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Self development is quite an amazing journey these days. Everyone tries so hard to up their game and to become the best version of themselves. I think it’s amazing how many beautiful lessons you can learn during your self development journey.

A great way to start working on your self development is to start living with intention. By means you’ll focus more on living a more balanced life that concentrates on meaning and purpose.

Considering how exhausting the society is these days, people tend to put themselves on auto pilot and just follow up a routine. I’ll now give you some pieces of advice on how to wake up and realise that life is all about choices. You’ll need to fully live in order to develop yourself, existing is just not enough.

Pay attention

I believe you are busy 24 out of 7, right? There are distractions everywhere, on the phone, at the office, there are lots and lots of thoughts. All these things distract us from what really matters. Breathe in. Breathe out. Find a moment of peace and quiet and just focus. You’ll realise life is just getting past you, right? People seem to move in slow motion and nothing new ever happens. You’ll need to start searching for your purpose now. Take some time just to think about the things that matter to you the most. What do you aspire to be like?

Everyone is born with a purpose! Maybe you just want to make other people happy, or you want to revolutionize something, who knows?

The secret here is quite ironic. I cannot really tell you HOW to find your purpose. Thinking and focusing will help A LOT, however you are the only one who knows the answer to this question.

Once you’ve found your purpose I promise things will get much more easier.

Disconnect and connect

It’s now time to disconnect from every source of technology. Leave your phone away and start connecting with real people. It’s so important to share opinions, laugh and even just sit with other people. They can be your family, friends or your significant other, it really doesn’t matter. You’ll realise how much time you spend on your phone and how little with the people around you.

Socialising is an amazing form of self development. Not only you can learn a lot of things from others experiences but you can also improve your lifestyle a lot. For example, in a relationship communication is key. This is how you’ll keep your relationship balanced, healthy and happy. This also applies in other types of relationships such as friendships. And, if you have healthy relationships in your life, your state of mind will change instantly. It will have an impact to your self esteem, confidence, productivity and energy.

Live in the moment

In order to succeed in living a life with intention, you’ll also have to learn how to live in the moment. Stop thinking about the past or the future. The present matters the most. The choices you are making NOW will have an impact on your future self. Also, as I said before, it’s not enough only to exist. You have to live. For example, stop being afraid of change or challenges. It won’t get you anywhere. If you’d like to do something, try something or tell someone something, just do it! After all, even if it goes wrong, I’m sure you’ll laugh about it later.

Also, you can focus on little things. For instance, start enjoying the parfume your significant other wears. Have you ever listened to the birds in the morning? Do you ever just take a rest and look at all the people around you? Start enjoying life more and you’ll surely become a better version of yourself.

Set some goals

Goals are the things that help us moving forward after a bumpy ride, right? They make us ambitious and competitive. We want to succeed and then succeed again. Goals are an amazing form of developing ourselves. Therefore, the next step in living an intentional life is to set goals. You can start with smaller goals such as : today I’ll work out 10 minutes. After a week you can make your goal a bit harder and go for 20 minutes. This way, without even realising you’ll improve more and more.

Also, just as a reminder: you should celebrate every time you reach one of your goals. Eat a cupcake, drink a glass of whine, do whatever you like. Just don’t let it go like that. Even if it wasn’t a big deal, every choice you make in improving your life is worth celebrating.

All things considered, living a life with intention is really wonderful. And it’s not hard, right? Just remember, find your purpose, set some goals, connect with the people around you and live in the moment. After all, you only have one life, start living it.

What are your thoughts about this type of lifestyle? Slide in my Instagram DM’s (@notagirlygal) and let me know .

Until next time,

Miss Andrada


If you succeed to be happy with what you already have, you can finally say that you’ve moved forward in your self development journey.

Being happy might seem to be somehow challenging these days. Especially if you’re always on your Instagram thinking every influencer’s life is completely amazing. Don’t put yourself down! Everyone shows the best piece of themselves on their social media. Stop thinking you need lots of things in order to be happy and start embracing your life and your true values. Once you realise how lucky you already are, everything will go as planned.

Continue reading in order to start working on your happiness right now! Your self development journey isn’t something you should leave for tomorrow.

1. Your morning routine

If your morning isn’t going great, it’ll be hard for you to keep a positive vibe during the day. Therefore, if you start your day with energy and love, your chances at being happy get higher.

You can try putting on your favourite tunes and dancing a bit. This exercise will instantly improve your mood. Remember not to overload your brain with information and thoughts immediately. Leave some quiet time for yourself every morning. Also, don’t forget about breakfast! It’s literally the most important meal of the day. The energy you’ll gain from consuming the right food will become your best friend.

2. All about instagram

I’m not telling you to stop using social media. For example, I love being active on my Instagram account. However, don’t be fooled on how happy everyone seems to be. We are all humans and we all experience ups and downs in our lives. Of course no one will post a picture of them crying or stressing out. The life you see on people’s Instagram is not entirely true. Therefore, you shouldn’t think your life is miserable just because it’s not perfect. People tend to make their lives seem perfect, but in the end, there’s no such thing and I think we all know it by now. I just felt the need to remind you of this 🙂

3. Enjoy the little things

As I’ve said many times before, you should enjoy every little thing you encounter. The sound of birds and nature, the view from your window, the nice lady at the grocery store – these are all examples of things that can bring a smile to your face. Pay attention to what happens around you and you’ll find reasons to be happy. You don’t need a mansion and a private jet to feel happy. Once you realise that, your entire life and goals will change. Stop taking things or people for granted and try to enjoy every minute of your life.

4. Stop buying things, go for experiences

Instead of buying a new bag, why don’t you invest your money in a nice date for you and your loved one. You’ll feel greater at the end of the day. Memories are the most precious things we have. Lighten your life with beautiful events and spend your money wise. You’ll be happy if you buy a new bag, of course, but how long will your happiness last for? A nice experience will not only last forever, but if will also improve your self development journey.

5. Treat yourself during weekends

After a hard week of work, do something for yourself during the weekend. Try relaxing and doing things that bring you happiness. For example, you can go at the movies, or you can try to go hiking. Who knows? Do something different every weekend. Your whole mood will change and you will start the next week with a new type of energy. Your productivity and creativity will also increase significantly. How much better does it get? Tons! Trust me! Spice up your life babe! I know you deserve it.

6. Cut off the negativity

Stop spending time with people who bring negativity into your life. They can only make it harder, trust me. Surround yourself with people who appreciate your true value and who respect your need of positivity and happiness. If you can motivate each other and be supportive, you’ll be invincible. People who understand and respect you and your needs will help you achieve a higher level of self development in no time.

7. Exercise

Practicing some sport will not only help you get fit and healthy, but it will also improve your mood instantly. Make some time for daily exercises. You will sleep better at night and you will also be able to increase productivity and of course, happiness.

You can try jogging and listening to some music. You will completely clear your mind!

All things considered, being happy is not hard at all! All you have to do is realise that everything you need is right in front of you. Stop overthinking and just go with the flow. Don’t let your life fly in front of your eyes. Everything is possible if you truly desire it!

Tell me, how do you work on your self development journey? Feel free to DM me on my Instagram account (@notagirlygal) so we can have a chat!

Until next time,

Miss Andrada


Stop worrying and live your best life! After all, what worries can bring to you, besides those dark thoughts? If something is meant to happen, it will happen anyways: either you’re worrying about it or not. Have you ever wondered what life without worries would look like? Let me explain it to you: much more optimistic! Therefore, I’ve decided to follow the Hakuna Matata recipe and believe me or not, it works!

“It means no worries

For the rest of your days

It’s our problem-free philosophy

Hakuna Matata!“

Even if the little song itself is part of a children’s movie, I believe everyone should at least take into consideration the deeper aspects of this “philosophy”.

Worries are overwhelming your mind everyday and it’s totally fine. Everyone has their fears and thoughts. However, in order to live a much more positive and happier life, you should minimise these worries as much as possible. When I say that, I mostly refer to overthinking everything. It’s a great trait to be responsible and to think everything through, but sometimes in life you must take some risks. I’ve written this article to remind you that life isn’t about “IF’. Moreover, it is proven that if you’re a positive person, your entire life is much more happier and optimistic.

Continue reading to find 5 easy steps that you can take to stop worrying.

1. Positivity

Firstly, in order to stop worrying you should focus on positivity. Start your day by reading or saying optimistic messages to yourself. For example, when you wake up in the morning, just say to yourself : “I am positive! This day will go just as planned”, “I am positive today I will do an excellent job at work” (…) Once these little messages become part of your routine, your days will start with a dose of positivity. Therefore, you will experience a boost in energy, confidence and productivity.

Try seeing the good in every action throughout the day. For example, if you make a mistake, try to learn something from it. Being able to embrace the fact that nobody is perfect will also maximise your level of positivity.

2. Some situations are out of your control

Not everything is under your control. You should always remember that you are not responsible for other people’s actions or for other things that are not in your power to control. It’s completely normal to try to be the best version of yourself and to aspire to take the best decisions. However, if there is a bump in the road, don’t point your finger at yourself. Think through the situation and sometimes just embrace the fact that some actions are out of your control.

Downs are not the end of the world, even if it might feel like it. You will have to be optimistic and choose your happiness and well-being over anything. The Universe will always have its way to show you that the best things are yet to come; if something didn’t happen as you expected, maybe there’s a reason for that.

3. Mindfulness

Find a quiet place and sit down for a bit. Take a breath of fresh air and focus on yourself. You must realise that living in the present is crucial. As I mentioned in my other articles: You aren’t able to change the past, but your present impacts the future. Stop looking behind and focus on THIS moment. Find out that every second of your time is precious. Why worry when you can go and tell someone “I love you”, when you can do something that truly defines yourself at this moment in your life?

Focus on your breath while you sit down in this quiet place, just like you should focus on the present in your daily routine.

4. Say it out loud

Sometimes it’s best for yourself to say your worries out loud. Go to that person you can talk to and tell them her / him about your worries. It can be quite difficult at first, to open up to someone, but it can also do wonders. It’s like the worries in your head will stop for a bit when the conversation is over. Moreover, if your friend wants to, she / he might also give you some great pieces of advice on how to deal with your problem.

However, if you’re not a talkative person, you can always write everything down. I found one great exercise where you write down all of your worries. After you’ve finished, tear down the piece of paper and throw it in the bin. This exercise will make you feel free again and it will clear your mind.

5. Relaxation

Also, relaxation techniques can work very well in reducing your worries. If you’re feeling down and you just can’t stop overthinking everything, you can try meditation, yoga or you can schedule an appointment for a massage. Find what relaxation technique works best for you and clear your mind of all the dark thoughts.

Moreover, having some time for yourself is always therapeutic and welcomed.

All things considered, decide to stop worrying, try the Hakuna Matata “philosophy” and tell me about your experience.

How do you take your mind off your worries? 🙂

Lots of love,

Andrada xx