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Are you looking to invest more time in your self-development? I’m a massive fan of self-help books and since 2017 I haven’t been reading any novels and instead I’ve been focusing on business, personal development or financial books. Trust me when I say this, books have MASSIVELY help me get to where I am today. From reading about entrepreneurship on a double decker bus at 8am in Central London to owning my own business in 2020 and living my dream. Let’s get into my top five books to read for your own self-development.

One’s biggest goal in life should be to achieve the best version of himself / herself. Growing, learning and improving your skills on the way is one of the most beautiful journeys in life. Therefore, the achievement of knowing how much you’ve evolved and changed over the time is incredibly satisfying.

How can books help you with your self development?

You may ask yourself this question whilst heading to my list below. Well, books are one of the oldest ways of providing and receiving information. Not only reading is a beautiful and relaxing exercise for the brain, but being able to reflect on what you’ve just read makes you better understand the concepts you’re diving into.

1. Feel the Fear and Do it Anyways, Susan Jeffers

Every time you encounter something that forces you to “handle it,” your self-esteem is raised considerably. You learn to trust that you will survive, no matter what happens. And in this way your fears are diminished immeasurably.

Susan Jeffers has seriously updated the game with this book. I remember reading this in 2018 on the Piccadilly Line whilst going to work and all I wanted was to sit there for the whole day to soak all this information in. The author teaches you how to focus on the positive aspects of life and how to control your negative thoughts and emotions. Moreover, she explained the psychology behind people’s actions in such a wonderful way. Turn passivity into assertiveness while beginning another chapter not only in the book, but also in your life! I truly believe that this book has changed my life.

2. Tools of Titans: The Tactics, Routines, and Habits of Billionaires, Icons, and World-Class Performers , Tim Ferris

The most important trick to be happy is to realize that happiness is a choice that you make and a skill that you develop. You choose to be happy, and then you work at it. It’s just like building muscles.

Tim Ferris interviewed more than 100 world-class performers and made a professional and beautiful guide of habits. The book itself presents advice in order to reach success provided by extremely successful people. Find out how routines and habits can help you accomplish your goals and start your journey of self development with Tim Ferris. This is a must have book for anyone who thrives for being better and more successful.

3. How to Be an Overnight Success, Maria Hatzistefanis

Success is about the relentless pursuit of what you want and hard work is an essential ingredient.

How to be a success overnight is one of the best books to read if you’re feeling unmotivated. The author will make you realise everything is possible and will for sure give you a boost of confidence from the first pages.

Maris Hatzistefanis (owner of Rodial) teaches us how to dream big and still achieve success. With a company built from scratch in her bedroom, she didn’t let anything come between her passion for beauty and her. She wished it, worked hard and in the end, she accomplished her goal. The book tells her story and also includes her advice in order to become a successful entrepreneur. Go ahead and make it work!

4. #GIRLBOSS , Sophia Amoruso

Abandon anything about your life and habits that might be holding you back. Learn to create your own opportunities. Know that there is no finish line; fortune favors action. Race balls-out toward the extraordinary life that you’ve always dreamed of, or still haven’t had time to dream up. And prepare to have a hell of a lot of fun along the way.

Sophia Amoruso made from her book #GIRLBOSS a guide to success. It’s all about sharing her journey to launching Nasty Gal, a fashion retailer company. She proves that being successful actually has nothing to do with how popular or liked you are, the power is in your hands!

5. Create a life you love, Andrada Cirjeu

The fifth book from my 5 books to read list is actually written by me. This book will show you how to create a life you love. Will give you brand new reasons to get up in the morning and feel extremely ready to action all of your dreams. You’re capable of wonderful things! Why not shape your life in the way you want it to be? Get the book right now whilst it’s on sale.

I hope that you’ve enjoyed my 5 books to read for your self-development recommendation and that you’re going to absolutely smash all of your goals this year! If you decide to get one of them for yourself, DM me @notagirlygal on Instagram and let’s start discussing it.

Until next time,

Miss Andrada