Healthy Summer foods are not hard to find at all. To be honest, you just have to see past the ice cream, doughnuts and many other sweets and desserts. Knowing that you can satisfy your sweet tooth with other delicious treats, why choose the most unhealthy one?

Hot weather can have various negative impacts on your energy levels, so try to add some dishes that are rich in vitamins and nutrients to your everyday diet. Don’t know where to start from? Worry not, together we’ll go through tasty snacks, healthy & yummy dishes and even one guilty pleasure. Let’s beat the heath and regain our wonderful energy!

1. Mix Protein & Vegetables as your Healthy Summer Dish

This meal is perfect for lunch! It’s one of my favourite dishes to prepare because it’s so easy and tasty. Plus, it gives me such an energy boost. Never mix carbohydrates with protein – you will instantly feel bloated and perhaps tired. If you’re not a meat eater, you can choose other diary products such as eggs whites, cheese or even nuts. When it comes to vegetables, it’s important to have them at least twice a day. They’re full of nutrients and vitamins. Also, plant based foods help you with gut bacteria and provide a smoother digestion.

2. Have berry & red berry smoothies

Berries are one of the most amazing healthy summer foods! Why? Simple! They’re a great source of antioxidants and they can decrease the risk of disease. They’re fresh and will also provide you with lots of energy and vitamins. Therefore, you can enjoy a sweet smoothie for breakfast and be healthy at the same time. One of my favourite breakfast dishes is 200ml of berry smoothie + a puffed rice cake with peanut butter on top. Improve your diet and get ready to make your Summer even better!

3. Indulge in fresh salads

As it can be quite hard to eat hot meals during Summer, you might need something more fresh. There are SO many salad combinations that you can try that you won’t get bored easily. Green leaf salad, spinach or iceberg salad are full of powerful antioxidants such as Vitamin C & E, Alpha and Beta Carotene, Folic Acid and Lycopene. By frequently consuming salads you can protect your heart, build strong bones, keep your weight in control and improve your muscles’ performance. If that didn’t make you feel like enjoying a fresh salad now, I don’t know what will!

4. Try small amounts of nuts as a Summer Healthy Snack

If you’re looking for quick healthy summer foods, nuts are your solution. They’re very rich in polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats. These fats can even lower bad cholesterol. Nuts are packed in protein, fibre, vitamins and minerals. Choose four – five nuts instead of a bag of crisps and diversify your diet.

5. Drink lots of cold water and mint

Cold water with mint can be very fresh, and can provide you lots of energy during a hot Summer day. However, these are not the only benefits that come from mint or water. For instance, mint can reduce belly fat. The leaves can trigger the release of extra bile and help you get in shape. Help your body digest fat drinking cold water with mint!

6. Have a guilty pleasure: iced coffee

Actually, cold coffee can reduce the risk of heart disease. It can increase insulin sensitivity, lower body pressure and stabilise blood sugar levels. Moreover, iced coffee is less acidic than hot coffee. Therefore, it’s also much better for your stomach and teeth.

If you are a coffee drinker, go for iced coffee during Summer. It’s not only better for your health, but it can also improve your energy level during the day.

7. Eat low fat fish for dinner

I love low fat fish! It contains fewer calories and lots of protein. Some examples of low fat fish are: tilapia, cod, flounder and sole. Besides the protein, these fishes have lots of Omega-3 Fatty Acids and Vitamins such as B and D. Plus, they are rich in Calcium, Potassium and are a great source of minerals. Hello, healthier lifestyle!

8. Healthy Summer Foods: spinach, rockets & peas

When you eat spinach you get lots vitamins and minerals. Moreover, it’s extremely rich in nutrients. Other greens such as peas and rockets are also great for your diet. They are all packed with fibre, minerals, vitamins and they are also low in calories. By eating greens you can reduce the risk of obesity, heart disease, high blood pressure and mental decline!

All things considered, there are so many healthy summer foods to pick from, however if you decide to try these ones, I guarantee that your lifestyle will be 100% improved. Slide in my DM’s (@notagirlygal ) and let me know which one of these meals is your favourite and why?

Until next time,

Miss Andrada



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