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I’ve only started making changes in my diet two years ago and I’ve seen improvements in my overall health – I really stopped getting sick every single month and started to feel less tired. If you want to loose weight, feel more energetic and give your body the care that it deserves, keep on reading! Get ready to hit the beach in style.

To launch my #NGHealthSeries (NotAGirlyGal Health Series), I’ve decided to share with you my key advice on loosing weight & leading a healthier lifestyle. Please bear in mind that this only what I do, I’m not an expert in fitness or nutrition. My diet and work out exercises are based on research (both mine and Andrei’s) and they really work for me.

Fitness & Health – How I Stay Healthy and Get Summer Body Ready #NGHealthSeries NotAGirlyGal

1. Eating Less & Healthier = Your main Goal

Your main goal needs to eat less and obviously healthier. First of all, you need to eat less carbs (all white ingredients such as flour, fat milk or yogurt, rice). While carbs might make you feel full, you’ll feel hungry right after because they don’t offer you the nutrients your body needs. Someone once told me ‘I always try to have something green in my plate’ – while that was a bit funny at the time, it really stayed with me and I hope it will stay with you too.

Know your proportionsΒ 

While deciding on a balanced meal, it’s important to know your proportions. Some healthy vegetables that I love to include in my meals are carrot, peas, broccoli, spinach, tomatoes, cauliflower, just to name a few. Consider adding protein to your meals too (meats such as tuna, chicken breast, beef, shrimp; eggs, nuts, red beans) to ensure you’ll have a balanced diet. Out of all healthy meals, I’m a huge fan of salads because I FINALLY understood what makes a rich, fulfilling salad! If you think a salad won’t make you feel full, think again because these are some of my favourite salads I luckily have saved in my ‘Food’ highlight folder on my Instagram account so I can share them with you today and trust me – they will keep your hunger at bay!

All you have to know if you’re starting out with healthy eating, especially with salads is that you need to use rich in mineral greens (spinach, kale) as your base and choose a healthy proteins for example chicken breast or tuna fish instead of high fats proteins such as eggs or cheese (although you can add a little bit of cheese for your own pleasure, I sometimes grill some parmesan on top).

Play around with your veggie mix: I love to add half of avocado especially with the chicken or tuna salad, cherry tomatoes, rocket, spinach, pumpkin & chia seeds and goji. Instead of topping it with olive oil, I like to choose a healthier option such as freshly squeezed lemon.Β Β 

2. Working Out To Support Your New ‘Diet’

Hello there, gym kit! You have so many more chances to loose the unwanted weight and get ready for that summer body, if you start working out. A healthy diet will help you have more energy to put into your exercises and naturally help in looking good. I used to go to the gym quite a lot, but after changing location I kind of stopped. And it showed.

So now, since two or three weeks I’ve started working out again, but differently. I do my own running routine outdoors and work out my abs (I love it because I can see results quicker). I totally recommend buying a waist trainer or using kitchen foil around your tummy area when exercising because it will make you sweat so much faster! This 100 abs challenge is awesome, but if you don’t feel like it’s doing enough for you try to combine it with this 10 minute Abs Workout.

There we have it, that’s how I stay healthy and get summer body ready – I really hope you enjoyed this first article of the #NGHealthSeries where I will be constantly sharing my tips on leading a healthy lifestyle. It’s just what I do, I’m not an expert in the matters, but I do love to keep ahead of the game – if you have any special routines, please send them to me, the more resources, the merrier.

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What salads will you try from the above recipes? πŸ™‚

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