You’re probably looking at your screen thinking ‘not another shopping related post’. If you’ve been following my blog for a while now, you probably know that I’m not constantly shopping for new items, but sometimes I think having something new feels good. At the moment, I only buy clothes that are unique and look interesting to me. It’s all in the details, babe, because quite frankly and luckily enough, I don’t need anything else as I’m sure most girls don’t actually need to splurge on fashion every week. A few weeks ago, knowing that my shoe collection wasn’t as strong on the summer side, I’ve decided to get a few pairs (at once), but also get some accessories as well while I was at it. Here we are now, we’re looking at the current must haves for Summer 2019!

A beautiful summer dress

If you’d ask me three years ago, what do I think about summer dresses, I’d have said ‘They’re not for me!’. It’s funny because there are so many types of dresses out there and my mind always associated a dress with a baby doll type of look which doesn’t appeal to me even now. Instead, I discovered dresses that suit my style: bold & gorgeous. A good summer dress is hard to find, but when you do… you’ll never be apart!

Current FASHION Must Haves for Summer 2019 | Why you Need them TOO

It took a while for me to feel comfortable in a dress and I think I’ve found my style!I really like it to be tight around my waist and then flow & follow me everywhere I go. This dress is by & other stories and its fabric quality makes me absolutely love it. It’s super easy to wear and it will definitely make you feel like a queen. You can find some amazing gems in their sale section at the moment, so check that out if you’re in town.

Diamond Sunnies

Oh, hi there! Honestly, you have to own a pair of diamond sunnies – they look so stylish and will do wonders on your pictures for the ‘gram. Just make sure you tag me @notagirlygal, I want to see you absolutely slayin’ it! I’ve gotten mine in a souvenir shop (I know haha) while strolling around Covent Garden with my lovely mum in the weekend, but you can find them everywhere online.

Happy Pumps

Did I mention I bought like three pairs of shoes at once? Listen, if you’re like me right now, basically living in your boots or trainers, it’s time for a change for the better. It’s summer, an amazing opportunity for you to try a new style and perhaps go out from your comfort zone. Wearing low heels was a huge change for me which I’m thrilled I did. Surprisingly, my feel don’t kill in low heels – yours won’t either if you’re getting enough room for your feet to move. If they hurt in the moment you put them on, don’t buy them. If they feel ok, they’ll feel better after you’ve worn them a couple times. Just buy some plasters beforehand, you’ll need them (trust me) 🙂


You gotta love a little bit of summer fashion! I’m definitely experiencing more with my style this season and have been really loving it so far. I’ve found so many good ‘steals’ in different stores for the items I needed, so I’ll continue to do so with all items on my wish list.

P.S: Keep a wish list and try to reduce the cost as much as you can by not buying stuff right away, but hold on for opportunities. For example, I need to get a new hair brush this month and I’ve popped it on my shopping list, but didn’t buy it straight away. Next day, a blogger was giving away free hair brushes. Point is, you never know which offers you come across! It’s up to you, but lately I try to reduce these type of costs, but I’d rather splurge on a nice holiday, piece of jewerlly or experience.

On this summer fashion note, which items you can’t ‘live’ without? Let me know below 🙂 

Lots of love,



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