This post is about just being you. I am not referring to having completely style makeover in the New Year, but to you experiencing with different add-ons that you can selfishly use to express your personality. Feeling edgy? Try glitter! Feeling I-need-to-make-myself-noticed-from-the-Moon? Get your enormous scarf on!

What is style?

For me, a woman’s style lays in her personality and her genuine power to express it through her clothes. Clothes that empower us highly interest me because I always have this famous quote  on my mind: Dress for the life / career you want. Could you imagine a life in which you use your personal style and clothes to get closer to your aspirations? If yes, then my lovely, you have the same view on fashion and style as I do.

Unleash the girl boss within you 

Just like in other areas of your life, trying new things is always an excellent way to grow. When it comes to fashion, we all have items that make us think ‘That’s so me’, but what about trying to find new ones to include in your wardrobe? I hope you know by now that when I say new I am talking about items that YOU haven’t tried before, not about the latest Valentino pair of shoes (that are always welcome anyway #though). Immersing yourself in discovering different accessories and clothes, will allow you to create a statement style for yourself that will empower you everyday. You can start with anything you want, just be BOLD: big earrings, blazers, faux fur jackets, leather pants, over the knee boots, a brooch. You have it in you – define your style to empower you to become the girl boss that you are. Plus, what better time to start your fashion adventure than the New Year?

Real talk here, I’ve always been afraid of experiencing new hairstyles. Besides wearing a fringe (cut all by myself at times) and getting a few Gossip Girl inspired headbands, I’ve always worn my hair in the same way: laid on the back. It’s like I’ve discovered how much fun it is to wear hair accessories (just different hats in my case) only last year. I actually feel super stylish when wearing my hats and they now represent an important part of my style. For the New Year, I am trying out sliver / golden hair accessories. 

Top Tip from Guido Palau: The accessory should always express who you are, and it should speak for itself.  So, don’t do it if you don’t feel comfortable while wearing it. But, don’t be afraid to try out. You’d never know if you don’t try.

Gatsby Bando

Really elegant and feminine, this Accesorize bando is sewn to perfectly combine little amazing details such as silver flower gems, leaves and beading. You can wear it during the day or night with a flattering dress. Let your personality shine through!

Miss Andrada Hair Bandot Accesorize UK 4

Miss Andrada dress Accesorzie

Miss Andrada Hair Bandot AccesorizeMiss Andrada Hair Bandot Accesorize UK 2018.jpg

Marble and Metal Hair Grips

Decorated with a luxury marble design and gold-tone metal slides, these hair grips will help you wear your hair in a new style while looking gorgeous! I created this plat decorated with loads of hair grips for an unique look.

Miss Andrada Fish Hair Pin AccesoryMiss Andrada Hair Fish Accesorize .jpg

This post was not sponsored by Accesorize.

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