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Today, I’ve prepared some well-being tips for women, as I love empowering my fellow girls who read and enjoy my articles.

Practicing gratitude is essential in order to achieve success and a positive mindset. Being able to acknowledge the little things that make your life beautiful is vital while living in our fast paced world. If you’re feeling like you’re not grateful enough for everything around you, there is a way to start paying more attention to this action. Practicing gratitude saw a boost in popularity during the past few years and has helped lots of people to get back on track.

Being grateful for your family, friends, even for waking up everyday will help you when you’re feeling down. Moreover, it will improve your motivation and productivity. You’ll get to enjoy a faster way of advancing in your personal and professional life.

Here are 5 easy steps of practicing gratitude. Continue reading for more.

1. Journaling

Journaling is a technique that you can easily find in my other posts. It’s effective, fast and easy to do. However, if you’ve never tried journaling before, you shouldn’t force your hand and take it easy.

Also, if you find it relaxing you can take your time and create a bullet journal. Make it aesthetically pleasing, this way every time you write in it will become more inspiring and pleasing.

Write down 5 things you are grateful for each morning. Your energy and inspiration will be boosted. You can write things such as : “Today I am grateful for having a job”, “I am grateful I’ve had a comfy bed to sleep in “ and so on.

Once your list is completed, just keep these 5 things in mind through the day and watch it do wonders for you.

Finding the things to be grateful isn’t hard at all, just look around and remember that everything you possess is a thing you can be grateful for. Moreover, every person that helped you and been there for you is a person you should also be grateful for.

2. Appreciate everything

Learn how to appreciate everything around you. First of all, I believe everyone in this world is surrounded by some things they should be thankful for each morning. It’s about the little things in life, not about superficiality and the obvious ones. For example: when you’re feeling down and you decide to take a walk in a park nearby, can you feel the nature? You can focus on the birds singing, the wind blowing, even on the noises of the trees. These are things you can be grateful for.

When you wake up the next day, remember how special the world you live in is.

Moreover, there are some people you can be grateful for: either your spouse or your kind neighbour. These people make your life happier and sometimes you might forget to appreciate them.

In the end, you can be grateful for how far you’ve come. You’re not being selfish if you’re acknowledging your hard work, you should even be thanking you for it. You deserve all the applauses in your head. After all, taking care of your well-being and working hard brought you this far, be grateful.

3. Thank someone

Another way of expressing your gratitude is to thank someone. Don’t let your day go without thanking at least one person. You can also include an act of kindness from time to time. It will become a reflex after some time and you’ll realise what a powerful emotion these actions can bring you.

Thanking someone will make them aware that you’re appreciating their help or their implication. Firstly, you should be grateful in your head, after that you should express it with words by thanking them.

You should be thanking people for every little thing they do to make your life happier or maybe easier. Why you might ask? Well, no one is forced to do anything. Therefore that person always had an option and chose to do a little something for you. Take that into consideration when you underestimate the little gestures people make.

Motivate yourself to become a better version and increase your awareness of how important gratitude is.

4. Thinking positive

Being able to find the positive aspects when you are in a negative situation is another one of my well-being tips for women.

Actually, this exercise will not only help you practicing gratitude, but will also help you achieve a positive mindset. As I said in the first paragraphs, gratitude also comes with a better mental health.

When you’re going through a hard time, you should always look for the better things. Every challenge that unexpectedly comes in your life is an opportunity to learn something new.

Learning to be grateful even for the bad things will help you go through life happier and much more motivated.

Moreover, you’ll become more powerful with every challenge you face. Therefore you’ll get to the point where you’ll be thankful for the experience.

Get strong and learn how important it is to maintain a positive mindset all the way.

5. Live mindfully

Live in the present. Stop worrying about the past or the future. The YOU from this time needs you. Living in the past or worrying about the future will always bring you down. Focus on what you are now and how you can improve your way of being.

You can’t change the past, but your present self can improve the future you are about to face. Therefore, next time when you’re not sure why you should ONLY live in the present, just acknowledge that this is the best way to get through life.

In the end, I hope my well-being tips for women helped you achieve the best version of yourself. THANK YOU for reading 🙂

Until next time,

Miss Andrada

Women empowerment is so important these days, therefore I’ve decided to share with you how to feel inspired again in 5 easy steps.

Firstly, we all have those weird days when we feel uninspired and perhaps unmotivated. You might even sit there debating whether you lost the passion you once had. Not to worry. It’s completely normal to come across ups and downs in your professional and personal life. It’s all about getting back on feeling inspired again and starting all over!

I believe that you can never really lose your spark forever, sometimes it is just a matter of time until you find yourself again. It’s important that you never lose hope and maybe start trying some simple but affective exercises to stimulate your inspiration.

To get out of your inspiration blockage, you have to find some simple ways that can improve your creativity and boost your inspiration on a daily basis. Let’s explore these today!

Break the monotony

You wake up in the morning and follow the same steps you always do. And without knowing it, you fall into a daily routine. Why can it become unhealthy?

Well, it’s proven that changing your routine can do wonders for your inspiration. Repeating the same actions every day of your life can become exhausting really fast and moreover, is extremely unproductive.

Therefore, doing something new every day can increase your level of performance and productivity. Without hesitation, you will find your inspiration in simple things that you can add in your daily schedule.

For example, reading a new and exciting book can improve your creativity. You can find inspiration in one of the characters and in their stories. Let yourself go with the flow at least 30 minutes each day.

Actually, next time you are feeling uninspired don’t just accept the situation. Chose to do something a little bit different than you usually do. Also, a change of scenery is always welcomed.

Have you ever considered undertaking a course in something you enjoy? This can be a great way to break the routine. It’s all about the things you like and would love to do. Learning a new skill can improve your happiness and well-being.

Clear your mind

Women empowerment is a strong move at the moment, as it should be and as it should stay forever. Therefore, my next advice in finding inspiration is to clear your mind of all the things us as women need to think about all the time.

Living in a 24 hour society can get overwhelming and exhausting. Little things build up over the day and can easily provoke so much stress. The cities are noisy and can make you feel like you’re always in a rush. Being motivated at work and achieving all your tasks becomes harder and harder each day. Moreover, pleasing everyone drains the energy out of you.

Therefore, clearing your mind at lest 30 minutes everyday will improve your well-being, enthusiasm and inspiration.

Relax and try writing down all of the thoughts that suffocate you. It is proven that writing down your thoughts is therapeutic. Let the past stay in the past and focus on the present, stop overthinking and overwhelming yourself with everything.

However, journaling isn’t for everyone and you can try relaxing in other different ways. Maybe you can make some time for a massage session from time to time. Heal your “wounds” and try focusing on the good in your life.

Also, you can even try meditation. Work on your spiritual self and find your happiness on the way. In the end, it doesn’t matter what you actually do as long as you relax and don’t worry at least 30 minutes everyday.

Remember why you started your journey

If you are in a low point of your professional life and you can’t find a way of continuing, here is your key answer: remember why you started.

Motivate yourself and remember why you started it in the first place. Once you realise how important it used to be back then, you might come back on the right track.

Doing a rewind of your journey will help you realise how much you’ve achieved over the time and how close you are to your goal.

Keep working to fulfil your dreams and passions.

At the end of the day, you had your purpose once you started your adventure. Find it, explore it and even upgrade it. Your inspiration can also be your old self, be your own teacher and keep moving towards the best version of yourself.

Book the ticket and go

As usually, I’m trying to encourage women empowerment as much as I can. Therefore, I am now offering you my 4th advice in finding inspiration. Book that ticket and go, even on your own!

A change of scenery as big as visiting a new place is actually an amazing way of getting that inspiration back!

You can travel somewhere with lots of history and culture. Let yourself relax and also try unleashing the taste of adventure.

Break your routine and wander throughout the streets of a new city. Learn something new from another culture and I promise you will find your inspiration on the way.

Also, travelling is therapeutic from the moment you start your journey to the moment you end it. Reflect on how can you improve yourself in your way and reflect on how much you’ve changed in so little time on your way home.

Eventually, you will return happier and relaxed. All ready to build your way to success!

Connect with other people

Hearing other people’s stories and thoughts can also have a positive effect on your inspiration. Find out what makes other people move on and what motivates them.

You need social interaction in order to live happily and freely.

Therefore, the lack of communication might be the thing that made you lose your inspiration in the first place.

We, as humans need recreational time to spend outside with our loved ones.

You should always make time for socialising. Go out and have dinner somewhere nice, have a laugh, enjoy a good conversation and take some time for yourself. We all need it!

As I said before, women empowerment is extremely important, therefore I am so glad that I’ve shared with you these amazing  5 easy steps for regaining your inspiration. I hope you found them empowering and helpful.

I’m curious about what makes you feel inspired and motivated.

What would your 6th step be? Let me know in the comments below.

Lots of love,