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Either you are into celebrating Valentines Day with your loved one, or you’re planning a cocktail night with your girls, this day is the perfect excuse to turn up looking elegant (and really girly). Don’t forget about the accessories that will make the outfit perfect and will make you SHINE.

As you have seen from the title, the main accessory focus for this outfit are a gorgeous pair of red earrings. I was so happy when I received them from a dear friend of mine for Christmas. It was love at first sight and I even wore them straight away on the Christmas Eve. Obviously, now they have an emotional value attached to them and I love that! These earrings are a statement item that will definitely help you express your elegant chic self. You can find similar ones on high street stores as they are quite popular lately. The best outfits to pair them with are either a long dress or a jumpsuit.


Long dresses and jumpsuits will make you feel like you’ve just stepped out from Sex and the City. What if you’re not into long dresses you’re wondering? No problem! Jumpsuits are the perfect alternative option for you. Also, one big plus is that they are suitable to wear at most celebration venues. Let’s take a closer look together into styling the piece.

I have paired the red earrings with this ebony white jumpsuit for that Queen of Cards contrast. Pair with nude sandals and hit the town in style.

miss andrada accesories valentines elancafe

miss andrada valentines elan cafemiss andrada elan cafe valentines day outfit


One super cute location for spending the day would be the beautiful Elan Cafe on Brompton Road. The cafe tends to be quite busy and during weekends there is actually a queue at the door, so probably Valentines day will be busy too, so bear that in mind when planning your day.

miss andrada valentines day outfit elancafe accesoriesmiss andrada elan cafe valentines day

I am wearing:

White jumpsuit by H&M

Nude sandals by Guess

miss andrada valentines day 2

Special thanks to the amazing staff, who made this photoshoot possible.

How are you spending your day? Let me know in the comment section below 🙂

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The 2018 Way to Effectively Layer Your Clothes

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If you’re in the hunt for really warm clothes and you believe puffer jackets are the only solution to the current situation, layering can really come in handy if you don’t like feeling wrapped up every single day. There are no big news here as you probably layer your outfits already without necessarily realising you do so. Keen to switch the usual ‘winter jacket’ for a cooler alternative, I began researching ways of dressing appropriately for winter. What can I do differently to change the way I’m creating my outfits to fit my current needs? Today, I’m happy to share with you my proved and effective layering strategy for the coldest months of the year.

First step: Tops tops tops

Mention the word basic top and I will be the first one to say: I need more! As basic as they are and as easy to find they are, I am currently having only six or seven to use for layering. I found it really useful to own basic tops in different colours based on the shirt colour to be added to it. I feel that a black top should not be mixed with a white shirt as it will look really tacky – it’s similar to matching the underwear to the clothes you’re wearing. There’s nothing more disgraceful than a black bra underneath a white shirt. I like my tops in black, white, pale pink, and nude as I have quite a lot of shirts / blouses from that colour palette. Add as many different colours as you like based on your wardrobe colour range. You will instantly see the difference in the final look.

The 2018 Way to Effectively Layer Your Clothes

Hot Tip: So, as you probably guessed, the first step is getting your tops to match the shirts’ colours.

Second step: Shirts & Bottoms

Depending on the outside temperature, you can choose between a full-length arm shirt or a T-shirt. The beauty of layering is that you don’t have to pack your wardrobe with jumpers as a top and a shirt will do the job if the third layer is done right.

You can choose between a pair of pants or a skirt. If you choose a skirt, pick a pair of winter tights. I usually wear pants, but there are some exceptions of course.

The 2018 Way to Effectively Layer Your Clothes

Hot Tip: Go for cool designs in your tops. A printed logo T-shirt, a lace blouse or a stripped shirt will do miracles to your outfit. Details always make the difference between a boring and a “wow” outfit. Bring your inner artist to the game!

Step number three: Blazers and Cardigans

If there are two things I LOVE to have in my wardrobe, they would be blazers and fellow cardigans. I call them fellow as they’re comfy and always there to help you feel warm & ready to fight the cold weather. After all, they are probably the most important layer of all (closely competing with tops). Be consistent with your colour scheme: three or four colours per outfit should be enough to create a well put-together outfit. Any outfit made out of more than four colours will make you look sloppy.

The 2018 Way to Effectively Layer Your Clothes

Hot Tip: Choose a wool blended cardigan / winter blazer to go on top of your shirts. Be careful not to use more than three – four colours overall when putting together the outfit.

Step Four: The Winter Jacket

An ultimate layer to your outfit would be the beloved (or not) winter jacket. Make sure it has a wool blend to keep you warm. There’s no harm in having two or three winter jackets in different styles and colours to complement your outfits.

Hot Tip: Choose wool blended jackets that come in different lengths & styles. You can adjust one winter coat to the length of your skirt, so the latter is not longer than the former. 

Optional Step for BOLD girls: Statement Accessory 

An accessory won’t make you bolder but it can help you express your strong personality. As  designer Michael Halpern said Right now, people need fantasy from fashion. I believe his remark is 100% true as it perhaps relates to the concept of people loving story telling. The more you create stories around your outfit, the more empowered you will feel. My go-to accessory for the month is this green beret that I’ve been wearing quite a lot.

The 2018 Way to Effectively Layer Your Clothes

Hot Tip: Embrace statement accessories and wear them with the confidence you have in you.

Psst: Don’t forget about your winter boots.


Close-up & Portrait Photography by Graham Wills (www.buckinghamcameraclub.co.uk)

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This post is about just being you. I am not referring to having completely style makeover in the New Year, but to you experiencing with different add-ons that you can selfishly use to express your personality. Feeling edgy? Try glitter! Feeling I-need-to-make-myself-noticed-from-the-Moon? Get your enormous scarf on!

What is style?

For me, a woman’s style lays in her personality and her genuine power to express it through her clothes. Clothes that empower us highly interest me because I always have this famous quote  on my mind: Dress for the life / career you want. Could you imagine a life in which you use your personal style and clothes to get closer to your aspirations? If yes, then my lovely, you have the same view on fashion and style as I do.

Unleash the girl boss within you 

Just like in other areas of your life, trying new things is always an excellent way to grow. When it comes to fashion, we all have items that make us think ‘That’s so me’, but what about trying to find new ones to include in your wardrobe? I hope you know by now that when I say new I am talking about items that YOU haven’t tried before, not about the latest Valentino pair of shoes (that are always welcome anyway #though). Immersing yourself in discovering different accessories and clothes, will allow you to create a statement style for yourself that will empower you everyday. You can start with anything you want, just be BOLD: big earrings, blazers, faux fur jackets, leather pants, over the knee boots, a brooch. You have it in you – define your style to empower you to become the girl boss that you are. Plus, what better time to start your fashion adventure than the New Year?

Real talk here, I’ve always been afraid of experiencing new hairstyles. Besides wearing a fringe (cut all by myself at times) and getting a few Gossip Girl inspired headbands, I’ve always worn my hair in the same way: laid on the back. It’s like I’ve discovered how much fun it is to wear hair accessories (just different hats in my case) only last year. I actually feel super stylish when wearing my hats and they now represent an important part of my style. For the New Year, I am trying out sliver / golden hair accessories. 

Top Tip from Guido Palau: The accessory should always express who you are, and it should speak for itself.  So, don’t do it if you don’t feel comfortable while wearing it. But, don’t be afraid to try out. You’d never know if you don’t try.

Gatsby Bando

Really elegant and feminine, this Accesorize bando is sewn to perfectly combine little amazing details such as silver flower gems, leaves and beading. You can wear it during the day or night with a flattering dress. Let your personality shine through!

Miss Andrada Hair Bandot Accesorize UK 4

Miss Andrada dress Accesorzie

Miss Andrada Hair Bandot AccesorizeMiss Andrada Hair Bandot Accesorize UK 2018.jpg

Marble and Metal Hair Grips

Decorated with a luxury marble design and gold-tone metal slides, these hair grips will help you wear your hair in a new style while looking gorgeous! I created this plat decorated with loads of hair grips for an unique look.

Miss Andrada Fish Hair Pin AccesoryMiss Andrada Hair Fish Accesorize .jpg

This post was not sponsored by Accesorize.

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Hello and welcome to my blog!


I just moved down to London in the beginning of August as I started a new digital marketing job and I’ve been in love with the English city ever since. I am super excited to start blogging here and meet other London bloggers (let’s connect on Instagram as well if you are one – I am building a nice network at the moment). The weather was surprisingly warm for England, so I tried to visit the city as much as my schedule permitted – You can imagine the whole apartment was full of my unopened boxes for a couple of weeks (literally)!

I heard all fab stories about Notting Hill, so I had to tick the place off my list. You will love the colourful or monochrome little houses surrounding the area. I know I did. The vibe of Nothing Hill is super cool and relaxed. If you plan visiting London, you might consider having a well-deserved break here from the city’s hustle and bustle over a strong cup of coffee or red chilled wine.

Obviously, I had to take advantage of the gorgeous areas and take some shots to show you both the area and accessory ideas. The outfit I chose is made up from an autumn trench (getting ready for that autumn fashion – Yas!) and my favourite pair of high heels. I feel this creamy colour is perfect for the summer-autumn transition, when you still want that summer vibe. As the outfit is quite simple, it’s essential to accessorize it! For this occasion, I chose to try different accessories and offer you some options depending on your accessory preferences. I absolutely love the pieces I got from Pilgrim’s Wild Autumn Collection 2017. Let’s get to them, shall we?

Pilgrim Autumn Jewellery London MissAndradaPilgrim Autumn Jewellery London MissAndrada

If you decide to wear a statement bracelet, then there’s no need for a necklace in my opinion. The look will be much more elegant if you pair it with some cool earrings.

Pilgrim Autumn Jewellery London Andrada Bracelet

Pilgrim Autumn Jewellery London MissAndrada Earring

Pilgrim Autumn Jewellery London Andrada Earring

However, if you prefer necklaces over statement bracelets (sometimes I do), a great idea would be to pair a necklace with a nice pair of earrings – one of them should be less noticeable than the other (similar to the next shot).

Pilgrim Autumn Jewellery London MissAndradaPilgrim Autumn Jewellery London MissAndrada Outfit

Alternatively, you can wear a cool necklace and keep the look simple by only drawing the attention on the one accessory.

Pilgrim Autumn Jewellery London MissAndrada NecklacePilgrim Autumn Jewellery London MissAndradaPilgrim Autumn Jewellery London MissAndrada

All photo rights reserved to Mini T Photography.

I collaborated with Pilgrim Denmark for creating this accessory guide for you and I decided to give away one of the necklaces shown above (Image 8).  Do you want to wear it and fully embrace your September style? Enter my giveaway now! It only takes seconds! Thank you very much for joining me today and best of luck! The winner will be announced on the 19th of September both via email and Instagram.

Pilgrim Jewellery Autumn Collection Giveaway 2017

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