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Today, I’m sharing my own technique of creating the perfect cat eye! Forget about the countless times you spent wiping off the wing just so you can start all the work again. No more pain, no more time wasted on failed attempts. Keep on reading to discover my own technique that works wonders.

Choosing the best eyeliner for your skin type

Ensure you pick a good, non-smudgy eye liner because the last thing you want is to have the eyeliner smudged all over your face. If you have a oily / combination skin or prefer to wear a shiny foundation, then you need to ensure your eyeliner will stay in place. I’ve tested A LOT of eyeliners, but nothing stays on better than the Guerlain Eyeliner in 01 Noir Ebene. The brush is really soft and picks up the product really well – I love the fact that it’s pointy, so you can easily draw a sharp wing.

Create the perfect cat eye

Now that you have the right tools, let’s get into creating the perfect cat eye. It’s more simple than it sounds, believe me.

how to get the perfect cat eye not a girly gal.png

First of all, measure the distance between the edge of your eye until the brow. This will give you the direction where you can take the wing to. Watch my angle that I created with the eyeliner lid. Start drawing the line from outside towards the middle of your eye. Then, all you have to do is unite the end of your wing to the middle bit and you’re done.

Cat Eye Tutorial 

I’ve also put it in a video for you over my Instagram channel @notagirlygal if it’s easier to just watch the tutorial instead!


Ready to rock your wing eye? I bet you are! Discover the beauty range they have on Notino UK – they often run promotions on their products, especially now as Valentine’s Day it’s fast approaching. Grab your Guerlain eyeliner and other bits you feel like treating yourself to. P.S: I’m in love with this Champagne Toast candle from Bath & Body Works, it burns really subtle and smells divine.

Thank you for reading & hope you’re getting your hands on this amazing product and nailing the wing eye now!

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