If you succeed to be happy with what you already have, you can finally say that you’ve moved forward in your self development journey.

Being happy might seem to be somehow challenging these days. Especially if you’re always on your Instagram thinking every influencer’s life is completely amazing. Don’t put yourself down! Everyone shows the best piece of themselves on their social media. Stop thinking you need lots of things in order to be happy and start embracing your life and your true values. Once you realise how lucky you already are, everything will go as planned.

Continue reading in order to start working on your happiness right now! Your self development journey isn’t something you should leave for tomorrow.

1. Your morning routine

If your morning isn’t going great, it’ll be hard for you to keep a positive vibe during the day. Therefore, if you start your day with energy and love, your chances at being happy get higher.

You can try putting on your favourite tunes and dancing a bit. This exercise will instantly improve your mood. Remember not to overload your brain with information and thoughts immediately. Leave some quiet time for yourself every morning. Also, don’t forget about breakfast! It’s literally the most important meal of the day. The energy you’ll gain from consuming the right food will become your best friend.

2. All about instagram

I’m not telling you to stop using social media. For example, I love being active on my Instagram account. However, don’t be fooled on how happy everyone seems to be. We are all humans and we all experience ups and downs in our lives. Of course no one will post a picture of them crying or stressing out. The life you see on people’s Instagram is not entirely true. Therefore, you shouldn’t think your life is miserable just because it’s not perfect. People tend to make their lives seem perfect, but in the end, there’s no such thing and I think we all know it by now. I just felt the need to remind you of this 🙂

3. Enjoy the little things

As I’ve said many times before, you should enjoy every little thing you encounter. The sound of birds and nature, the view from your window, the nice lady at the grocery store – these are all examples of things that can bring a smile to your face. Pay attention to what happens around you and you’ll find reasons to be happy. You don’t need a mansion and a private jet to feel happy. Once you realise that, your entire life and goals will change. Stop taking things or people for granted and try to enjoy every minute of your life.

4. Stop buying things, go for experiences

Instead of buying a new bag, why don’t you invest your money in a nice date for you and your loved one. You’ll feel greater at the end of the day. Memories are the most precious things we have. Lighten your life with beautiful events and spend your money wise. You’ll be happy if you buy a new bag, of course, but how long will your happiness last for? A nice experience will not only last forever, but if will also improve your self development journey.

5. Treat yourself during weekends

After a hard week of work, do something for yourself during the weekend. Try relaxing and doing things that bring you happiness. For example, you can go at the movies, or you can try to go hiking. Who knows? Do something different every weekend. Your whole mood will change and you will start the next week with a new type of energy. Your productivity and creativity will also increase significantly. How much better does it get? Tons! Trust me! Spice up your life babe! I know you deserve it.

6. Cut off the negativity

Stop spending time with people who bring negativity into your life. They can only make it harder, trust me. Surround yourself with people who appreciate your true value and who respect your need of positivity and happiness. If you can motivate each other and be supportive, you’ll be invincible. People who understand and respect you and your needs will help you achieve a higher level of self development in no time.

7. Exercise

Practicing some sport will not only help you get fit and healthy, but it will also improve your mood instantly. Make some time for daily exercises. You will sleep better at night and you will also be able to increase productivity and of course, happiness.

You can try jogging and listening to some music. You will completely clear your mind!

All things considered, being happy is not hard at all! All you have to do is realise that everything you need is right in front of you. Stop overthinking and just go with the flow. Don’t let your life fly in front of your eyes. Everything is possible if you truly desire it!

Tell me, how do you work on your self development journey? Feel free to DM me on my Instagram account (@notagirlygal) so we can have a chat!

Until next time,

Miss Andrada



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