The moment we’ve been all waiting for is almost around the corner. As all things, the festive season will pass before we know it and this year I made a promise to myself that I would really make the most out of it because it’s important to truly live every second and do something a little bit more festive this season. Here are my top holiday tips for you on how to make the most out of your time.

1. Disconnect for a couple of days

Slide into holiday mode and disconnect for the first couple of days with my holiday tips. It’s important to take in the relaxing time you have. I’m guilty of previously running around because I have had planned a lot of activities for the first days of my holiday and I ended up extremely tired half way through. Take a moment to breathe, relax and spend your time at home or do some relaxing activities such as spa day with your mother or friends, Christmas market, decorate your house and so on.

Holiday Tips | How to Make the Most Out of Your Festive Season

2. Have a different festive candle in every room

Nothing is more festive than scented candles if you ask me. Having a different one in every room is a great way to feel festive and diversify the smell around your house. For the season I love mulled wine and spiced apple candles from Glade or vanilla from DW. They’re very affordable and at the fast pace that I’m burning candles right now they’re perfect! I almost need to stop myself from buying new ones every week.

3. Make your own hot chocolate & marshmallows or mulled wine

I love it when it comes evening time and it’s time for a delicious hot drink. I take my Cadbury hot chocolate powder or for my Romanian friends my La Festa sachets (so yummy) and prepare the most delicious one. I also like to add some small marshmallows on top and cinnamon. If you enjoy your drinks, you can also prepare a nice mulled wine for the evening. Cheers!

4. Take a moment to feel grateful about the season

What do you feel grateful about? I’m grateful for my life, for my successes so far and for the people that love me. I’m also happy to spend another Christmas at home and have the best time. Evaluate why you feel grateful in general, but also about the festive season. I’m grateful about the small things around us such as fairly lights, Christmas decorations and the joy of gifting. Here’s an article on how to make the perfect gift.

Holiday Tips | How to Make the Most Out of Your Festive Season

5. Play all kinds of Christmas carols

From old songs to new remixes, international or national, I love listening to carols. If you mix things up a little, you won’t get bored of these songs at the end of the season. Just a hot tip from me.

6. Catch up with dear old friends

Organise a catch up with your old school mates if you’re going to be in your home town for a couple of days. Nothing beats a good chat and sharing life experiences. Maybe you haven’t seen each other in years; it will be such a great time for sure! Do it before Christmas to ensure that everybody will be free for it.

7. Bake Christmas cookies

It doesn’t matter if you’re a baker or not, baking Christmas cookies must be on your list this season. Gather some people over or bake them at home with your family for a fun activity. It has became a tradition for my household to bake these besides baking other cakes and we’ll not miss it this year. It will make some amazing content for your social channels too. Here my tips for a great content marketing strategy.

8. Spend precious time with the ones that truly matter

Spend your time with the people that matter most to you, especially if you live far or abroad. For me, my family always comes first and I always make sure my time is spent in their company while I’m back home in Romania. That’s what the holiday season means to me.

Holiday Tips | How to Make the Most Out of Your Festive Season

Finally, don’t forget that this season is about being yourself and enjoying every second. Don’t compare your holidays to what other people are up to on social media as each and one of us have a different path and experience. Have a wonderful Christmas my lovelies and as always thank you so much for spending some minutes of your life to read through my articles.

Merry Christmas, everybody! ❄️🎄

See you next year,




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