Festive nails make me so happy. Every year, I love to start getting ready the holiday season quite early. For the past year I’ve been rocking gel on my nails, but I’ve noticed that from strong, firm nails, my natural manicure has become very thin. I had gotten to the point where my nail tips were breaking every time and decided to take a break from shellac and gels; I might go for gel at some point, but for now, I’m loving the natural vibe 😉

Christmas itself brings me a lot of joy and peace of mind. That’s how I discovered my love for doing my nails every year before Christmas. I usually choose either festive colours such as: green, red, white or blue or if my outfit is extravagant I opt for nude colours.

Essie is my favourite nail varnish. Not only does it have great lasting power, but it looks flawless after application and drying.

This year I’m going to use these two shades that I’ve started to love: Spin The Bottle and Off Tropic.

Spin The Bottle

This is a very pretty and feminine shade of pink. It brings sparkle and elegance to your nails. It’s perfectly suited for a classic and groomed look.

Off Tropic

This shade is diametrically opposed to the first one. It is an intense, winter green. It brings to mind a light and warm winter atmosphere. It is primarily extravagant, but on a careful and elegant note.

How to apply

First of all, you need to carefully clean your nails and give them the desired shape. Take care to remove any traces of oil, then use the brush to apply the polish. For a perfect result, it is recommended to apply two coats. Then it’s time to wait for it to dry. This way, in less than 10 minutes you can get the manicure you want.

Indeed, I only presented two shades. But just think, you can choose from over 60 shades! Think about what suits you best and choose your favourite colour! Your festive nails will be more beautiful and healthy than ever.

After all, one thing I’ve learned from my experience with gel is that it can indeed look gorgeous, but over a long period of time it has negative effects on the nail bed. I couldn’t give up the manicure, but I choose the healthier option. That’s how I also realized that it’s actually the option I love the most.

Have you ever tried Essie?

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Summer make-up looks are my absolute favourites! I recently just tried this peachy make-up look that I can’t wait to share it with you. It’s also super quick to do as well. Let’s take a look!

Let’s get the base RIGHT!

OMG – the Double Wear by Estee Lauder is my absolute hero foundation 😉 add a little bit as a touch up this Summer and you’re ready to go. You can even do some nice freakless for a fresh sun kissed look with a brown eyeliner of your choice.

Summer Make-up Look: Peachy Eye Make-Up

I feel like I’ve finally made my breakthrough into the perfect GLOSSY peachy eyeshadow. I actually had tried this technique a couple of times, but the result wasn’t making me too happy. So, now I’m ready to share my secret to this with you: having a pigmented eyeshadow and a strong lip gloss. 

Ready for the reveal? The NYX Professional Makeup Ultimate Edit Petite Shadow in Utopia. Nevertheless, this orange is everything you need this Summer. Apply it on your lid and on the lower lash line. 

Let’s wake up those GLOSSY eyes

To bring your eyes to life, use this AMAZING mascara by Essence. I actually saw this on TikTok and once I tried it…I was hooked. 

Next, you will want to add this amazing Maybelline Lifter Gloss as a quick tap on your eyelid! Moreover, I find is so long lasting and it gives my eyes that instant glow. Love it!

And guess what? You’re done! I love a great Summer makeup look – I’ll wear this on a daily I can bet.

Also, I actually made an extra look using this palette which looks so extra in real life. 

Hope you’ve loved my Summer make-up looks and that you’re ready to look like a beautiful Goddess this season!

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If you’ve just started your Roaccutane treatment, you might be wondering what products to use for it. Trust me when I say, I never thought my skin could ever get so dry and sensitive. Well, after trying out a couple of brands, I finally found the ONE that is affordable and very efficient: Sesderma. I was shocked when I noticed the results in just a few weeks.

What is Sesderma?

Sesderma is a Spanish dermatology laboratory founded in 1989 by Dr. Gabriel Serrano, a world-renowned dermatologist. I’m not the one who tries new brands often, but the fact that it was established by a good dermatologist and its great reviews made me think it will cure my dry skin quickly. And so it did! Now all my products for my Roaccutane Treatment are Sesderma (except for the SPF lotion).

Step 1: Gently exfoliate whilst on Roaccutane Treatment

Some will say to not exfoliate. I say the opposite. For me, exfoliating once a week with a microdermabrasion cream is doing wonders actually. In the beginning, I used to get white patches on my skin (of dry skin). Even though I’m using a super hydrating moisturiser (I’ll get to it in a minute), I find that removing dead skin is helping my face to recover quicker and get more hydration. Besides smelling incredible, the Abradermol is leaving my skin smooth without being harsh on it.

products for Roaccutane Treatment

Step 2: Hydrate your skin twice a day

For an oily skinned person, the dryness came as a real surprise. I’m not going to lie, the fact that my skin was dry was making me happy in the first few weeks. Then, I realised that I need an even stronger moisturiser. I started with something on the high street, non luxury, non dermatological. No matter how oily and hydrated your skin is, believe me when I say, you need a rich face cream!

I was kind of starting to look for extremely expensive alternatives (as directed by my dermatologist), but I decided to try the Sesderma Acglicolic 20 Facial first. And OH MY GOD! This cream will feel rich on your skin and will require you to massage it a little bit, but you will notice your skin’s elasticity coming back after the first uses. I tend to apply a thicker layer of it at night when I hydration the most. It even tingled when I started using it and then I knew it’s going to work. It’s my holy grail and I can’t recommend it enough.

products for Roaccutane Treatment

Step 3: Vitamin C should be part of your Roaccutane Skincare

My dermatologist recommended Vitamin C for an extra boost of hydration. I’ve been using the C-Vit by Sesderma and in comparison with other serums, this one is very think and hydrating. I’m using one small bottle for two applications. So, it’s totally worth it!

products for Roaccutane Treatment  Sesderma

Step 4: Hyaluronic Acid boost

No one recommended me this but it works for me 😉 I find the Hidraderm TRX Ampoules great to use twice a week. My skin feels pumped and I’m actually preventing any wrinkles forming because of my potential dry skin. I love to use them when I watch TV or read a good book. Win-win!

products for Roaccutane Treatment

Step 5: Apply SPF 50 everyday

What actually happens whilst you’re on this treatment is that your skin is rejuvenating. You’ll get baby skin all over your body. Being so sensitive means that you need to have the right protection. Remember to apply a SPF 50 on both your face and body. It’s VERY important.

These are all the products I use for my Roaccutane Treatment. Sesderma saved me from dry skin and the constant pain of trying out different products. I think that they’ll be in my beauty kit even when I’ll finish my treatment in three months.

This post is kindly sponsored by Notino. All words and opinions are my own*

Summer Glowy Make-up looks are obsessing me at the moment. Right now, it’s the perfect time for catching a stunning tan and creating a glowy make-up look to complement it. If you’re hitting that sun bed in your backyard or escaping for a weekend at the beach, you will want to look the part. Have a look at how I created this look while also protecting my skin from UV rays.

Perfect your make-up base

After you moisturise and hydrate your face, you shall gently apply foundation with a beauty blender. I find it very important to perfect my make-up base by also applying a translucent powder in the T-zone after putting foundation on. To get the perfect summer glowy make-up look I’ve used this powder by NYX and it’s one of their best sellers. High Definition Finishing Powder in 01 is truly one of the products that I highly recommend. It has done major effects on setting my make-up from the first time I’ve used it.


Creating copper eyes & a nude lip

In order to create copper eyes I am using a NYX pencil. I will apply it directly to my eyelid with gentle touch. However, it’s important to use a subtle technique in order to avoid harsh lines. As a final step I always apply 2 coats of mascara, creating a gorgeous effect of glamurous but still natural eyelashes.

Moving on to the lips section, I have applied the stunning Soft Matte Lip Cream in ‘London’ by NYX. Its touch has the perfect glowy summer make-up look effect, making your lips fuller and also natural.

Remember to wear UV protection

The final touch in reaching the perfect glowy summer make-up look is to always remember to add UV protection. Protecting your skin from UV and pollution usually one of the Avène Skin Care products shall be the best to use. For this look I’ve used the Avène Sun Sensitive Spray SPF 30. Its rich and velvety texture shall smoothen, enlighten your skin and also help in protecting you from UV skin damages.

Moreover, whilst you sun bathe, always remember to hydrate your skin with thermal water. You can also use the Avène Eau Thermale and enjoy good hydration on your skin.


You’re now all set for a stunning look whilst you’re out this Summer. If you’re wearing white or nude, this glowy make-up look will POP! If you need any advice on shades or anything like that for the products available on Notino, please contact me below or via DM on Instagram at @notagirlygal. I would love to hear from you 🙂

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While summer is waving goodbye to us, the strong sun is still out there. I haven’t been completely aware of how damaging sun rays can be for both my skin and hair, until the beginning of the season, when I started reading even more about the subject. While protecting my skin from the bad guy literally means using an SPF moisturiser every morning, when it comes to my hair, I discovered this routine that leaves my hair super smooth and protected. In today’s post, I’m showing you exactly how I keep my hair shiny & smooth at the end of summer when my hair needs it the most.

Which products should you use?

One of the best things you can do for your hair is to use professional salon products. Sometimes, these can be a little bit more expensive than the average drugstore, but in the long run your hair will definitely look and feel healthier. Have you ever heard of the professional brand ‘milkshake’? Besides their incredible scent (I want a scented candle please), the products leave your hair softer than ever.

I’ve been using the Milk Shake Sun & More range since summer started and when I first washed my hair with the Milk Shake All Over Shampoo, I felt it to become incredibly smooth. I remember feeling quite intrigued, asking myself ‘Why haven’t I used this before?!’.


How to engage in a healthy hair routine

Well, I’m washing my hair and conditioning with the Milk Shake Sun & More Beauty Mask, twice a week. The mask is nourishing and leaves my hair super smooth. I don’t believe in the idea of not using a hair mask often. I believe that the more you nourish your hair, the healthier it would be. It’s like watering a plant or eating your greens, right? This specific one has organic muru muru and no parabens. No wonder my hair is as healthy as it ever been. Try it for yourself and you won’t believe the changes. The mask is only £8.79 on Notino while the shampoo is £8.69. So, next time you’re running out of shampoo & conditioner, avoid your drugstore and go online. I was pleasantly surprised to see that Notino stocks my favourite hair brand at such an amazing price – way cheaper than what I used to spend on it buying from the beauty salon.


Keeping your moisture locked in the ends of your hair

Even though my hair is moisturised after washing, it’s quite normal for it to lose some of it after a couple of days. Why? Simply because the sun or atmosphere dries it out. I have such a great policy on keeping my hair moisturised. I apply the Milk Shake Sun& More twice a day regularly, before bed and every morning. At night, I keep my hair in a low ponytail or plat to prevent it from breaking. My next step would be buying silk bedsheets as it will help my hair not break during the night.

You should definitely try to switch to the Milk Shake range as it will definitely improve how your hair will look and feel. I’m really happy with the range and would never go back to drugstore, just for the benefits I’ve seen in my hair’s appearance.


Thank you so much for reading. Make a great change for your hair today ✨

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Hello my healthy lifestyle lovers! 😉

I’ve only started making changes in my diet two years ago and I’ve seen improvements in my overall health – I really stopped getting sick every single month and started to feel less tired. If you want to loose weight, feel more energetic and give your body the care that it deserves, keep on reading! Get ready to hit the beach in style.