How the Law of Attraction works

The Law of Attraction is a guiding principle in which focusing on the positive aspects in your life brings back wonderful outcomes and opportunities. The main focus of this principle is to raise your vibration, avoid negative thinking and only surround yourself with positivity.

The power of intention and visualisation | Law of Attraction

Firstly, for it to work, you need to be intentional about your desires. VISUALISE your thoughts, create mood boards and set intentions for everything you do. Close your eyes and see exactly what you want! If you only attract good things and think about positive matters, you will be closer to manifesting the life you’re dreaming about. You’re worthy of having everything your heart desires.

The power of believing

Furthermore, believing in your thoughts and thinking you will get what you ‘order’ to the Universe is another important aspect when applying the law of attraction. Simply wanting will not be enough. You need to believe deep down that the Universe will reward you. Additionally to being intentional, believing and visualising, you have to create positive emotions. Furthermore, you need to surround yourself with love, joy, appreciation and practice gratitude every single day. The energy you put in is the energy you get out.

The energy you put in, is the energy you get out.

When applying the law of attraction, you need to create the perfect environment to manifesting your dream life. Declutter your mind when you attract things. In fact, that’s how you attract positive feelings, amazing outcomes and great opportunities.

Live in the present moment

Secondly, living in the present and creating thoughts in the present is the key to attraction. Focusing on what will be, or what you will achieve in the future, will create only negative emotions in the present, like always doubting and overthinking.

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The power of speaking into existence | The key of how the Law of Attraction Works

A excellent component to do whilst beginning to apply attraction is to talk your dreams and goals into existence. Proudly say what you need in life, I need X, I am attaining Y. If your goal is to have a healthy lifestyle, begin your day by saying „Today I am healthy, I am eating foods to fuel and nourish my body and I am moving in alignment to my body’s needs”.

Lastly, the most important thing in life and in using attraction is balance. There can’t be only negative or positive thoughts. You don’t need to suppress your negative emotions, you need to acknowledge them. The most important thing is what you do when you have negative emotions and thoughts. How you overcome those, how you let a light of positivity shine through in that moment of negativity. For example, when thinking about your goals and dreams, there might be a moment when you will think that you will not achieve what you want. You need to accept your moment of worry and trust in your power and in yourself you will make your goal, your dream a reality.

The bottom line is, that’s how the law of attraction works. So, keep this simple guidance in mind when starting to use the power of attraction and see how your life changes according to your mind.

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