Do you love black leather jackets? Me too! Although I didn’t wear one in three years now,  I find leather jackets to be perfect for the transition between spring and summer. Finding the perfect one might be a challenge, so get browsing and follow my tips to choose your own.

History of the leather jacket

You might not know this, but the first leather jacket was created for fighter pilots in the first World War! It only made it in fashion in the 90’s and it remained at the cool item of a wardrobe.

How to choose your leather jacket

Look at the leather’s quality 

That’s a pretty straight forward advice, but do look out for the leather’s quality. Signs of early damage while it’s already on the store’s hanger has to make you forget about it. Just imagine how many damages it will suffer from while you’re wearing it. If it’s NOT super soft, then the leather will pass the test of time and look its best after you’ve worn it for a while.

miss andrada leather jacket details zara

Check the interior fabric

Assuming you’re buying it for Spring, you still want to check its interior. If it looks that it will keep you warm enough for chilly afternoons, then it will make a really good buy. The last thing you want is to freeze in it while sipping cocktails on a rooftop.

Select the right length

I love it when its length is just above my waist. If it’s longer than that, there are chances for me to not like it just as much. That length makes you look taller and goes with pretty much any style: worn with a jumper, over a dress or over a short top.

miss andrada spring outfit ideas how to wear a leather jacket

Look out for quality zippers

The zippers have to be of good quality because you want your jacket to look on point. Zippers can both ruin and lift up a jacket, so stay close to the quality ones.

miss andrada spring outfit leather jacket.jpg

Get the right fit

I can’t stand leather jackets that are baggy and loose. For me, the right fit is the one that stays tight to your body. It makes you look uber chic and ah did I mention you can wear it with a dress in spring?

miss andrada leather jacket spring outfits

Clean it regularly

There are different special cleaning solutions you can use for its maintenance. The leather can break, so in order to prevent this from happening you might want to give it a rigorous clean once in a while.

Convinced? Then go ahead and find your perfect one ☺️tag me in your posts and ask me any questions related to your search below!

Shop my leather jacket here:

Screen Shot 2018-05-16 at 13.08.02.png
Zara Leather Jacket

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Finding the time to write for your blog and create the best pictures for it might seem to be a struggle at first. I started blogging in September 2017, but I wasn’t posting constantly just because I was coming up with excuses. Tiredness, creative blockages and not enough motivation are all factors that can lead to making you stop posting when your biggest constraint is time. When you feel that way remember the habits of high achievers I wrote about in The Mindset of High Achievers – Habits for Achieving your Desired Fashion Style. They are always oriented towards progress. They don’t quit because their goal is their habit.  Let’s take a closer look at how you can write up content, keep up with your photoshoots, blog research brand collaborations and schedule all your posts in an agenda.

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

Make Blogging your Habit and Set Weekly Goals

So, all I am saying is that making blogging your habit needs to be your priority. You’ve made live your blog because you had passion, so don’t lose it. Even though you are busy at work and feel tired after a long day, you have to push yourself. Establish weekly goals you want to achieve. Say for instance, this week you want to email brands, give your blog a new look or even write 2 more posts for your post stack. Start with one of these goals and make sure that by the end of Friday you have accomplished it. You will feel you are making constant progress. Don’t set yourself 10 goals per week when you first start as it’s better to start with a realistic plan. You can always extend your goals according to your personal performance. Here are some important goals you can achieve during the week:

  • E-mail a certain number of brands
  • Do Instagram Hashtag Research for your next 4 posts
  • Discover 20 new bloggers on Instagram
  • Join a new platform for brand collaborations
  • Write a certain number of posts
  • Edit photographs and rename them for SEO
  • Add new plug-ins to your website
  • Give your website a new look
  • Attend events related to your blogging topic and network
  • Don’t get overwhelmed about the amount of things you can do; start with a number you’re comfortable with and then extend it; by week three push yourself to become even more productive.

How to Plan your Content

I think content planning is my favourite part of all. I usually try to work one month in advance. So, in April I would plan for May. Since January, I have decided to post once a week and so far I have done so! One full day a month (in the beginning) I would sit down with my fashion magazines and blogs to have what I call a ‘creative session’. That’s where all content for next month is happening. I come up with ideas, I scrap them down, I look for new clothes, I read different articles. Then, I would come up with my own content ideas for the month to come! I am keeping track of everything in my blogging agenda that has a glittery butterfly cover that I LOVE. It’s just an agenda with lined pages, but I would dedicate one page for each blog article. Each page includes the post name, date of going live, deadline, photo shooting day and the things I need for it. I also have a Excel blogging template I downloaded that I use when I am travelling and I want to check what topics I can write on the go. And that’s how I plan my content and schedule it on my agenda.

How to Save Time at Your Photoshoots and Take your Own Pictures

Photoshoots is another HOT topic that I have seen lots of bloggers stressing about. How can you find time to take photos? In all honesty, I book my time for photoshoots as if they were doctor appointments. I can NOT miss one. I usually plan my posts in advance and I know what outfits I should shoot in one day. Another really helpful tip is to shoot two or three outfits per day, just so you can go photo shooting only once every two weeks. I only take pictures during the weekend, that’s why I prefer dealing with other blogging duties during the week.

One question I get asked a lot if I work with a photographer to take my pictures. The answer is it depends. I had worked with a couple of photographers, but I have invested in my own equipment and I usually go take pictures on my own. I use a tripod, so I set the camera on it on self-timer and I just pose. It’s pretty smart as it takes about 9 pictures every two / ten seconds, so I don’t have to set it every time I need to take a picture (that would be a nightmare!). The tripod is both a time and life saver. You can’t rely on someone else to take your pictures all the time. Of course, it’s super nice when it happens, but rely on your self first before anyone else, just so you make sure you will have content. So, I highly recommend you getting an DSLR camera and a nice tripod.

Remember, keep your blogging duties for during the evenings of the week and go for photoshoots every two weeks! Depending on how much you post, I recommend having enough footage for the next 3 weeks. Just work in advance and in a strategic way, so that blogging would never feel like something you always need to catch up on.

I really hope my advice has give you a better idea on how to keep up with blog while you’re busy from 9am to 5pm, 5 days out of 7. If you found this article useful, please share it on Facebook to help a dear friend out! 🙂

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The 2018 Way to Effectively Layer Your Clothes

Hello there,

If you’re in the hunt for really warm clothes and you believe puffer jackets are the only solution to the current situation, layering can really come in handy if you don’t like feeling wrapped up every single day. There are no big news here as you probably layer your outfits already without necessarily realising you do so. Keen to switch the usual ‘winter jacket’ for a cooler alternative, I began researching ways of dressing appropriately for winter. What can I do differently to change the way I’m creating my outfits to fit my current needs? Today, I’m happy to share with you my proved and effective layering strategy for the coldest months of the year.

First step: Tops tops tops

Mention the word basic top and I will be the first one to say: I need more! As basic as they are and as easy to find they are, I am currently having only six or seven to use for layering. I found it really useful to own basic tops in different colours based on the shirt colour to be added to it. I feel that a black top should not be mixed with a white shirt as it will look really tacky – it’s similar to matching the underwear to the clothes you’re wearing. There’s nothing more disgraceful than a black bra underneath a white shirt. I like my tops in black, white, pale pink, and nude as I have quite a lot of shirts / blouses from that colour palette. Add as many different colours as you like based on your wardrobe colour range. You will instantly see the difference in the final look.

The 2018 Way to Effectively Layer Your Clothes

Hot Tip: So, as you probably guessed, the first step is getting your tops to match the shirts’ colours.

Second step: Shirts & Bottoms

Depending on the outside temperature, you can choose between a full-length arm shirt or a T-shirt. The beauty of layering is that you don’t have to pack your wardrobe with jumpers as a top and a shirt will do the job if the third layer is done right.

You can choose between a pair of pants or a skirt. If you choose a skirt, pick a pair of winter tights. I usually wear pants, but there are some exceptions of course.

The 2018 Way to Effectively Layer Your Clothes

Hot Tip: Go for cool designs in your tops. A printed logo T-shirt, a lace blouse or a stripped shirt will do miracles to your outfit. Details always make the difference between a boring and a “wow” outfit. Bring your inner artist to the game!

Step number three: Blazers and Cardigans

If there are two things I LOVE to have in my wardrobe, they would be blazers and fellow cardigans. I call them fellow as they’re comfy and always there to help you feel warm & ready to fight the cold weather. After all, they are probably the most important layer of all (closely competing with tops). Be consistent with your colour scheme: three or four colours per outfit should be enough to create a well put-together outfit. Any outfit made out of more than four colours will make you look sloppy.

The 2018 Way to Effectively Layer Your Clothes

Hot Tip: Choose a wool blended cardigan / winter blazer to go on top of your shirts. Be careful not to use more than three – four colours overall when putting together the outfit.

Step Four: The Winter Jacket

An ultimate layer to your outfit would be the beloved (or not) winter jacket. Make sure it has a wool blend to keep you warm. There’s no harm in having two or three winter jackets in different styles and colours to complement your outfits.

Hot Tip: Choose wool blended jackets that come in different lengths & styles. You can adjust one winter coat to the length of your skirt, so the latter is not longer than the former. 

Optional Step for BOLD girls: Statement Accessory 

An accessory won’t make you bolder but it can help you express your strong personality. As  designer Michael Halpern said Right now, people need fantasy from fashion. I believe his remark is 100% true as it perhaps relates to the concept of people loving story telling. The more you create stories around your outfit, the more empowered you will feel. My go-to accessory for the month is this green beret that I’ve been wearing quite a lot.

The 2018 Way to Effectively Layer Your Clothes

Hot Tip: Embrace statement accessories and wear them with the confidence you have in you.

Psst: Don’t forget about your winter boots.


Close-up & Portrait Photography by Graham Wills (www.buckinghamcameraclub.co.uk)

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It’s that time of the year again and.. let me just tell you – sometimes I just want to put a cozy jumper on and don’t worry about my outfit because it’s that cold. I’m glad it doesn’t happen too often though, otherwise my outfits will have to embrace that boring vibe. One effective way through which I ‘fight’ my urge to just dress down, it’s finding the right accessories for winter! That’s right – the excitement of trying something new makes me want to mix my outfits even more.

How do I do that? Keep on reading and you’ll be ready to experiment more.

Over the knee boots 

The options they offer are never ending honestly. You can wear them with skirts, jeans, leather pants. Just add a smart shirt or blazer and your outfit will be top notch.


Wearing: Dune – Taylor Over the Knee Boots, Black

Shop it here: https://www.johnlewis.com/dune-taylor-over-the-knee-boots-black/

A cool bag

If a cool bag doesn’t push you to wear it in combination with your favourite items in your wardrobe, nothing will I just discovered the super cute Bragsy Bags I am wearing mine everyday – I explored so many outfit options with it.


Wearing: Cat Metal Handle Shells Bag

Bragsy Bags are a cool new affordable bag brand. Shop it here: http://bragsybag.co.uk/shop/handbags/floral-embroidered-cat-metal-handle-shells-bag-3/

Statement Jewelry

Last week at Young Designers Awards, I met one of the most unique jewelry brands I know, Biblos Glasgow. Their products are really bold and they’ll definitely make you feel strong. The level of craftsmanship in each piece is amazing! Follow them on Instagram for more updates: @biblosglasgow as they are preparing for a new collection launch




I created my favourite outfit for this winter and by just adding 4 cool elements I made it look really stylish.

  • Over the knee boots
  • Net fish tights
  • Cool bag
  • Statement Jewelry (you can wear any piece with it: necklace, earrings, big rings, headpiece)


Wearing: Biblos Glasgow Necklaces and Headpiece from Opulent Queen Collection 2018

The key is to keep your outfit simple and ready to be accesorised and you’ll never feel the need to dress in your old jumper again – Pinky promise!

I really hope my post made you see winter clothes from another perspective. Have fun accesorising and please let me know if you find any cool accessories.


What is your favourite piece from all? 🙂

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Young Designers Awards x Miss Andrada

Last Saturday, I had the great honour to participate at the Young Designers Awards held at Pullman St Pancras. I was delighted by the wonderful pieces the designers worked so hard to put together for the event and by the really cool and supportive atmosphere.

By talking to different designers, I realised how much they get inspired by the environment and by the simple things surrounding them. For instance, Lian Cara gets her inspiration by the muddy  / washed landscapes in Wales and inserts the colour palette into her creations. She then, laser cuts the garments and sews each one of them individually by hand. Can you see the huge difference between this and the standard machines that industrially cut a thousand pieces and all look the same?  Not only that the details are great, but they are also unique.

Lian Cara



More on: https://www.liancara.com

Sandermann – Rethinking Waste 

I absolutely love sustainable fashion and eco alternatives to harmful production, so you can imagine my thrill when I was introduced to Sanderman. They are a Danish sustainable brand (as you probably realised by reading their strap line) that uses a manual non electric machine to produce their items. The Danish wool  is locally sourced, the designer picking the raw material herself from local farms. All pieces are super easy to combine with other items. For instance, the over-sized jumper – here it’s added on top of a cream net fish dress, but you can wear it with jeans or super colourful leggings so the jumper pops! For me, this is high fashion made accessible to wearing on a day to day basis (Nirvana in fashion).



More on: http://www.sandermann.net 

Maison Magenta

Maison Magenta started its brand when its founder Anastasia was working for Dior in Paris. The whole collection is inspired by Canterbury’s cathedrals and by the clerk wear. The designer is currently working on translating the haute couture pieces to a street wear alternative, so everyone can add it to their ready to wear wardrobe – although I would wear this top as it is because it’s just WOW:



More on: https://www.facebook.com/MaisonMagenta/ 

London Fashion Bloggers 

I would like to take a moment and thank everyone that attended the event and shared their blog love with me! Trying not to sound like a big cliche but I absolutely loved to meet all of you, share our passions and get to support each other on this journey. I hope I will see you all soon!


Last thoughts on the event…

Getting into the London Fashion is a thing that I always wanted to do! Super excited that I did so  last weekend and really looking forward to attending future events!

Photo rights on selected images: Steve Cook www.swalephotography.carbonmade.com/

What designer made it to your favourites? Let me know in the comments!

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Hello and welcome to my blog!


I just moved down to London in the beginning of August as I started a new digital marketing job and I’ve been in love with the English city ever since. I am super excited to start blogging here and meet other London bloggers (let’s connect on Instagram as well if you are one – I am building a nice network at the moment). The weather was surprisingly warm for England, so I tried to visit the city as much as my schedule permitted – You can imagine the whole apartment was full of my unopened boxes for a couple of weeks (literally)!

I heard all fab stories about Notting Hill, so I had to tick the place off my list. You will love the colourful or monochrome little houses surrounding the area. I know I did. The vibe of Nothing Hill is super cool and relaxed. If you plan visiting London, you might consider having a well-deserved break here from the city’s hustle and bustle over a strong cup of coffee or red chilled wine.

Obviously, I had to take advantage of the gorgeous areas and take some shots to show you both the area and accessory ideas. The outfit I chose is made up from an autumn trench (getting ready for that autumn fashion – Yas!) and my favourite pair of high heels. I feel this creamy colour is perfect for the summer-autumn transition, when you still want that summer vibe. As the outfit is quite simple, it’s essential to accessorize it! For this occasion, I chose to try different accessories and offer you some options depending on your accessory preferences. I absolutely love the pieces I got from Pilgrim’s Wild Autumn Collection 2017. Let’s get to them, shall we?

Pilgrim Autumn Jewellery London MissAndradaPilgrim Autumn Jewellery London MissAndrada

If you decide to wear a statement bracelet, then there’s no need for a necklace in my opinion. The look will be much more elegant if you pair it with some cool earrings.

Pilgrim Autumn Jewellery London Andrada Bracelet

Pilgrim Autumn Jewellery London MissAndrada Earring

Pilgrim Autumn Jewellery London Andrada Earring

However, if you prefer necklaces over statement bracelets (sometimes I do), a great idea would be to pair a necklace with a nice pair of earrings – one of them should be less noticeable than the other (similar to the next shot).

Pilgrim Autumn Jewellery London MissAndradaPilgrim Autumn Jewellery London MissAndrada Outfit

Alternatively, you can wear a cool necklace and keep the look simple by only drawing the attention on the one accessory.

Pilgrim Autumn Jewellery London MissAndrada NecklacePilgrim Autumn Jewellery London MissAndradaPilgrim Autumn Jewellery London MissAndrada

All photo rights reserved to Mini T Photography.

I collaborated with Pilgrim Denmark for creating this accessory guide for you and I decided to give away one of the necklaces shown above (Image 8).  Do you want to wear it and fully embrace your September style? Enter my giveaway now! It only takes seconds! Thank you very much for joining me today and best of luck! The winner will be announced on the 19th of September both via email and Instagram.

Pilgrim Jewellery Autumn Collection Giveaway 2017

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Hello! Welcome to my blog and great autumn Pilgrim Jewellery giveaway!

Do you want to embrace this season in style?

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