Stop worrying and live your best life! After all, what worries can bring to you, besides those dark thoughts? If something is meant to happen, it will happen anyways: either you’re worrying about it or not. Have you ever wondered what life without worries would look like? Let me explain it to you: much more optimistic! Therefore, I’ve decided to follow the Hakuna Matata recipe and believe me or not, it works!

“It means no worries

For the rest of your days

It’s our problem-free philosophy

Hakuna Matata!“

Even if the little song itself is part of a children’s movie, I believe everyone should at least take into consideration the deeper aspects of this “philosophy”.

Worries are overwhelming your mind everyday and it’s totally fine. Everyone has their fears and thoughts. However, in order to live a much more positive and happier life, you should minimise these worries as much as possible. When I say that, I mostly refer to overthinking everything. It’s a great trait to be responsible and to think everything through, but sometimes in life you must take some risks. I’ve written this article to remind you that life isn’t about “IF’. Moreover, it is proven that if you’re a positive person, your entire life is much more happier and optimistic.

Continue reading to find 5 easy steps that you can take to stop worrying.

1. Positivity

Firstly, in order to stop worrying you should focus on positivity. Start your day by reading or saying optimistic messages to yourself. For example, when you wake up in the morning, just say to yourself : “I am positive! This day will go just as planned”, “I am positive today I will do an excellent job at work” (…) Once these little messages become part of your routine, your days will start with a dose of positivity. Therefore, you will experience a boost in energy, confidence and productivity.

Try seeing the good in every action throughout the day. For example, if you make a mistake, try to learn something from it. Being able to embrace the fact that nobody is perfect will also maximise your level of positivity.

2. Some situations are out of your control

Not everything is under your control. You should always remember that you are not responsible for other people’s actions or for other things that are not in your power to control. It’s completely normal to try to be the best version of yourself and to aspire to take the best decisions. However, if there is a bump in the road, don’t point your finger at yourself. Think through the situation and sometimes just embrace the fact that some actions are out of your control.

Downs are not the end of the world, even if it might feel like it. You will have to be optimistic and choose your happiness and well-being over anything. The Universe will always have its way to show you that the best things are yet to come; if something didn’t happen as you expected, maybe there’s a reason for that.

3. Mindfulness

Find a quiet place and sit down for a bit. Take a breath of fresh air and focus on yourself. You must realise that living in the present is crucial. As I mentioned in my other articles: You aren’t able to change the past, but your present impacts the future. Stop looking behind and focus on THIS moment. Find out that every second of your time is precious. Why worry when you can go and tell someone “I love you”, when you can do something that truly defines yourself at this moment in your life?

Focus on your breath while you sit down in this quiet place, just like you should focus on the present in your daily routine.

4. Say it out loud

Sometimes it’s best for yourself to say your worries out loud. Go to that person you can talk to and tell them her / him about your worries. It can be quite difficult at first, to open up to someone, but it can also do wonders. It’s like the worries in your head will stop for a bit when the conversation is over. Moreover, if your friend wants to, she / he might also give you some great pieces of advice on how to deal with your problem.

However, if you’re not a talkative person, you can always write everything down. I found one great exercise where you write down all of your worries. After you’ve finished, tear down the piece of paper and throw it in the bin. This exercise will make you feel free again and it will clear your mind.

5. Relaxation

Also, relaxation techniques can work very well in reducing your worries. If you’re feeling down and you just can’t stop overthinking everything, you can try meditation, yoga or you can schedule an appointment for a massage. Find what relaxation technique works best for you and clear your mind of all the dark thoughts.

Moreover, having some time for yourself is always therapeutic and welcomed.

All things considered, decide to stop worrying, try the Hakuna Matata “philosophy” and tell me about your experience.

How do you take your mind off your worries? 🙂

Lots of love,

Andrada xx

Well-being tips are the ones I always google when things are not so great in Paradise, so here are 5 signs you’re going through a burnout that you need to read!

What is a burnout?

First of all, if you want to know exactly if you’re going through a burnout or not, you have to know exactly what a burnout is.

“Burnout is a state of emotional, physical, and mental exhaustion caused by excessive and prolonged stress. It occurs when you feel overwhelmed, emotionally drained, and unable to meet constant demands.”

How do you know you’re experiencing a burnout?

One of the most important well-being tips I can give you is about how to realise you are experiencing a burnout. Due to stress that gathers during your day, you might not realise the situation you’re facing. However, the harsh feeling of being drained, the headaches and maybe the stomach aches are some of the first clear symptoms you will probably encounter. Exhaustion comes with negative impacts on you, so it’s important to acknowledge when things are getting out of hand and to find a solution.

A burnout is nothing easy to get through especially when you’ve encountered daily stress. Remember to be strong and to get your life back on track. Actually, the burnouts gained popularity due to the lack of energy people tend to have these days.

Continue reading to discover the most common 5 signs of a burnout in the list below.

1. Lack of focus

The gathered stress and worries can cause lack of focus when dealing with tasks or you can even start forgetting things. Focus is something you might struggle with daily due the lack of energy. The loss of this while going through a burnout is more than common.

However, in order to recover you will have to take things easy and build your focus step by step. Actually, you should find your weekly goals and try achieving them and while you advance you will start ramping up.

For example, if your first week starts with 20 hours every week reserved for your private time, after two to three weeks you can increase the number and so on.

Well-being tips | Signs You're Going Through a Burnout

2. Feeling tired all the time

You’ll start loosing most of your energy while experiencing a burnout. The high level of exhaustion caused by the stress you’re having will make you sleepy and drained most of the time. Therefore, one of the most important well-being tips I have for you today is to slowly try recovering and to never lose hope.

Therefore, during your recovery you should start with taking breaks and try meditating accompanied by some breathing exercises. Focus on getting your strength back. Realise how important it is to use your free time for your goals and purposes. Your purpose now is to get better. Therefore, when you take a break consider getting a breath of fresh air and relaxing.

3. Not feeling like socializing

If you have never been a social person, maybe you will not experience this symptom as other extroverts. However, if you used to love to communicate and in the past month you just didn’t feel like it at all, you should start questioning your well-being at the moment. Actually, if people now exhaust you and you are feeling tired after a conversation you might experience the introvert burnout.

Another one of my wellbeing tips in order for you to fully recover is to spend some time alone. “How am I going to bring back the extrovert in me if I spend time alone?” As weird as it sounds, you need some time to recharge yourself with energy. Try relaxing a bit and stop overthinking everything. Your appetite for socialization will come back eventually.

4. You are feeling unmotivated at work

Stress isn’t easy to deal with, therefore it can even drain you out of your motivation at work. Many tasks and the use of digital devices could even make your current state worse. This feeling you might experience is a real sign of a burnout.

Actually, in order to recover beautifully you will have to be a little careful for the next short period of time. For example, you can introduce some brakes during your day at work. Relax a bit and put your thoughts together. Moreover, if you feel overwhelmed by a task and start losing concentration, you can start doing another one and finish the first task later.

5. Not feeling like yourself lately

With all the signs I’ve put together it’s normal for you not to feel like yourself. As I said before, burnout comes with many problems. Therefore, if you are not feeling like yourself, experiencing dizziness and fatigue, you’re probably experiencing a burnout.

One of the best well-being tips for this situation is to try focusing on yourself a little more. Remember who you really are. Remember the things that used to motivate you and make you who you are in the past. Spend some quality time with your family and slowly get back on track.

It is normal for you to experience these things, therefore you should never forget that you are not alone. All you have to do is accept the situation and fight for your well-being. What are your pieces of advice in order to avoid a burnout?

Considering how challenging the times we are living in can be, I’ve picked the best 10 pandemic hobbies for you. Regain your hope and inspiration by trying new things you might fall in love with.

Usually, hobbies are such a great way of breaking through the daily routine. Trying some relaxing and energising activities will do great for your well-being.

The Covid-19 pandemic affected every single one of us in different ways. Therefore, we must somehow manage our schedule in order to find some time for ourselves and our needs. Moreover, considering how much time we spend indoors in the same environment, we need some distractions from our daily routines.

I’m now going to start my list of ‘pandemic hobbies’, you can try some of them and see which one fits you right. Do some good to yourself and your mental health!

1. Photography

Actually, photography might be a great activity for every social media lover (guilty as charged!). Through photography you can find beauty in everything, including in the simplicity of your own home.

While you spend your time indoors, you can experience with flat lays, themed photoshoots or even portraits. Choose your props, fix the lighting and create a photo studio in your own bedroom.

Even since the pandemic started, I have seen lots of beautiful people taking their very own pictures, professionally or not. You can play with the lights and choose a different aesthetic for your shooting every time.

After all, play both roles (model and photographer) and level up your content creation game.

2. Writing

If you’re feeling inspired and creative, writing can be your best choice from my list of pandemic hobbies.

Even if we are talking about starting your very own book or only journaling, writing can be a great way of letting it all out.

If you want to start your own novel, it will be a great way of escaping reality in your own fictional universe. You can create characters that can each reflect your emotions and your different experiences. Moreover, after finishing your creation you can celebrate this new achievement and also enjoy making other people happy with your very own universe.

3. Sewing

Who doesn’t want to become their own fashion designer?

As a new hobby, you can start learning how to sew. Just imagine how many benefits come with the ability to sew. First of all, you can always alter and repair your clothes, maybe once you get better you can start revamping other clothes and personalize them.

This way, you can start making clothes specially made for you and your personal style and taste. Be different and steal the spotlight!

4. Watching TV-shows or movies

Watching television isn’t as unhealthy as media made it look in the past few years. After all, you can find lots of tv-shows and movies with great topics. Moreover, by watching high quality movies you can still learn lots of things and spend your extra time doing something that relaxes you.

Actually, you can make a list with every movie you once wanted to see but never did. Also, include every category of movies in your list. I did that one Summer and I’m so happy I got to watch all the classics. Once you’ve finished it, you can for sure say that you now know your taste and feel achieved that you found the time to complete seeing these special movies you always wanted to try.

5. Painting

Painting is such a relaxing and beautiful way of spending your extra time. Anyone can do it, even if many people admit that they can’t even draw a straight line. Once you learn at least the basic science of colours, you can let your imagination flow and create personal masterpieces inspired by your own emotions.

You can try abstract art and try giving life to all of your emotions, after you finish you will feel stress free and relieved.

Painting often has the same effects on humans as journaling and expressing their feelings throughout writing.

6. Working out

If you always wanted to make a change in your physical look, a pandemic time is great for starting to work out. First of all, working out has an impressive effect of your not only physical but also mental health. While achieving the body you’ve always dreamed about, you can also improve your state of mind.

Also, finding a trainer for this type of activity is not hard at all. Nowadays the internet is full of young and experienced trainers willing to share their passion with everyone interested.

Bring the gym to you by following some great and educational work out YouTube videos.

7. Reading

One of the many amazing pandemic hobbies is reading. It is proven that, reading is therapeutic and stress relieving.

Chose one topic that intrigues you the most and read some bestsellers that will completely change your perspective on life. Escape in a fictional universe and train your mind at the same time.

However, if you don’t have a personal favourite category of books, you can try completing a list of 100 books to read in a lifetime. Explore the masterpieces made throughout time and feel achieved once you finished it!

Do it for you and only you!

8. Hiking

Even if the word “pandemic” instantly makes you think of indoors, you can go hiking during these hard times. Moreover, you can escape the dangers and agglomeration of the city and escape somewhere natural. Enjoy the fresh air and the beautiful landscapes.

9. Learning a new language

I believe everyone fell in love with at least one foreign country or city, with its culture and history and even its language. For instance, if Rome is your favourite city, why not learn Italian?

Accomplish one of your goals and enjoy the time you spend while doing it. In the end, you will find yourself more focused and also with having gained a new skill.

After the pandemic ends, visit that place that stole your heart and become a part of it showing your appreciation by learning its language.

10. Baking

It seems that people enjoy cooking and baking much more these days. By trying this pandemic hobby you can also be productive, have fun and in the end enjoy an amazing meal you made.

You can try those recipes you always loved and moreover, you can try many new and innovating ways of cooking and combining products.

Have fun and perfect yourself in this beautiful art.

Lastly, I hope that you’re going to try a couple of these pandemic hobbies and that you’re going to have a wonderful time whilst ‘escaping the world’. What’s your favourite from the list?

Women empowerment to me means showing women what they’re capable of if they just believe in themselves. Women all over the world have realised how important it is to be on each other’s side and to protect our values as females. We are expected to be so many things from an exceptional mother to a successful business / career woman. Moreover, on social media, many women compare themselves to others and can feel down because they’re not skinny, curvy or not looking like all the influencers they see all over the media.

In time, I have established my own values; I have realised what an important role females play in society and fully embraced mine. I’ve prepared this article discussing five important techniques to embrace positive self-talk.

Why does positive self-talk play such an important role in women empowerment?

First of all, self-talk is made out of thoughts you’re sending to yourself everyday – positive or negative. Also, they have an impact on your confidence, positivity, self-love and after all, mentality.

Actually, it’s said that if you start your day with positive affirmations the rest of it will go as great as it started. The way we choose to see the things that happen to us have an enormous impact on our way of living. Therefore, if you will always see the bad side of yourself and your actions, you are only harming yourself and falling into deeper and darker thoughts.

Set yourself some healthy boundaries

The environment you decide to spend your time in has a meaningful impact on your life and positivity. Therefore, setting some healthy boundaries and choosing your circle of friends carefully is a great start.

Constantly surround yourself with people who cherish and respect you in order to charge yourself with positivity.

Moreover, the media also has an effect on your mindset, therefore you should opt for a more positive and a more mindful newsfeed. Feed your thoughts and mind with practical and useful information rather than negative news (don’t argue with me on that please).

Positive affirmations

Start saying positive affirmations to yourself.

Consider starting with two positive affirmations every day. Also, don’t forget about the law of attraction, if you manifest something, it will come to you eventually. Therefore, once you get out of bed say: “Today will be a wonderful day, everything will go as planned” or “Today I will not allow anything to bring me down, I’m staying positive”.

Once you make a habit out of it, maintaining a positive mindset won’t be hard at all.

Also, have you considered doing women empowerment in your circle of friends? You never know who will need to learn about your positive approach to life.

Channel your inner critic in the right direction

In life, we can all make mistakes. However, you should channel your inner critic in the right direction. Therefore, if you find yourself in a bad position or have made a mistake, ask yourself : “Is there another way to look at this problem?” Don’t let your negative chatter interfere – we’re all experts at complaining about ourselves and not doing anything constructive about it.

We’re all human and every single one of us makes mistakes, all you have to do is to learn from them and to accept them. Just decide on what you did wrong, how you can possibly fix it and how can you avoid it in the future. That’s all!

However, don’t be too harsh on yourself! Mistakes are part of our lives and sometimes you just can not avoid them.

Be thankful

Be thankful! 🙂 This is a perfect way to find the good in your life and generate positive self-talk.

Try to be grateful for everything that happens in your life.

However, if you’re having a hard time doing that, keep track of everything that made you smile or made you thankful. Also, at the end of the day, you’ll realise how small your problems actually are.

Stop comparing yourself to others

You’re unique and that is your power after all!

You should accept and embrace your own values and uniqueness. Also, I know it’s quite hard to not look at what other people are doing and to not compare yourself with them, but it’s not quite healthy.

Once you see that you have your very own path, you will also realise that no one can be you and that for sure is a boost of confidence.

Individuals that are better off or worse than you, will always be around. It’s crucial to focus on yourself and be thankful for what you have.

Stop comparing yourself to others and start living your own life.

Lastly, daily positive self-talk is not impossible to reach, all you have to do is to see the best in situations. Start seizing the day and always see the good in you.

Here’s to women empowerment! 🥂