5 signs


Well-being tips are the ones I always google when things are not so great in Paradise, so here are 5 signs you’re going through a burnout that you need to read!

What is a burnout?

First of all, if you want to know exactly if you’re going through a burnout or not, you have to know exactly what a burnout is.

“Burnout is a state of emotional, physical, and mental exhaustion caused by excessive and prolonged stress. It occurs when you feel overwhelmed, emotionally drained, and unable to meet constant demands.”

How do you know you’re experiencing a burnout?

One of the most important well-being tips I can give you is about how to realise you are experiencing a burnout. Due to stress that gathers during your day, you might not realise the situation you’re facing. However, the harsh feeling of being drained, the headaches and maybe the stomach aches are some of the first clear symptoms you will probably encounter. Exhaustion comes with negative impacts on you, so it’s important to acknowledge when things are getting out of hand and to find a solution.

A burnout is nothing easy to get through especially when you’ve encountered daily stress. Remember to be strong and to get your life back on track. Actually, the burnouts gained popularity due to the lack of energy people tend to have these days.

Continue reading to discover the most common 5 signs of a burnout in the list below.

1. Lack of focus

The gathered stress and worries can cause lack of focus when dealing with tasks or you can even start forgetting things. Focus is something you might struggle with daily due the lack of energy. The loss of this while going through a burnout is more than common.

However, in order to recover you will have to take things easy and build your focus step by step. Actually, you should find your weekly goals and try achieving them and while you advance you will start ramping up.

For example, if your first week starts with 20 hours every week reserved for your private time, after two to three weeks you can increase the number and so on.

Well-being tips | Signs You're Going Through a Burnout

2. Feeling tired all the time

You’ll start loosing most of your energy while experiencing a burnout. The high level of exhaustion caused by the stress you’re having will make you sleepy and drained most of the time. Therefore, one of the most important well-being tips I have for you today is to slowly try recovering and to never lose hope.

Therefore, during your recovery you should start with taking breaks and try meditating accompanied by some breathing exercises. Focus on getting your strength back. Realise how important it is to use your free time for your goals and purposes. Your purpose now is to get better. Therefore, when you take a break consider getting a breath of fresh air and relaxing.

3. Not feeling like socializing

If you have never been a social person, maybe you will not experience this symptom as other extroverts. However, if you used to love to communicate and in the past month you just didn’t feel like it at all, you should start questioning your well-being at the moment. Actually, if people now exhaust you and you are feeling tired after a conversation you might experience the introvert burnout.

Another one of my wellbeing tips in order for you to fully recover is to spend some time alone. “How am I going to bring back the extrovert in me if I spend time alone?” As weird as it sounds, you need some time to recharge yourself with energy. Try relaxing a bit and stop overthinking everything. Your appetite for socialization will come back eventually.

4. You are feeling unmotivated at work

Stress isn’t easy to deal with, therefore it can even drain you out of your motivation at work. Many tasks and the use of digital devices could even make your current state worse. This feeling you might experience is a real sign of a burnout.

Actually, in order to recover beautifully you will have to be a little careful for the next short period of time. For example, you can introduce some brakes during your day at work. Relax a bit and put your thoughts together. Moreover, if you feel overwhelmed by a task and start losing concentration, you can start doing another one and finish the first task later.

5. Not feeling like yourself lately

With all the signs I’ve put together it’s normal for you not to feel like yourself. As I said before, burnout comes with many problems. Therefore, if you are not feeling like yourself, experiencing dizziness and fatigue, you’re probably experiencing a burnout.

One of the best well-being tips for this situation is to try focusing on yourself a little more. Remember who you really are. Remember the things that used to motivate you and make you who you are in the past. Spend some quality time with your family and slowly get back on track.

It is normal for you to experience these things, therefore you should never forget that you are not alone. All you have to do is accept the situation and fight for your well-being. What are your pieces of advice in order to avoid a burnout?