How to follow your passions? I’ve been on a journey of working full-time whilst trying to figure out what fuels me. Then, I started thinking about what I would like to do with my life next. Join me in today’s article as I will be sharing my story and the techniques that are proven to work. Furthermore, get ready to follow your passions and start your own journey.

How to Follow Your Passions | My Journey

List Your Passions

Firstly, to be perfectly honest with you, it all starts with your deep interests. Actually, I would recommend that you come up with at least 20-25 interests on a piece of paper. Then, ask yourself this:

‘If I were to choose my favourite ten, which would these be?’.

So, go ahead make the list even shorter. Also, you will start to notice that these interests are not always monetisable. From these ten, choose two that you can one day live off. Also, they will need to cover at least your living costs to begin with. Ask yourself:

‘Which of these two have a business potential?’

Next step, make Google your best friend. I use Google a lot and there’s so much information on there for everything and anything. Furthermore, there are so many business ideas online and places where you can take inspiration from.

How to Follow Your Passions | My Journey

When it comes to me for example, I decided that I love marketing, fashion and travelling. Therefore, I launched my own marketing agency and still run this blog, these are my current sources of income. Additionally, I’m passionate about travelling, so I will be soon launching my experience city break business, Glam Away. So, I’m very excited and can’t wait to make some travellers happy!

Find a profitable business idea

As mentioned, it’s highly important for your business to cover your costs. It will be your passion yes, but it needs to make financial sense for you. Also, in your search for business ideas based on your passion, make sure that this business has been done before in one way or another. Moreover, this means is profitable.

It’s not the time to reinvent the wheel. Moreover, do your own research for profitability, but if there are various similar businesses of that type is good. Competition is great in this case. Just ensure you find a point of difference for your business when you launch.

How to Follow Your Passions | My Journey

Get into the entrepreneurial mindset

Get ready to feel discomfort. Great things happen out of comfort zones. Also, get to understand that this new territory and that you will feel challenged. I guess it does take a little bit of guts to be able to go into business.

Feel the fear and do it anyway

Besides the discomfort you will feel, you will also feel fear. Furthermore, it’s IMPORTANT that you don’t stay in that same spot of worries. Sometimes, you just need to feel the fear and do it anyway. Moreover, I’ve included so much more of this topic in my latest book ‘Create a life you love’.

Get ready to follow your passions and be very patient. Everything will work out in the end. Lastly, keep believing.

How to Follow Your Passions | My Journey

Lots of love,

Andrada (NotAGirlyGal)

Hello girls,

How have you been? I’ve been enjoying London’s little treasures lately as I feel really festive as Christmas is just around the corner! On this note, I have teamed up with Adriana  to give you some good business and styling advice that you can trust to follow going forward in 2019. Make the most out of it!

not a girly gal adriana style.jpg

Andrada: Hi, Adriana! Thank you for joining me today in this pretty location and thank you for the Salted Caramel Macaron tip – it’s delicious. The reason why I picked you to give us insight into these is because you’re really successful with your own business and breaking it into online courses! First of all, what is your blog about and why did you decide to go into blogging?

Adriana: Since I was a little girl I wanted to be a model however as I didn’t fulfil the necessary conditions I didn’t follow this path. My dreams however stayed in my mind unrealized. Years later I’ve discovered that I can combine my passion for fashion and photography into a fashion & lifestyle blog. Now, I can say that this was the best present I could give to myself. I present a variety of my own fashion style, fashion tips, product reviews, healthy recipes etc. to please my readers.


Andrada: That’s absolutely amazing. Congratulations for following your dream and working towards it no matter what! I feel that women need to motivate themselves and be their biggest supporters, even when no one is! Could you give us one piece of advice for a woman starting her own business now?

Adriana: Thank you, Andrada! You’re right! When you start your own business you fear that no-one would buy anything from you, no-one cares about it, no-one is interested, the competition is high and it’s not worth the hassle but these are only the unnecessary thoughts you say to yourself. Don’t doubt in yourself, just follow your dreams and believe that you’re worth everything but good in your life. We attract what we think of, so stay positive. Always.

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Andrada: Who is your role model? What inspires you?

Adriana: It may sound strange but I aim to inspire and motivate myself at all times. I don’t have a role model, I don’t compare myself to others, competitors, top bloggers. I prefer a healthy balance in life, I choose to be me, be positive, unique and true.

Andrada: That’s great! I love how positive you are – I see a great strength in you and I am happy that you’re thinking that way. Talking about fashion now, as we’re going towards the colder season, what items do you recommend women to wear and what are your top 3 items?

Adriana: I cannot imagine cooler season of autumn/winter without a comfortable warm boots, a nice colour coat and accessories that are not to be missed like a wooly hat, scarf and gloves. I always aim to pick a colourful coat and hats as a stylist and a woman I believe we should add more colour into our outfits as it simply improves our mood. My today’s outfit is a great example of this statement. Don’t you agree? You can find me on social media or my blog. Lots of love lovelies and have an amazing festive season!

Andrada: Thank you Adriana for joining me today and I wish you the best of luck with your blogging business! ☺️

Connect with Adriana on: Instagram, Facebook  and blog.

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Check out my responses to these questions on Adriana’s blog – I’m giving tips on starting a business and staying motivated during though times, also you’ll get some insight into my role models.

Let me know in the comment section, how do you keep yourself motivated?

Lots of love,