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We’re slowing getting into the cold weather and now is crucial for your hair to get all the hydration it needs. I’ve been asked quite frequently how I do my wavy hair and what products do I use for making it shiny and make sure it stays in place. All my secrets will be revealed in today’s post, so if you want to get shiny wavy hair that lasts you more than two days, then keep on reading!

I’m currently writing this post as I am travelling, so I can see all green nature starting to fade into a yellow shade. It’s quite sad that summer will be over, but I’m ready for ice skating in the Winter Wonderland – I don’t miss the frozen toes though. Let’s get your beautiful hair ready for Autumn, shall we?

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How to make your hair wavy… and make it last

 Step 1: Wash your hair with professional products

 Since I’ve visited my hairdresser in London, I’ve learned that drugstore shampoos contain a high amount of silicon which only gives you the impression that your hair is hydrated and soft. In reality, it’s the opposite: these shampoos and conditioners do nothing to your hair. Our hair needs moisture and vitamins to boost its health, so I started to use professional products such as Moroccan Oil or John Frieda. If you have fine hair, try the Moroccan Oil Volume Shampoo and Conditioner. They are doing wonders to my hair: after two washes I can feel a different texture in my hair and more added volume. Now it’s the time to change your routine and try these amazing hair products. Winter will show no mercy to your hair, so you need all the good stuff on it!


Step 2: Prepare your hair

 Your hair will ‘suffer’ from a high degree of heat, so do make sure you protect your hair from it. I’m using a heat resistant spray from Tres Semme that I bought a while ago and it still lasts me!

TRESSemme Miss Andrada

Step 3: Part your hair

You now want to part your hair. I have fine hair, so I don’t get as much thickness as I would like to. When I part it, I only need to break it into two layers. Go ahead and part your hair according to its thickness.

Miss Andrada Wavy Hair

Step 4: Start curling your hair from the back

Start curling your hair now, but start from the back. I learnt this the hard way, trust me. Lost are the days when I’d start curling from the front towards the end of my hair and their horror stories of leaving straight parts. Take it from me: always curl your hair from back to front.

Miss Andrada Wavy Hair Tu


Step 5 Doing your waves in the right way

 Curl your hair by wrapping a strand of hair on the wand. Do not use the its clipper. The clipper makes an anaesthetic mark at the end of the strand, so if your curling wand has it, just stay away from it. It’s easier anyway!

Miss Andrada Wavy Hair Tutorial

Step 6: Moisturize and lock your hair in place

 After you’ve styled your hair and you’re ready to go, don’t forget to moisturize it and apply holding spray. I’m using the L’Oreal Oil for adding moisture and the GHD Holding Spray for locking it in place. They both smell amazing!

Miss Andrada Wavy Hair

I hope my hair routine was super helpful to you! That’s the result after one day of wear!

Miss Andrada Wavy Hair


I would love to see your take on this tutorial! Which hair products do you love the most?

Check out my IGTV to watch the video tutorial 🙂

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