How have you been? I hope you’ve embraced the season and that you’ve been creative with your DIYs around the house (inside link). Let’s talk a little bit about fashion today because as you know I’m really about empowerment and making you feel absolutely amazing with your own style. If you ask me about one outfit to empower yourself this Autumn, I can’t rave about this one enough.

Give me a pair of knee high boots and I can conquer the city. Give me a skirt to go with them and you have my favourite outfit this season. Sounds pretty simple, right? Let’s have a look at the accessories which will bring your outfit to life and empower yourself during the coldish but very beautiful days.

Statement pieces for Autumn 2019

There are some pieces that I call my ‘statements’ this season simply because they can upgrade any outfit if worn in the right way.

A big knit jumper

Styling these might turn out to be a tricky because you don’t wanna end up feeling bulky or looking like a huge potato bag (like I usually call it)  – NOT cool. After you find your one, I’ve found this pale pink Massimo Dutti jumper in TK Maxx back in August, make sure you have a wide belt to go with it. Play around with the belt and see how you like it over the jumper best. You can either belt it in the middle and let the jumper fall like a dress or you can tuck in the front of the jumper and let the belt give the impression your jumper is longer at the back. I prefer the latter as my body gets dimension. I’ve found a couple of good alternatives for you here and here.

One Outfit to Empower Yourself This Autumn 2019 missandrada notagirlygal.jpeg

A good mini skirt

Can you get through Autumn without a good mini skirt? Try it and let me know. I personally find them so versatile and if we can’t pair them with over the knee the boots in Summer, this is the perfect time. I’ve got mine in Mango, but you can find similar here and here.

One Outfit to Empower Yourself This Autumn 2019 fall.jpeg

Your boyfriend’s shirt

No joke! An oversized shirt can be taken out in so many creative ways. For this empowering outfit, I chose to wear it underneath the jumper. Try playing around with textures because it will make your outfits look so beautiful.

Over the knee boots

I should have started with these actually because they’re such a MUST HAVE for me this season. I love wearing them with a mini skirt because I find it very empowering. Find them in Dune London.

One Outfit to Empower Yourself This Autumn 2019 missa.jpeg

There you have it – an empowering outfit with key statement pieces this season. Make the most of Fall and try creative outfits. It’s really the best time for it.

Lots of love,



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