Here we are again, ready for another women empowerment article! What a wonderful way to get productive together, right? Recently, I’ve realised how important it is to take some time to do absolutely nothing! Many of you might have an issue with time management. Sometimes, you feel like you’re running a marathon, like you have only one second of a break and then you start working again. Moreover, that short break turns into running errands.

Remember that great ideas usually come when you take a step back from those energy draining tasks. Let’s go through what exactly you can do RIGHT NOW to become more productive and more creative at the same time 😉

1. Take a long shower

After a hard working day, don’t just get changed and start other tasks. Take your time and take a long shower. Relax all of your muscles. If you feel like it, you can also try applying some face masks or using scrubs – it will make you feel super relaxed. Clear your mind and just live in the present moment.

Being able to just sit in the shower and enjoy doing nothing will relief some of your feelings of stress. Moreover, it will significantly increase productivity. How? You might ask. Well, it’s quite simple. Your brain has been under pressure for too long. Therefore, a bit of relaxation and an escape from your routine, will help your brain to gain more energy after the shower is over. Hello, productive you!

2. Go for a walk

A walk in nature is always a good idea. Take some time for yourself and go outside for a walk. You can chose any place you feel like going to. For example, on my days back in London, whenever I’ve had the chance or wanted an escape I walked to Fleet Street (Sweeney Todd’s street) or took a stroll on the Thames bank in Chelsea Harbour. The change of scenario I was experiencing helped me a lot in increasing my productivity. Find that place you’d like to walk to and enjoy the fresh air, look at all the amazing people around you, wander on the streets just like a tourist and just RELAX. I promise that this walk will do wonders!

However, if you feel like you just can’t control the thoughts running through your mind, try putting some headphones on.

3. Watch a movie or a TV show

Actually, watching a movie or a TV show can help you relax and get new ideas. Moreover, it’s such an amazing way of doing nothing. Get cozy on your sofa and put your favourite movie on. Don’t think too much, just enjoy the atmosphere. Laugh and cry with your favourite characters and escape your daily routine. Maybe it can also be the best time for a guilty pleasure snack. Even if you’re on a diet, or prefer a more healthy alternative you can enjoy fruits or vegetables while binge watching your movie!

Movies can teach us a lot of life lessons, maybe you’ll also have a spiritual awakening at the end? Who knows?

4. Sit down

Sit. Down. That’s all. Find a comfortable chair and just sit down. Stop thinking. You can look around the room, or you can place your chair in front of a window. However, this mindless action will help you a lot. Everyone needs a break from time to time and if you’re reading this article I believe it’s the right time for you to have one. Exhaustion didn’t do good to anyone after all.

5. Sunbathing

Since now it’s the season of sun and fun as I like to call it, you can try sunbathing. What could be better than sitting with your eyes closed and enjoying a nice dose of vitamin D. Not only you get yourself a break, but you’ll also enjoy a good tan afterwards. However, don’t forget to use SPF 50! We all know how damaging the sun can get to your skin. You can also try special oils in order to relax your body. Also, before starting to do nothing:) I like reading one or two women empowerment quotes. They help a lot with increasing my self-esteem. Try it out! They’ll completely change your mood.

All things considered, doing nothing is quite productive! Isn’t it ironic? Breaks are crucial in order for you to function properly! Don’t forget that you’re only a human and you need some time for yourself! Enjoy a bit of relaxation when needed.

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Until next time,

Miss Andrada


Considering how challenging the times we are living in can be, I’ve picked the best 10 pandemic hobbies for you. Regain your hope and inspiration by trying new things you might fall in love with.

Usually, hobbies are such a great way of breaking through the daily routine. Trying some relaxing and energising activities will do great for your well-being.

The Covid-19 pandemic affected every single one of us in different ways. Therefore, we must somehow manage our schedule in order to find some time for ourselves and our needs. Moreover, considering how much time we spend indoors in the same environment, we need some distractions from our daily routines.

I’m now going to start my list of ‘pandemic hobbies’, you can try some of them and see which one fits you right. Do some good to yourself and your mental health!

1. Photography

Actually, photography might be a great activity for every social media lover (guilty as charged!). Through photography you can find beauty in everything, including in the simplicity of your own home.

While you spend your time indoors, you can experience with flat lays, themed photoshoots or even portraits. Choose your props, fix the lighting and create a photo studio in your own bedroom.

Even since the pandemic started, I have seen lots of beautiful people taking their very own pictures, professionally or not. You can play with the lights and choose a different aesthetic for your shooting every time.

After all, play both roles (model and photographer) and level up your content creation game.

2. Writing

If you’re feeling inspired and creative, writing can be your best choice from my list of pandemic hobbies.

Even if we are talking about starting your very own book or only journaling, writing can be a great way of letting it all out.

If you want to start your own novel, it will be a great way of escaping reality in your own fictional universe. You can create characters that can each reflect your emotions and your different experiences. Moreover, after finishing your creation you can celebrate this new achievement and also enjoy making other people happy with your very own universe.

3. Sewing

Who doesn’t want to become their own fashion designer?

As a new hobby, you can start learning how to sew. Just imagine how many benefits come with the ability to sew. First of all, you can always alter and repair your clothes, maybe once you get better you can start revamping other clothes and personalize them.

This way, you can start making clothes specially made for you and your personal style and taste. Be different and steal the spotlight!

4. Watching TV-shows or movies

Watching television isn’t as unhealthy as media made it look in the past few years. After all, you can find lots of tv-shows and movies with great topics. Moreover, by watching high quality movies you can still learn lots of things and spend your extra time doing something that relaxes you.

Actually, you can make a list with every movie you once wanted to see but never did. Also, include every category of movies in your list. I did that one Summer and I’m so happy I got to watch all the classics. Once you’ve finished it, you can for sure say that you now know your taste and feel achieved that you found the time to complete seeing these special movies you always wanted to try.

5. Painting

Painting is such a relaxing and beautiful way of spending your extra time. Anyone can do it, even if many people admit that they can’t even draw a straight line. Once you learn at least the basic science of colours, you can let your imagination flow and create personal masterpieces inspired by your own emotions.

You can try abstract art and try giving life to all of your emotions, after you finish you will feel stress free and relieved.

Painting often has the same effects on humans as journaling and expressing their feelings throughout writing.

6. Working out

If you always wanted to make a change in your physical look, a pandemic time is great for starting to work out. First of all, working out has an impressive effect of your not only physical but also mental health. While achieving the body you’ve always dreamed about, you can also improve your state of mind.

Also, finding a trainer for this type of activity is not hard at all. Nowadays the internet is full of young and experienced trainers willing to share their passion with everyone interested.

Bring the gym to you by following some great and educational work out YouTube videos.

7. Reading

One of the many amazing pandemic hobbies is reading. It is proven that, reading is therapeutic and stress relieving.

Chose one topic that intrigues you the most and read some bestsellers that will completely change your perspective on life. Escape in a fictional universe and train your mind at the same time.

However, if you don’t have a personal favourite category of books, you can try completing a list of 100 books to read in a lifetime. Explore the masterpieces made throughout time and feel achieved once you finished it!

Do it for you and only you!

8. Hiking

Even if the word “pandemic” instantly makes you think of indoors, you can go hiking during these hard times. Moreover, you can escape the dangers and agglomeration of the city and escape somewhere natural. Enjoy the fresh air and the beautiful landscapes.

9. Learning a new language

I believe everyone fell in love with at least one foreign country or city, with its culture and history and even its language. For instance, if Rome is your favourite city, why not learn Italian?

Accomplish one of your goals and enjoy the time you spend while doing it. In the end, you will find yourself more focused and also with having gained a new skill.

After the pandemic ends, visit that place that stole your heart and become a part of it showing your appreciation by learning its language.

10. Baking

It seems that people enjoy cooking and baking much more these days. By trying this pandemic hobby you can also be productive, have fun and in the end enjoy an amazing meal you made.

You can try those recipes you always loved and moreover, you can try many new and innovating ways of cooking and combining products.

Have fun and perfect yourself in this beautiful art.

Lastly, I hope that you’re going to try a couple of these pandemic hobbies and that you’re going to have a wonderful time whilst ‘escaping the world’. What’s your favourite from the list?

Have you ever felt like you can achieve a lot more than the results you’re seeing? You know yourself, you have that ambition that sticks to others and makes them become more ambitious, but something is stopping you from taking the leap and jumping right in. I’m going to share with you five tips on becoming your most confident self and turning your dreams into reality. Action your life now!

  1. Say NO to your fear

Believe it or not, what keeps you from achieving your inner goals is your fear of not loosing. Loosing what? The ‘game’ that you tend to turn most of the things you do into. In reality, there’s no such thing as loosing. You simply find different ‘destinations’ according to the path you’re choosing. Eliminate the fear from your mind, stop being afraid of different consequences because your mind is a powerful tool and can easily adapt to any situation. The worst thing that we can do is have expectations and then be disappointed of the reality. It’s like you paint this picture of eating the most delicious meal tonight, but there’s nothing there to guarantee the restaurant or the dish you’re going for will be the best meal of your life. You need to leave mystery and just enjoy your life without planning every single step of your journey. Now you’ll ask me, ‘Ok, but what if I’m disappointed’? You simply WON’T! You need to find a balance within yourself and learn to enjoy moments and outcomes to the fullest.

2. Become your biggest fan

Who can love yourself more than you love yourself? You need to fully love yourself with all you have and truly believe that you will achieve everything you put your mind to. Do more things with yourself and enjoy your own company. The abundant Universe will respond positively to your self-empowerment. Do you have an idea for an online business but people think it’s risky? Forget their opinions. They’re based on their or other people’s experiences. We are all different, what works for you might not work for others and the other way around. Thing is, there is no such thing as risk. I know. Let’s say that again together: there is no such thing as risk. 

how to be more confident 2019.jpg

3.  Start seeing yourself as a powerful person

Do you think you’re powerful? How do you define power within one self? You probably have role models, people who you look up to and admire for their strong personality. Do you know what they have, maybe a little bit more than yourself? Confidence. Being confident will make you powerful. Trust yourself. Believe in your own power. We all have something amazing within ourselves! Don’t let negative thinking bring you down and just focus on your strong characteristics. It’s like in a job interview, you play on your strengths, not your weaknesses. Do the same in life and you’ll live happily!

4.  Speak positively – use your own positive words

How many times do you find yourself complaining during the day? Seriously now, start to notice how many times you say something negative. Moaning about stuff is really natural for some, even for myself. It took me a long time to educate myself to spread less negative vibes and turn my life around. I know it’s not fun and games 24/7 but let’s stop playing the victim. Ultimately, we’re a product of how we react to things happening around us. Our reactions make up the life we want to live. You smashed your favourite glass by mistake? Are you getting angry and start cleaning in a rush? Or are you at peace with yourself and think ‘life goes on, I’ll get a better one tomorrow’? If you’re getting angry, you might cut your finger and one unfortunate event will follow another one. If you decide to be cool about it, you have something to look forward to: your new glass. Notice how your reaction really influences the flow of things in your life. So, start using your positive words and notice their impact in both daily life, but also reaching your goals.

how to become your most confident self action your life.jpg

5. Practice the power of daily meditation and positive affirmations

You believe in a positive life. Say that to yourself during a daily meditation. Find a phrase that you really love and make that your motto. Even more than that, stick post-it notes on your fridge, desk or mirror to constantly remind yourself that you’re up to something great. Remember, having an image of your ideal life is great! Don’t feel the need to meet every single aspect of it as we need to keep that mystery we discussed about previously. Let the Universe know that you’re open to whatever goodness is throwing at you. You’re going to become stronger, hence more and more confident as everyday goes by.

How to be your most confident self.jpg

There you have it, my top five tips on becoming your most confident-self! I’m sure they will stay at the base of you achieving your plans in life. I really believe that confident people rule the world. Your turn, let me know if the comment section below, what do you do to become more confident?

Lots of love,