If you’ve just started your Roaccutane treatment, you might be wondering what products to use for it. Trust me when I say, I never thought my skin could ever get so dry and sensitive. Well, after trying out a couple of brands, I finally found the ONE that is affordable and very efficient: Sesderma. I was shocked when I noticed the results in just a few weeks.

What is Sesderma?

Sesderma is a Spanish dermatology laboratory founded in 1989 by Dr. Gabriel Serrano, a world-renowned dermatologist. I’m not the one who tries new brands often, but the fact that it was established by a good dermatologist and its great reviews made me think it will cure my dry skin quickly. And so it did! Now all my products for my Roaccutane Treatment are Sesderma (except for the SPF lotion).

Step 1: Gently exfoliate whilst on Roaccutane Treatment

Some will say to not exfoliate. I say the opposite. For me, exfoliating once a week with a microdermabrasion cream is doing wonders actually. In the beginning, I used to get white patches on my skin (of dry skin). Even though I’m using a super hydrating moisturiser (I’ll get to it in a minute), I find that removing dead skin is helping my face to recover quicker and get more hydration. Besides smelling incredible, the Abradermol is leaving my skin smooth without being harsh on it.

products for Roaccutane Treatment

Step 2: Hydrate your skin twice a day

For an oily skinned person, the dryness came as a real surprise. I’m not going to lie, the fact that my skin was dry was making me happy in the first few weeks. Then, I realised that I need an even stronger moisturiser. I started with something on the high street, non luxury, non dermatological. No matter how oily and hydrated your skin is, believe me when I say, you need a rich face cream!

I was kind of starting to look for extremely expensive alternatives (as directed by my dermatologist), but I decided to try the Sesderma Acglicolic 20 Facial first. And OH MY GOD! This cream will feel rich on your skin and will require you to massage it a little bit, but you will notice your skin’s elasticity coming back after the first uses. I tend to apply a thicker layer of it at night when I hydration the most. It even tingled when I started using it and then I knew it’s going to work. It’s my holy grail and I can’t recommend it enough.

products for Roaccutane Treatment

Step 3: Vitamin C should be part of your Roaccutane Skincare

My dermatologist recommended Vitamin C for an extra boost of hydration. I’ve been using the C-Vit by Sesderma and in comparison with other serums, this one is very think and hydrating. I’m using one small bottle for two applications. So, it’s totally worth it!

products for Roaccutane Treatment  Sesderma

Step 4: Hyaluronic Acid boost

No one recommended me this but it works for me 😉 I find the Hidraderm TRX Ampoules great to use twice a week. My skin feels pumped and I’m actually preventing any wrinkles forming because of my potential dry skin. I love to use them when I watch TV or read a good book. Win-win!

products for Roaccutane Treatment

Step 5: Apply SPF 50 everyday

What actually happens whilst you’re on this treatment is that your skin is rejuvenating. You’ll get baby skin all over your body. Being so sensitive means that you need to have the right protection. Remember to apply a SPF 50 on both your face and body. It’s VERY important.

These are all the products I use for my Roaccutane Treatment. Sesderma saved me from dry skin and the constant pain of trying out different products. I think that they’ll be in my beauty kit even when I’ll finish my treatment in three months.

This post is kindly sponsored by Notino. All words and opinions are my own*


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