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Who would have thought that this weather will make some of us want to just chill and be less productive? I’m one of the people who this year around, I became really affected by the low temperatures, but quite frankly my workload doesn’t seem to care too much because it’s still there regardless of my mood. So, how do I go on and trick my mind into thinking more positively about it and still be productive? I’ll show you exactly what to do to feel empowered and ready to action your day!


Whenever I feel less productive, I make sure I declutter my space and light a scented candle – the scents I that pick are usually seasonal. This is a great first step towards feeling that you’re on the right track. Make space for your mind to think and begin to feel more at ease.

Remember your goals to find your motivation

The next step is a little bit more tricky as it has to do with your mind. Of course, watching Netflix and eating pizza might be more entertaining, but remember, they will never compare to the personal satisfaction you get when you’re one step closer to your end goal, whatever that may be. Say you’re working at an essay for university, writing for your website, hustling on the side, taking new content for your blog and social media. Every little effort, does count. All the extra hours you dedicate to any of these projects will bring you closer to the end goal.

How to Feel Empowered and Ready to Action your Day… even though it’s COLD + My First Ever E-BOOK

Don’t waste your time now! You worked way too hard (and smart) all these months, why let your mood or bad weather affect the way you do things? We’re all human and we’re not naturally motivated all the time. Always motivate yourself by remembering your end goal in order to move forward.

Look the part to play the part 

Ah, the difference it makes. Whenever I work in leggings at a T-shirt, I don’t feel like I’m too productive. I might as well be, but surely I don’t feel like it at all. Wear something nice even if you’re staying at home. Go for the colours that make you feel happy and for your favourite items. I quite often wear black or white when I work at home.

Wear an empowering perfume (Kenzo L’elephant and Black Orchid are my favourite) and you’re good to go.

Focus mood on.

How to Feel Empowered and Ready to Action your Day… even though it’s COLD + My First Ever E-BOOK

Give yourself small cups of joy

Whenever I sit at my desk and work, from time to time I think about having something to eat or drink. As I always make sure I have water with me, I need something more exciting. I alternate my coffee, hot chocolate or tea, depending on the time of day or my mood. But I made it a ritual to have a hot drink when I’m working and I quite look forward to it now. Give yourself small cups of joy every now and again. It will make your work more enjoyable.

Take breaks in between work sessions

That’s a very important step for me. When I work, I like to take some breaks for myself. I might exercise, call my family, take a shower or prepare a salad. It’s also good from a productivity point of view. We can’t be switched on 8 hours a day non-stop. We’re not machines and it’s always great to be reminded that.

Have confidence in yourself

Be your confident self, regardless of the season. Don’t feel low because the sky is grey. You’re too important for that.

When you are a person with high aims, life can get challenging while trying to make them happen. Quite often, the mere thought of it might scare you and you might end up putting it off for various reasons, but quite often this reason is called fear. After I made a plan of action, I’ve put aside the important things I needed to do and came up with some blatant excuses. I wouldn’t be here today if I hadn’t had the confidence to finally break my self imposed fear mechanisms, gain more confidence and start actioning my life.

That’s why I created my first e-book called ‘Create a Life You Love’. I really want to show you that everything you put your mind to do is achievable if you believe in your own power to succeed. 😉 💖 Creating a life you love has never been closer to you. You can get started today. Go ahead and make this book yours: Create a Life You Love book.

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Thank you guys for reading this and if you have ANY questions about the book or about feeling empowered in general, please let me know in the comment section below.

Lots of love,

Andrada (NotAGirlyGal)


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