be your own boss


It’s time to be yourself and start living happily! 🙂 Stay with me to start changing the way you view your current life and explore new ways to experience joy every single day.

First of all, you might be always fed perfect images of happy lives on social media. That’s why, many of us have the impression that this is how everything should be – pretty and pink. Unpleasant things happen to everyone around us. No one can have a constant smile on their lips and no one can lead a “perfect” life. Why? It’s quite simple, these “perfect” lives promoted all over social media are actually made up. Perfection in the true sense of the word does not exist. Because the truth isn’t perfect.

Therefore, you should not be guided by what others WANT to share online. You have to create your own life, with your own rules, your own desires.

In order to achieve the lifestyle you’ve always wanted to lead, you have to learn to love your own self, to take a moment and be grateful for what you are and understand that only you are responsible for your future. As long as you focus on YOU, great things will come your way.


Are you ready to step up your game and live happily? Here’s a quick worksheet for you to use when you feel that your positive view on life somehow vanished, when you can’t see the beauty in the little things and feel unmotivated to go on.

1. Be Happy with Yourself

It’s very important that you are happy with yourself. After all, nobody else lives in your shoes!

YOU will have to put YOU on the first place! Do you think you can do it? It’s not impossible, I promise!

It’s true that it can be challenging to stop trying to please everyone around us. The point is that someone will always be unhappy. It’s totally normal! You can’t be “perfect” for all the people around you! You have to really be perfect for yourself. And how do you do that?

It all starts with accepting your mindset. Once you do what you know is best for you and for the people around you and they’re still not happy, just know, that it’s on them. If your energy is good and comes from a great place and still not appreciated, I’m here to assure you, it’s really not your problem.

2. Find Joy in Every Single Day

The key to living happily is to find joy in the beauty of simple moments. There are so many valuable things that you could be enjoying on a daily basis … all you need is time and energy to do so. If time is your problem, we’re going to look at that in the worksheet and identify ways in which you could be spending more time doing the things you love. Most of the times, the answers are just in front of you. All you need is some headspace to plan your days so that your schedule doesn’t control you, but the other way around 🙂

3. Focus on the present

Although you were also you in the past, you are different in the present. Makes sense, doesn’t it? The point is that maybe you made certain decisions in the past and stuck to them. You keep going back to what you did and keep blaming yourself. Well, it’s time to stop. People grow up, they mature. You may think you’re the same person, but you’re not. Change is constant in your life. With every word spoken, decision made and action taken we and our perceptions change.

It’s time to focus on the present. It is very important to live in the moment! And this is impossible if you live in the past. It’s quite simple really. In order to discover yourself, it is important to be able to live in the present. That’s the bottom line.


It’s time to focus on being yourself and empower yourself to become even happier every single day. After all, life is here to be enjoyed with all the good and the less pleasant things. To live happily, you have to create your own happiness! Download the FREE worksheet to get started 💛

Until next time,

Miss Andrada


Here I am, sharing my story on “how to be your own boss ”. Everything really started in high school when I first realised I hated being bossed around. I loved playing by my very own rules. I’ve always been allowed to think for myself and to set my very own boundaries. With my head on my shoulders, I knew how to tell apart what is wrong and right from a young age. I believed I knew better what’s right for me, however I always loved to learn from other people’s experiences and to gain knowledge.

Being able to discuss and to understand everything that was happening around me was one of my number one priorities. You know what they say – “ Knowledge is power “.

Anyways, let’s continue with this story because I hope it will inspire some of you too.

Uni Andrada ?!

If you don’t build your own dreams someone will hire you to build theirs.

Tony Gaskins

Years passed and I went to uni. I absolutely loved being independent. Even if the first year was pretty hard considering I moved from my own country to the UK, I tried to stay optimistic. I realised I wanted to do something big with my life. Here comes the learning part. I’ve been studying so much in high school and I was very disciplined. I remember just before my Baccalaureate exam that everyone would go out and have fun, but there I was: at home with my books. I felt like an absolute joke whilst others were living their lives. But let me tell you know: that taught me discipline and respect for myself (and for my future).

In uni, I really took every opportunity that was given to me. Many doors opened and I met lots of amazing people. I like to believe that I learned so much from their experiences. Considering I was very sociable, I always loved to interact and to learn more.

I had a few jobs during uni and I literally worked just to gain real world experience in marketing. I wanted to achieve something great and to do my very best. After all, working hard & smart is so important in order to be your own boss.

After uni?

Think big and don’t listen to people who tell you it can’t be done. Life’s too short to think small.

Tim Ferriss

Here comes the more challenging part. I knew that when uni was about to finish that my life will become a little bit harder. I had a job and I was literally so focused on it. I was friends with mostly all of my colleagues and I was giving everything to THE job. You know, I believe that when you engage in something, it’s so important to do your best. I am a hard working person and I never waited for things to come to me by themselves.

Even if my office was a bit far from my flat (about 1h commute), I enjoyed going to work and living my young adult life. It was so new and pleasing for me – getting of at Holborn on a busy Monday morning had its charm.

However, even if I absolutely loved what I did and I made great memories working in agencies and corporations, I realised I just wanted more.

A little bit more

Without ambition one starts nothing. Without work one finishes nothing. The prize will not be sent to you. You have to win it.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

I wanted to make my own rules, set my own limits and to go bigger. After all, I’ve always been a dreamer. That’s when I realised the whole “ be your own boss “ concept. I wanted to work from anywhere. I wanted to travel the world and to make work much more enjoyable. It just seemed IMPOSSIBLE at that time. I was working pay check to pay check, how can I go out?

Therefore, I started focusing on my personal career. And trust me, it was the right thing to do.

Yes, it was exhausting at first. Yes, you also have lots of challenges on the way. Yes, you never really know if you are going to succeed or not. However, perseverance is the most important trait you’ll need.

Just do it

The secret of getting ahead is getting started.

Mark Twain

Well, this is the most important point I wanted to discuss with you today. Even if everyone tells you it’s hard and that you won’t succeed, just do it. If you needed a little motivation, you are in the right place.

Trust me, if you surround yourself with people who believe in you and if YOU believe in yourself you are invincible. Quit your job at the right time (and when you have a bit of proof that your idea will work) and be your own boss. Put in action that idea of yours and just go for it.

Being able to decide for yourself and to create the lifestyle you’ve always wanted in your work place is amazing. You only have one life and you’ll need to work some good parts of it. Why not make it amazing?

I’ve heard lots of times that I’m a “workaholic”. No, I’m not. I’m just passionate. I love what I do and I trust myself that I can even go bigger than this.

Believing in your own forces and being confident are the things you’ll need to do!

I wrote this article in order to let you guys know that it’s possible if you really go for it. You know, life can really be scary at times. However, you at least need to try to sculpt life just the way you want it to. This is me now, working from all around the world, owning my own marketing agency!

How to be your own boss? How to create a life you love? The road is paved with loooots of challenges. However, you can find ALL my secrets and pieces of advice in my book below that is currently on sale:

I really hope you enjoyed reading my story and getting to know me better. I hope you found a oasis of peace and also inspiration whilst doing so.

Until next time,

Miss Andrada