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When the most wonderful time of the year is just around the corner, I like to make sure I’m getting ready for holidays in time because remembering even the most minor details, will count towards making the holiday really magical.

First week of December

Just before the first week of December, I like to make a plan of the things I need or stuff I have to do for Christmas. I sat down, drinking a cinnamon latte while listening to Christmas jazzy music and created what I like to call ‘My way to a magical Christmas’

1.Make a gift list

Put down all your dearest people – all the ones you will like to make feel special this Christmas. Christmas is all about sharing, so even if you just share a moment and a smile with that person around Christmas, is just as beautiful as sharing a wow Christmas gift.

Miss Andrada Holiday Preparation List

2. Look for any needed Christmas decorations

You can never have enough Christmas decorations, just like you could never have too many shoes. But now, I’m referring to those pieces that might be missing from your collection or things you always wanted to hang around your home. For me, on top of my list this year, there are some really pretty interior lights that I will use for decorating my staircase.

Miss Andrada Holiday Preparation List

3. Order your gifts in time

This year, I’ve already started ordering and buying Christmas gifts. I think it’s the earliest I’ve ever been, but so far it feels so good to be able to take my time with the shopping. So, I believe the quickest you could start gathering the items, the better. It will save you moments of buying something, just because it’s the best option available at the time.

4. Decide on the two outfits you need for Christmas and New Year’s Eve

It’s really important to plan your outfits ahead. You know how we always see everything we want in a store and then 3 weeks later the collection turns out to be replaced? It happened to me way too many times not to wish to start early with planning them this year. Just get online, browse some items and start ordering them or go on a quick shopping spree to get the chance to try some on. You will definitely avoid the crisis of ‘I have nothing to wear for next week!’ or even worse ‘I don’t know what I’m going to wear tomorrow’

5. Start getting into the Christmas Spirit

Need ideas on how to get into the festive spirit? Start by visiting Christmas markets and listening to carols. One key thing for me, is to light up cinnamon scented candles around the house, so I create a real Christmasy atmosphere. Then, I love to get cozy in my favourite blanket while drinking hot chocolate and watching my all time favourite Christmas movies.

Miss Andrada Holiday Preparation List

6. Advent calendars

This year, besides the chocolate advent calendars that I love, I want to get a beauty advent calendar. I got my eyes on the Benefit one, but I need to explore it a bit more until it’s a certain ‘yes’.

7. Don’t forget about the Christmas cards

I love sending cards – the personal touch they can add is simply beautiful. Don’t forget to send Christmas cards in time, so they will arrive just before Christmas. No time to blame the Royal Mail.

8. Optional Book Discovery

Last Christmas holiday, I read The Edge of Never by J. A. Redmerski – the passion for music, life and good vibes made me love it. So, thank you my dear Augusta for sharing this gem with me. I love the feeling of ‘living’ in the book – that’s why I am using my time now to research a similar book that I could read over Christmas. This week, I stopped in a bookshop in Waterloo station to have a look. I walked away with two books to read just before Christmas, as they are a bit more practical than the novels I am planning to read. I am currently into #Girlboss by Sophia Amoruso and I feel super inspired by her journey so far. Hello to all #girlbosses out there.

Miss Andrada Holiday Preparation List

9. Christmas jumper and cute pyjamas

Have your Christmas jumper / pyjamas ready for the long holiday days! Happy lounge!

Miss Andrada Holiday Preparation List

Hope you enjoyed my little Christmas checklist – please let me know if I missed anything. What do you always make sure you plan before holidays? Let me know in the comment section.

Happy holidays prep,



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