Hello there my lovelies,

You might think that this grey sky shows no mercy to our outfits, but that doesn’t mean we can’t pull off amazing clothes, just like we did last season. I had a bit of a rough time adapting to the season, but after all, I’m happy that I have autumnal items to play with. With that said, right now we’re styling a super easy to wear cocktail shirt that you can wear in the evenings.

I’ve been on the Madison house rooftop with my boyfriend and a couple of good friends on a really sunny September evening. Aperol Spritz and funky music were calling my name while I was dancing on the terrace. We had such a great time that I now call it my favourite place in London.

Upgrading your Autumn Outfits in 2018!

Shoot in that exclusive location, today’s outfit has one special item that I was looking for since a while now. It’s that one thing we all need in our closet, but I just didn’t find the right one: a long shirt. You probably have a rough idea that I’m a big fan of shirts – any shape or length…even better if the shirt is white. What you don’t know is that I also love feathers. So, what happens if I find these two elements in one item? Exactly! Nirvana!


The best way of wearing the long shirt (the trick you need to know)

You’ll find that the best ways of wearing a long shirt is belted. I mean, long shirts are quite loose and of course as longs as I don’t expect them to be body con, I at least want them to look a bit more body hugging. I find long shirts to have an irregular shape that doesn’t look that great without the belt that adds dimension to your body. Search for a medium wide waist belt and get ready to sip on that cocktail with your girlfriends.


What I love about this outfit, is that you can wear any shoes with it. I mean any of these will look amazing: boots, knee-high boots, heeled boots, stilettos, wedges. I would recommend to select your shoes depending on the location you will choose for going out. If you go to a nice rooftop bar, you want to choose the boots or stilettos and leave your Creepers for going out in Camden. You certainly get my drift here, right? From my point of view, shoes can change an outfit so much!


Keeping warm: You can certainly add a nude trench coat on top of it in case it’s a bit cold.

When it comes to your hair, considering that the outfit is quite boy-ish, I would totally go for curls. I like keeping my hair wavy – I love that effortless waves that shout ‘I woke up like this’.


I am wearing:

Long Shirt by Besiva

Shoes by Zara

Bag by Ralph Lauren

Sunnies by Ray Ban

You’re now set for your perfect night out with your girls!

Thank you for reading! I hope you’ve enjoyed this post and got you looking for a long shirt to add to your closet. What’s your favourite piece to style this season? J



Happy beginning of Autumn, everyone! 🙂

I’m genuinely really excited to share these autumn 2018 trends with you! There are a lot of fun looks on runways for this season, but the ones that caught my interest are: bright colours and tweed. Therefore, I thought to create a super ‘on trend’ outfit for you. Let’s dig into it and see how you can easily recreate this cool look.

Autumn 2018 Trends: Art of Bright Colour Miss Andrada

Bright colours to inspire your Autumn days

Bright colours are still extra popular this season. To be honest, I was expecting them to take the beat seat, but actually they are poppin’.  I only take this as super good news because just think about it: you don’t have to buy anything new to embrace this trend. Just look through your spring wardrobe for the most colourful items and you’re set. I’m sure you have a shirt or a blazer in a crazy colour 💃🏻 I’ve picked out this yellow blazer as it can keep me warm if needed through out these early Autumn Days.

Autumn 2018 Trends: Art of Bright Colour Miss Andrada

… now, who is in for some tweed?

Bored of them or not, tweed is the thing for Autumn. They’ll never be out of fashion. Did you actually know that its original name was ’twill’, but a London merchant misread the name written on a package received from Scotland and kept advertising it as ‘tweed’. That sounds like something that I could probably do – I have my own names for things just because I read too fast. You can mix tweed with warm bright colours like in this outfit, or you can go for the same colours in your tweed (blue / grey / brown).

Autumn 2018 Trends: Art of Bright Colour Miss Andrada

It’s your decision if you want to mix the two trends or keep them separate, but this is a cool outfit overall, so I totally recommend trying it. I would love to see you coming up with Autumn outfits and ideas of how we can get excited about this season’s fashion!

Autumn 2018 Trends: Art of Bright Colour Miss Andrada

Thank you very much for reading! What do you love most? Tweeds or bright colours?

Until next time,



Hello there,

Wearing something cool and comfortable in the same time, during the days that are sightly ‘colder’ than the usually summer days can be a bit difficult. Should you wear a dress? Then, you’ll probably be cold. Should you wear flats? Then, you would probably ruin them in case it rains. No more headaches! For those days, I created, what I like to call ‘the autumn outfit for summer’.

miss andrada how to wear a bold outfit 2

As you can see, this is not an autumn outfit. Otherwise, I would have call it just that.I easily took some elements that are assigned to autumn styling. But, you probably like to wear items that are not just for summer, too  – and you totally should because it will upgrade your cold summer evenings’ outfits.

miss andrada how to dress bold zara.jpg

Upgrading your summer outfits

Let’s take a basic summer outfit: shorts and a simple white top (similar here). You would wear this in summer, right? Now, when a summer day is a bit cold you shouldn’t go for long pants, light jumpers and so on. You can still wear your summer clothes! Just wear them with army boots, hats (find mine here), a leather jacket (find mine on sale here) or even longer boots if they are light. I PROMISE you,  your overall appearance will be so cool and you’ll feel so much better – sometimes long pants on a summer day can be a pain (I’m talking from experience haha).

miss andrada how to wear a bold outfit.jpg

Keep on reading for more tips on how to actually wear this outfit

miss andrada bold.jpg

Adding confidence to your outfit

If you’re not used to mixing items like so and if you need a bit of confidence for it, just remind yourself that you are your own kind of beautiful and you can wear whatever empowers you.

Finding your own style

It might be that hats are not your thing or that leather jackets are not. You can try to come up with replacements for these: big statement earrings – the ones you would normally wear in October, or trenches. Take my tips above and just twist them and adapt them to your own style. Get creative and you’ll start to reinvent your wardrobe.

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What is your fashion way of embracing the colder summer days?

Lots of love,


Hello there,

Welcome back here! You’ve always wondered how to look more expensive and put together (as much as I don’t like this phrase)? Same here, my dear. I discovered that it’s in the power of accessories to lift up an outfit. Believe me! Let’s have a look at the tips below.how to look expensive miss andrada moschino bag

How have you been lately? I’ve been on and off last month, although I did have a break for about one week – when did I last have one week off everything? To be honest, it felt good: I barley used my phone and didn’t open my laptop once. This actually means that now I have to catch up on everything. I worked so much to get everything scheduled for my departure and make sure that content is here on that week and I want to keep it that way. One thing I can tell you: it’s not the end of the world if you have a break as long as you are rigorous with your work before and after the departure. Let’s get into the new post now!

   It’s all in the cut

One aspect that makes outfits more expensive would be their cut. In the Fashion Designer World, ones of the best when it comes to design cuts are Balenciaga, Chanel or Stella McCartney. Designs coming from these houses have strong cuts and look brilliant on. Obviously, their fabrics are high end so that’s another factor that makes them special.  When looking at the high street, a good example of such design can be found in Zara. They’ve created a similar cape blazer to the super famous one by Stella. I wouldn’t necessarily call it a dupe, because it’s not a one to one representation but it looks similar. I love how it looks! So, if you wear a straight or interesting cut, you instantly look expensive (find mine here). It’s a fact 🙂 don’t you think?

miss andrada how to look expensive moschinohow to look more expensive miss andrada not a girly gal


                       Straight let pants

As a non girly girl, I will choose pants over pencil skirts. But that’s just me and it’s perfectly ok if you feel the same way. Don’t feel you need to wear pencil skirts to look more professional or more expensive. A good pair of straight leg pants (similar here) will look just as perfect. There’s no point to wear a pencil skirt if you don’t feel comfortable. It’s your attitude that brings light to your outfit.

how to look expensive miss andrada accesories

               Adding bold accessories

The accessories are actually adding even more identity to your outfit. Think about a time when you chose to wear a pair of statement earrings with a basic dress. How did that add to your outfit? It changed it instantly, right? In this example, I’m showing you how I’ve added a red Moschino heart checked bag to this white outfit (find it here). Look closely and you will notice how the chain handles on it make the whole outfit look even better.

how to look expensive everyday miss andradahow to look expensive miss andrada

I really hope you’ve enjoyed this post and that you’ll consider some of the tips when you’re going shopping for the new season.

Until next time,



The dresses and outfits women wear around the city this summer are making you wonder ‘How can they wear these so easily?’ or ‘I don’t think I could pull off that colour’? It’s not about wanting to look like them, but maybe it’s their confidence that you admire. Today, I’ll give you 5 amazing tips on how to feel super confident while dressing in your own way!

How to feel confident in whatever you wear

Own that colour by knowing you’re admired and don’t mind the envious stare

Let’s assume you love to wear an unique colour. Don’t mind the stare at all. Some people might appreciate your outfit and not show it, or show it in a wrong way. Although more and more women stared to show appreciation to other women, not all of them do. We still get that envy look sometimes, but it’s important for you to know that the envy comes from their inner frustration. They will may or may not realise that they’re not happy with themselves and that the feeling of envy (also linked with physical pain in our brains) is really harmful to them. As easy as it sounds, just don’t mind envious stares and only focus on feeling like yourself in that colour. Why wear only the ‘trending’ colours just to fit in if you would rather go for a different one?

miss andrada how to feel confident in what you wear.jpg

Take pictures in your chosen outfit when you’re going out to fall deeply in love with it

Are you loving your outfit? Perfect, that’s what I love to hear. But you’re still unsure if it looks great on you? My top tip would be to wear it when you have your favourite drink by the river or in a fabulous spot and take some pictures in it from different angles. You might be surprised by how much you actually believe in that outfit. Sometimes, staring at your mirror just isn’t enough. I have the example right here, when I first saw this dress at a Spanish Boutique on the hanger, I wasn’t super sure about it. I then tried it on and was a bit more convinced. It wasn’t until I’ve seen it in pictures that I felt in love with it. It’s now one of my favourite dresses in my wardrobe – such a statement here!

miss andrada 5 tips on how to have confidence in what you wear

Get your best friend’s opinion

Sometimes, the confidence boost is coming from the friends that we trust. They’ll be honest with you and you can choose to listen or not. Just guessing that you should in this case, as it can help you made up your mind if you’re unsure. So, asking a friend for feedback is definitely helpful!

Keep telling yourself you’re powerful and beautiful


I’ll let Tyra tell you more with her sassy snap. The truth is that you need to be your own best friend and back yourself up every single day! You need to be your biggest supporter in every decision you take style or life wise. Feeling confident is sexy!

Make your style your signature 

If you’re working out a style that represents your personality, you’re never going to feel insecure. It will be 100% your signature and no one can or should tell you it’s not suitable. If you believe in yourself, everyone else will as well. You can always count on that.

misss andrada 5 amazing tips on how to have confidence in what you wearmiss andrada how to feel confident in what you wear notagirlygal

I hope you will love these tips and really hope you feel super confident about what you choose to wear as your signature style.

What is that one thing that makes you believe in yourself more? Let me know below ❤️

Heya lovelies,

How is your summer going? Even though London is hot right, I feel like I will miss the summer sunsets, the nice picnics in Kensington Garden and the cool summer outfits and oh the summer travelling.

When it comes to summer outfits, I do have some pet peeves. You know it’s all about positivity here and everybody is wearing whatever they like. In the same time, I would like to give you some guidance on mistakes I have noticed – from my personal point of view of course- when it comes to wearing low waist shorts.


The number one mistake: Low waist shorts paired with a crop top

I think the title said enough already. Why would we even consider looking like we’re having a ‘daytime bathing suit’ on? Only covering the top and the bottom doesn’t look appropriate or high class. Instead of going for a crop top, try to pair low waist shorts with a on the shoulders blouse or a ruffle blouse.

  1. Cropped shoulders blouse

Why does this look better?

The pants are plain white – this allows me to add a pattern if I feel like it, so I have chosen to wear a polka dot blouse. Notice how the shoulders stand out in this all white outfit. It’s better to have one focus point in your outfit, than to have too much going on. The outfits can then look very much random and not making much sense. It would be a shame as you actually have planned it, right? So keep your focus to one point of the outfit. In this case: the cleavage.

how to wear white shorts

        2.  Ruffle Blouse

Why does this look better?

Same as above really. I kept the focus on the ruffles of the blouse instead of going for showing bare skin everywhere. Much more appropriate and cooler in the same time. And yes, I do love an all white outfit lately!

miss andrada how to wear white low waist shortsmiss andrada how to wear white low waist shorts

Keep on reading for more cool tips

  1. When wearing basic shorts like the ones here do not pair them with a basic tank top – it will result in a boring outfit. Who needs boring stuff in her life?
  1. The longer the coverage on your upper part, the more focus you’ll give to your legs. Wear a leather jacket or a statement blouse.


If you’re choosing denim shorts, then a cool look would be to pair them with a nude knit for summer. A bit of West End vibes don’t hurt us, right?

Thank you for reading this post today – share it on Facebook! 🙂 What’s your favourite outfit?



Hello there girls,

Graduation is approaching, so a huge congratulations to you for all your hard work and perhaps some sleepless nights that led to this important moment. To honour this occasion, you would want to look fabulous! The pictures you will take will have to pass the test of time and you need to feel confident with your decision. From a girl who is not girly, this must be a huge challenge. NO WORRIES! I’m here to help.  Let’s browse to options that you have and get you inspired for the big day.

The white strapless dress

I will always recommend going for a strapless dress. The bone structure just above your cleavage is to me one of the most beautiful parts of the the body. A short white dress is a great option that will make you look innocent and sexy in the same time.  If white is not really your thing, you can go for a nude, yellow or baby blue. Anything pastel will look amazing in contrast with your graduation gown. This is the one I was wearing last summer while graduating from Birmingham City University with a degree in Marketing, Advertising & PR.

graduation dress bcu

I’ve got mine on Bohoo.com, a place where I don’t usually shop, but at time I knew what I had in mind and all the other stores had weird options. So, one tip from me: search all internet for the piece you want even though you will end up in a weird store: you never know how cool it will look.


The classic little white dress

I feel like a Hollywood actress in this Asos dress: so simple and beautiful. You will look amazing and feel a thousand dollars! Definitely a great choice for the event!


The princess black dress 

The definition of class. A princess dress is wonderful for this occasion. You can either go for a black dress or for a Darling flower patterned dress as my mum is wearing. To be honest, I stole her dress once or twice, but it’s just so beautiful.

We wish you a happy birthday! (1)

I know choosing your dress might be a nerve-wracking process, so I am hoping the post helped you decide a little bit quicker! Have an amazing time and don’t forget to feel proud for everything you have achieved.

Which dress is your favourite? Let me know in the comments below 🙂





As shown in British Vogue June, shorts are your new summer staple. They swear they’ve seen shorts worn under cocktail dresses at Nina Ricci and Chloe. Not denim shorts of course! But what do we care? We’ll do our own summer staple out of denim high waisted shorts, because they are way cooler. Boss girls, let’s see how we can best wear them this summer!

Denim shorts are cool – we know that already, however they can bring a ‘basic’ feel to your outfit. And girl you want to be anything, but not basic (not anything, but you get the idea). I feel a great way of putting together a stylish outfit is to always bring in interesting fabrics and accessories.

Styling denim shorts

Anja Rock Embroidery Top

The upper part is so important to get right. Get a sheer crop top and you ruined it. As the shorts are exposing a good part of your skin, you want to ensure you’re pretty much covered else where. Try this: pair them with a emrbroided top (mine is actually a dress I knotted in the back) or even a ruffle top. You’ll feel amazing in the combo.

Miss Andrada Stefanel Hat How to wear short jeans

High Waist Jeans Stefanel Hat Miss Andrada


Stefanel Hat

You know what I like to say: to make the outfit pop, wear a hat! I adore this piece from Stefanel! The colour on your hat should match or at least go with your outfit colour palette. Otherwise, all the eyes will be on your hat and not your outfit. Imagine this outfit with a red hat! I’m on the next train to Nopeland!

Miss Andrada How to wear High Waist Jeans


Ray Ban Sunglasses

I just got these babies from the airport the I was on my way to Romania, my beautiful homeland. Needless to say, wear your sunnies with pride! ANY style you pick – except from the new triangle ones that put me off so bad.

Reserved Trainers

This is the first pair of trainers I gave bought in years. They are feminine and have beautiful ribbons. No one can resist a ribbon lace. I know I can’t!

Miss Andrada Wearing High Waist Jeans

Hope you enjoyed this post! Do you have a favourite pair of shorts?

Until next time,


Hello my beautiful girls,

Today we’re dipping into a HOT topic: summer swimwear! I have to say, this is the first swimwear photoshoot I’ve ever taken and I absolutely loved doing it. I’ve always had that thing of not showing my body on social media or my blog for privacy reasons. Now, at this point in my life, I am very confident not only in myself but in the fact that it’s not a big deal after all, VS models are posing, actresses are doing it and the human body is indeed a piece of art! Capturing one moment like this will stay with me for ever, so I feel really proud for going for it.

Getting into the actual topic now, I found the best swimwear online just 4 days before my departure to Sicily. I had to order them in store because girl, I can’t take any problems with the home delivery! (Yodel, I see you) So, yeah, there I was running on Oxford street from River Island to H&M to get my absolute beauties that I have picked between 200 models. And that’s not a joke. Therefore, they deserve our full attention because they are THE BOMB!

River Island Black & Metallic Gold Swimwear

Miss Andrada Swimwear 2018 River IslandMiss Andrada Swimwear River IslandMiss Andrada River Island Swimwear 2018

H&M Lace Swimwear

Miss Andrada One Piece Swimsuit H&MMiss Andrada One Piece Swim SuitMiss Andrada Swimwear.jpg

As you can see, I highly recommend having two options of swimwear. For longer stays, I like to pack at least 3 swimsuits so I can change more often when my suits are drying.

Have fun browsing around for swimwear! I’ve seen some nice pieces in Tezenis too 🙂




Hello my favourite fashionistas,

It’s summer time!

Well, in most of parts of the world is – so the perfect time to talk about our favourite summer outfits that you can easily take to your favourite resorts around the world. No matter where you go, a beach resort or a city break adventure, you will find something you can wear and feel amazing in, so keep on reading.

I recently came back from a city break / beach resort getaway in Palermo, Italy and I packed practical outfits that allowed me to fully enjoy my time and feel amazing everyday. It’s a skill that took a long time to master (trust me haha), but I just feel that this time, I didn’t pack stuff that I didn’t wear. I’ll show you my everyday outfits that I used to wear at beach and around the city. Let’s get into it.

City break outfit

I can’t explain how easy it is to move around in this outfit! What I love most about it is the cute aspect of it. The ribbon on my Reserved shoes and the silk material of the River Island top, makes the outfit ‘flow’ nicely on the narrow streets of Palermo while enjoying a cannoli and a glass of Aperol Spritz. No wonder my favourite country is Italy! MY TIP: Wear a hat in case the sun is strong – I swear by a hat as this one was super helpful for keeping any headaches away!

miss andrada lookbook

miss andrada summer lookbook 2018

Screen Shot 2018-05-26 at 13.43.03

Long pants? African inspired shirt? I’m all about that! To be honest, I’ve worn these Zara pants with a swim suit, a crop top and many other combos throughout my time there. So, I think they can go as my top worn item!

miss andrada long pants river island lookbook

miss andrada lookbook zara pants

The perfect shorts

OMG! These are the comfiest shorts I have! They are so cool and go with pretty much anything. Here, I chose to pair them with a polka dot top (both H&M) and high wedges (New Look)!

miss andrada lookbook white outfit

Reserved dress

This Reserved dress is perfect for those cool Instagram shots! Pair it with lace sandals and you are ready to pose for the gram!

miss andrada reserved dress lookbook


We wouldn’t be girls if we wouldn’t borrow something from our boyfriends! And his white Zara shirt makes the best beach dress! 

miss andrada lookbook river island swimsuit

You can find the items in the mentioned stores except from the pink blouse and reserved dress which I purchased in Reserved Germany.

Hope you enjoyed taking a look at the outfits and please share with me your holiday looks at @missandradavonc. I’m super curious! Have a wonderful time on holiday!