wearing your pair very soon. 

Have you considered jumping on this fringe boots trend? Just let me know in the comment section below because I love to be hearing from you. 

Thank you,


Transition outfits from Summer to Early Autumn are my favourites. That makes me welcome you back to the #NGStylingSeries because I’ve prepared a jam-packed article with lots of interesting ideas that will take your outfits to the next level. Brew your cup of tea or coffee and prepare for some ready to use tips. Let’s dig into it right now 👇🏻

Transition Outfits: Mix midi dresses with over the knee boots

Firstly, THIS will make you look so chic and super prepared for a stylish Autumn ahead. You surely own a midi dress and some boots from the last season, right? Nevertheless, have fun with mixing the two together and enjoy your new look. My favourites to mix? Chiffon dresses because they have something from Summer’s softness, but worn together with some cool boots will result in a pretty cool outfit. Add an oversized bag and big sunnies and you’re ready to look like you’ve just walked from a Pinterest post. You know the Autumny type, right? Enjoy this woman empowering look.

Source: Pinterest

Source: Pinterest

Tank tops are still your friend

Tank tops are not taking the back seat in early Autumn, it’s too soon for that. Also, why let that happen when they look so high class? Wear your tank tops with jeans, add a statement belt and a pair of wedges. Ah, the ultimate style. Did anyone say cocktails on the rooftop? I’m surely down for that. However, there are many more occasions where you can wear this combo: a casual date, an online zoom meeting and a quick shopping sesh with the girls. Cheers to another look made up with clothes that you already own!

Source: Pinterest

Shorts & a trench coat?

Uhh yes! Give me a pair of cool shorts and a trench coat and I’m ready to walk out the door this season. Do you want to show your legs until winter comes up? Surely, this is a very quick outfit to put together and get a bit more wear out of your shorts this season. Give this a try and tag me  on Instagram @notagirlygal in your posts.

Source: Instagram

Leather jackets & dresses

This is such a simple, yet super effective way to transition between Summer to Autumn. Just add a leather jacket to your favourite dress and you’ve come up with a tres chic outfit for the season. Make sure you’re wearing heels to accentuate your silouhette – if you wear too much in your upper part and wear flats, it might look unbalanced. Have you tried this combo before?

Source: Pinterest

Transition Outfits: Knitwear & skirts 

This combination is one of my favourites. It seems that often designers go for this combo in their collections. I’m hooked on this. You have to try wearing your favourite knit with a mini or midi-skirt and see where it takes you. I’m sure you’ll absolutely nail this look.

Source: Pinterest

If you haven’t done it already, go ahead and check my Autumn High-Street buys for this season.

I hope you enjoyed reading my transition outfit tips as much as I enjoyed writing them for you. What’s your favourite look?

Until next time,


Autumn Clothes. How much they mean to me! So much that I’ve just found myself with just a few items in my Summer wardrobe – wait, what? As you heard me, I own more Fall / Winter wear than any other items. However, this must be due to the fact that I’ve been living in England for so long. Nevertheless, let’s dig into what I think to be amazing high street buys in 2020.

Autumn Clothes – Crop Blazers for warmish nights

This Zara cropped blazer has made the top of my list! I mean, its tied detail at the front and the lapel collar will look absolutely stunning with a pair of white trousers and a pair of elegant boots. I’m all here for it.

Long Blazers for chilly nights

I feel that Mango totally owns the pre-fall and fall collections. I’m in love with their prints, straights cuts and solid fabrics. This Autumn clothes collection is no exception to that. Imagine Earthy tones, dark maroons, nudes and checked patterns – your one stop shop for the most stylish season. This long blazer has a very subtle check, yet very prevalent. A must have for this Autumn – it can be a piece that will last you for a couple of years.

Wool blend coat – a rare find amongst Autumn Clothes

Aaaand I’m obsessed. This very long wool blend coat is such a rare find, especially at this price. I’m actually so happy there are coats in this Zara collection that are worth investing in. So, what are you waiting for?

Belted Wool Coat – for the cozy lover

This is such a snuggly coat. It looks comfy, yet very elegant. Furthermore, the belt will ensure that you’ll feel warm while strolling the city or indulging in some mulled wine at the Christmas markets – or maybe not with all that white? Just a thought. Overall, I love its collar, the length of it and it’s 64% wool.

The High-Heeled Over the Knee Autumn Boots

These are such a HOT trend: all leather, high-heeled boots with a retro vibe. Ah, Zara, you did it again. I can’t recommend buying these enough. They also seem like pieces that will last you for a long time.

Combat boots – must have!

My absolute favourites – combat boots handmade by a Romanian brand, Moja! I’ve been getting a good wear out of them last year and I certainly plan to do so this year. Although they’re quite heavy on my feet, I think they’re so stylish and are worth the slight discomfort.

Autumn Clothes – The IT Shirt

Don’t we all love a good white shirt or is it just me? I feel that they’re so versatile and perfect for the Autumn season. You can pair it with jeans, trousers and different types of skirts. I don’t think that they’ll go out of style any time soon. So, don’t wait up, go ahead and grab your perfect one. I adore this one from ASOS because it has a manly collar whilst the sleeves show a feminine touch. I loveee!

Autumn Clothes – Statement Autumn Hat

Fedora hats are my thing. I love them in any colour, but especially in kaki, nude or black. Here’s a more eccentric version for you via ASOS. Gotta adore a good hat. Your time to shine is NOW.

The Most Gorgeous Trousers

These Mango trousers are just so gorgeous. I want them in every colour possible. They make an outfit so elegant and you don’t have to worry about adding statement elements ’cause you just found them. I promise you, they’re so good to have in your wardrobe and look great, especially for the price of £29.99.

These would be my absolute favourite items for this season and also some affordable high-street options for giving your wardrobe a bit of newness.

What’s your favourite item?

P.S: Let’s connect on Instagram for more looks and empowering words (I seem to be the master of those haha).

Although we shouldn’t go out and about at the moment, we can still plan our favourite outfits in our minds and wear them indoors or when we’re running round the corner to the shops. The biggest 12 Spring/Summer 2020 trends this season made me fall back in love with floral dresses, polka dots, power suits and high shoulders. These styles are so versatile, they’ll make you want to wear everything at once!

Spring/Summer 2020 Trend 1: The Power of Print 

The Flower Power are calling and they really want their prints back! This season, the patterns are quite soft – they’re not as loud and as supra-dimensional as I would like them to be, but they have something special & unique about them for sure. The tones are earthy & they’re waiting to be paired with some sexy sandals.

Zara Mini-Dress – available here

Spring/Summer 2020 Trend 2: Colour Splash

Loud colours are back: bright reds, yellow, green, orange and shades of pink. My personal favourite? This orange Zara suit has my heart. Pair them with beautiful pumps or high heeled sandals and get ready to rock the city streets or the office.

Zara Blazer – available here

Zara Pants – available here

Spring/Summer 2020 Trend 3: Polka Dot Moments 

Polka dots are in the spotlight this season and if you remember the Zara dress that made the headlines in 2019, I’m sure you’re not even a tiny bit surprised. Have fun with this trend, mix bigger polka dots on your top with small ones on your skirt or the other way around. 

Zara Dress – available here

Spring/Summer 2020 Trend 4: Leather Time

Leather is always around in style somehow – by that I’m mainly referring to the faux leather fabrics made so popular by fashion mansions and loads of influencers on Instagram. I don’t know about you, but I’m a massive fan of leather shorts / skirts and biker jackets! Let’s rock these this season.

Spring/Summer 2020 Trend 5: Enter the boot camp

Soldier boots anyone? This season we see the reinvention of the boot, mixed with feminine dresses and skirts. Keeping a balance, right? As far as I’m concerned, I love to adapt a rock style & sexy style all together, rather than having a very feminine dress on mixed with boots. It might be not very suitable for myself, I enjoy more of a consistency of the look. Give me boots in any shape or form at ANYTIME!

Spring/Summer 2020 Trend 6: Safari Trip

If you’ve never been on a real safari, this season will give you all the inspo you need to go on one. The textures are varied from matt to more shiny, from harder fabrics to flowy. There’s literally something for the pickiest of fashion lovers. For me, matt shirt in forest green would always be the winner.


Spring/Summer 2020 Trend 7: Pastel O’Clock 

Pastels are in this season as every Spring. However, we can see a certain emphasis on lilac and yellow. The question is will you be meeting the girls for brunch in a pastel suit?

Spring/Summer 2020 Trend 8: Sheer Romance 

Both sexy and quite tricky to wear, sheer fabrics made a comeback this season. Adapt them to everyday life by wearing silk tops underneath. Keep the sheer mystery.

Spring/Summer 2020 Trend 9: Whites Are Still In

White dresses, skirts, jumpsuits, long trousers – ah the wonderful world of cotton or silk in white. An absolute summer dream. Say ‘yes’ to pure beauty and wear all white this summer when you take long walks on the beach or ride a vespa on the Italian coast.

Spring/Summer 2020 Trend 10: Broderie Anglaise Anyone?

Take me to Monaco wearing broderie anglaise and I would be the happiest. There’s something so luxurious about this lace that I can’t say no to. I haven’t found the perfect top for me just yet, but trust me I’m on the hunt.

Spring/Summer 2020 Trend 11: Accentuated Waist

If you haven’t been accentuating your waist, then it’s the perfect time to start. Wide belts are very in, but don’t think that a narrower belt can’t do the trick. In styling, it’s all about creating a certain silhouette and this is the oldest and probably easiest trick to do so.

Spring/Summer 2020 Trend 12: Baby Girl Pinks

All shades of pink are allowed this season, but especially baby pinks. Have fun with this colour and adapt it to your own style. I’m super happy to see this trend and already have some ideas on putting together the cutest outfits.

These were the biggest 12 Spring/Summer 2020 trends this season that I’ve been loving so far. Be bold & happy to try new trends only if these really represent who you are and your style. Have fun with fashion, after all it’s a form of creativity and self-expression.

Until next time,

NotAGirlyGal (Andrada)

I’m writing this early in the morning, while hearing the birds singing and looking outside the window at the winter sun, thinking that it’s not too long now until Spring will start delighting us. Until then, there’s one day that some people might celebrate and some might not. For my ladies who will decide to celebrate their love for themselves, for their partners, family or best friends, I welcome you to my latest post on how to dress for Valentine’s Day in 2020.

How have you been? I hope you’ve embraced the season and that you’ve been creative with your DIYs around the house (inside link). Let’s talk a little bit about fashion today because as you know I’m really about empowerment and making you feel absolutely amazing with your own style. If you ask me about one outfit to empower yourself this Autumn, I can’t rave about this one enough.

Give me a pair of knee high boots and I can conquer the city. Give me a skirt to go with them and you have my favourite outfit this season. Sounds pretty simple, right? Let’s have a look at the accessories which will bring your outfit to life and empower yourself during the coldish but very beautiful days.

How do you feel about your wardrobe right now? I feel that when it comes to my style I’m always looking for ways to upgrade it or make it look fresh without buying completely new outfits (from a sustainability point of view, but also because I live in London and space is quite limited). Now that you know what the inspiration behind this article is, let’s jump into finding out my favourite simple ways to give your wardrobe a fresh look!

1. Wear hair accessories

Yes to hair accessories – probably the only trend that I’m really into at the moment. Pearl clips, marble clips or hair bands, I’m pretty much into anything that can add something to my outfit. Have a think about how you’re going to mix the accessories with your outfits, because they can totally change your overall appearance. Have fun with it!

2. Mix statement tops with high waisted jeans

Absolutely love to do this when I get the chance. Wear a ruffle or big sleeved top with some high waisted jeans and you’re going to take your outfit from boring to impressive. I like how it sits at the border of elegant and casual – making it suitable for many occasions, including cocktail parties, garden birthday parties or even on your holidays. This mix is such a simple way to upgrade your wardrobe and never run out of styles. Enjoy wearing this fun look.

simple ways to refresh your warderobe.jpg

3. Start wearing low heels

I only started wearing heels about a month ago and now we’re rarely apart. They add that wow factor to my outfits and I absolutely love that. It’s strange because I’m like a kid who just discovered chocolate. No, I won’t have a go at eating my shoes, although I love them just as much as I love chocolate. Start wearing low heels and you’ll feel how confident you’re becoming. Confident in yourself and in your own style. Do I need to say that they go with almost anything?

simple ways to refresh your wardrobe missandrada nptagirlygal.jpg

4. Wear statement earrings

Whoop whoop 🙌 statement earrings are such a wonder. I can wear them for limited time only because I’m allergic to nickel. But, I make sure I’ll enjoy them and get a nice snap while at it. Have you noticed how an outfit can change when you wear bold earrings? I definitely see a big change when I’m wearing bold accessories. It’s really the simplest way to upgrade your wardrobe.

One Summer Outfit You Need to Wear on Your Next Holiday

5. Start wearing your belts

The difference belts can make in an outfit. Such a massive one that I was raving about them in this article too. I’m sure you own a belt or two, but never get round wearing them. Choose an outfit that you like from your closet and put a belt around it. You’re going to notice that the outfit will look absolutely stunning.  I prefer a medium sized belt with a visible buckle because that will make the most impact on your outfit. Who thought that a belt can upgrade your wardrobe in one second? Quick win! Tag me on Instagram at @notagirlygal for me to check out your take on belts.

I’m so happy to share my tips with you! It’s your time to experience new styles this summer and  just have fun with it. There are no rules in fashion, besides the most basic ones, so reinvent yourself everyday. What’s your favourite store this season?

Until next time,