Autumn make-up. What’s trending this season? Velvety skin, as natural as it can be, pink blush and nude eye shadow – are all beauty trends that I love right now.

Compared to last years, this Fall is all about ROCKING that ‘no make-up make-up’. Something you can wear at home, in comfortable clothes while reading a book, but also at the office. For me a natural makeup will always win over a full face one. But it depends on everyone’s tastes in the end.

1. Pink/Red blush

A touch of pink will brighten up your whole face during a cold Autumn day. You can choose not to use foundation. Apply a small amount of concealer under your eyes and blend it carefully. Next choose your favourite blush. I personally prefer the pink shade for my cheeks. It brightens up your complexion and brings a touch of natural beauty.

Try to use a mousse blush for this – it works wonders! Apply it to the cheekbones – and Gigi Hadid’s trick is to actually apply a little bit on the sides of your forehead too – just like Jess did it in the first picture above. For final touch-ups, you can use mascara and a translucent brow gel.

2. Lips

Source: @tamarawilliams

Lips are a very important part of the final look. If you choose a bold contour and a dark colour, you can be provocative or mysterious. A pink lip gloss, on the other hand, will make you look more natural and feminine.

For a trending Autumnal look, play around with lipstick shades – from dark ones to more natural ones (lip pencils became my best friends). On your face, use a little concealer, contour, blush and a bit of highlighter. That way, the make-up you wear will be more natural and all the attention will be drawn to your sexy lips. This time, lipstick will be the STAR.

3. Brown on the waterline

Earth tones are really on trend lately, aren’t they? Well, besides brown jackets, sweaters, trousers and scarves, make-up artists now love to use brown shades when it comes to make-up. Just like I mentioned in the previous paragraphs, natural makeup is a trend this year. However, a little colour here and there never hurts.

Pick your favorite brown pencil and outline your waterline. Then apply a little colour under the eyes too. Spread the colour under your eyes with a thin brush. These are the steps to a natural makeup look that will make your eyes stand out. Brown compliments all eye colours, so this trend is suitable for everyone who wants to try it.

3. Pumpkin spice and everything nice

Orange can make any colour of eyes stand out. That’s why this Fall more and more people are wearing orange eyeshadow. Not only does it blend amazing with the whole Fall landscape, but it also fits in with the style of clothes being worn in 2021. Simple, yet affective, this look is one of my favourites.

You can add some highlighter here and there. By the way, I don’t think it would hurt to draw freckles either. I did that for the first time this Summer and I am hooked!

4. Bold red

Red lipstick will always be a classic. One of the trendiest combinations this season is eyebrow gel and red lipstick. Red is a colour that represents elegance and femininity. You can wear this everywhere! However, I personally love how red lips looks for events or when I go out in the evening.

I actually prefer liquid lipstick – the Sephora Liquid Lipstain and Jeffrey Star’s Liquid Lipsticks. You can use any type you like – for matte lipstick I can recommend Anastasia Beverly Hills. Also, remember to draw your lips. Your make-up should be simple and natural with a great emphasis on the bold lips.

5. Green smokey

When it comes to Autumn make-up, I find this mossy green eyeshadow very fun. It perfectly fits with the whole idea of coziness. It can even be messy. Apply the eyeshadow to your eyelid and complete your look with black mascara. For a bolder look, you can also add a touch of black on the waterline. Your eyes will stand out. Besides, your whole look will be messy casual with a hint of tomboyishness. Be creative but comfortable at the same time.

Autumn make-up this year is something different, believe me. Which one is your favourite? Slide in my Instagram DM’s (@notagirlygal) and let me know.

Until next time,

Miss Andrada


Fashion accessories have my heart. Especially during Autumn because it’s the perfect season for accessorising and creating innovative looks. You’ll get to rock over the knee boots, printed scarves, elegant hats, leather gloves, trench coats and so many other gorgeous pieces. Oh, I find Autumn fashion so chic & fun because there’s so much variety in terms of outfits, you can wear a new combo every single day.

If you want to know which are THE best fashion accessories to try in 2021, this is the perfect article for you. Let’s discover the must haves of this season.

1. Platforms – still TRENDING!

Copyright Images – Farfetch

Versace, Prada and Schiaparelli helped us remember how cool platforms used to be. Be brave and get up on these boots! You can style them with dresses and skirts for a 00s look, plus your legs will look longer and thinner. Do you remember Bratz? Well, with the right pair of platforms, you’ll feel like the newest member of the gang!

If you want to go for a sharper look, you can try shoulder pads jackets and straight skirts/dresses/pants. If you add a pair of platforms with a linear heel, your look will become more editorial.

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2. Moonboots

Copyright images : Farfetch

Are chunky shoes the newest trend? 100%. If in the previous heading we talked about platforms, it’s now time to unleash our next trend. I’m positive you might’ve even forgot about … Moonboots!

They were such a trend in the 00s. However, they had a glow down almost immediately and people didn’t like them anymore. However, now in 2021, Moonboots are a trend again. Chanel, Dolce & Gabanna, Chloé and Ottolinger created various variations of the retro Moonboot. Classier and perfectly adapted to 2021, this new concept has been adapted by many trend setters.

Moonboots look great with baggy outfits, skinny jeans and many more combos. Hello, retro chic look!

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3. Hobo bags

Copyright Images – LuisaviaRoma & Farfetch

Hobo bags are staying for Autumn! They can make your outfit look expensive in seconds. For example, if you decide to go for a casual look such as: jeans, hoodie and sneakers; a shoulder hobo bag will complete the fit. Equally, you will look stunning whilst wearing it with a white shirt & a skirt. Hello, Instagram followers 😉

These are just some examples that I like, but there are so many alternatives of the Hobo bag, I’m sure you can find the one.

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4. Rectangular Sunglasses – Fashion Accessories

Copyright Images – Farfetch

Rectangular shades are such a statement accessory. You can wear a simple outfit and complete the look with a luxury pair of sunglasses. That way, your look will be taken to the next level in seconds. These Balenciaga ones are my all time favourites!

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5. Statement Rings

The statement rings are one of my favourite fashion accessories this fall. Golden ones especially! They can easily make your fit look elegant and expensive. You can go for thick and gold ones for evenings. They look amazing if you chose a black outfit.

For a sunny day you can chose colourful ones made of resin. They are such a trend on TikTok right now. Also, for work days, you can chose multiple ones that go with the watch you’re wearing.

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All things considered, this Autumn you can try different trends that can make your outfits look so cool without much effort. Just have fun with it and enjoy experimenting with new items 🙂

Until next time,

Miss Andrada


Hello my beautiful people,

It’s another beautiful Beauty Sunday! Today we’re looking at one of my favourite Autumn Make-up looks starring a fabulous colour: burgundy. This would be my first make-up look that I’m sharing with you, so I’m super excited to see your reactions. On this Singles Day, even though you’re in a relationship or not, it’s time to give yourself some self-love and treat yourself. After all, we have to love ourselves first to be able to love others. Grab your chai latte and get into the world of make-up.

 Autumn Burgundy Make-up Look

 I finally got my hands on the Makeup Revolution palette! I’ve seen this on Instagram on a couple of bloggers, but also on the shelves of drugstores and I was eager to try it. Let me just say, I love how chunky the colour blocks are. I mean, it’s a lot of product going in each shade which makes me happy as I can use my hands and don’t feel like I’m going to ruin it. I got mine on Notino – they have quite a few Makeup Revolution products, so it’s great to get them all from one place.

I mainly used the brown & nude shades and that beautiful burgundy to come up with an Autumn look I was proud of. I have applied a combination between the three brown shades on the inner corner of my eye, blending in the dark burgundy on the outer corner. I was impressed how well the colours blended for a drugstore makeup brand! Not only that, but after 5 hours my lids looked just as perfect and I promise you – for my oily skin that’s an accomplishment!

Matt Makeup Autumn Burgundy MakeUp MissAndrada NotAGirlyGal Notino

As you can see, the eyes and lips are the main focus of this look, so I have gone easy on the contouring or blush. Highlighters are no longer trending in the beauty industry, it’s all about the matt look now. I excluded any highlighter, not just because they’re not trending, but I wasn’t a big fan of them for too long when they first launched. So, it’s goodbye highlight, but welcome matte looks! To be fair, I think I prefer it: so French and a lot simpler.

Matt Make Up Trends Autumn Burgundy Makeup MissAndrada NotAGirlyGal


Products used

House of Rawan Matte Lipstick in Charlie’s Purple

Makeup Revolution Re-loaded Palette in Shade Visionary

Clinique Mascara for volume

EyeLure Individual lashes

Estee Lauder Double Wear

Benefit Hoola Bronzer.

Single’s Day Haul

On top of the make-up palette, I have selected some products that you can try out this Single’s day and give yourself some self-love. They’re products that can make you feel happier or show you a new side of you.

Clinique Anti-blemish Solutions Foundation

We all need to try out different foundations and this one was classed among the best for oily skin 

Screen Shot 2018-11-09 at 13.21.33.png

Get yours here.

Clinique Waterproof Mascara

This is amazing if you have sensitive eyes 


Screen Shot 2018-11-09 at 13.23.16.png

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Clinique Prep-Start Eye Cream

 You need to get this! It’ll work on those puffy eyes

Screen Shot 2018-11-09 at 13.22.52

Available here.

Whitening Kit – Blanx White Shock

I’m still testing these, but I will review them on my Instagram Stories!

Screen Shot 2018-11-09 at 13.25.19.png

Just £10 here – retail price is £15-£16

Dermacol Invisible Fixing Powder

I ordered this because I heard so many good things about this brand; after all they invented the foundation with the highest coverage in the world. The powder is not caky and keeps my sebum in place. It’s definitely worth having in your kit. Get the light shade!

Screen Shot 2018-11-09 at 13.27.18.png

Hope you have enjoyed this make-up look and that you’ll treat yourself to some Notino goodies because we all need that beauty ritual for ourselves. Browse your choice of products on their website. You’ll love all the amazing offers!

Lots of love,