Festive nails make me so happy. Every year, I love to start getting ready the holiday season quite early. For the past year I’ve been rocking gel on my nails, but I’ve noticed that from strong, firm nails, my natural manicure has become very thin. I had gotten to the point where my nail tips were breaking every time and decided to take a break from shellac and gels; I might go for gel at some point, but for now, I’m loving the natural vibe 😉

Christmas itself brings me a lot of joy and peace of mind. That’s how I discovered my love for doing my nails every year before Christmas. I usually choose either festive colours such as: green, red, white or blue or if my outfit is extravagant I opt for nude colours.

Essie is my favourite nail varnish. Not only does it have great lasting power, but it looks flawless after application and drying.

This year I’m going to use these two shades that I’ve started to love: Spin The Bottle and Off Tropic.

Spin The Bottle

This is a very pretty and feminine shade of pink. It brings sparkle and elegance to your nails. It’s perfectly suited for a classic and groomed look.

Off Tropic

This shade is diametrically opposed to the first one. It is an intense, winter green. It brings to mind a light and warm winter atmosphere. It is primarily extravagant, but on a careful and elegant note.

How to apply

First of all, you need to carefully clean your nails and give them the desired shape. Take care to remove any traces of oil, then use the brush to apply the polish. For a perfect result, it is recommended to apply two coats. Then it’s time to wait for it to dry. This way, in less than 10 minutes you can get the manicure you want.

Indeed, I only presented two shades. But just think, you can choose from over 60 shades! Think about what suits you best and choose your favourite colour! Your festive nails will be more beautiful and healthy than ever.

After all, one thing I’ve learned from my experience with gel is that it can indeed look gorgeous, but over a long period of time it has negative effects on the nail bed. I couldn’t give up the manicure, but I choose the healthier option. That’s how I also realized that it’s actually the option I love the most.

Have you ever tried Essie?

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This article is kindly sponsored by Notino. Words and opinions are my own.

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