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The beauty of being strong women stays in the fact that we can think strategically and strive to motivate ourselves, but also we’re preoccupied with our beauty rituals. I see a powerful woman as a force able to be herself and look her best at all times. How to choose the right perfume has been a topic that I’ve always wanted to share with you because I’m basically obsessed with smelling good and got to know quite a bit about these wonderful products over the years. I feel that February 2020 is the perfect time to invest in a new fragrance to last you over the colder months of the year, don’t you?

A bit of history 

The first modern perfume (blend of alcohol and oil) was first created in 1370 for Queen Elizabeth of Hungary and was known as Hungary Water in Europe. Obviously, perfume has its roots in Ancient Egypt where people enjoyed making their own oil blends which smelled incontestably wonderful.


How to Choose your Signature Perfume

I always advise that you follow some quick and easy steps when it comes to choosing your signature scent. Let’s begin with the first one, shall we?

1. Do a personality ‘test’

While it’s not actually a test, it’s important that you know your personality well before choosing your signature scent. Are you a born leader, an introvert, a very feminine woman, a strong personality?

Strong personalities might not feel represented by fresh perfumes, but would feel amazing while wearing a dark perfume such as YSL Black Opium. Some of my favourite perfumes would be spicy, woody and have a strong impact while I walk into a room. In the same time, I happen to also love some floral perfumes such as D&G The One and YSL Floral Shock (showed below).

I’ve recently fallen in love with the YSL Floral Shock – its Freesia, Bergamot, Pear and Lemon notes make me say that it’s one of the best perfumes I’ve ever worn. I could go on and on about its unique notes, its wonderful longevity and great sillage! In my opinion, the Floral Shock is the best Black Opium from the range with the same name.


2. Align it with your style

We all have our own style and believe it or not, style can also be expressed with the perfume we wear. So, don’t shy away from it. Get creative on how you align your personal style to the way you smell. Use physical stores to try out perfumes and then order them online. Try out Notino – their prices are beating their competitors’.

 3. Live with it on your skin

Say you’ve tried two perfumes (I wouldn’t recommend more than two to make it on your skin). How do you feel about it after 4 hours? If you still love it, it’s the ONE 🙌🏻♥️

If you have doubts about picking your signature perfume since the first try, remember that it takes a lot of them until you find it. Why not start early? Don’t forget a Yves Saint Laurent Perfume never disappoints.

This post is sponsored by Notino UK, as always the words and opinions are my own.

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