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Hope you’re enjoying the sun and beautiful weather this summer! 💋  Right now, I’m sharing with you three of my beloved places to visit in Europe, so you can get the feel of the place and book your own trip to one of these beautiful destinations.

Travelling has always been second nature to me, mostly because my mum was super keen on it and was taking us all over the world with her. Now, I’ve grown to enjoy it and have my own reasons why. It’s mostly because I love seeing how other people live, how things are done in different parts of the world, admire the architecture and to taste the food. I admit, narrow streets and food are so important when it comes to travelling as I feel they set the mood of the place (It’s just my thing).

Mallorca Island

miss andrada mallorca island

I absolutely love this island! If you ever go, I would highly recommend you hiring a car and visit a lot around. We’ve been on a one day road trip from El Arenal to Cap de Formentor and it was the highlight of our holiday. Our first stop was Valldemossa, and then Soller – traditional Spanish villages where you can wander around the narrow streets and buy little souvenirs from boutiques.

Valldemossa Miss Andrada

Then, we continued the journey to Port de Soller where we spend 2 hours on the beach. At the end of the day, we watched the sunset in Cap de Formentor.

miss andrada mallorca.jpg

Palma, the capital city of the Island, is wonderful! It reminds me of Barcelona in a way, but you can feel the Arabic influence a bit more. I had an amazing Tapas near the Cathedral!

mallorca cathedral miss andrada

Why choose Mallorca?

Different from Ibiza, Mallorca has its nightlife, but I would recommend the island for relaxation and culture exploration!

Costa Brava: Lloret del Mar and Barcelona

The Spanish vibes are in bloom in Costa Brava! You get night life, amazing food and lots of things to do. We stayed in Lloret del Mar and visited Barcelona a couple of times. Here’s a picture from Lloret where the sea colours are amazing – probably the best I’ve seen.

Lloret del Mar Costa Brava Miss Andrada

It was a non-traditional trip actually, we didn’t care about relaxation, but rather exploring and doing everything the place had to offer. This was our birthdays getaway, and on my birthday we hired a quad to go around the area and it was amazing!

Not to mention, Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter and its Barceloneta beach stole my heart!

Barceloneta Beach

Why choose Costa Brava?

We had loads of fun, so if you’re looking for a trip where you’d do stuff, Costa Brava is for you!


Tuscany: Florence 

miss andrada ice cream florence

Ah, my absolute love is Italy! You already know it, I guess, but I can’t help but say it. My best friend Mercy is from Florence and one Spring we decided to go there for a weekend break. The city is so beautiful and its narrow streets got me. It’s full of history and art museums that you would highly enjoy.

Food wise – We had the best sea food pasta and Prosecco at Cafe Giubbe Rosse. Cheers to that!

Giubbe Rosse Prosecoo

We visited from Chianti (the winery) to Pisa and all Florence in around 3 or 4 days. If you’re for the hunt of culture, food & wine, then you know the place.

Why choose Florence?

Book your trip to Florence if you love amazing food and full of history streets. Museums are great here too, including the house of Galileo Galilei!

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Hello girls,

Who’s ready for some holiday vibes? Hands down Italy is my favourite holiday destination in Europe: delicious food, great culture, amazing architecture and awesome scenery. Did I mention the narrow streets? If I didn’t just yet watch the video to explore them with me. Let’s see what things you could do to enjoy every minute of your holiday – and I’m not talking about staying on the beach reading a holiday book.

How to get there

I’ve included this section because if you’re not doing this already, I think it’s important to consider it. When you’re booking your flights, you want to make sure the onward journey will allow you for an extra day of holiday: getting to your hotel around check-in time (usually midday) is perfect. You would then have half a day to catch some rays as well and also quickly get the feel of the place, check out what you could do in the next days (cool places to eat at, hire quads, go dancing on a beach club). This time, we went for a late check in as we stayed in Palermo city for one night and the next day at lunch time, we went to our Domina Zagarella Resort in Santa Flavia.

Must do

Must do in Sicily: boat trips!

You have to go on a boat trip. We had lunch on the boat cooked my a local person, and then we dived in a golf – the water was a bit cold but it was so worth it.


Must eat & drink

Arancini and Red Wine! They are rice balls filled with ham and cheese – YUM!


Hope you enjoyed and got you inspired for your next trip!

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Hello there,

We’re getting so close to proper summer and girl…we all want to build our summer bodies, but today’s post is more than just having a hot body. We’re exploring how sustained workouts can help you achieve the confidence you need and the ‘winner’ posture. Keep on reading for my tips coming from my 8 months gym experience.

Miss Andrada How the gym helps you gain confidence

When / where should you workout?

First of all, you need to find a convenient time and super convenient gym place (no more than 10 minutes walking until you reach it). I can’t stress enough how important this is. It will help you not quit it when you would rather have a pizza and a glass of red wine instead. Personally, I go to the gym right next to my work place during lunch time. I appreciate that some of you won’t find lunch the best time for the gym, but you can have a handful of almonds before your workout and have your launch at the desk (not the perfect scenario, but it’s worth it) after you complete it. That’s what I do and trust me, it really works!

Miss Andrada Super Body Confident

Achieving Body Confidence

When you work out, you feel you are making progress. You feel you’re getting close to a better lifestyle, you release stress and you feel you’ve burned out those fats that you put on from that small chocolate bar you had the day before. You will soon discover that if you attend the gym from two to three times a week, in three or four months your body posture will improve.  I would highly recommend going to classes as they teach you how to lift weights and they will push you to your limits (I know they do for me). Your posture will improve, you will walk with more confidence, straight back and amazingly toned legs. And you don’t do it for the looks, you’re doing it for your inner confidence and the way you hold yourself. I didn’t realise this at first, but one day, I’ve put on my high-heels, some boyfriend jeans a white top and I was rocking the streets of City of London. I felt amazing! And you CAN FEEL THAT TOO.

Miss Andrada Body Confidence How the gym helps you

The motivation behind the sustained workouts 

One thing that you must understand is that you need a high motivation to show up. Even if you feel that you’ll not give your best, it’s important to just show up. You’ll figure it out afterwards. Your motivation should be that you want to be the best version of yourself. And that’s enough! You might build bridges in your career, be the best chef and feel the best way possible through your workout sessions. It needs to be sustained though: try to go there three times a week and you will learn so much! I know I did. I knew NOTHING about the gym, about different exercises but I came to learn. I’ve learn so many things from YouTube videos, my boyfriend and magazines. After you work out for a while, you will feel the need for a healthy diet. Not BS-ing you right now, but eating healthy means so so much when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle and improving your body feel. I might do a healthy eating post if you’re interested in what I eat to keep me slim and healthy.

Miss Andrada Body Confidence

So, go get yourself a gym pass and start your workout routine. You’ll see great improvement 😎

I’m so so happy to be here with you on your journey, so feel free to leave me any questions you might have in the comment section!

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Hello again girls,

How have you been? I bet you’ve been busy. We all are. All the time. Will we let us stop us from looking fabulous? Right now, I want to talk to you about a routine we as ‘the I want-to-do-it-all girls’ should all have to look and feel ‘a million dollars’ every day.

4 steps to be stylish and don’t spend 5 h getting ready

1. Use less make-up products to be ready quick

Although I really don’t wear make-up everyday as I go to the gym at lunch time, but for the days I want to wear it, I made my own 5 minute make-up routine to quickly apply it before I go to the office. All you need is 5 products and you’ll be ready in wow… 5. Try this: foundation, liquid eye-liner, mascara, natural contour kit, brow kit. Trust me, it’s all you need to look amazing. Try to limit yourself to as little products as possible to avoid the temptation to put eyeshadows at 8 o’clock in the morning just to spend 30 minutes on the make-up. Time waste..

miss andrada x notino estee double wear.jpg

2. Plan your outfits once a week

As you probably have seen in The Mindset of High Achievers – Habits for Achieving your Desired Fashion Style, you should plan your outfits once a week. In that way, you wouldn’t have to browse all your wardrobe in the morning to decide on your next one and more importantly, it will save you time on ironing in the morning. You got it! Plan & iron once a week for increased productivity.

3. Do your hair in the morning for 5 minutes

Since I have cut my bangs, I am washing them and straightening them everyday. There’s no way my hair will look good if I don’t straighten it just a little bit in the morning. Again, I only do it for 5 – 6 minutes and it looks good. I just feel better when my hair looks put together. Try this even though you don’t have bangs.

miss andrada leather jacket spring outfitt zara

4. Eat healthy

You are what you eat and the more healthy you eat, the better you will feel and the nicer you will look. Carbs and sugar can make you look fat and tired; plus they have negatives effects for your skin too. Reduce the number of carbs and sugar and you will feel amazing results. Opt for a salad in the morning, chicken & vegetables for lunch and salmon for dinner.

miss andrada healthy breakfast ideas.jpg

And this is all. Follow these 4 steps and get you looking impeccable all the time 💋 By sharing this article on Facebook, you will help me achieve my goal of improving more girls’ lives.

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Social Media can be both a fun community to be part of, but also a pain sometimes. I feel that there is a lot of negativity going on at the moment or boasting for getting compliments. Feeling the same thing? Let’s see exactly why you SHOULDN’T care about it and how you can still enjoy social media in 2018!

miss andrada 3.jpg

How to enjoy social media in 2018

Don’t be influenced by negativity

As I said, there is a lot of negativity going on on social, especially on Twitter. It’s a common fact that people use Twitter to complain about their lives or brands that have miserably failed in their eyes. When I first read these types of tweets I roll my eyes. Then, I understand why people do it. They need compassion and want others to ‘suffer’ with them – at least they’re not the only ones. They want everyone to hate Mondays, to blame KFC for their advertising techniques and people to tell them that it’s OK to have a bad day, that it’s OK to procrastinate and to do nothing with their lives.  Well, it’s NOT OK to expect others to join your boat and clap while you walk for nothing. Instead of making people change and progress, this negativity has opposite effects.

I’ll call Twitter the Yes Man of all social channels because this is what they made out of it. It’s negative, but don’t let it affect you. Be the one example to change the Twitter game. While others complain, you wish them a good day. While others hate Mondays, post a picture of your morning coffee with an empowering message (if you’re genuine). It’s about being yourself in a place where the trend is super negative. Don’t feel you need to follow the vibe to fit in. You’ll find your niche audience who will listen to you and be happy to receive your tweets everyday. You will feel happier too!

Be confident

You have to be confident about yourself and about the content you post out there. Everyone is unique and has something cool about themselves. Find your thing and do just that!

Be unique

Take inspiration from the people you admire but do not copy someone else’s style or pictures as social media is not about everyone having the same content, but about expressing your personality to create an audience for yourself / meet people alike. It’s easy to enjoy something that comes natural to you. Feeling under pressure to look or act in a certain way is not healthy and for sure not the point of social media. Be yourself and you will feel better about everything you do.

It’s not about the number of followers / likes     

Accept the fact that people unfollow on Instagram; it’s a fact and people keep on wondering why. Users can unfollow because they want to boost their profile (don’t ask me why) or they don’t find the posts they get on their newsfeed useful for them. That’s fine because you will have a genuine audience in the end of the day. Don’t get obsessed about the number of followers you’ve got on social. Interacting will other users, although it takes a lot of time will pay off. It’s also fun! I have met a couple of new bloggers on Twitter in just one hour in the evening 🙂 And yeah – that disengagement thingy you get on Instagram now? Everyone is dealing with it now because of Instagram’s algorithms; we can only support each other by commenting on pictures and being more active.

Enjoy your growth journey

Have you ever looked back at your accounts and noticed a great improvement in your content since you first started? It human nature to evolve on every level and it’s amazing when things like these happen. Seeing your growth has to make you happy, so enjoy it! It’s a journey that you signed up for (see what I did there?) and it will make you discover yourself.

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miss andrada elegance 2

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Finding the time to write for your blog and create the best pictures for it might seem to be a struggle at first. I started blogging in September 2017, but I wasn’t posting constantly just because I was coming up with excuses. Tiredness, creative blockages and not enough motivation are all factors that can lead to making you stop posting when your biggest constraint is time. When you feel that way remember the habits of high achievers I wrote about in The Mindset of High Achievers – Habits for Achieving your Desired Fashion Style. They are always oriented towards progress. They don’t quit because their goal is their habit.  Let’s take a closer look at how you can write up content, keep up with your photoshoots, blog research brand collaborations and schedule all your posts in an agenda.

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

Make Blogging your Habit and Set Weekly Goals

So, all I am saying is that making blogging your habit needs to be your priority. You’ve made live your blog because you had passion, so don’t lose it. Even though you are busy at work and feel tired after a long day, you have to push yourself. Establish weekly goals you want to achieve. Say for instance, this week you want to email brands, give your blog a new look or even write 2 more posts for your post stack. Start with one of these goals and make sure that by the end of Friday you have accomplished it. You will feel you are making constant progress. Don’t set yourself 10 goals per week when you first start as it’s better to start with a realistic plan. You can always extend your goals according to your personal performance. Here are some important goals you can achieve during the week:

  • E-mail a certain number of brands
  • Do Instagram Hashtag Research for your next 4 posts
  • Discover 20 new bloggers on Instagram
  • Join a new platform for brand collaborations
  • Write a certain number of posts
  • Edit photographs and rename them for SEO
  • Add new plug-ins to your website
  • Give your website a new look
  • Attend events related to your blogging topic and network
  • Don’t get overwhelmed about the amount of things you can do; start with a number you’re comfortable with and then extend it; by week three push yourself to become even more productive.

How to Plan your Content

I think content planning is my favourite part of all. I usually try to work one month in advance. So, in April I would plan for May. Since January, I have decided to post once a week and so far I have done so! One full day a month (in the beginning) I would sit down with my fashion magazines and blogs to have what I call a ‘creative session’. That’s where all content for next month is happening. I come up with ideas, I scrap them down, I look for new clothes, I read different articles. Then, I would come up with my own content ideas for the month to come! I am keeping track of everything in my blogging agenda that has a glittery butterfly cover that I LOVE. It’s just an agenda with lined pages, but I would dedicate one page for each blog article. Each page includes the post name, date of going live, deadline, photo shooting day and the things I need for it. I also have a Excel blogging template I downloaded that I use when I am travelling and I want to check what topics I can write on the go. And that’s how I plan my content and schedule it on my agenda.

How to Save Time at Your Photoshoots and Take your Own Pictures

Photoshoots is another HOT topic that I have seen lots of bloggers stressing about. How can you find time to take photos? In all honesty, I book my time for photoshoots as if they were doctor appointments. I can NOT miss one. I usually plan my posts in advance and I know what outfits I should shoot in one day. Another really helpful tip is to shoot two or three outfits per day, just so you can go photo shooting only once every two weeks. I only take pictures during the weekend, that’s why I prefer dealing with other blogging duties during the week.

One question I get asked a lot if I work with a photographer to take my pictures. The answer is it depends. I had worked with a couple of photographers, but I have invested in my own equipment and I usually go take pictures on my own. I use a tripod, so I set the camera on it on self-timer and I just pose. It’s pretty smart as it takes about 9 pictures every two / ten seconds, so I don’t have to set it every time I need to take a picture (that would be a nightmare!). The tripod is both a time and life saver. You can’t rely on someone else to take your pictures all the time. Of course, it’s super nice when it happens, but rely on your self first before anyone else, just so you make sure you will have content. So, I highly recommend you getting an DSLR camera and a nice tripod.

Remember, keep your blogging duties for during the evenings of the week and go for photoshoots every two weeks! Depending on how much you post, I recommend having enough footage for the next 3 weeks. Just work in advance and in a strategic way, so that blogging would never feel like something you always need to catch up on.

I really hope my advice has give you a better idea on how to keep up with blog while you’re busy from 9am to 5pm, 5 days out of 7. If you found this article useful, please share it on Facebook to help a dear friend out! 🙂

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High Achievers always challenge themselves; they are in constant progress. The road to success is difficult, but the right mindset can empower you to achieve your life goals. Having the ability to do something, when you would rather do something else is the fine line that separates an achiever from a weak woman or man. When you would rather watch a movie than go to the gym, think about your motivators and what got you started in the first place. Maxwell observed that the new generation is soft and they quit in the moment they are told off. That made me think. I might know more people who show weak traits than strong ones. What can you do to get to your goal?

miss andrada habit of dressing in style.jpg

Achieving your goals

So, what is it that high achievers think about when fighting for their goals? The answer is simple: discipline and consistency; they do things even when they don’t feel like it. They never stop, they are never quitting and they are always progressing. Now think about you, when was the last time you stayed up late to finish your projects or woke up early in the morning to complete a daily goal? It’s so easy to get lazy and just assume you’re going to achieve those things at a latter stage; but chances are that people who run from things are never going to grow. I am not going to lie and say that I am 100% productive everyday when I know that all the time, there’s room for improvement. Reading more entrepreneurial books was a small goal of mine that I was able to accomplish in just two weeks. I was only reading while commuting in the mornings and evenings, as weekends were dedicated to blog research and photoshoots. I trained my brain to read faster between stops and I read two books in two weeks. Look, all I am saying is that if you truly want something, you have a power in you that will make you succeed! Also, surround yourself by people who believe in you and love to see you being successful.

miss andrada habits of high achievers find your own style.jpg

 Style Habits To Have

Clothing that makes me feel powerful is of high interest to me. That is why I want to focus on getting my wardrobe to a point that I love my everyday outfits just as much as I love my weekend ones.  Style wise, were you always on the hunt for amazing clothes, but actually you couldn’t be bothered to style the outfit, try on and iron all the clothes on an everyday basis? I absolutely feel you. It’s just hard when you don’t have that habit. I think it’s just about that, getting into the HABIT of actually doing it. I’ve found a thing that works for me: whenever I have a bit of time during the weekend or in the afternoons, I quickly scan my wardrobe for clothes that I want to wear and get them on a side to be ironed. Then, the next day I’m ironing for half an hour and my wardrobe will shine for the whole week. Try that and let me know how you got on! It’s a wardrobe changer! 💁🏻

miss andrada how to organise your wardrobe.jpg

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miss andrada hebits find your perfect style .jpg


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Feeling stuck? We all have moments when we feel stuck and we might experience a sort of mental block. Well, this happened to me recently; I didn’t feel like doing anything, let alone get creative with content ideas. In the first instance, I blamed the weather and my deep desire of having a bit of sunshine. I woke up late one morning and while I was scrolling on Instagram (I love to spend one hour in bed and just read fashion posts), I’ve seen this post ‘Put your hair in a bun, drink coffee and deal with it!’. It hit me! It’s in your power to lift your mood and make a change, I’ve known that for a while now, but sometimes you just need that push. I still can’t believe a simple post like that triggered me. If you’re feeling unmotivated or not feeling like yourself, it’s ok to get mad at that, but also try to find a solution to get out if it. Easier to say than do, right? Not to worry, I have put together a plan to motivate you again and I really hope you’ll takeaway something from it today 🙂

1. Don’t Settle in the Bad Mood

It’s so easy to settle in the bad mood and continue to feel miserable. Why do it, though? You have the power to lift your mood and before starting to do anything, bear that in mind. It will give you positive energy to actually do something about it.

miss andrada how to feel better in bad times .jpg

2. An hour of Browsing your Favourite Magazines

Loving fashion, design or art? Or all of them? Emerse yourself in the artistic environment and guaranteed your mood will be lifted! All Versace jewerlly, Balenciaga shoes and Chanel suits shown in Vogue, Elle or Glamour will inspire you to dream with your eyes open. The Art and Travel sections in Vogue always make me discover something new like hot beaches and new London exhibitions that I’m adding to my never ending lists. When I feel less creative, getting in contact with artists that way always makes me feel positive. It’s therapy trough ART.


3. Watch a Stand-Up Comedy Show

Either on YouTube or live, a stand-up comedy show makes me laugh with tears even in my worst days. Ricky Gervais is one of my favourites on YouTube, and me and my boyfriend usually go to Top-Secret Comedy Club in Covent Garden for a good live show and a great laugh!

4. Style Your Hair and do Your Nails

When my hair looks great, I feel amazing! Even though you don’t feel like it, style your hair differently when you’re feeling down. It’s a mood booster! Try out a new beauty salon or do it yourself at home. I recently went to Jonathan Lever for a blow dry and I was supper happy with the relaxed curls the stylist gave me. So, hair on point can mean day on point. Nails are super important too, and good manicure makes me feel put together. To reinvent that quote:  ‘Style your hair, do your nails and conquer the day’.

miss andrada how to feel better in a bad day.jpg

5. Get Creative!

Step out from that bad mood you’re in by getting creative. If you’re a blogger, read other blogs and fashion magazines, watch documentaries and try to come up with new ideas for your blog. I take great inspiration from Sofia Amoruso (founder of Nasty Gal, author of Girl Boss) and Maria Hatziesfanis (founder of Rodial, author of How to Build an Overnight Success), so I love watching interviews with them to get my creativity going. If you didn’t read their books yet, I totally recommend them as they will change your perspective on building your personal brand! P.S: Read while you commute to save precious time.

miss andrada magazine.jpg

6. Go on a Street Food Market Stroll

Invite a friend with you for a street food market stroll! I love the street food on Notting Hill Market & Camden! Even though it rains, in Notting Hill you can eat and drink inside. After that, why not going to the beauty salon together to get that fresh style I mentioned earlier?

What would be something that you do when you don’t feel 100% good? Let me know in the comment section below 🙂

Until next time,


Hello girls,

When the most wonderful time of the year is just around the corner, I like to make sure I’m getting ready for holidays in time because remembering even the most minor details, will count towards making the holiday really magical.

First week of December

Just before the first week of December, I like to make a plan of the things I need or stuff I have to do for Christmas. I sat down, drinking a cinnamon latte while listening to Christmas jazzy music and created what I like to call ‘My way to a magical Christmas’

1.Make a gift list

Put down all your dearest people – all the ones you will like to make feel special this Christmas. Christmas is all about sharing, so even if you just share a moment and a smile with that person around Christmas, is just as beautiful as sharing a wow Christmas gift.

Miss Andrada Holiday Preparation List

2. Look for any needed Christmas decorations

You can never have enough Christmas decorations, just like you could never have too many shoes. But now, I’m referring to those pieces that might be missing from your collection or things you always wanted to hang around your home. For me, on top of my list this year, there are some really pretty interior lights that I will use for decorating my staircase.

Miss Andrada Holiday Preparation List

3. Order your gifts in time

This year, I’ve already started ordering and buying Christmas gifts. I think it’s the earliest I’ve ever been, but so far it feels so good to be able to take my time with the shopping. So, I believe the quickest you could start gathering the items, the better. It will save you moments of buying something, just because it’s the best option available at the time.

4. Decide on the two outfits you need for Christmas and New Year’s Eve

It’s really important to plan your outfits ahead. You know how we always see everything we want in a store and then 3 weeks later the collection turns out to be replaced? It happened to me way too many times not to wish to start early with planning them this year. Just get online, browse some items and start ordering them or go on a quick shopping spree to get the chance to try some on. You will definitely avoid the crisis of ‘I have nothing to wear for next week!’ or even worse ‘I don’t know what I’m going to wear tomorrow’

5. Start getting into the Christmas Spirit

Need ideas on how to get into the festive spirit? Start by visiting Christmas markets and listening to carols. One key thing for me, is to light up cinnamon scented candles around the house, so I create a real Christmasy atmosphere. Then, I love to get cozy in my favourite blanket while drinking hot chocolate and watching my all time favourite Christmas movies.

Miss Andrada Holiday Preparation List

6. Advent calendars

This year, besides the chocolate advent calendars that I love, I want to get a beauty advent calendar. I got my eyes on the Benefit one, but I need to explore it a bit more until it’s a certain ‘yes’.

7. Don’t forget about the Christmas cards

I love sending cards – the personal touch they can add is simply beautiful. Don’t forget to send Christmas cards in time, so they will arrive just before Christmas. No time to blame the Royal Mail.

8. Optional Book Discovery

Last Christmas holiday, I read The Edge of Never by J. A. Redmerski – the passion for music, life and good vibes made me love it. So, thank you my dear Augusta for sharing this gem with me. I love the feeling of ‘living’ in the book – that’s why I am using my time now to research a similar book that I could read over Christmas. This week, I stopped in a bookshop in Waterloo station to have a look. I walked away with two books to read just before Christmas, as they are a bit more practical than the novels I am planning to read. I am currently into #Girlboss by Sophia Amoruso and I feel super inspired by her journey so far. Hello to all #girlbosses out there.

Miss Andrada Holiday Preparation List

9. Christmas jumper and cute pyjamas

Have your Christmas jumper / pyjamas ready for the long holiday days! Happy lounge!

Miss Andrada Holiday Preparation List

Hope you enjoyed my little Christmas checklist – please let me know if I missed anything. What do you always make sure you plan before holidays? Let me know in the comment section.

Happy holidays prep,




Hello everyone,

I’m super excited to announce the I have been nominated for the Liebster Award, by the wonderful Katie Henry! Check out her blog as she puts a lot of passion into it – here’s one of my favourite posts written by Katie:Top Ten Books That Aren’t Novels

You might be wondering what exactly the award is? Well, the award is a great and smart way to connect with other bloggers online. As libster in German means lovely, kind and beloved it represent a lovely way of supporting the blogging community.

How I got nominated and how you could get nominated to similar awards?

I got nominated on Twitter by a really lovely blogger – we’ve been following each other for a while now and it’s been awesome to create a new online friend.  I find Twitter a really good way of meeting new people and catching up with them constantly. The more time you spend re-tweeting content and genuinely responding to bloggers, the more chances you have to create a organic following and get noticed with our blog. So, tweet like a bird and grow your chances to expand your network. Just keep your constant goal to grow your network and nominations will follow along.

Here are the Liebester Award 2017 rules:

  1. Answer the 11 questions that you’ve been asked
  2. Nominate 11 other bloggers
  3. Ask your nominees 11 questions
  4. Let them now they’ve been nominated

Let’s get into answering Katie’s excellent questions:

  1. What’s the best thing about blogging?

I believe that blogging is simply freedom of writing and expressing myself in the most genuine way. The best thing about it, is that my exact thoughts are being shared with different people around the world. It’s a way of getting to know many wonderful people and feeling a really good energy coming my way.

    2. What’s the biggest lie you ever told?

Ah, that’s a tough one because for me honesty is one of the most important human values. I’m not sure if I’ve ever told big big lies, but one that I can remember (more of a white lie) is when me and family planned a surprise party for my mother’s birthday. Last month, I had to lie to her constantly  with my plans (we live in different countries) and she was probably expecting me to come home for Christmas. Only that I surprised her with a visit exactly on her birthday.

3. What’s something you’ve never done and really want to do?

Hmm, I would really love to learn how to surf. Heard the feeling is amazing!

4. Optimist or pessimist?

ALWAYS an optimist rainbow! Yeey!

5. People or animals?

Both of them. Although, animals can be more honest & loyal.

6. If your life was a song title what would it be?

The Script – If you could see me now

7. What’s a post you’d love to have on your blog?

I’d love to have an interview with a Fashion Designer.

8. What’s the last tv show you binged watched?

House of Cards! Could spend hours watching it. Now, I don’t really spend my time watching series as I prefer investing it in something more productive.

9. What’s something you can’t live without?

Great coffee, intelligent jokes, hugs & kisses and life dreams.

10. If you were a hip hop artist what would your stage name be?

Missy A.

11. What’s the best thing that happened today

I could actually afford a whole day in bed! This can’t happen too often..

My list of questions:

  1. Who inspires you in life?
  2. What is your favourite book and why?
  3. How do you plan your blog posts?
  4. What destination is next on your travel bucket list?
  5. What’s your favourite item in your wardrobe?
  6. How do you organise your wardrobe?
  7. Top 3 Fashion Designers
  8. What’s your favourite perfume?
  9. How often you would like to post on your blog?
  10. Do you use a social management tool?
  11. What are your tips for blogging?

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