date with yourself


I absolutely love writing women empowerment blogs, therefore this blog is dedicated to all my ladies out there who are afraid to go out alone. You might overthink the situation itself a lot, but it’s not that complicated at all! From time to time, people need to spend some quality time with themselves only. Therefore, going on a date with yourself is a wonderful idea.

I must admit that I was also quite anxious when I first tried it. I felt like everybody was watching me, I wanted to spend time on my phone and I felt a bit uncomfortable just because I was worrying too much. In real life, nobody actually cares why are you dining alone. Everyone is just minding their businesses. Everything is in your head.

The benefits

Going out alone will help you clear your thoughts. After a hard week at work, you might need some quiet time. This type of “date” is actually an amazing form of relaxation. You get to focus on the people around you, to actually listen to the music at the restaurant and to enjoy the simple thought of existing.

While you are on your date, you can enjoy a pause from your real life. As funny and silly as it sounds, it’s the perfect time to romanticise your life. Being able to feel like the main character is really empowering. After you’ve finished for the day, your confidence will increase significantly.

Also, this exercise is the perfect way to finish a week. This type of relaxation will help you gain your energy back. You will do amazing on your next week.

How to prepare?

Well, dress up as good as you would if you were to go on a real date. Put on some makeup and chose a nice, elegant outfit. Treat yourself like the goddess you are. You can even try some pampering before getting ready.

Also, if you’re going to romanticise your life at this level, put some of your favourite music on while you’re getting ready. I absolutely love to take care of myself while listening to my favourite jams.

I think it’s so important to focus on ourselves when we feel like it. After all, if we don’t love ourselves, how could others? Our bodies are our temples, and we must take care of them!

How to spend your time?

This women empowerment “date” thing is truly amazing. But how do you spend your time? Well, here’s how I see it. You can walk to the place you’d like to dine in. Maybe you can choose a terrace in order to also enjoy the landscape. You find a table to sit down at and order your favourite drink. A glass of wine goes perfectly in my opinion. Try to avoid spending time on your phone and enjoy how alive everyone is. Pay attention to the things you never do such as how nice the waitress is, how good the food tastes or how much you might like the music. Enjoy the atmosphere and clear your mind for a bit.

After some time focusing on everything around you, start focusing on yourself. You can think about how your week went. Rearrange your thoughts and clear some stuff out. Spend your time doing something productive for your mind. You can even make an imaginary list of thigs you’ll have to do or work on.

Me, myself and I?

That’s right. As I said before, even if you might be a little anxious in the first place, trust me: no one actually cares why are you alone! No one actually stares at you and no one judges. It’s all happening because going out alone is not something you usually do. These negative feelings will pass as soon as you start relaxing a bit. You’ll see.

After all, if someone really is looking at you: trust me, it’s because they can appreciate your courage to go on a date with yourself.

In the end, it really takes some guts to dress up and go dine alone. But who cares? It’s important to spend quality time with yourself. Especially considering how agglomerated your work days are. Focus on your own problems and interests.

After a night out like this, you’ll realise how relaxing spending time alone is.

I hope you liked this women empowerment blog. Have you ever tried going out alone? How did you feel about it? Slide into my Instagram dm’s ( @notagirlygal ) and let me know.

Until next time,

Miss Andrada