Here are the best lifestyle tips I know about travelling! If want to reinvent the way you’re travelling, keep on reading. Take this as your personal ambition. If you know how to travel correctly, you’ll get the chance to relax, have fun and discover new incredible things.

It might seem quite hard at first. How could you have time for everything in only 5 days of “freedom”? Well, I’ve written this article in order to help you. Continue reading to uncover some of my best kept secrets of travelling.

1. An unexpected journey

If you really want an authentic holiday, stop looking for popular places that everyone seems to visit. If you already know how the city exactly looks like and you’ve seen many many pictures of people in the same place, where’s the mystery?

For instance, you can chose your next travelling place according to the activities you enjoy the most and avoiding the hype. If you like parties, don’t go to Ibiza, maybe you can try Zrce Beach in Croatia. There are alternatives for everything.

You shouldn’t believe everything the media says. Maybe you’ll like other places much more.

2. Get lost??

Well, you can try this little game while visiting. Have a walk whilst at the destination. However, don’t use direction apps. Just go with the flow and get lost. This way, you’ll be able to visit so many beautiful corners of the city. From cute neighbourhoods to huge parks and gorgeous cafes. Sometimes, being too organised won’t improve your holiday experience, but on the contrary.

3. Up in the morning

Well, if you want to have time for everything, you should try to wake up just a bit early in the morning. This way, you’re not wasting time and your day will be much more productive. You can have breakfast and then head out to visit. Spend your day doing interactive things and have some fun in the evening. Maybe once your day is over, you can head to a bar and enjoy the traditional music and party culture from that specific country.

4. Don’t be shy, try some food

One of my favourite lifestyle tips is to try every types of food you might encounter. If you’re visiting a new country or even city, don’t just order something you’ve already had before. Try traditional food without hesitation and discover that country’s culture. It’s so beautiful to respect the values and traditions of the place you’re visiting. Not only you will improve your experience, but you will also discover new tastes and aromas. Who knows?! Maybe they’ll become part of your menu from now on!

5. Respect is key

When you travel to a new country or city, you’ll have to respect the people’s faith, traditions and way of thinking. They might not be like you, but there shouldn’t be place for judgement. You are visiting their home, therefore you shouldn’t only respect them but their country too! Also, if you want to, it’d be nice if you learn a few words or sentences in their language before heading there.

6. A cultural trip

Take a few days from your holiday and use them only for embracing a new culture. Visit museums and understand the history of the place you’ve visited. It’s important to know about a country’s past in order to understand where its situated in the present. You’ll leave wiser, more educated and you’ll be able to fully understand the concept of that specific country.

7. Take photos but…

It’s important to make memories and to capture them by taking some photos. However, don’t spend your whole vacation with a smart phone in your hand, trying to find the perfect angle for your pictures. Sometimes, the best pictures of the things we see always remain in our minds. Enjoy the little moments you have there and from time to time, when you feel like it, take some pics. You can print them when you get home and create a wonderful photo album with all of your experiences.

All things considered, it’s not that hard to improve your way of travelling after all. All you need is to follow some of these lifestyle tips. Right?! If you really want to make your next holiday as authentic as you can, trust me: You can do it! Follow these steps and change your travelling game completely. Also, feel free to slide in my DM’s (@notagirlygal) if you have other good techniques that can improve our next holidays!

Until next time,

Miss Andrada


Stop trying to please everyone and find out 5 mistakes you make while being a people-pleasing person.

If you want to please everyone, there are probably mistakes that you’re doing right now that negatively impact your life. Besides learning how to stop pleasing everyone, in today’s article you’ll find out the 5 mistakes you’re currently making when you’re trying to please those around you.

Mistake #1: You’re putting yourself on the second place

Many times in our lives as humans we let ourselves influenced by others emotions, actions and happenings. Sometimes by wanting to be kind we put ourselves on the second place, just to make someone feel better or just to help. There is nothing wrong with wanting to be by your loved ones side, but most of the times you must realise that YOU own the most important place in your heart. Therefore, for you to be the best version of yourself, you must find yourself and realise that if you want to be good to others you first must be good to you.

However, putting yourself on the second place is a mistake that everyone of us has made at least once. There comes the question: How do we fix this?

Understand that in order for you to lead a happy life, you have to allow yourself full priority. You should always come first because friendships or relationships should not be about sacrificing on a daily basis. There are situations of course when we all sacrifice something for our friends when we feel we need to, however it shouldn’t be common practice.

If you put yourself on the first place, you will be happier and ready to offer even more of yourself to your loved ones. You won’t feel you ever regret something that you did for them because it came from a place of being equal to them in that situation.

Mistake #2: You’re not dedicating enough time for your own growth

You are not selfish if you refuse someone just because you want to have time for yourself. I have learned from my experience that it is best for me if I stop trying to please everyone.

Firstly, if you always say “yes” people will take your time and you won’t be able to focus on your own growth. After all, we need time to focus on our goals, emotions and moreover, we have to relax from time to time. Working 24/7 is extremely overwhelming for everyone and it is even hard to find time to spend with our families. By accepting to help and please everyone around you, not only you consume yourself, but also you won’t have time or you you will be too tired to celebrate your own achievements.

Therefore, you might ask yourself : How can I stop trying to please everyone?

Your answer stands in the two Fs I created for you :

  • Focus on yourself

Firstly, you must take into consideration my first piece of advice: put yourself on the first place. Think about your goals and how to achieve them. Find the time that you need in order to put all of your thoughts together. Breathe in, breathe out and fill yourself with confidence. Moreover, you must realise that once you focus on your needs, you will be able to help others too.

  • Find yourself

The second step in my two Fs theory is to find yourself. Once you focused on what made you feel accomplished it is time to discover ways to make everything work. Once you unleashed what the best version of you looks like it is now time to create it. Find your inner peace and make time for YOU! Become aware of your own internal world, and make a change. At the end of the day, if you still find time for others, go for it! Being kind always made an impact on one’s life.

Mistake #3: You feel like you’re running a marathon

Another thing you should consider while you stop trying to please everyone is how energy consuming is this people-pleasing marathon.

In reality, you’re not pleasing everyone because it’s impossible. You might be feeling like running a marathon because all of your efforts might be in vain at the end. After all, you over-function in your relationships when you do too much for others, which eventually causes others to under-function. While your motives are fine, they might eventually undermine your relationships’ overall effectiveness.

If you want to stop feeling tired, try to understand that you will not please everyone. Ever. You should preserve your time and energy. Moreover, you should start functioning for yourself and realise that the only thoughts and feelings that you can change are your own.

Mistake #4: You feel unhappy and always questioning your ability to please others

When you are trying to stop pleasing everyone you will realise how much unhappiness these actions bought you.

When we do a favour to someone or when we just try to help them with something, we might start overthinking our ability to please others. “Have I done enough?”, “Maybe I should help them more” are examples of thoughts that come into our mind immediately after helping others out. These dark thoughts only harm us and make us start questioning ourselves. Feeling unhappy and not sure if your friends are pleased with you are overwhelming sentiments and emotions, but I will help you as much as I can with a piece of advice.

Here’s how to fix this: If you always question your ability to please others, it means that you’re always worried that they will be upset. This comes from your insecurities. When you’re unsure, your life becomes quite a mess. Build up your confidence and realise that you tried, realise that even the smallest of deeds matter. As soon as you start believing in yourself, this overwhelming and overthinking problem shall stop.

Mistake #5: You concentrate on all of the things they haven’t done for you

If you’re doing too much, it’s human nature to expect something back, maybe equal or less impressive. It’s quite a destructive mindset which can be controlled, but usually the more things you do, the more expectations you’ll have, maybe without realising this.

Here’s how to stop pleasing everyone and focus on yourself: always remember that when you did something good, you did because you really wanted to. You didn’t sacrifice yourself or your time to do so. It’s important that you realise that no one is asking you to sacrifice yourself for them. It’s just you who is thinking that way.

All things considered, what was the biggest mistake you made while trying to please everyone? And how would you fix it?

A negative mindset can impact your life in various ways. I’m sure you might know this, but sometimes it all starts with an “what if” and then you fall into deep & negative thoughts. You might start questioning yourself and everything you do. In the end this mindset is doing nothing but bringing unnecessary pain to you. If you’re looking to change your mindset RIGHT NOW and invest in your self development, keep on reading.

However, a positive mindset can improve your daily routine in so many ways. Being positive and receptive about life events has such an important role to play into building a calmer mind and a more joyful life.

If you ask yourself ‘How can I achieve this mindset change?’, there are a few exercises I have tried and that work very well for me. I would like to share my spiritual awakening with you and help anyone looking to change their mindset.

Meditation and yoga practice

First of all, have you ever tried meditating and practicing yoga? If not, you should try these exercises right now. Yoga mostly helps you focus on your breath and the exact movement of your body. After everything, it brings you back to the moment that matters the most, the present. There are lots of free practices on YouTube that I totally recommend when you’re starting out. Yoga and meditation help you look forward into your life and help you calm yourself when you feel shaken by a negative mindset.

Surrounding yourself with positive people 

Secondly, I believe that surrounding yourself with positive people can help with your mindset change. After all, knowing that someone loves and appreciates you is one of the best feelings in the entire world. Make sure that those people are also positive and that they have your back!

Take responsibility – Stop playing the victim

Also, stop playing the victim and take responsibility. You and only you can create a good life. Don’t forget these words and start raising. There is always a way out of the negative aspects of your life. Embrace this fact and CHOOSE more for yourself. Choose the life you want to have and make it happen. It all stands in your power. You can achieve that mindset change that you dream of, but you have to believe it and work for it.

Practice mindful awareness 

Moreover, in order to achieve a mindset change from negative to positive you can practice mindful awareness. Embrace the present moment. The past is gone and we never know what future can unfold us. You should enjoy every moment and stop over thinking your steps. With the help of mindfulness we can recognise what is actually going on in our mind and start to let it go.

Practice gratitude 

Practicing gratitude is also an important step in order to achieve a mindset change. Actually, you can think of all the kind moments you have experienced in your life so that you can get into that special state of mind. Try showing gratitude at least once a day because even a little sign of appreciation can change one’s day. Once you realise that, you shall feel so much more positive about yourself and your mindset shall switch from dark to light.

Keeping a gratitude journal 

Also, keeping a gratitude journal can improve your optimism. It is proven that if you write down all the things you are grateful for you will have so much more comfort on a hard day only by reading your little journal. After all, why not remember how many things bring joy and peace to you on a daily basis?

Start your day with a positive affirmation 

My last tip for you to achieve mindset change will be to start everyday by telling yourself a positive affirmation. For example, you can always wake up and say: “Today will be a great and productive day for me”, “Today is my time to shine and to prove myself how great I am”, “I am going to surf through this day with a positive mindset “.

This positive affirmation will give you a confidence boost and will help you set your goal for the day. Always remember that nothing is impossible and that you have a purpose in this world. Motivation is one of the main traits that help you go on and do better, therefore you shall never stop going for a mindset change.

All things considered, you CAN change your life by making a mindset change. Switch from negative to positive and let the world see the kind and happy you. Boost your confidence and don’t stop believing in your goals. By the end of the day, if you try at least one of these exercises, I promise you it will be the start of your journey to positivity.

Last but not least, how do you practice positive thinking?

Confidence. Such a small word… with such an important role to play in your life. Being confident, especially having confidence at work is key nowadays. Not only you will radiate positivity and happiness once you become the confident person you always wanted to be, but you shall feel much more ready to action your work day. You’ll realise that you have such a special place on this Planet and that no one can be you. That is your power once you start believing in yourself.

However, if you analyse your daily schedule you’ll see how much time you spend working and how that time affects your routine and your personality. Being able to spend time in a positive way at work will have an impact on how you’re feeling after the working hours. Considering this, we can agree that if your day starts promising the rest of the time you have left will also improve and flow with even more positivity.

Confidence at work may seem hard to achieve at first because you might see your colleagues who might be stronger and quite intimidating. On the other side, many employees might have problems at home or might not be able to control their nerves and emotions. That shows. Perhaps you’ll feel caught in a circle of complaining and feeling as low as them. However, once YOU start focusing on yourself and achieve confidence you are unstoppable. You will feel better and the people around you will also take your lead because happiness is such a spreading feeling.

Completely cut the negative self-talk

First of all, to boost your confidence at work  you must cut the negative self-talk out of your life. No one can feel inspired and productive if they are discouraged. Once you start saying to yourself “I can do it”, “I can be better” you will have a boost of confidence and you will start believing these words. It is so important for one to believe in themselves. A positive mindset will help you learn easier and also make you work faster and better.

Always focus on your strengths

Secondly, you shall always focus on your strengths. Everyone has them, everyone is good at something. Find that thing and develop it. Once you focus on your strengths and not on your weaknesses you shall realise how much better is to do something excellently rather than adequately. Your confidence will be boosting after this exercise and you might also realise how great it feels to be good at something, to be appreciated for it. It will comfort you when you are spending too much time over-thinking your weakest points.

Boost your knowledge

Moreover, a constant learning ability will boost your knowledge. How does that affect your life at work?

Well, it is proven that a person who is willing to learn and develop his / her knowledge will have better results and accomplishments. We, as humans are built to learn for the rest of our lives. Even if we are learning how to use a new generation mobile phone or how to boost our confidence, we are still learning something new everyday. It is important to use this human trait in our favour at work. Knowing how certain practices work can boost your confidence easily and make you feel important.

Be curious, ask questions

Also, you do not have to be afraid to ask questions and to be curious. Because after all, while doing this you show that you have a strong willing to learn, to be better and also that you are ambitious. Who knows?! Maybe these traits will help you get into that project that you loved and were afraid to ask about.

Stop trying to achieve perfection

Actually, did you know that no one in this whole world is perfect? Well, as unbelievable as it seems, this is the truth. You have to accept that everyone makes mistakes and that a small or even large mistake is not the end of the world or of your carrier. As long as we keep learning, even from our mistakes we are doing all right. We, as humans, have to move on and always try to be better, but not perfect! Once you stop trying to achieve perfection you can free yourself and take risks or even try taking on new responsibilities. You should improve so much more and feel confident!

Feedback is always a great idea

Taking into consideration our last tip, I can add that a feedback is always a good idea. Either it is a negative feedback or a positive one, now that we established that no one is perfect, you can learn what you are doing right and wrong from another perspective. Of course, your point of view and perception should always be important for yourself, but time to time it is good for you to hear what other people think about your work. You might have the same opinion and if not, you can always try something new.

Always celebrate your achievements 

My last tip for you is to always celebrate your achievements. If you reached a goal or got an amazing review after hours of work you should celebrate, YOU deserve it! Acknowledge your success and embrace it. Rewarding yourself will remember you how great you are! I believe there is no bigger confidence boost than a job well done.

All things considered, you can do it! Anyone can! You just have to believe in yourself, have some faith in your work. As long as you have a positive mindset no one and nothing can touch you or your work! This is why boosting your confidence at work  takes such an important part in your life.

5 Christmas Decoration Ideas You Don’t Want to Miss This Christmas

It’s beginning to look a lot like… Black Friday! And what better time to go ahead and invest in some very nice Christmas candles and decorations to get the holiday spirit started? Let’s discover some ideas that will turn your home into Santa’s workshop👇🏻

As an example, in today’s post, I’m going to show you how I’ve decorated my chimney for Christmas. You can of course use these ideas for your kitchen table, living room coffee table, your bedroom or your own chimney. Let’s GO!

Pick Up Your Crackle Wick Candles

crackle wick candles Christmas decorations 5 Christmas Decoration Ideas You Don't Want to Miss

AHHH, what a difference do these make! It’s like they sing to me. They do make such a great duet with Frank Sinatra to be fair. I love curling up my sofa, listening to carols, drinking mulled wine and hearing the crackle wick candles in the background. Christmas Eve will be so complete: wood crackling, family cheer, love and laughter. What more can I ask for?

They might be more on the pricy side, but the great news is that this Black Friday, you can find them at a more discounted price on Notino. Also, they really go a long way because they smell quite strong, so perhaps after 30 minutes you’d want to blow it off and allow the scent to fill up your room.

Decorate your Chimney with Small Yankee Candles and Christmas lights

yankee candles christmas eve 5 Christmas Decoration Ideas You Don't Want to Miss

I adore small Christmas candles, especially the ones that Yankee Candle launch every season. This time I went for: Christmas Cookie, Warm & Cosy and Christmas Eve. Needless to say, they smell divine. The best part is that I can light one up at a time and enjoy a different scent for an hour or two. I can’t really commit to one scent per season, so this gives me more options.

5 Christmas Decoration Ideas You Don't Want to Miss

Besides displaying these cuties on your chimney or coffee table, ensure that you put on some Christmas lights in proximity as well. They’ll create that cosy ambiance. Also, here I placed them behind the candles for extra light warmth.

Christmas Decoration DYI Idea: Create Decorations for the Small Candles

5 Christmas Decoration Ideas You Don't Want to Miss

Furthermore, I love to find new ways of displaying these scented candles. You can even create small decorations out of plastic branches and add on some candies. I’ve found these in a cute Christmas shop, however they’re quite easy to make. It can be a fun DYI project for the whole family.

Remember your Wood Decorations

Wood decorations will make your room feel extremely Christmassy. They’ll give it an authentic vibe and cheer up the empty corners. Although, in my opinion no corner should be empty during Christmas haha! See that nutcracker behind me? There’s no Christmas without it.

Have you considered chocolate as decorations?

As weird as it might sound, you’ll have to trust me on this one. Go to your supermarket’s chocolate isle and turn on your designer vision. All the candy, confectionery and chocolate come into an extra special packaging for Christmas. Why not get some and put them under your Christmas tree? They make a nice decoration and a yummy treat!

These were my 5 Christmas Decoration Ideas You Don’t Want to Miss. Which one are you going to try?

If you’ve started your Christmas shopping, there some great Black Friday perfume deals on Notino that you don’t want to miss out on.

This post is kindly sponsored by Notino, all opinions are my own as always*

Have a wonderful Christmas,


How to wear Winter perfume? It might be just a little different than how you would wear a Summer or Spring fragrance. A stronger scent requires you to wear a certain outfit. Plus, it definitely calls for a change in the way that you spray it. Stay until the end to find out how to enter my EXCLUSIVE GIVEAWAY. Get the chance to win a Calvin Klein Everyone Eau de Toilette. Share it with someone you love or keep it for yourself this Christmas.

Winter perfumes tend to be stronger and have a better longevity than floral fragrances for instance. Also, you might want to consider your outfit choices when you’re wearing them. The scent of fabrics such as wool combine in a very interesting way with the various elements of your perfume.

Choosing fragrances in Winter

As the weather gets colder, your skin will not reach a high temperature. Therefore, considering fragrances which have musk, bergamot, oud or vanilla as top or middle notes might be your best bet. Furthermore, these notes are a few of my favourites as well; gorgeous choices that include them would be: Tom Ford, Kenzo, Givenchy, Chanel or Amouage.

Considering fragrances which have musk, bergamot, oud or vanilla as top or middle notes might be your best bet.

Also, a very interesting observation is that different fabrics have a smell of their own. Have you noticed how wool smells like? Now, pick a wool jumper and spray perfume on your wrist. Do you notice any difference in how the perfume wears?

Where to apply your winter perfume?

First of all, since the scent would be stronger, you’d have to limit yourself to just a few spots on your body when applying your winter perfume. With this in mind, I’ve noticed that my fragrance lasts longer when I spray it on my neck (where my pulse it), wrists and behind my neck. Under no circumstance you should spray perfume on your clothes. Chances are that your garments would get stained (usually a yellow stain) and look greasy. Also, that’s not a great look and you won’t want to throw clothes away.

Winter Perfume – Do’s and Don’ts


1. Invest in quality fragrances.

2. Consider your attitude when wearing stronger scents.

3. Wear your perfume in perfect harmony with your look.


1. Don’t spray perfume on your clothes.

2. Don’t be afraid to experiment with new fragrances in winter.

3. Don’t let the perfume wear you.

About the Calvin Klein Everyone GIVEAWAY

As part of my ‘Jet Set Lifestyle’ Giveaway I’m giving away one Calvin Klein Everyone Eau de Toilette to one lucky winner. It might be YOU 👀

All you have to do is enter on my Instagram post here.

About the fragrance.

Citric, pure and clear , the Eau de Toilette Spray CK Everyone by Calvin Klein is a multifaceted ode to pure joie de vivre. The fragrance was explicitly designed as a unisex version and is therefore equally suitable for men and women. The top note of organic orange oil and spicy ginger paves the way for the fascinating heart note. Unique chords of blue tea are combined with fresh aquatic notes. Finally, the base of patchouli, ambergris and cedar wood sets new accents and perfectly rounds off the wonderfully fresh fragrance experience.

Lots of love,


This Autumn, I’m really trying to make an effort with the way I accessorise my outfits. After all, they can take any outfit to the next level, right? Give me a beautiful Danish design watch and a simple turtle neck shirt and we have an elegant vibe going on. I’ve recently came across this sustainable Danish brand which crafts delicate time pieces that go really well with the colour palette of this season and layered outfits. Let’s have a look at their story & giving back program and how I’ve styled one of their beautiful watches. 

Nordgreen’s story – Danish Design Watch

To me, the story behind the brand is equally important and interesting. In my view, a brand is sustainable not only because it uses friendly materials, but also because it treats employees fairly. Also, when it comes to Nordgreen, the well-being of their employees is at their core as they make efforts to ensure everyone involved in the brand works in a fair environment. 

Sustainable materials

What I really like about Nordgreen is that they choose sustainable and environmentally friendly materials that last. For instance, the packaging is made out of FSC-certified cardboard and up-cycled felt. Also, all straps are produced with environmentally friendly methods to reduce chemical pollutions. 

Gold watch

My golden mesh is very high quality and goes perfectly with my nude outfit. It really stands out and I feel that I don’t even need to be wearing different accessories to make my outfit stand out. If you love the look of this, I have a 15% off discount code for you that you can use on the entire website: MISS.

Giving back programme 

Besides, their sustainable practices, Nordgreen are engaged in an impressive giving back programme. Furthermore, they support three great causes with each watch purchased by customers. You can choose one of the three causes: Health, Education and Rainforest Preservation and Nordgreen make sure the fund is used for tangible projects through their partnered NGOs. How interesting is that? Thus, you’re not only wearing a stylish time piece, but you are also supporting a cause. They have all my respect for that. 

Styling the Infinity time-piece – Danish Design Watch

I went for the Infinity time piece – sized 32 mm. Also, it’s the first watch I ever buy that doesn’t need adjustment – not that I bothered in the past to be fair. Moreover, I was pleasantly surprised to see that this Danish Design Watch fits me so well. It’s my favourite to wear at the moment and I’m sure it will stay that way. You can now enjoy 15% off the entire website by using my code: MISS.

Let’s have a look at my quick tips on styling it, shall we?

Styling the time piece is very easy actually. Think about wearing a mono-chrome outfit – it will make the whole look so elegant. For instance, I chose to wear a nude outfit – a simple turtle neck paired with a pair of bold shorts. In regards to the shoes, I chose a pair of nude over the knee boots to make the look more interesting. 

Growing up, I realised that it’s so important to adhere to a minimalist style because everything looks just so much better. I’m very glad to have found a brand like Nordgreen that understands that and design minimalist pieces for women just like myself.

I hope you’ve enjoyed their story and that you’re going to love my discount code: MISS to enjoy 15% off the entire website.

This post is kindly sponsored by Nordgreen – as always views and opinions are my own.

Lots of love,


Finding ways to stay happy during this pandemic has been my number one activity. I’m not even joking. This whole situation has had impacts on all of us, but I feel that the ultimate test we’re here to take is the test of patience. Like how more can we resist? Or better yet, how can we find ways to be happy while the situation will not change too soon? We gathered here today to explore my tested activities and tips that will help you stay or be more happy.

Spend time with your loved ones

Might be your mum and dad, your nan or grandfather, your auntie or your sister. Your loved ones are probably the most important people in your life. Spending time with them, especially if you haven’t seen them in a while, will make you both feel happier. If time or circumstances don’t allow, make sure you guys are just hanging out together at home. Watch a movie, have a shisha ‘party’ for you in the garden or cook dinner together. There are so many ways to spend time in a fun way with your family, why not take some time to explore them?

Revamp your style

It might look shallow to you at first, but think about it. When did you have so much time on your hands to spend time with yourself at home? I truly believe that this is the perfect opportunity to revamp your style. Go through your wardrobe, select what you’re currently wearing and donate what you don’t. Decluttering will make you feel more relaxed, calm and happy. Come up with new ways of wearing your clothes – perhaps now you’ll see combos that you haven’t tried in the past. You will also be able to clearly see what you’re missing in your wardrobe and will be less inclined to impulse buy everything that’s on sale online. Win, win! Stay happy during this pandemic.

Indulge in your passions

We all have passions, but do we have the time to explore them? Usually not, but now maybe there’s an hour or two we can spare for what makes us truly happy. Some people love photography, others might like painting or playing the guitar. Allowing yourself to not feel pressured by time will make you so happy and relaxed. Maybe, you’ll create a habit out of it and you’ll become the next expert in your field. 

Allow yourself to just be

My personal opinion is that we’re all so stressed about this situation also because we’re not used to just doing the simple things. Society is always in a rush, therefore we are always in a hurry too. If anyone would have asked me to read a fiction book three months ago, I would have said ‘pass’ as I was only focusing on non-fiction. All I wanted was to be productive and EVEN more productive, until I burnt out. Allow yourself to just be: read that romance book, go on that weekend away in the countryside away from everyone, take that longer bath (if you don’t get borded after 20 minutes like I do). Appreciate the moments you have in your life.

Keep your mind open to new opportunities 

I know that some people might have been made redundant, others are bored in their jobs while others might have been trying to get a new job in the middle of this pandemic. If you’re in one of these situations, keeping positive is even more challenging. Always know that opportunities can arise from unexpected places and circumstances. Just keep your mind open and don’t be afraid to take on new challenges. In the same time, keep patient and practice the tips I’ve gave you above. You’ve GOT this!

And that’s how to stay happy during this pandemic. How do you cope? Is there anything specific that you’re doing? Just let us know in the comment section below, we’d love to find out your ways as well. 

P.S: Don’t forget that I launched my book ‘Create a life you love’ to give you an extra push and motivate you to be ambitious enough to chase your dreams.

Lots of love,


How to follow your passions? I’ve been on a journey of working full-time whilst trying to figure out what fuels me. Then, I started thinking about what I would like to do with my life next. Join me in today’s article as I will be sharing my story and the techniques that are proven to work. Furthermore, get ready to follow your passions and start your own journey.

How to Follow Your Passions | My Journey

List Your Passions

Firstly, to be perfectly honest with you, it all starts with your deep interests. Actually, I would recommend that you come up with at least 20-25 interests on a piece of paper. Then, ask yourself this:

‘If I were to choose my favourite ten, which would these be?’.

So, go ahead make the list even shorter. Also, you will start to notice that these interests are not always monetisable. From these ten, choose two that you can one day live off. Also, they will need to cover at least your living costs to begin with. Ask yourself:

‘Which of these two have a business potential?’

Next step, make Google your best friend. I use Google a lot and there’s so much information on there for everything and anything. Furthermore, there are so many business ideas online and places where you can take inspiration from.

How to Follow Your Passions | My Journey

When it comes to me for example, I decided that I love marketing, fashion and travelling. Therefore, I launched my own marketing agency and still run this blog, these are my current sources of income. Additionally, I’m passionate about travelling, so I will be soon launching my experience city break business, Glam Away. So, I’m very excited and can’t wait to make some travellers happy!

Find a profitable business idea

As mentioned, it’s highly important for your business to cover your costs. It will be your passion yes, but it needs to make financial sense for you. Also, in your search for business ideas based on your passion, make sure that this business has been done before in one way or another. Moreover, this means is profitable.

It’s not the time to reinvent the wheel. Moreover, do your own research for profitability, but if there are various similar businesses of that type is good. Competition is great in this case. Just ensure you find a point of difference for your business when you launch.

How to Follow Your Passions | My Journey

Get into the entrepreneurial mindset

Get ready to feel discomfort. Great things happen out of comfort zones. Also, get to understand that this new territory and that you will feel challenged. I guess it does take a little bit of guts to be able to go into business.

Feel the fear and do it anyway

Besides the discomfort you will feel, you will also feel fear. Furthermore, it’s IMPORTANT that you don’t stay in that same spot of worries. Sometimes, you just need to feel the fear and do it anyway. Moreover, I’ve included so much more of this topic in my latest book ‘Create a life you love’.

Get ready to follow your passions and be very patient. Everything will work out in the end. Lastly, keep believing.

How to Follow Your Passions | My Journey

Lots of love,

Andrada (NotAGirlyGal)

Successful people’s habits can seem a little bit extreme to the rest of the population. However, that doesn’t mean that these don’t work for them. Also, if these habits got them to be where they are now, well, all of us should inspire ourselves from them.

It still amazes me how we all have 24 hours to do something, but it’s what we do with them that matters. Some people manage to fit so many things in their day. While others prefer to be unproductive. Will you take on a new challenge or will you go back to your old ways?

Tony Robbins’ Morning Ritual

The legend! Besides the fact that he doesn’t sleep too much, Tony Robbins is fitter than ever. His morning ritual is very thorough. Firstly, he performs a breathing exercise – about three sets of 30 breaths. In addition, he lifts his hands up in a shoulder press motion. Then, he practices three minutes of gratitude – remembering and reliving three moments in his life. Following this, he visualises a light entering in his body. This light will connect him to the Universe, his loved ones and even with people who’s never met. In particular, I’m a big supporter of this following routine. Tony visualises success: he imagines achieving three of his goals. He visualises how much this will help him, but also others.

Also, I recently started to visualise my success as well. I was VERY SURPRISED to witness amazing results – just like how I’ve envisioned them.

Maria Hazistefani’s Liquid Ambition

Maria is one of the most successful founders from the beauty industry. Also, she is the founder and CEO of her own company, Rodial. Moreover, her other brand, NIP + FAB is equally successful, targeting a younger market.

Successful People's Habits: Top 10 Routines

Over the years, she developed a very productive daily routine. One of the things she loves to do is to wake up early. In effect, that will offer her time for herself. In particular, I love that she is drinking hot water with lemon and a shot of organic espresso first thing in the morning. With this in mind, I started doing the exact same thing! I feel peaceful and super ready to action my day. You should definitely try it for yourself.

Gary Vee’s 3-4 minute meetings

Yes, you’ve read that right. Gary Vaynerchuk, co-founder of Vayner Media, holds three-four minute meetings. In fact, he runs a very busy daily schedule. No wonder he needs to be productive. If three minute meetings sound a bit extreme for you, try to reduce your 1h meetings to 30 minutes and your 30 minutes ones to 15 minutes.

Nevertheless, your time is money. Your time is precious. Don’t allow others to waste it in endless meetings or other circumstances. Focus on increasing your productivity.

Focus on being productive instead of busy

This one’s from the master of productivity, Tim Ferris. He recommends that you measure the results of your actions – time and money. Handling e-mails for countless hours does not make you productive. Although, you might feel like it. Instead, he is checking emails once every few days and came to realise that his business CAN run without him. Also, he did build a business that can survive without his immediate input by giving more ownership to his employees.

Successful People's Habits: Top 10 Routines

Nevertheless, try to trust people more at work. If you’re not a business owner, even as a manager, trust your colleagues more. Great leaders empower others and let them take their own decisions. You will enjoy time to focus on being more productive and creative while sharing the workload.

There is a lot to be learned from successful people’s habits, so keep on reading to get more inspired ✨

Successful people don’t give others the opportunity to say ‘No’

They are their biggest supporters. They would not take no for an answer. Furthermore, they will do everything they can to influence people’s answers and turn them in their favour. Or they will try again another time.

That means creating more opportunity for themselves. If a door slams now, successful people will not give up. They will try again, again and again. Until they succeed.


Avoid things in excess

These people avoid anything in excess, including the fun things. Excesses are just going to bring you down. Furthermore, they will make you lose sight of the things you already have. Some people associate success with excess buying or excess working – none of these are healthy for you.

Instead, focus on having a good balance in your life. Eat healthy, but have your cheat days as well. Exercise, but rest when your muscles require you to do so. More importantly, work but know when you need to take breaks. You will feel so empowered and ready to action your day.

They are open to criticism

Successful people created a habit of being open to criticism from qualified individuals. I don’t believe that everyone has the entitlement to criticise someone’s work, contrary to the popular opinion. Also, taking opinions from everyone will only confuse you. Instead, take feedback from people who’ve already made it or from people who have knowledge in your industry. It will help you so much more! We all have an opinionated friend. But, that doesn’t mean we should listed to him – most of the times these people have no clue about what we’re doing in our work anyway.

They work when they’re most effective

This is one of the most important successful people’s habits. They work when they’re most effective. This links to the tip above about focusing on being productive instead of being busy.

Furthermore, working when you’re most effective will improve your performance and will make you happier. Although, this might not be applicable while in the office, it is to your side projects.

They throw themselves out there

Successful people don’t spend time questioning themselves. They feel the fear and do it anyway. Also, there’s something so powerful in this statement. Focus on your end goal and try to not spend too much time thinking why you can’t do it.

Successful People's Habits: Top 10 Routines

They have multiple incomes

Remember this: most successful people have multiple income streams. Besides running their own businesses or being employed by huge companies, successful people might be involved in Real Estate, investments, online courses and many other streams.

I would highly recommend to start thinking about your options. What are you good at, besides your day job / career?

These were successful people’s habits that I find super inspiring. I hope these will help you achieve your dreams and create a life you love.

P.S: Don’t forget to check-out my new e-book, ‘Create a life you love’. This book will show you how to create a life you love. Will give you brand new reasons to get up in the morning and feel extremely ready to action all of your dreams. You’re capable of wonderful things! Why not shape your life in the way you want it to be?


Andrada (NotAGirlyGal)