Here are the best lifestyle tips I know about travelling! If want to reinvent the way you’re travelling, keep on reading. Take this as your personal ambition. If you know how to travel correctly, you’ll get the chance to relax, have fun and discover new incredible things.

It might seem quite hard at first. How could you have time for everything in only 5 days of “freedom”? Well, I’ve written this article in order to help you. Continue reading to uncover some of my best kept secrets of travelling.

1. An unexpected journey

If you really want an authentic holiday, stop looking for popular places that everyone seems to visit. If you already know how the city exactly looks like and you’ve seen many many pictures of people in the same place, where’s the mystery?

For instance, you can chose your next travelling place according to the activities you enjoy the most and avoiding the hype. If you like parties, don’t go to Ibiza, maybe you can try Zrce Beach in Croatia. There are alternatives for everything.

You shouldn’t believe everything the media says. Maybe you’ll like other places much more.

2. Get lost??

Well, you can try this little game while visiting. Have a walk whilst at the destination. However, don’t use direction apps. Just go with the flow and get lost. This way, you’ll be able to visit so many beautiful corners of the city. From cute neighbourhoods to huge parks and gorgeous cafes. Sometimes, being too organised won’t improve your holiday experience, but on the contrary.

3. Up in the morning

Well, if you want to have time for everything, you should try to wake up just a bit early in the morning. This way, you’re not wasting time and your day will be much more productive. You can have breakfast and then head out to visit. Spend your day doing interactive things and have some fun in the evening. Maybe once your day is over, you can head to a bar and enjoy the traditional music and party culture from that specific country.

4. Don’t be shy, try some food

One of my favourite lifestyle tips is to try every types of food you might encounter. If you’re visiting a new country or even city, don’t just order something you’ve already had before. Try traditional food without hesitation and discover that country’s culture. It’s so beautiful to respect the values and traditions of the place you’re visiting. Not only you will improve your experience, but you will also discover new tastes and aromas. Who knows?! Maybe they’ll become part of your menu from now on!

5. Respect is key

When you travel to a new country or city, you’ll have to respect the people’s faith, traditions and way of thinking. They might not be like you, but there shouldn’t be place for judgement. You are visiting their home, therefore you shouldn’t only respect them but their country too! Also, if you want to, it’d be nice if you learn a few words or sentences in their language before heading there.

6. A cultural trip

Take a few days from your holiday and use them only for embracing a new culture. Visit museums and understand the history of the place you’ve visited. It’s important to know about a country’s past in order to understand where its situated in the present. You’ll leave wiser, more educated and you’ll be able to fully understand the concept of that specific country.

7. Take photos but…

It’s important to make memories and to capture them by taking some photos. However, don’t spend your whole vacation with a smart phone in your hand, trying to find the perfect angle for your pictures. Sometimes, the best pictures of the things we see always remain in our minds. Enjoy the little moments you have there and from time to time, when you feel like it, take some pics. You can print them when you get home and create a wonderful photo album with all of your experiences.

All things considered, it’s not that hard to improve your way of travelling after all. All you need is to follow some of these lifestyle tips. Right?! If you really want to make your next holiday as authentic as you can, trust me: You can do it! Follow these steps and change your travelling game completely. Also, feel free to slide in my DM’s (@notagirlygal) if you have other good techniques that can improve our next holidays!

Until next time,

Miss Andrada



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