Autumn make-up. What’s trending this season? Velvety skin, as natural as it can be, pink blush and nude eye shadow – are all beauty trends that I love right now.

Compared to last years, this Fall is all about ROCKING that ‘no make-up make-up’. Something you can wear at home, in comfortable clothes while reading a book, but also at the office. For me a natural makeup will always win over a full face one. But it depends on everyone’s tastes in the end.

1. Pink/Red blush

A touch of pink will brighten up your whole face during a cold Autumn day. You can choose not to use foundation. Apply a small amount of concealer under your eyes and blend it carefully. Next choose your favourite blush. I personally prefer the pink shade for my cheeks. It brightens up your complexion and brings a touch of natural beauty.

Try to use a mousse blush for this – it works wonders! Apply it to the cheekbones – and Gigi Hadid’s trick is to actually apply a little bit on the sides of your forehead too – just like Jess did it in the first picture above. For final touch-ups, you can use mascara and a translucent brow gel.

2. Lips

Source: @tamarawilliams

Lips are a very important part of the final look. If you choose a bold contour and a dark colour, you can be provocative or mysterious. A pink lip gloss, on the other hand, will make you look more natural and feminine.

For a trending Autumnal look, play around with lipstick shades – from dark ones to more natural ones (lip pencils became my best friends). On your face, use a little concealer, contour, blush and a bit of highlighter. That way, the make-up you wear will be more natural and all the attention will be drawn to your sexy lips. This time, lipstick will be the STAR.

3. Brown on the waterline

Earth tones are really on trend lately, aren’t they? Well, besides brown jackets, sweaters, trousers and scarves, make-up artists now love to use brown shades when it comes to make-up. Just like I mentioned in the previous paragraphs, natural makeup is a trend this year. However, a little colour here and there never hurts.

Pick your favorite brown pencil and outline your waterline. Then apply a little colour under the eyes too. Spread the colour under your eyes with a thin brush. These are the steps to a natural makeup look that will make your eyes stand out. Brown compliments all eye colours, so this trend is suitable for everyone who wants to try it.

3. Pumpkin spice and everything nice

Orange can make any colour of eyes stand out. That’s why this Fall more and more people are wearing orange eyeshadow. Not only does it blend amazing with the whole Fall landscape, but it also fits in with the style of clothes being worn in 2021. Simple, yet affective, this look is one of my favourites.

You can add some highlighter here and there. By the way, I don’t think it would hurt to draw freckles either. I did that for the first time this Summer and I am hooked!

4. Bold red

Red lipstick will always be a classic. One of the trendiest combinations this season is eyebrow gel and red lipstick. Red is a colour that represents elegance and femininity. You can wear this everywhere! However, I personally love how red lips looks for events or when I go out in the evening.

I actually prefer liquid lipstick – the Sephora Liquid Lipstain and Jeffrey Star’s Liquid Lipsticks. You can use any type you like – for matte lipstick I can recommend Anastasia Beverly Hills. Also, remember to draw your lips. Your make-up should be simple and natural with a great emphasis on the bold lips.

5. Green smokey

When it comes to Autumn make-up, I find this mossy green eyeshadow very fun. It perfectly fits with the whole idea of coziness. It can even be messy. Apply the eyeshadow to your eyelid and complete your look with black mascara. For a bolder look, you can also add a touch of black on the waterline. Your eyes will stand out. Besides, your whole look will be messy casual with a hint of tomboyishness. Be creative but comfortable at the same time.

Autumn make-up this year is something different, believe me. Which one is your favourite? Slide in my Instagram DM’s (@notagirlygal) and let me know.

Until next time,

Miss Andrada


Have you ever felt like you can achieve a lot more than the results you’re seeing? You know yourself, you have that ambition that sticks to others and makes them become more ambitious, but something is stopping you from taking the leap and jumping right in. I’m going to share with you five tips on becoming your most confident self and turning your dreams into reality. Action your life now!

  1. Say NO to your fear

Believe it or not, what keeps you from achieving your inner goals is your fear of not loosing. Loosing what? The ‘game’ that you tend to turn most of the things you do into. In reality, there’s no such thing as loosing. You simply find different ‘destinations’ according to the path you’re choosing. Eliminate the fear from your mind, stop being afraid of different consequences because your mind is a powerful tool and can easily adapt to any situation. The worst thing that we can do is have expectations and then be disappointed of the reality. It’s like you paint this picture of eating the most delicious meal tonight, but there’s nothing there to guarantee the restaurant or the dish you’re going for will be the best meal of your life. You need to leave mystery and just enjoy your life without planning every single step of your journey. Now you’ll ask me, ‘Ok, but what if I’m disappointed’? You simply WON’T! You need to find a balance within yourself and learn to enjoy moments and outcomes to the fullest.

2. Become your biggest fan

Who can love yourself more than you love yourself? You need to fully love yourself with all you have and truly believe that you will achieve everything you put your mind to. Do more things with yourself and enjoy your own company. The abundant Universe will respond positively to your self-empowerment. Do you have an idea for an online business but people think it’s risky? Forget their opinions. They’re based on their or other people’s experiences. We are all different, what works for you might not work for others and the other way around. Thing is, there is no such thing as risk. I know. Let’s say that again together: there is no such thing as risk. 

how to be more confident 2019.jpg

3.  Start seeing yourself as a powerful person

Do you think you’re powerful? How do you define power within one self? You probably have role models, people who you look up to and admire for their strong personality. Do you know what they have, maybe a little bit more than yourself? Confidence. Being confident will make you powerful. Trust yourself. Believe in your own power. We all have something amazing within ourselves! Don’t let negative thinking bring you down and just focus on your strong characteristics. It’s like in a job interview, you play on your strengths, not your weaknesses. Do the same in life and you’ll live happily!

4.  Speak positively – use your own positive words

How many times do you find yourself complaining during the day? Seriously now, start to notice how many times you say something negative. Moaning about stuff is really natural for some, even for myself. It took me a long time to educate myself to spread less negative vibes and turn my life around. I know it’s not fun and games 24/7 but let’s stop playing the victim. Ultimately, we’re a product of how we react to things happening around us. Our reactions make up the life we want to live. You smashed your favourite glass by mistake? Are you getting angry and start cleaning in a rush? Or are you at peace with yourself and think ‘life goes on, I’ll get a better one tomorrow’? If you’re getting angry, you might cut your finger and one unfortunate event will follow another one. If you decide to be cool about it, you have something to look forward to: your new glass. Notice how your reaction really influences the flow of things in your life. So, start using your positive words and notice their impact in both daily life, but also reaching your goals.

how to become your most confident self action your life.jpg

5. Practice the power of daily meditation and positive affirmations

You believe in a positive life. Say that to yourself during a daily meditation. Find a phrase that you really love and make that your motto. Even more than that, stick post-it notes on your fridge, desk or mirror to constantly remind yourself that you’re up to something great. Remember, having an image of your ideal life is great! Don’t feel the need to meet every single aspect of it as we need to keep that mystery we discussed about previously. Let the Universe know that you’re open to whatever goodness is throwing at you. You’re going to become stronger, hence more and more confident as everyday goes by.

How to be your most confident self.jpg

There you have it, my top five tips on becoming your most confident-self! I’m sure they will stay at the base of you achieving your plans in life. I really believe that confident people rule the world. Your turn, let me know if the comment section below, what do you do to become more confident?

Lots of love,