I’m obsessed with Summer bags! Since a while now, I started to focus on more premium brands and chose to shop more ethically instead of getting cheaper bags that last about a season or two. The following bags are trendy now and will continue to be seasons to come, so they’re totally worth it! 😉

1. Cross body minis

They are so classy and elegant. They can go with both day & night outfits. For example, this DKNY cross body is immaculate. The details are stunning, and I just love the fact that it’s black and fits with almost everything. Take a look at the details, look how pretty and professional they are. Go for a bag like this and make your outfit look expensive in seconds. Moreover, the gold details are amazing for this Summer; just imagine how pretty they would look on tanned skin. Eeeek! I’m in love!

2. The Tote Bag

Oh Marc Jacobs, you’ve successfully amazed me again. I simply love this Tote Bag. Its simplicity makes it perfect for a day out. However, I like the fact that it can be worn during the evening too. You can casually style this bag and make it look amazing. All I have in mind when I look at this bag is a white monochrome outfit. A pretty dress, a statement hat, some sandals and this beauty of a bag putting everything together. I don’t know if you can read my enthusiasm, but I’ve decided that this is one of the Summer bags I need in my wardrobe!

3. The Snapshot

Marc Jacobs just won’t let us down this Summer. Pretty and minimal, this snapshot bag is the key to a casual night out. You can only fit the necessities in it. It’s actually a benefit because you won’t carry too many things with you. Also, its shape can make a fit look so interesting. I believe that even if it’s black and quite simple, it also looks like a statement piece. I can imagine myself wearing a black classy jumpsuit accompanied by this bag. How pretty right?

4. Picnic Mini Tote

This pink Picnic Mini Tote bag from Guess is making me dream of relaxing days! It’s perfect for a brunch, a casual day out, events during the day, literally everything. Even if you can easily style it with jeans, I believe this bag is made to be worn with dresses. The simplicity of the bag offers you the possibility to choose the most detailed dresses; which is nice considering people tend to wear more colourful clothes during Summer. This Mini Tote will make your fit look chic and trendy even if you didn’t feel like dressing up!

5. Jacquemus

This miniature bag is literally everything. I can see it with a minimal outfit, but accompanied by statement jewellery. I love how simple, buy still elegant it looks. After all, we all need a piece like this in our wardrobe. You can style it easily even if we’re talking about day or night. It’s an easy and smart choice. Actually, this bag inspires me to dress street casual. What do you think?

6. The Straw Bag

When it comes to Straw Bags, you won’t have to search for designers. Why? You might ask. Well, Straw Bags are often sold in different shapes and models by people that handmade them. The internet is full with these type of bags. They look wonderful if you’re going out on a hot day of Summer. Moreover, just imagine what a wonderful and fashionable outfit you can create for a beach day if you chose this type of bag as an accessory. I simply love this aesthetic. It will make you look natural, chic and feminine.

All things considered, I am a Summer bags fanatic but it’s nothing wrong with that (at least I think that). Bags are such beautiful and feminine accessories and I love how they can change an entire outfit.

Which one is your favourite and how would you style it? Slide in my Instagram DM’s (@notagirlygal) and let me know.

Until next time,

Miss Andrada



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