Fashion accessories have my heart. Especially during Autumn because it’s the perfect season for accessorising and creating innovative looks. You’ll get to rock over the knee boots, printed scarves, elegant hats, leather gloves, trench coats and so many other gorgeous pieces. Oh, I find Autumn fashion so chic & fun because there’s so much variety in terms of outfits, you can wear a new combo every single day.

If you want to know which are THE best fashion accessories to try in 2021, this is the perfect article for you. Let’s discover the must haves of this season.

1. Platforms – still TRENDING!

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Versace, Prada and Schiaparelli helped us remember how cool platforms used to be. Be brave and get up on these boots! You can style them with dresses and skirts for a 00s look, plus your legs will look longer and thinner. Do you remember Bratz? Well, with the right pair of platforms, you’ll feel like the newest member of the gang!

If you want to go for a sharper look, you can try shoulder pads jackets and straight skirts/dresses/pants. If you add a pair of platforms with a linear heel, your look will become more editorial.

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2. Moonboots

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Are chunky shoes the newest trend? 100%. If in the previous heading we talked about platforms, it’s now time to unleash our next trend. I’m positive you might’ve even forgot about … Moonboots!

They were such a trend in the 00s. However, they had a glow down almost immediately and people didn’t like them anymore. However, now in 2021, Moonboots are a trend again. Chanel, Dolce & Gabanna, Chloé and Ottolinger created various variations of the retro Moonboot. Classier and perfectly adapted to 2021, this new concept has been adapted by many trend setters.

Moonboots look great with baggy outfits, skinny jeans and many more combos. Hello, retro chic look!

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3. Hobo bags

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Hobo bags are staying for Autumn! They can make your outfit look expensive in seconds. For example, if you decide to go for a casual look such as: jeans, hoodie and sneakers; a shoulder hobo bag will complete the fit. Equally, you will look stunning whilst wearing it with a white shirt & a skirt. Hello, Instagram followers 😉

These are just some examples that I like, but there are so many alternatives of the Hobo bag, I’m sure you can find the one.

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4. Rectangular Sunglasses – Fashion Accessories

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Rectangular shades are such a statement accessory. You can wear a simple outfit and complete the look with a luxury pair of sunglasses. That way, your look will be taken to the next level in seconds. These Balenciaga ones are my all time favourites!

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5. Statement Rings

The statement rings are one of my favourite fashion accessories this fall. Golden ones especially! They can easily make your fit look elegant and expensive. You can go for thick and gold ones for evenings. They look amazing if you chose a black outfit.

For a sunny day you can chose colourful ones made of resin. They are such a trend on TikTok right now. Also, for work days, you can chose multiple ones that go with the watch you’re wearing.

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All things considered, this Autumn you can try different trends that can make your outfits look so cool without much effort. Just have fun with it and enjoy experimenting with new items 🙂

Until next time,

Miss Andrada



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