Here we are again, ready for another women empowerment article! What a wonderful way to get productive together, right? Recently, I’ve realised how important it is to take some time to do absolutely nothing! Many of you might have an issue with time management. Sometimes, you feel like you’re running a marathon, like you have only one second of a break and then you start working again. Moreover, that short break turns into running errands.

Remember that great ideas usually come when you take a step back from those energy draining tasks. Let’s go through what exactly you can do RIGHT NOW to become more productive and more creative at the same time 😉

1. Take a long shower

After a hard working day, don’t just get changed and start other tasks. Take your time and take a long shower. Relax all of your muscles. If you feel like it, you can also try applying some face masks or using scrubs – it will make you feel super relaxed. Clear your mind and just live in the present moment.

Being able to just sit in the shower and enjoy doing nothing will relief some of your feelings of stress. Moreover, it will significantly increase productivity. How? You might ask. Well, it’s quite simple. Your brain has been under pressure for too long. Therefore, a bit of relaxation and an escape from your routine, will help your brain to gain more energy after the shower is over. Hello, productive you!

2. Go for a walk

A walk in nature is always a good idea. Take some time for yourself and go outside for a walk. You can chose any place you feel like going to. For example, on my days back in London, whenever I’ve had the chance or wanted an escape I walked to Fleet Street (Sweeney Todd’s street) or took a stroll on the Thames bank in Chelsea Harbour. The change of scenario I was experiencing helped me a lot in increasing my productivity. Find that place you’d like to walk to and enjoy the fresh air, look at all the amazing people around you, wander on the streets just like a tourist and just RELAX. I promise that this walk will do wonders!

However, if you feel like you just can’t control the thoughts running through your mind, try putting some headphones on.

3. Watch a movie or a TV show

Actually, watching a movie or a TV show can help you relax and get new ideas. Moreover, it’s such an amazing way of doing nothing. Get cozy on your sofa and put your favourite movie on. Don’t think too much, just enjoy the atmosphere. Laugh and cry with your favourite characters and escape your daily routine. Maybe it can also be the best time for a guilty pleasure snack. Even if you’re on a diet, or prefer a more healthy alternative you can enjoy fruits or vegetables while binge watching your movie!

Movies can teach us a lot of life lessons, maybe you’ll also have a spiritual awakening at the end? Who knows?

4. Sit down

Sit. Down. That’s all. Find a comfortable chair and just sit down. Stop thinking. You can look around the room, or you can place your chair in front of a window. However, this mindless action will help you a lot. Everyone needs a break from time to time and if you’re reading this article I believe it’s the right time for you to have one. Exhaustion didn’t do good to anyone after all.

5. Sunbathing

Since now it’s the season of sun and fun as I like to call it, you can try sunbathing. What could be better than sitting with your eyes closed and enjoying a nice dose of vitamin D. Not only you get yourself a break, but you’ll also enjoy a good tan afterwards. However, don’t forget to use SPF 50! We all know how damaging the sun can get to your skin. You can also try special oils in order to relax your body. Also, before starting to do nothing:) I like reading one or two women empowerment quotes. They help a lot with increasing my self-esteem. Try it out! They’ll completely change your mood.

All things considered, doing nothing is quite productive! Isn’t it ironic? Breaks are crucial in order for you to function properly! Don’t forget that you’re only a human and you need some time for yourself! Enjoy a bit of relaxation when needed.

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Until next time,

Miss Andrada