You might struggle to keep motivated during 2021. Months have flown by and here we are in November 2021. Just a little longer and we can leave behind another year full of memories, ups and downs, love and more. It may seem hard not to be nostalgic or on the contrary, you can’t wait for a new beginning.

So the question is: How do you stay motivated for the remaining months? Well, the answer you’re seeking hides in this article.

Read on to learn how to get through the season of change with flying colours. Are you ready?


One of the main things that will help you stay motivated is to think back on your year. Find an area where you did well and remind yourself of every accomplishment you’ve enjoyed. It may sound silly, but it’s very healthy to remember all of your successes. That way, you don’t need other people to tell you: “you can do it”. After all, you have living proof. Your results are the best example that can prove to you that you are really good.

So, sit down and get ready to take a look back at 2021. Imagine all the things you have achieved. Nothing else is going to give you a bigger boost of confidence and perseverance. Don’t you believe me?! Well, it’s up to you to try it and let me know afterwards 😉

Get your motivation from other places

If you feel you can’t motivate yourself now, try looking for motivation in other places. For example in books, films, documentaries. Often, when people see a film where the main character is persistent and works very hard to achieve their dream, they tend to get a boost of ambition in return.

It’s normal not to feel like yourself all the time. Besides, 2021 was not an easy year at all. So it’s a great idea to find your motivation to finish it strong. I recommend you to take some time for yourself, try not to stress for a few days and focus your attention on finding or maintaining your motivation. Look for a good film or read a great book and learn from the experiences of characters.

Review your goals regularly

As you know, ambition comes and goes. That’s why it’s recommended to make a planner where you write down all your goals. A good exercise is to review them regularly so that you can remember what you are actually working towards. You need to remember how many steps you have taken so far. Besides, a planner will help you organise your professional life in a constructive way.

I believe that as long as you constantly remember your dream, the motivation will not disappear. Think that in just two months you can reinvent yourself and start a much better year!


Sounds funny, I know. But, one of the best ways that will help you keep motivated during 2021 is to force yourself to smile more. Morning, noon and night. You have to smile. A great exercise is when you walk past mirrors to smile at yourself. Never mind that you might actually want to cry. People can trick their brains into thinking they’re happy if they smile constantly.

Happiness in turn brings a big dose of motivation. That’s why it’s also important to be in a good mental state when you work and seek to achieve your goals. If you ever have difficulty simply pretending, I happen to have an idea that can help you out. Stick a few post-its with encouraging quotes and compliments on your bathroom vanity. That way, every day you’ll start your morning smiling.

Surround yourself with positivity

In order to keep motivated during 2021, you’ll have to surround yourself with positivity. Thus, you have to cut off all people who bring malice and negativity into your life. You have to put yourself first and realise that the law of attraction is real. Manifest and try to think positively every day.

As long as you continue to believe that everything is possible, no one can stop you. You don’t need people who wish you harm and only want to demoralise you. What you have to do is to stay close to the people you love and who love you back.

All things considered, it’s not that hard to keep motivated during 2021, right? It’s time to improve your life and to step up your game.

Therefore, if you want to see change in your life, it’s about time to surround yourself with positivity, to read motivational stories, to review your goals and even to force yourself smile.

If you have any questions or if you just want to chat with somebody, feel free to slide in my Instagram DM’s (@notagirlygal).

Until next time,

Miss Andrada


Self development is an amazing thing to focus on. After all, you should do your best to improve YOUR life. Do you happen to feel like making a decision is hard and you get lost during the process?

Trust me, we all have dark thoughts from time to time. Being emotional and feeling overwhelmed is completely normal. However, I’m here to help you as much as I can because I’ve also been through what you’re feeling right now.

Well, I’m here to give you my best pieces of advice when it comes to decision making. Are you ready to embark on this amazing journey?

What does the decision-making process actually mean?

Everyone has to make certain decisions during their lifetime. The process itself is called the decision making process.

It is very important that during this so-called ritual to have a clear mind, to be able to concentrate and to be aware that you have to weigh what your mind tells you and what your heart tells you.

To follow your mind or your heart?

As I have already said in the previous paragraph, a balance must be created between your mind heart. Your heart and your spirit are the things that differentiate you from a robot. Having your own feelings, preferences and fears will influence you a lot in making a decision.

On the other hand, it is important that the situation itself is also passed through the filters of your mind. Why? you ask.

Well, the mind plays a very important role in this process. You need to be aware of the consequences your decision will cause. Calculate carefully the situation you are placed in.

How’s it looking so far?

About attention and concentration

Although people often make good decisions while they are stressed or in a hurry, my advice is for you to focus a little on the decision you are about to make.

You don’t have to rush into a decision, but at the same time you don’t have to think too much either. You will now have to balance things again. If you focus all your attention and time on the decision you are about to make, you will end up missing the point.

Find some free time, try not to panic and clear your mind. Before long, you’ll be able to make a decision. To make your job easier, the whole process can take place in a private, safe and quiet place.

Don’t be afraid of a bad decision

You know what they say, bad decisions make good stories! All kidding aside now. Never be afraid of a bad decision. After all, you did what you thought was right at the time. Everyone makes mistakes. Besides, those “mistakes” will help you in the future. You will know what to adjust in your life and how to look at certain situations differently.

I can say that I have also made a lot of bad decisions. With time, I understood I didn’t have to feel guilty anymore. I learned that I needed to be more careful and focus on my own self-development.

The point is, now that I know that everything is going to take a turn for the better at some point: I am absolutely not afraid of the process of making a decision anymore.

Taking everything into consideration, with a little self-confidence, focus and balance, the process of making a decision becomes simple. Put your anxiety aside and think about what’s best for your future. I think this may be the most valuable piece of advice I can give you right now.

Always remember that you never stops learning. Put your fears aside and really live.

Below, I’ll attach a completely free worksheet. I want to help as much as I can in your self development journey.

If you have any questions, slide in my Instagram DM’s (@notagirlygal) and let me know.

Until next time,

Miss Andrada


Self development is quite an amazing journey these days. Everyone tries so hard to up their game and to become the best version of themselves. I think it’s amazing how many beautiful lessons you can learn during your self development journey.

A great way to start working on your self development is to start living with intention. By means you’ll focus more on living a more balanced life that concentrates on meaning and purpose.

Considering how exhausting the society is these days, people tend to put themselves on auto pilot and just follow up a routine. I’ll now give you some pieces of advice on how to wake up and realise that life is all about choices. You’ll need to fully live in order to develop yourself, existing is just not enough.

Pay attention

I believe you are busy 24 out of 7, right? There are distractions everywhere, on the phone, at the office, there are lots and lots of thoughts. All these things distract us from what really matters. Breathe in. Breathe out. Find a moment of peace and quiet and just focus. You’ll realise life is just getting past you, right? People seem to move in slow motion and nothing new ever happens. You’ll need to start searching for your purpose now. Take some time just to think about the things that matter to you the most. What do you aspire to be like?

Everyone is born with a purpose! Maybe you just want to make other people happy, or you want to revolutionize something, who knows?

The secret here is quite ironic. I cannot really tell you HOW to find your purpose. Thinking and focusing will help A LOT, however you are the only one who knows the answer to this question.

Once you’ve found your purpose I promise things will get much more easier.

Disconnect and connect

It’s now time to disconnect from every source of technology. Leave your phone away and start connecting with real people. It’s so important to share opinions, laugh and even just sit with other people. They can be your family, friends or your significant other, it really doesn’t matter. You’ll realise how much time you spend on your phone and how little with the people around you.

Socialising is an amazing form of self development. Not only you can learn a lot of things from others experiences but you can also improve your lifestyle a lot. For example, in a relationship communication is key. This is how you’ll keep your relationship balanced, healthy and happy. This also applies in other types of relationships such as friendships. And, if you have healthy relationships in your life, your state of mind will change instantly. It will have an impact to your self esteem, confidence, productivity and energy.

Live in the moment

In order to succeed in living a life with intention, you’ll also have to learn how to live in the moment. Stop thinking about the past or the future. The present matters the most. The choices you are making NOW will have an impact on your future self. Also, as I said before, it’s not enough only to exist. You have to live. For example, stop being afraid of change or challenges. It won’t get you anywhere. If you’d like to do something, try something or tell someone something, just do it! After all, even if it goes wrong, I’m sure you’ll laugh about it later.

Also, you can focus on little things. For instance, start enjoying the parfume your significant other wears. Have you ever listened to the birds in the morning? Do you ever just take a rest and look at all the people around you? Start enjoying life more and you’ll surely become a better version of yourself.

Set some goals

Goals are the things that help us moving forward after a bumpy ride, right? They make us ambitious and competitive. We want to succeed and then succeed again. Goals are an amazing form of developing ourselves. Therefore, the next step in living an intentional life is to set goals. You can start with smaller goals such as : today I’ll work out 10 minutes. After a week you can make your goal a bit harder and go for 20 minutes. This way, without even realising you’ll improve more and more.

Also, just as a reminder: you should celebrate every time you reach one of your goals. Eat a cupcake, drink a glass of whine, do whatever you like. Just don’t let it go like that. Even if it wasn’t a big deal, every choice you make in improving your life is worth celebrating.

All things considered, living a life with intention is really wonderful. And it’s not hard, right? Just remember, find your purpose, set some goals, connect with the people around you and live in the moment. After all, you only have one life, start living it.

What are your thoughts about this type of lifestyle? Slide in my Instagram DM’s (@notagirlygal) and let me know .

Until next time,

Miss Andrada


It’s not that hard to make considerable steps into your self development journey. Actually, working on your communication skills will help you become the best version of yourself. After a hard pandemic year, everyone forgot how important socialising truly is. You might’ve stopped seeing your friends and it got harder to get back to normal. However, once you succeed getting rid of your anxiety, things will get much more easier.

It’s important to improve your communication skills in order to build bridges, to learn from others experiences and also, as a source of entertainment . There are many reasons that’ll make you consider improving this trait. Let me share my secrets with you.

1. Be an active listener

How ironic it is, in order to advance in your communication skills, you’ll first have to be a good listener. An effective communicator is always paying attention to the conversation and to the things the others are saying.

If you feel too anxious to enter the conversation, this exercise is perfect for you. Listen to the conversation and think about answers in your head. However, you should try not to zone out. Even if you’re not as talkative as the others, everyone will appreciate if you pay respect to their conversation and listen.

Also, you can try to show the people around you that you understand, agree or disagree with them through facial expressions and gestures. You can nod your head every time you agree with someone, look curious when you are waiting to hear more about a conversation etc… Your face and gestures will communicate for you and help you engage into the conversation without actually talking .

2. About emotions

If you are an emotive person you might feel too anxious to fully express your point of view. You could try focusing on something else. Every time you feel like sinking, focus on your breath. You can even count every breath of air you take. You will calm down and be able to join the conversation again. However, you should keep it simple and short until you’re comfortable enough. After you feel like yourself again, you can try using longer phrases and expressing yourself freely.

It’s important to remember that everyone feels anxious from time to time. It’s a normal emotion. You shouldn’t be ashamed of yourself. Just work to become the best version of yourself. Your self development journey won’t be easy, but it’s amazing to see how far you’ve come.

3. Feedback?

Ask your friends for some feedback. They’ll help you realise your communication flaws and imperfections. You should ask them for a sincere response. Also, don’t forget that negative feedbacks are also really helpful. This way, you’ll get the chance to improve and work on the things you haven’t noticed by now.

Being aware of how others perceive your way of socialising will have a great impact on your self development journey.

Moreover, if the feedbacks are positive you’ll get an instant confidence boost. You’ll realise that you are enough and that you’re making progress. Oh, how could I’ve forgot! Progress!!! You should also celebrate every step you take in the right path! You deserve it!

4. Don’t talk over other people

It’s important to respect every member of the conversation. Even if you’re disagreeing with someone, let them finish their phrase and then you’ll also get the chance to express yourself. I agree that in some situations it’s quite hard not to interrupt someone. However, everyone should be allowed to finish their point of view. I believe you don’t like being interrupted as well.

If you want to add something, the rule stays the same. After the person speaking finishes you can simply say : “ I’d like to add that (…) “. The conversation will flow better and will be much more intelligible.

People these days somehow forgot about this amazing form of showing respect, even if it’s a great way to improve your communication skills.

5. Eye contact

When you are having a conversation it’s important to make eye contact with the person speaking. This way, you will show them that you’re paying attention to what they’re saying. Moreover, this “exercise” will also help you understand that person at another level. People tend to express their emotions and feeling through facial expressions. If you maintain eye contact, you’ll fully understand what are that persons feelings, thoughts and emotions.

In addition, you’ll pay respect to them and you’ll also show your engagement to the conversation.

Being able to communicate is amazing. Therefore, you should be constantly looking into how to improve your skills. By socialising we meet people, create relationships, make an impression about ourselves and also prove our points. It’s important to master this skill in order to go on with your self development journey.

Which is your secret in improving your communication skills? Slide in my Instagram DM’s ( @notagirlygal ) and let me know.

Until next time,

Miss Andrada


I absolutely love writing women empowerment blogs, therefore this blog is dedicated to all my ladies out there who are afraid to go out alone. You might overthink the situation itself a lot, but it’s not that complicated at all! From time to time, people need to spend some quality time with themselves only. Therefore, going on a date with yourself is a wonderful idea.

I must admit that I was also quite anxious when I first tried it. I felt like everybody was watching me, I wanted to spend time on my phone and I felt a bit uncomfortable just because I was worrying too much. In real life, nobody actually cares why are you dining alone. Everyone is just minding their businesses. Everything is in your head.

The benefits

Going out alone will help you clear your thoughts. After a hard week at work, you might need some quiet time. This type of “date” is actually an amazing form of relaxation. You get to focus on the people around you, to actually listen to the music at the restaurant and to enjoy the simple thought of existing.

While you are on your date, you can enjoy a pause from your real life. As funny and silly as it sounds, it’s the perfect time to romanticise your life. Being able to feel like the main character is really empowering. After you’ve finished for the day, your confidence will increase significantly.

Also, this exercise is the perfect way to finish a week. This type of relaxation will help you gain your energy back. You will do amazing on your next week.

How to prepare?

Well, dress up as good as you would if you were to go on a real date. Put on some makeup and chose a nice, elegant outfit. Treat yourself like the goddess you are. You can even try some pampering before getting ready.

Also, if you’re going to romanticise your life at this level, put some of your favourite music on while you’re getting ready. I absolutely love to take care of myself while listening to my favourite jams.

I think it’s so important to focus on ourselves when we feel like it. After all, if we don’t love ourselves, how could others? Our bodies are our temples, and we must take care of them!

How to spend your time?

This women empowerment “date” thing is truly amazing. But how do you spend your time? Well, here’s how I see it. You can walk to the place you’d like to dine in. Maybe you can choose a terrace in order to also enjoy the landscape. You find a table to sit down at and order your favourite drink. A glass of wine goes perfectly in my opinion. Try to avoid spending time on your phone and enjoy how alive everyone is. Pay attention to the things you never do such as how nice the waitress is, how good the food tastes or how much you might like the music. Enjoy the atmosphere and clear your mind for a bit.

After some time focusing on everything around you, start focusing on yourself. You can think about how your week went. Rearrange your thoughts and clear some stuff out. Spend your time doing something productive for your mind. You can even make an imaginary list of thigs you’ll have to do or work on.

Me, myself and I?

That’s right. As I said before, even if you might be a little anxious in the first place, trust me: no one actually cares why are you alone! No one actually stares at you and no one judges. It’s all happening because going out alone is not something you usually do. These negative feelings will pass as soon as you start relaxing a bit. You’ll see.

After all, if someone really is looking at you: trust me, it’s because they can appreciate your courage to go on a date with yourself.

In the end, it really takes some guts to dress up and go dine alone. But who cares? It’s important to spend quality time with yourself. Especially considering how agglomerated your work days are. Focus on your own problems and interests.

After a night out like this, you’ll realise how relaxing spending time alone is.

I hope you liked this women empowerment blog. Have you ever tried going out alone? How did you feel about it? Slide into my Instagram dm’s ( @notagirlygal ) and let me know.

Until next time,

Miss Andrada

If you succeed to be happy with what you already have, you can finally say that you’ve moved forward in your self development journey.

Being happy might seem to be somehow challenging these days. Especially if you’re always on your Instagram thinking every influencer’s life is completely amazing. Don’t put yourself down! Everyone shows the best piece of themselves on their social media. Stop thinking you need lots of things in order to be happy and start embracing your life and your true values. Once you realise how lucky you already are, everything will go as planned.

Continue reading in order to start working on your happiness right now! Your self development journey isn’t something you should leave for tomorrow.

1. Your morning routine

If your morning isn’t going great, it’ll be hard for you to keep a positive vibe during the day. Therefore, if you start your day with energy and love, your chances at being happy get higher.

You can try putting on your favourite tunes and dancing a bit. This exercise will instantly improve your mood. Remember not to overload your brain with information and thoughts immediately. Leave some quiet time for yourself every morning. Also, don’t forget about breakfast! It’s literally the most important meal of the day. The energy you’ll gain from consuming the right food will become your best friend.

2. All about instagram

I’m not telling you to stop using social media. For example, I love being active on my Instagram account. However, don’t be fooled on how happy everyone seems to be. We are all humans and we all experience ups and downs in our lives. Of course no one will post a picture of them crying or stressing out. The life you see on people’s Instagram is not entirely true. Therefore, you shouldn’t think your life is miserable just because it’s not perfect. People tend to make their lives seem perfect, but in the end, there’s no such thing and I think we all know it by now. I just felt the need to remind you of this 🙂

3. Enjoy the little things

As I’ve said many times before, you should enjoy every little thing you encounter. The sound of birds and nature, the view from your window, the nice lady at the grocery store – these are all examples of things that can bring a smile to your face. Pay attention to what happens around you and you’ll find reasons to be happy. You don’t need a mansion and a private jet to feel happy. Once you realise that, your entire life and goals will change. Stop taking things or people for granted and try to enjoy every minute of your life.

4. Stop buying things, go for experiences

Instead of buying a new bag, why don’t you invest your money in a nice date for you and your loved one. You’ll feel greater at the end of the day. Memories are the most precious things we have. Lighten your life with beautiful events and spend your money wise. You’ll be happy if you buy a new bag, of course, but how long will your happiness last for? A nice experience will not only last forever, but if will also improve your self development journey.

5. Treat yourself during weekends

After a hard week of work, do something for yourself during the weekend. Try relaxing and doing things that bring you happiness. For example, you can go at the movies, or you can try to go hiking. Who knows? Do something different every weekend. Your whole mood will change and you will start the next week with a new type of energy. Your productivity and creativity will also increase significantly. How much better does it get? Tons! Trust me! Spice up your life babe! I know you deserve it.

6. Cut off the negativity

Stop spending time with people who bring negativity into your life. They can only make it harder, trust me. Surround yourself with people who appreciate your true value and who respect your need of positivity and happiness. If you can motivate each other and be supportive, you’ll be invincible. People who understand and respect you and your needs will help you achieve a higher level of self development in no time.

7. Exercise

Practicing some sport will not only help you get fit and healthy, but it will also improve your mood instantly. Make some time for daily exercises. You will sleep better at night and you will also be able to increase productivity and of course, happiness.

You can try jogging and listening to some music. You will completely clear your mind!

All things considered, being happy is not hard at all! All you have to do is realise that everything you need is right in front of you. Stop overthinking and just go with the flow. Don’t let your life fly in front of your eyes. Everything is possible if you truly desire it!

Tell me, how do you work on your self development journey? Feel free to DM me on my Instagram account (@notagirlygal) so we can have a chat!

Until next time,

Miss Andrada


Women Empowerment has finally achieved the importance and success it always deserved and I’m here for it. Therefore, today I’m empowering all my babes out there who lack energy throughout the day. I’m sharing with you my 9 tips to boost your energy in a natural way.

You might have been under pressure and stress. Many times, these two factors drain you from the energy you used to have. It is not to blame that from time to time you might not feel like yourself. With a lower level of energy, your productivity can also decrease significantly. You might often feel sleepy, or you might also experience headaches. Everyone experiences different types of “symptoms” due to this lack of energy. However, getting back on track is crucial – after all, you can’t let this affect you and interfere with your well-being.

1. Let’s talk about stress

Stress can consume a huge amount of your energy. Therefore, it’s very important to see the positive aspects of life and avoid dark thoughts. You can find many activities that will help you achieve the positive mindset you’re searching for. For instance, you can try meditating, practicing yoga, running or going in for a hike. Find a hobby that keeps your mind focused and keeps your thoughts away from stress. However, if you feel like the problem might be a little too hard to control, you can join a women empowerment and support group. A little chat with a specialist and other ladies that struggle with the same things as you can turn out to be very helpful.

2. Exercise

Nature heals! It’s one saying that I don’t think I’ll ever be able to forget. Another way of boosting your energy is starting to exercise at least two or three times a week. Sports improve your mental and physical state. Whilst working out in the gym is great, fresh air is actually way better.

Get out of the house and enjoy a breath of fresh air. Some people enjoy packing a mat and doing some exercises in the park. You can delight yourself with a beautiful view, and maybe even a walk home after you’ve finished. Take your mind off of your problems and you’ll see an improvement in your level of energy.

3. Stop overworking

Overworking can also consume huge amounts of your energy, therefore you should try to respect a well balanced schedule. Maybe learning how to say no won’t be that bad either. You should try creating a to do list in order to set your priorities straight. Remember that you are only human after all and that you’ll need a break at some point. If it’s needed, you can even reach out for some help from a colleague or friend.

4. Don’t skip breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so why skip it? You have to find at least 20 minutes in the morning to sit down and enjoy some healthy food – I love to have spinach and eggs or salmon with fresh salad. You can choose anything that it’s healthy and will boost your energy for the day ahead. Although you might think carbs are better suited here, they will only make you feel more tired and sleepy.

5. Music

Music is such a great way to cope with stressful periods in our lives. Therefore, adding music to your morning routine will give you an instant boost of energy. Start living the life you’ve seen in movies. Grab your toothbrush, put on your favourite tune and try to dance a little bit in the morning. It will do wonders to your mood!

6. Sleep well

Many people tend to sleep too little considering how alert their day is going to be and that impacts on their energy levels the next day. If you feel that your routine is not allowing you to get at least 8 hours of sleep per night, it’s time to make some changes. For example, you can establish a schedule for going to bed and waking up in the morning – ideally at the same time everyday. Also, make sure that you have a relaxing routine before you go to bed – watching movies can be replaced with reading and talking on the phone can be replaced with meditation. These are some examples, but you can find what makes you feel relaxed and do MORE of it.

7. Stay hydrated

Maybe the cause of this lack of energy you’re experiencing is actually dehydration. You should be drinking at least 2 litters of water everyday. If water doesn’t appeal to you, you can brew natural tea or some fresh juice. Trust me when I say, drinking water is key for keeping your energy level up.

8. Finding your inner peace

As a women empowerment supporter I suggest that, you lovely woman who is reading this, to find your inner peace and find moments to relax. We as women tend to have such a busy schedule and our well-being should always come first.

How to do find your inner peace? You can take time every day to look inward and meditate about your life and your expectations of it. Journaling and yoga did wonders for me, so you can try them as well.

9. Try to avoid looking too much at a screen

Even if your job consists of looking at a computer screen for hours, you have to try looking away from time to time. Computer and phone screens can impact your energy immediately. Therefore, this tiredness you’re feeling can be justified. Taking coffee breaks, walking your dog breaks or simply meditation breaks should definitely help here.

All things considered, there are quite a few effective ways to help you boost your energy naturally. Have you ever encountered such an energy lack? How did you get over it? Slide in my Instagram DM’s (@notagirlygal) and let me know! As a reminder: don’t forget the importance of women empowerment babes! Stay safe!

Until next time,

Miss Andrada


How to discover your true potential? Sounds quite challenging. However, at some point in your life you might ask yourself this question.

Reaching your true potential comes with great self-awareness, therefore you should first decide on the goals you want to accomplish during your lifetime. Then, it’s about finding that inner drive to reach them.

You’re unique and worthy in your own special way. Achieving your real potential becomes a must if you want to live a life you’ll be proud of.

I’ve put together some steps that you can follow in order to discover your true potential. Be optimistic and never stop believing. Continue reading and let’s start this journey together.

1. Become self-aware

It’s important for you to know your value. Knowing that no one in this whole world is YOU is a total confidence booster. Right?! Take a pen and paper and write down all of your dreams and wishes. These aspirations of yours have a lot to say about your true self. After you’ve finished, turn the paper on the other side and write down all of your traits.

Now, you can better see what you desire from life and the skills you own that can help you achieve your goals.

Also, another way to become self aware is to start meditating and practicing mindfulness. Focus on yourself and on your thoughts. If you can relax and start being aware of who you really are, discovering your true potential will be much more easier.

2. Become conscious

The second step in this whole challenge is to become conscious – you are now starting your personal growth journey. Find your motivation and all of your ambition and just START. If you decide it’s the right time to discover your true potential, nothing should make you turn around and leave this challenge for later.

You can start reading inspiring articles and books, maybe you can even listen to other people’s journeys on a podcast. I recommend ‘On Purpose’ by Jay Shetty, ‘The Gary V Audio Experience’ by Gary V, ‘Love Yourself Fiercely’ by my dear friend Kelly Rolfe. Actually, you can find your inspiration everywhere, all you have to do is to start searching for it.

3. Face your fears

You should be aware that in order to discover your true potential you should also face your fears. Exploring should be part of yourself. Don’t be afraid to join a new path or even try new things. After all, how do you know you’re not good at it if you haven’t tried it? You can try new hobbies and meet new people. All of these are part of your own personal growth and there are a lot of things you will learn from these experiences.

If you start getting to know the world around you, I am 100% sure you will also start discovering your true potential. Considering that on the way you will encounter many challenges and bumps, you will start growing even more beautifully. Don’t be afraid to explore in order to discover your true potential.

4. Find out where your true potential lies

In order to discover your true potential you’ll first have to find out where it lies within you. Many times, young people don’t get to reveal their full potential because they don’t know where to look for it. That’s why you have to explore your traits and skills as much as you can. For example, you are working in vain if you are trying to achieve your full potential in music, if your potential actually lies in your business skills.

You’ll have to research a lot in order to find this treasure called “potential” but in the end, it’s all worth it.

Don’t let yourself discouraged if you can’t find it from the first tries. No one said it’s going to be easy. All you have to do is to be ambitious and to follow the steps.

5. Don’t be afraid to follow your greatest potential after you’ve discovered it

When you finally find where your true potential lies and you start exploiting it, you will feel more accomplished, more alive and more HAPPY!

Exploiting and discovering it will not do anything but good to you and to your personal growth. Some people might probably try to discourage you. Despite their intentions, you should only listen to your heart and to the positive people around you.

Think about it this way – living your potential will make you become the best version of yourself. Don’t waste time in a career that doesn’t suit you and don’t underestimate your power to succeed. Ever!

All things considered, even if the road to success is paved with struggles, doubts and uncertainties, you should believe in yourself. You can do it! Moreover, you should get up and discover your true potential on the way!

Until next time,

Miss Andrada


How to achieve your goals in 5 easy steps? Continue reading to uncover some amazing 5 tips I’ve put together for you.

Sometimes life is all about achieving your goals, either they are big or small. You can’t deny the importance of the things you thrive for and wish for you to happen. After all, having a set of goals also improves your motivation.

Having the ambition to set your goals and then to start accomplishing them is quite hard to find. However, this whole process is important in the development of a human being.

Did you achieve your goals in 2020? Don’t feel bad if you couldn’t. 2020 was a harsh year for everyone with lots of ups and downs, mostly downs to be fair. There’s no shame you didn’t get to achieve the goals you’ve set for the year, you aren’t the only one. After all, here comes my part in the equation. I wrote this blog in order to help you start achieving your goals and to increase your confidence. Are you ready to start working on the best version of yourself? Here’s for a new begging! 🙂

1. Set your goals straight

The first step in order to achieve your goals is to set them straight. Choose goals that inspire you and that will make a visible difference in your lifestyle. Take all the time you need and realise which are your aspirations in life. The goals you chose will define a noticeable part of yourself.

However, you shouldn’t follow the crowd and believe that what’s best for the people around you is also the best for yourself. As I repeatedly said, you are unique in this world. Therefore, you are the only one who has the power to establish what’s best for yourself.

The goals you are going to set don’t have to be big and crucial, for example if you’re not feeling quite happy at the moment one of your goals can be to increase this feeling of well-being. Therefore, one of your goals can be to start smiling more everyday. As unimportant as it might sound, the little things in life such as smiling are the ones that define our state of mind each day.

2. “Aim high, start low, celebrate and keep going”

I can hardly remember where I’ve first seen this quote, but I find it so inspirational. It is important for you to aim high. Perfection will always be unreachable, however you can always work on improving yourself. Therefore, aiming high will not only give you something to work for, but will help in developing yourself as well. Bold goals will help you reach your full potential and will make you upgrade at every step forward. That’s why I believe in them so much.

However, you have to take your journey step by step. Start from the lowest point of your goal and take it easy. You don’t want to rush things out and to feel like you’re running a marathon. There’s no competition in achieving your goals, that’s why you can take all the time that you need.

After you’ve reached your goal, don’t forget to celebrate. You made it and you deserve a good round of applause! But don’t stop there, set another goal and keep going! Actually, this is how life should work in order to always keep yourself motivated and excited for what’s about to happen next.

3. Confidence is key

Being confident is one big step in achieving your goals. After all, how could you ever make it if even you don’t trust yourself?

Maintaining a strong and positive mindset will help you a lot in your journey of achieving success. Believe it or not, you will never make it if you don’t trust your instincts and your skills. Therefore, confidence will help you throughout this ride you’ve got on. First of all, during this tangled adventure you’ll sometimes encounter bumps and without confidence you won’t be able to move forward.

A great tip I have for you in order to increase your confidence is to start reading at least one inspirational quote every morning. If you start your day with a positive mindset and you continue telling yourself you are good enough, you are going to increase your confidence for sure.

4. Set up your priorities

In order for you to achieve your goals you’ll have to set up your priorities. The hours in a day are limited and knowing how to plan your day will help you a lot in order to be successful. Therefore, you have to get rid of some unimportant tasks and to start focusing more on yourself. As harsh as it may sound, learning how to say no will also improve your time management through this journey.

For example, if a friend asks for a favour and you don’t feel like doing it, moreover if you could do something good for yourself at that moment, gracefully deny its proposal. As I said before, time is crucial in achieving your goals. During the daytime you’ll have to do your job right, spend time with your loved ones and also focus on your well-being.

Before you add something new to your schedule, first ask yourself if you have the time for your priorities, only after that you should accept the proposal!

5. Track your progress

It is important to always know how far you’ve come. In order to keep track of your progress you can start a diary where you can write down all of your completed steps, your ups and your downs. Therefore, the next time you might want to abandon your goal, first check how much you actually did. Keeping this type of diary is actually quite motivational and also inspiring for your future self. When you feel down, just take a look! I promise you’ll be so proud of yourself and of your hard work that you won’t give up!

Moreover, another benefit from tracking your progress is the feeling of happiness you’ll get once you write down another thing you successfully accomplished. So satisfying!

All things considered, achieving your goals isn’t hard as long as you don’t stop believing in yourself! Work for the things you thrive for and achieve success in no time! What’s your piece of advice in achieving goals?