Hi there,

Are you enjoying Autumn so far? 🙂 I am so happy to have started this lifestyle section on my blog that I keep writing on it constantly (Go you – for your positive feedback so far!).

I’ll try to make this post as specific as I can because things that make us all happy can be as broad as sun shining on a warm summer day or raindrops falling on your opened window. Of course, I love all of that but I would love to share with you more specific aspects that make me enjoy life more every day. Perhaps, you can pick some of them up and start enjoying some of them as well (they’re really positive little things to be happy for).

My boyfriend’s beautiful smile in the morning

He can make my day with his smile – any day, anytime! Sharing positive energy in the morning is key to a beautiful life and relationship.

A great cup of frothed milk coffee 

That’s the second thing that makes me smile in the morning. I am currently using a Nespresso machine for making my coffee and a super cute frothed milk machine for the milk (had no idea they sell something like that). I’ll soon get into coffee art (just kidding – or maybe not) – I love those pretty heart patterns on the top of my coffee, so why not learn how to make one? Haha..

miss andrada happy.jpg

Wearing my favourite perfume makes me feel amazing all day

I have a list of perfumes I really like, but my absolute favourite one is Kenzo Jungle L’elephant. It’s a spicy floral fragrance that combines notes of amber mandarin, cardamon, cloves, ylang-ylang – creating an intense and sensual trace. I usually read www.fragrantica.com to discover the top notes of different perfumes, and check their longevity and sillage. It’s a great tool to use for perfume lovers.

miss andrada kenzo.jpg

Going to the gym & taking a hot shower in the middle of the day

Ah the wonders the gym does to my day! I feel so happy I started to integrate going to the gym into my weekly schedule. It’s the first time I’ve ever joined a gym and I feel more confident than ever about it!

Receiving your support on the blog

Honestly, I appreciate all your support – on Instagram, Twitter and in the comment sections. It makes me keep going and keep writing content. It’s that feeling you get when you’re doing something really right. So a huge THANK YOU! I instantly feel happy that my work made you feel something good. Please continue to do so, because it’s truly appreciated.

A great outfit of the day!

Nothing helps my Instagram feed more than a great outfit! Let’s connect on Insta, I would love to see your posts! Follow @missandradavonc – I’ll follow back (pinky promise)

missandrada happy 3

Catching up about the day on a glass of wine 

With all the good things happening these days, I love seeing him again and get lost in conversations about our day and other activities that interests us – plans, events coming up, trips, holidays, new recipes we discovered. We’re super enthusiastic about life and we enjoy discovering it together.

miss andrada happy 2

What makes you happy during the day – maybe driving to your favourite place or talking to your best friend? Tell me more about it in the comment section – it would be wonderful to get to know you as well.

Until next time,